real home based business opportunity

A Real Home Based Business Opportunity

Looking for a real home based business opportunity?

If you are serious about an income online and getting residual pay in a real home based business opportunity, then why don’t you blog?

If you have a passion or something you are very familiar with and enjoy doing daily, then share it on posts on a blog and potentially earn an income from products in your niche.  And don’t worry, we have all bases covered for you to be taking the steps to do it the right way!

I have been online for over 10 years now.  I have tried many MLM’s and direct selling businesses all with the idea that I would be working at home with them.  From high ticketed personal development products and health based products to membership sites. And all came with little or no success.

I also paid alot of money for various ad campaigns, from Google pay per click to Facebook advertising each with some success, but not enough to sustain the cost of the campaign to keep it going.

And I often wondered Why?  Why did these things not work because I know I worked hard at them.  What I have observed with this Blogging Platform, is it covers absolutely everything. (You can check out a Review on it here.) As you go through the program you understand each element of how a blog works (and you are building yours in the process).  And if you follow the steps, apply the simple tasks, there is no reason why in time you cannot succeed.

Learning How to Blog

Being introduced to Blogging, I quickly learned that my content could be out there forever on Google and other search engines and be getting traffic and leads to my business. And… potentially sales out the other end!

real home based business opportunity
A real home based business opportunity – Blogging

And in this real home based business opportunity that I discovered. Upon signing up and checking it out – at no obligation to me – I saw how structured the platform was, and how supportive the owners and the community were. How I could check it out for free, for as long as I wanted.

And with no upselling on the way in (you know how it goes; buy in at a $29 product then suddenly a $500 product is shoved in your face – because you supposedly need this product to succeed!)  So with no up sells on the way in with this online opportunity I was sold.

You see, once you learn how to blog and how to optimize your posts with your targeted keywords, then the chance of being found on Google’s Page 1 gets a whole lot better.  If you know anything about the price of advertising these days, you know it can cost an absolute fortune.  And if you don’t know what you are doing you can go broke very quickly.

But with Blogging, your posts are getting found organically.  That is – found for Free.  And, the best part is, your posts are always out there with the possibility of someone finding them again and again and again at no cost to you – just your time to write.

And if you don’t know how to blog then the step by step and task-based learning platform will have you writing posts in no time.  The important thing to remember is to always blog about something that you like.

Look check this Blogging platform out for Free. No credit card and no obligation. Stop chasing the shiny red objects and be part of something that teaches you how to run a real home based business opportunity and successful website online.


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34 thoughts on “A Real Home Based Business Opportunity”

  1. Similar to what you have experienced, I also tried several MLM’s with little or no success. And just before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I was scammed by an online business opportunity that had a $94 start up fee and after getting started for a few weeks they recommended a huge upsell to get ongoing support (No, thank you). Your presentation of blogging as a legitimate home based business opportunity is a great idea that anyone can do for their niche. By offering your readers a platform to get started with should be encouraging and motivational. The $0 startup cost should avoid any fears of being a scam.

    • Yes Roy that is what is great about Wealthy Affiliate. You can see it isnt a scam at all and they offer so much for such a little fee. There is really nothing like it!

  2. Thats a great point, is once you hit a sweet spot and your blog is found organically over and over you can almost write that ticket. I thought you might have been talking about real estate at first by the picture but as I see, there no investment really needed besides the basic monthly expenses of the upkeep of the site and a little training.

    • Yes blogging is great and I love how your pages rank higher and higher. And when they get on Page 1, such an accomplishment. Thanks for your comments!

  3. Hey Sharon,
    Learning how to blog has always been my dream but with my day time job, will I still be able to juggle or working? I work 10 hours a day and if I blog, maybe I would love to do so once a week.

    However I heard that I need to blog every day in order to maintain consistency, is this true? Loving your article by the way 😀

    • I think 1 blog a week is better than no blogs a week and it is just a matter of being consistent with it. Plus I am finding the more I blog, the quicker I am getting at writing articles. Thanks for stopping by Riaz

  4. I love blogging. The joy of seeing my writing out there for others to read can be pretty mind blowing. But to know that I can earn money from this is pretty far out. I’ve tried MLM before and it was not a successful venture for me. Thank you for this great article as it shows me there is much out there.

  5. Hi there thank you for opening my eyes with this great opportunity. I always looking forward to create my own passive income. It seems quite simple, but unfortunately I dont think I have the skill to write blog entry.

    Is it hard? Does wealthy affialiate teach its member how to blog as well?

    Thank you very muchh

    • Hi Habil,

      Yes anyone can do this. I really just write like I talk, and not be anybody else but me. I just want to share my experiences and lessons I have learned and also this great opportunity I am part of! Because anyone can do it!

      And yes you are taught step by step. Task by task. Really cool and easy to learn and do. Thanks for your time and stopping by.

  6. Hello,
    thank you for sharing a very interesting and informative article about a real home based business opportunities. I agree with you, blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. Beng able to blog about topic you are interested in and have a passion for is great way to make money online.

  7. Hello Sharon, I know what it feels like being scam so many times online, it really hurt you but when you find something like blogging and you’re making money online from your blog, that changes everything. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of months now and reading your blog just boost my confidence in achieving success online. Thanks for this awesome Article!

    • You are very welcome Wayne and so glad I boosted your confidence. But you will see for yourself how Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal and its up to us to make it work!

  8. I truly agree with what you’re saying here. I think blogging is my hidden passion that I discovered a couple of years ago. At first, it’s a disaster with my first blog amounting to a mere 150 words. But as I keep on improving, i found it easier to write engaging post and eventually got some of my posts at Google page 1. And guess where I learned all he basics? Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Yes I thought blogging would be tough but it isnt and gets easier like you said. We all have good things to share in our own respective niches. Wealthy Affiliate can be a good program for most!

