no fear video marketing system review

No Fear Video Marketing System Review

Name: No Fear Video Marketing System
Product Website: Marks Intro to Video System
Price: $197.00 or 3 installments of $117 (US Dollars)
Owner: Mark Harbert
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100


No Fear Video Marketing System Product Overview

The No Fear Video Marketing product is about producing videos of yourself and getting them out there on the Social Media platforms like You tube, Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh etc. In essence you are branding “You” as an authority and this course takes you through step by step the best why to structure your videos, the best places to put them and the tasked based study gets you applying what you learn straight away.  Hence, facing what may be a ‘Fear’ of being on video.

You will also learn other ways of doing video, like recording the screen whilst performing a training tutorial on your computer, or power point slides etc, turning them into video content.  But primarily the course is about getting yourself in front of camera and facing your fear of being on video.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1.)  This can be for the beginner marketer to the seasoned entrepreneur who has never used video. The step by step guide and lessons makes for easy learning and the short video tutorials make for easy finding of material should you choose to revisit lessons. The site is set out well and learning material can be found quickly and easily.

2.)   Each lesson builds on each other.  You start right from understanding “Why” video is good for marketing and branding yourself to the power of video and how, like blog posts, you can be found organically on Google and other search engines. Which means free and ongoing advertising for you.

3.)  The cost is affordable and you can pay off in instalments. Plus, it comes with bonuses of audio downloads, a library of recommended books that will assist in your marketing endeavours, and many other resources.

4.)  The support is fantastic.  Through Facebook you become part of a Support Group for any questions and shares.  You become part of a Syndication Group as well that assists in growing your engagement on your Videos.  Plus the No Fear Video Marketing System site where your product is housed comes with prompt and ongoing support as well.

4.)  The owner Mark Harbert is a trustworthy and honest bloke.  I do not work with Mark at all, but know he is an authority figure in the field of video and online business. You can check his You tube channel out here.

The Bad:

1.)  The price may deter some, however it truly is worth every penny and keep in mind, bonuses come with the course as well.  You will also get recommend resources on reading material and other tools and websites that will assist your video marketing journey.


Who is the No Fear Video Marketing System For?

This product can be for someone starting out online to someone who has been online for years. Really anyone who wants to take the big step into Video Marketing. It is also for the person who does not have a big advertising budget.

Because of Mark having you understand straight up the importance of Video Marketing it really suits anyone who wants to brand themselves, get known online quick, and sets you up so you can be doing Webinar presentations as well for your MLM opportunity or to your own products.

And with most of your video marketing, these videos can be added and turned into blog posts furthering your reach online.  Google having purchased Youtube love to favor these videos hence, after good SEO with your posts, has the potential to rank your vlog (video/blog) posts really well.

No Fear Video Marketing System Review Tools & Training

The system comes with 10 Training Modules and Bonus Audio and Resource Libraries.

The modules cover:

Understanding the power and impact of Video.
Learning who your target prospect is.
How and what type of content to create for your marketing.
Video tools that you need to use.
How to dominate You tube and Facebook and learning LIVE video.
Knowing where to share you videos and a whole lot more!


No Fear Video Marketing System Support

For support you can check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and if your query cannot be answered there, you can create a ticket and they will be back in touch within 24-48 hours. You also have access to 2 Facebook groups.  One is for full on support and any questions can be asked amid the community of No Fear Video System users and the other group is a place to share your videos to assist with engagement.

Overall Support for this product is fantastic.


No Fear Video Marketing System Price

The price is at $197 and you can pay by installments of 3 x $117.

There are no upsells for this product however once you are in Mark Harbert’s system he does have other products you can purchase.  These range from Coaching, to List building to Masterminds and I imagine all vary in price but overall I dare say, would be great products.

Mark truly over delivers with what he offers with the No Fear Video Marketing System product.  Each training is very thorough, each has a video tutorial and backed up with tasks so you can apply what you are learning straight away.

I imagine any other product you purchase from him would be the same.


My Final Opinion of the No Fear Video Marketing System

I have been through about 3/4 of the program and thrilled with what my purchase gave me, what I have learned and Mark’s approach to getting you in front of the camera.  It covers everything from understanding the importance of video marketing as an online networker and how to structure and promote.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to go down the path of Video Marketing.

Mark Harbert after being online for well over 10 years, who has marketed will video for years now really knows his stuff!


No Fear Video Marketing System at a Glance…

Name: No Fear Video Marketing System

Website: Marks Intro to System
Owners: Mark Harbert
Price: $197 USD


I do hope with my review and detailed information you are able to make an informed decision on the No Fear Video Marketing System.  I have been more than happy with it and do believe Mark delivers more to his customers than you pay for.  Just a brilliant product from a fantastic video marketer who has walked his talk!  Definitely Check it out Here!

If you have experienced this No Fear Video Marketing System product before do leave your comments about it below or definitely leave a comment if you think Video Marketing would benefit you and your business.

Love to hear your thoughts!


























4 thoughts on “No Fear Video Marketing System Review”

  1. This does sound like an amazing product.What is not so amazing is the fact, that I will be putting my ‘ugly’ face in front of thousands of people. I might just scare them away.LOL kidding!

    On a more serious note, I believe marketing yourself through video is extremely powerful. you can build an authority really quick and people will trust you easily once they know who it is they are learning or buying from.

    I really would like to purchase this item, at the moment it is a little pricey. You did mention pay in instalments. Can you tell me a little more about that?

    Thanks for a cool review

    • Hi Roopesh,

      Thanks for your comments. You are funny. Video isnt just about filming yourself, you can do screenshot videos as well. But this is the whole idea of the NO FEAR video marketing system. He teaches you how to face your fear of getting in front of a camera because no matter what, we all have something to give!

      The price is so worth it, the installments are $117.00 each x 3 which can be paid over, I do believe a few months. Hope this helps!

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. I had never heard of No Fear Marketing program, but thanks for your informative Post I now know what to look for. THANK you for breaking down the Goods and the Bads of this program. Overall, it sounds like it makes sense and helps with creating videos of oneself for purpose of social media. The price is steep, but reading reviews of others who have tried this system is exciting. Are you using it yourself and do you recommend this system in the end? Thanks, Matt

    • Hi Matty

      Thanks for your comments, and yes it is a great program. And yes,I am doing videos for my blog etc so what I have learned with the NO Fear system will definitely come into play. Highly recommend it!

      Thanks for stopping by,


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