Network Marketing Lead Generation

Network Marketing Lead Generation – Focus on 1 Strategy

Network marketing lead generation has an art to it really. You have to learn strategies on different platforms to get laser targeted leads back to your blog, your business, products or your services.

And the platforms that will result in a good lead flow are your Blog, advertising on free social media platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest to name a few. Plus most paid strategies are guaranteed to get leads in front of your website.  But what if you don’t want to pay?

Free Lead Generation

What is really important when you are new online, is to get focused and really good at one strategy before moving on to other methods. Especially if you are doing free methods and do not want to pay advertisers or an advertising agency. Doing free methods means lots of time spent, so you do not want to be wasting your time doing a whole lot of strategies that get you no result.

It takes time to learn marketing methods, they are endless but again choosing one and getting good at that is truly key.

You have video marketing, social media marketing, blogging, article writing, so many online and offline methods … the list really does goes on.

So Where do you Start your Marketing?

Well essentially you must focus on one method and start getting a regular lead flow from that and then explore another method and simply add to it. The key is to always be learning about other strategies while you are doing the first one and only adding to an existing method if that is working.

Newtwork marketing lead generation
Network Marketing Lead Generation

Of course that takes time and at times a lot of trial and error. I mean the first thing you try may not result in any lead generation. The good thing about that though, is that you haven’t failed, you have just worked out a method that doesn’t work for you.

The important thing is to just keep on going and trialing other things. In time you may just end up getting network marketing leads free which are the best of all!

I have found a way to get organic traffic for free and that is with Blogging. Just adding articles like this is resulting in people visiting my website and signing in to the platform I successfully use. And that traffic that is coming here is organic, and it is FREE!

A Couple of Methods to Try

I have added a couple of methods to check out. Video Marketing and Blogging. But why only a couple?

Well these are proven methods on free lead flow and just a couple of ideas that you may like to focus on. Again, not spreading yourself too thin when learning network marketing lead generation.  Or trying too many methods at once.

If you like video marketing and would like to explore how to learn it and even brand yourself in the process then check out my Review on the no fear video marketing system. But there are so many methods just pick something that you like and run with it.


My No 1 Recommendation

And make sure you CLICK HERE to check out my No. 1 Recommendation on how to get a Business up and a regular lead flow for your online business.

I hope you liked my ideas on network marketing lead generation and make sure you let me know one of your first strategies that worked well for you!

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4 thoughts on “Network Marketing Lead Generation”

  1. I like the fact that you mention about not spreading ourselves thin. I remember when I was starting out my online business, I went all over the place. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. In the end, I don’t get much traction. Now I’m focusing only one single platform that has brought me my biggest traffic so far.

    • Yes I have learned the hard way too Kenny. I used to be all over the place. Now with Wealthy Affiliate and good content, I am being found. Thanks for your comment and stopping by.

  2. Hello

    Very interesting article on lead generation for an online business, with so many websites how does someone with no money to invest in advertising stand out from the rest with video and blog marketing methods?

    How would someone advertise with videos online, would this not cost me money to do? If not how would someone get started with video marketing, about blogging how does someone decide what to blog about which people really will want to read?

    • Hi Jeffrey

      How do they stand out? They just get busy doing it and get knowledgeable in their niche. Video marketing is a quicker why for people to get to know, like and trust you as opposed to a standard blog or photos. Definitely quickens the process at no cost but time! Hope that helps, Cheers Sh


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