Real Reasons for Starting a Small Business

reasons for starting a small business

HUGE and Real Reasons for Starting a Small Business

I want to share with you something really different in regards to reasons for starting a small business.  I think this is something left field and different, but I want to give my perspective and why I am bringing this to your attention. Visiting this site (the date today is 20th May 2017), I was just blown away by very real hard facts and more to the point, LIVE stats on what is happening on the internet today!

I knew this type of site existed, a live stat counter site and this one is for internet and platform users all over the world.  But I had not seen it recently.  Basically, I was blown away by the amount of people who are getting online and embarking on the internet world.  And how that number is increasing dramtically every day.  Check the quick 2 minute video and you will see what I mean!

Internet Live Stats Website

In 1995 less than 1% of the world population was online. Today that has surpassed 40% and growing every day.  The first billion users were reached in 2005 and the second billion 5 years late in 2010.  7 years on and we are at over 3.6 billion people and it seriously will not be long before over half the planet is online!

The Potential is Real and Huge!

So for someone like you and I, the potential to have a business online and reasons for starting a small business are huge.  Those who are in network marketing businesses, or just those starting their own niche business, at times think that having too much of the same thing online may result in saturation.  Meaning just an overload of the same subject out there.  “Who would join me – who will buy from me” etc.  But as you saw the video and you can go to the live feed here, it really is not the case.

Every day there is over 4 billion Google searches.  And that is just Google.  There are other search engines as well.  So that demonstrates the amount of people who are getting online and searching for their “needs and wants.”

Youtube has users watching over 5 billion videos over the course of the day.  Imagine if you had some really cool videos in your niche and became a regular youtuber, the amount of people you could possibly get in front of.  Instagram has millions of active users daily and Facebook is always well over a billion ACTIVE users! Every day!

Every single day!

So seriously, the potential is huge for an online business these days and as you witnessed, you saw the live stats and footage for yourself.  I do understand not everyone is in your audience, but there are many of those daily internet users that are.  The beauty of doing business online is that it opens up the potential to finding your audience in every corner of the globe.

How cool is that?  !!!

But Where do I Start – How do I Build a Business?

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And the reasoning behind it.  I have been online for many years and seen and been part of many things.  What I haven’t seen, is a business that really has the tools all in one place.  Websites. Training. Support.

Creating Websites within minutes and having a site to publish your content about your niche on.  No more technical and difficult aspects of building a website within this platform.  It really is very simple to get it up and running.  Test for yourself right here!

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In Summary

As you can see and have witnessed live, if you visited the internet stats website, the potential is huge and it is real.  And if you have a business online then there will always be an audience for your products or services.  And that is not going away anytime soon – or getting smaller.  It is growing, substantially, every day!

So make sure you become a part of it.  Get detailed information here on why this Wealthy Affiliate platform could be a fit for you and your online business.  It is by far the best decision I ever made!

I do hope you like my latest post on huge and real reasons for starting a small business.
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