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for the post. It is indeed a great read. I quit like the way you linked the actions needed to get to your home based online business opportunity.

    The difficult part is understanding how to create blog content then next like you said..we optimize with targeted keywords.

    I will go and put this into good use and i will look out for your further posts on here.


    • Hi Richard, You say it is difficult but that is where the training comes in, step by step so you totally understand what each element of your blog is about and how to write posts etc. Thanks for stopping by and your comments,

      Cheers, Sharon

  10. Hi Sharon,
    I enjoy reading your post about the online business opportunity. Yes, there is definitely a good opportunity to earn a lucrative income from the comfort of our homes. Just like you, I have been scammed many times and I was even about to give up my dream of becoming an online entrepreneur until I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, which taught me all the nitty-gritty of Internat Marketing as an affiliate. One important thing we need to become a successful online entrepreneur is determination and commitment. That is the basic mindset one need to become really successful online. Apart from that, it is important to find a legitimate and honest platform like Wealthy Affiliate. And the thing I like most is the amazingly helpful community. The owners, Kyle and Carson are accessible and helpful. There is a 24/7 LIVE Chat, which could not be found anywhere else.

    • Hi Kipps,

      Yes it is the best and most inexpensive platform I have found and the owners and community are great. I cannot believe I have not found Wealthy Affiliate earlier and so grateful I did. It has everything you need to be successful. Bring your passion, desire and motivation and you can be successful too. It really is as simple as that!

      Thanks for your comments Kipps and stopping by.
      Cheers, Sharon

  11. Hey Sharon,

    I have been considering blogging for a while now and have been wanting to do it, but I have often wondered how I can make money out of blogging.

    I hear you have to sell products or put ads on your website to make money off of it. The problem is, where do I get the products? Or the ads?

    How will I put them on my website? How will I earn money with that? What are the terms?

    I have seen you have said that all this is covered for me but I’m also afraid I might fail because I don’t know a thing about blogging, products and ads and I know I have to take a while before I learn all these, right?

    • Hi Dave,

      Well the best place to learn all of that is with the platform I am with. Everything is covered and if you just follow the steps then there is no reason you wont be successful. Regarding making money; You can put banners and links on your site that lead to Amazon and Clickbank products just for an example. Again, all this is taught to you and how to do it within this program.

      Hope it helps!
      Cheers, Sharon

  12. Hi there,
    I have just come across this post and it makes so much sense and will interest a lot of people, especially when they see what you are offering. Everyone is on the lookout for something different today and with this online business opportunity, I know they will be very keen to have a look at what you have to offer.
    The fact that people can work this business from home is an added bonus.
    Well done on your terrific promotion and best wishes going forward
    Cheers…Phil Browne

  13. Hey!

    I just start a blog for my new website. It’s great to see that it’s free. New to the online world I know I need guidance. I see that you have plenty of years working online and that you’re also a wealthy affiliate member. I was wondering how long did it take you to see actual income from your blog?

    • Hi Karlene,

      Yes it is great that you can start with Wealthy Affiliate for free. It is a great place to be. I do believe I was about 4-6 weeks in when I had my first sale so it doesnt take long if you stick at it! All the very best with your website.

  14. Hi Sharon,

    What a great read. I’m known in my office to get on the soap box on occasion, but never did I think that I could channel all that into a blog post and share it with the world AND make money from it… 😉

    Something to definitely look into.


  15. I like to read your post. It seems to feed a lot of opportunities.

    I always wanted to earn some lucrative income from the comfort of home but was facing some struggle.

    Thank you for letting me know blogging is the way but I heard a lot of people say is not easy to rank.

    And the main issues I facing is English is not my main language so do I still able to success in blogging?

    • Hi Maxx,

      yes it isnt easy to do but you can do it if you have the right leaders, and system and tools to assist you and your put the work in. Blogging takes time but learned properly as we do here at Wealthy Affiliate you can reap rewards for years.

      Of course there are blogs in other languages. So I guess that would be fine also. What is good about blogs too is you can add a translate feature so it can be viewed in many languages. Hope this helps!

      Cheers, Sharon

  16. Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing, I always get new ideas when I’m reading your posts!

    Blogging is an interesting one, I’ve had a few ‘hobby-style’ blogs on the go for a while, I mainly started them as a creative outlet, put my thoughts down on paper kind of thing but I’d never thought about blogging as a way to build a residual income from home.

    I quite like writing but with my other blogs, I dabbled a bit in social media but never really saw many people coming to the site. What you were saying about getting on Google’s first page really interested me. How do you do that? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Simon,

      Yes it is great you can do blogging as a hobby and it potential earn you income. Well taught the way Wealthy Affiliate teaches you – you definitely can! All types of things come into consideration for ranking, Good keywords and not too competitive, good SEO on your article. Lengthy article, comments etc. Alot comes into play that is for sure. Thanks for your comments Simon

  17. Hey Sharon
    I guess you read my mind. I am tired of doing my current MLM business. It is actually draining the life out of me.

    I call people and they do not end show up or worse end up ignoring me. I want a change and I think that your posts got me all excited again.

    I like the idea of blogging and I have a passion that I would love to blog about. Going to check out more of the platform that you are talking about.


    • Hi Roopesh,

      Wow you just reminded me how discouraging MLMs can be when people opt in to be called then never get back to you after you have left a couple of messages. It is very draining. I prefer what I am doing here with Wealthy Affiliate any day over that!!!

      Thanks for your comments and stopping by
      Cheers Sharon


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