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Looking for Online Work at Home Opportunities?

So, you are looking for online work at home opportunities?  Or are you just looking for something that is legitimate and you know if you put your heart and soul into it, it will reward you well?

That is all I was after too!

There are so many online work at home opportunities available to us all these days. And you can often be left wondering what on earth “can I do” to build an online business. Below I have listed many ideas, so do check them out!  I have also listed what I do online now, which comes highly recommended, in the last section of this post.

After 15 plus years of being online, I have seen and experienced many things.  What I do now, and what I think is the most important thing in my working life, is doing something I love. And you should too!  So check out the list and see what may resonate with you!


You could become a freelancer doing website design, writing for others, or creating banners and logos. Upwork and Fiverr have thousands of people who offer up their services for an agreed fee.

start a blog businessBlogging

Blogging could be something you may enjoy doing yourself.  Do you have a passion and just love talking about it?  Then creating a website around that passion is the way to go.

Generally, when you are writing about one subject in particular, this is called a niche.  Ideally, that is what your own blogging material would be about.  Learn more on niches here.

And, this is what I have done right here.  I have years of experience online.  I love writing about it. So I designed a blog/website to share my experiences and to assist others.  When I get a visitor here, I want them to read a post, and go away having learned something that they didn’t know, and hopefully implement into their own business.

Multi Level Marketing

Perhaps taking part in a multi-level-marketing business is right up your ally. Joining a Network Marketing business because you love the products, which could be skin care, health products or personal development to name a few.  And you would be promoting the products for resell, or promoting the opportunity to build your team.

Online Stores

Maybe an Online store is the path you want to go down.  Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are great choices to start your online store.  You could sell almost any product, clothing, jewelry, shoes, electronics, there is always someone online, looking for something to buy.  So this could be an option for you.

Business Coaching

Depending on your background and experience perhaps business coaching. If you have attained results and have the proof, you may be able to offer a service where you help others with sales and marketing, or website strategies etc.This is especially needed for the local brick and mortar business who decides to go online with no experience.  Your expertise in this area could be something that will assist them, and you would be rewarded for you services

This is especially needed for the local brick and mortar business who decides to go online with no experience.  Your expertise in this area could be something that will assist them, and you would be rewarded for you services

Coaching in General

You could offer coaching to others for a fee, assisting them with methods that have worked for you in your business.  Within my business and the platform I am part of, even though I am not charging a fee, I am more than happy to assist others with my knowledge I have gained over the past 15 years.  But, you could make a part-time income out of it if you wanted to!

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant may be a path you would like to go down.  If you have experience in general office work, answering emails, assisting with customer service, organizing online filing systems etc. Perhaps even doing social media strategies for the company, then this could be something you could pursue.

With the increase of local and national businesses taking to the online world, as their businesses grow, so does the need for online help!

Freelance Writing

Perhaps Freelance writing is something you would enjoy.  Even though I mentioned earlier, Freelancing – and writing was part of this. Well, writing for someone could be a business all on its own,as there are always people needing articles or blog posts for their own websites.  People want reliable and good quality content so there is definitely a market for writers.

the wealthy affiliate universityAffiliate Marketing

What about Affiliate marketing?  Learn more in depth here about how affiliate marketing works, but in a nutshell, it is the process of selling products or maybe a service for another website.  You don’t have to purchase the product yourself which means no stocking and inventory.

You are just someone who directs others to a product and website via a link or banner, that is unique to you.  Plus you can have one or many websites.  Definitely click on the image to learn what this Affiliate marketing is all about.  Simply put, earn money sharing other people’s products.


Creating Niche Websites & Affiliate Marketing – My No.1 Choice

So this is the business and path I have chosen to go down after all my years online.  After failing at so many things, I am now part of a program that gives me 50 websites as part of my membership to create my own niche websites.  And to also learn and do affiliate marketing.

You found this website today and this is my Online Business, (working from home – niche website).

And this is what we are taught to do. Create websites all around one topic. Provide lots of value and information via blog posts and pages. And provide links to affiliate products and services that are congruent with the niche.

To get an educated insight into this online business check out my Review.

This explains what we get as part of the membership, the tools, community and support and the very inexpensive price points.  But the best thing is, you can trial if for FREE!

I do hope you liked my list of online work at home opportunities and hope that something resonates with you as you pursue your online career.  Any questions?  Contact me on Facebook and leave me a message – I will in touch right away!

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12 thoughts on “Looking for Online Work at Home Opportunities?”

  1. Hi Sharon

    Thanks for the insightful post. Business coaching and just coaching in general is something I would love to venture into. I would like to tackle this using a blog.

    If I do create a website that coaches people with respect to a specific field, do i have to layout my certificates on my blog or just give information since it is an informal platform?

    • Hi there,

      Thanks for your comments. I guess you wouldn’t have to but why not? Gives more proof and legitimacy to your certification as a coach. All the best with it

  2. Hello Sharon, I enjoyed your website. I just recently came across wealthy affiliate & I’m loving the training so far. Thank you for getting the word out about WA. I love how you have many topics on different ways to earn money online, I was unaware of some of them. Keep up the good work Sharon!

    • Hi Olivia,
      thanks heaps for those comments and yes WA is such a good platform and I am really enjoying it too. Glad you like my post and the many ways you can earn money online!
      Cheers, Sharon

  3. There seems to be a lot of opportunities available these days to help people get out of the rat race. Affiliate marketing sounds like a great idea to start a home based business, without the need to create a product or hold any of the stock. Do you need any prior knowledge of an internet based business to be successful, or is this an opportunity that is available to everyone?

    • Hi Daniel.

      Yes there are heaps of opportunities and I really have only scraped the surface! Affiliate marketing is great and people do not need experience. They just need a desire to build an online business and to be coachable especially here at Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hi Sharon,

    That’s a great article on different ways to make money online. I never knew there were so many opportunities to make money online. I decided to try my hand at affiliate marketing. I joined Wealthy Affiliates just a few minutes ago. I can’t wait to get started!


    • Hi Jack,

      Glad you liked the article and yes there are many opportunities out there!
      All the best with your new venture

  5. You right. If you love doing something, then it will be easier to focus on it especially when times are tough.

    Love your list. This really gives one some cool options.

    Personally an online store and affiliate marketing really jumps out to me.

    I like the fact that there is a Free trial to your Nr 1 Recommendation. Will be checking it out.

    That sounds exciting! Thanks for the help

    • Hi Roopesh,

      Yes you must love what you blog about that is for sure! Yes it is a good list and many options. I know it is great to get a free trial, it should be the same for all things online! Thanks for your comments
      Cheers, Sharon

  6. Hi Sharon,

    Great online work ideas, i especially like the writing one. I find it easy to write, so maybe this is my online business(niche). I don’t need a website do i, i could just work as a freelancer?

    Working as a freelancer will bring in immediate income, where i’ve read that a new website could take a while for income. Maybe i could both?

    Thanks for the article


    • Hi Greg,

      I am glad you like the ideas and it always depends what you are good at as to path you will enjoy taking. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!


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