Mass Planner Review – My Honest Review

mass planner review

Mass Planner Review

Name: Mass Planner
Website: MASS PLANNER free trial
Price: $9.95 per mth/6mths $44.95/Annual  $89
Owners: Socialworks SRL
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Mass Planner Product Overview

Mass Planner is an application that you download to your computer.  Once you have set it up with your Social media Profiles, it automates your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more.  In my Mass Planner Review I have included a quick 1 minute video to give you an overview of how this application operates.



The Good & The Bad

The Good:

Very comprehensive and detailed video tutorials to get you set up.

Social media automation and spaced out times so with places like Facebook – you do not end up in Facebook jail for posting your content too close together.

Your posts are not labelled as to where they came from.  I see people posting from places like Hoot suite and you know that their content is automated.  This looks like you posted it yourself.

Fantastic how you can post to so many Social Media platforms once it is all set up.  This saves so much time as we all know posting to groups and other platforms can consume your time.

At $9.95 it is very inexpensive and the option of saving per mth if you pay annually.  Also comes with a free trial.

There are additional Modules you can buy which are an extra one off purchase however they give you the ability to comment and direct message people, bump your posts and a whole lot more features all within Mass Planner.  Some would consider these upsells however they are inexpensive and prices ranging at; $5, $10, $15, $25, $35, $70.  But like I said, these extras are a once off should you choose to use them.

The Bad:

Quite alot on the site that seems a little complex and not so easy to understand.  So it has alot of information and videos to go through.  All depends I guess if you want to use all of their features.

You have to have your computer or laptop running all day for Mass Planner to post.


Who is Mass Planner For?

Mass Planner is definitely for the person who wants to get their brand, business opportunity or product out to all Social Media platforms daily.  As we know posting can become tedious and Mass Planner takes away that once it is set up.  It saves you so much time and just paying the inexpensive $9.95 per month is worth every penny!


Mass Planner Tools & Trainingmass planner review

When you sign up with Mass Planner there is a Tutorial tab you click on and it takes you to a library of video tutorials.  There is 43 in total but you only need to go through the ones relevant to what you purchased.

If you buy additional Modules as I explained earlier then you would watch that specific video tutorial to show you how to use it.

The videos explain a lot and are really helpful in getting you set up.

mass planner review

Once your Social Profiles are added and you have learned how to use the site, it is relatively simple to navigate around, all tabs self explanatory and in each of the videos, they will explain what each tab is used for.

Mass Planner Support

From the Dashboard you can contact support directly.  They get back to you pretty quickly and get issues resolved very quick as well.  Very helpful if you are not understanding something but generally the videos cover most things.



Mass Planner Price

$9.95 per mth/6mths $44.95/Annual  $89

Additional Modules

All one time payments however you get discounts if your purchase more than one.
First Module is full price. Buy 2 get 10% off.  Buy 3 get 15% off.

Extended Multi Account Module +2       Price $5.00

Pinterest – Create Boards / Flickr & Pinterest Integration     Price $10.00

InstaChat / InstaCommnet / Account Actions / Bump / Contact Members /  Extended Multi Account Module +8  / Facebook Comments and Likes /  Friends Backup Module /  Friends Backup Module  / Post Unique Images –  Prices all $15.00  each.

Extended Multi Account Module +15    $25.00

Instagram Poster & Reposter                $35.00

Unlimited Multi Accounts                       $70.00

My Final Opinion of Mass Planner

My Mass Planner Review is here to help you make a decision to see if it is something that could benefit you and your business.  In my opinion it is worth every penny I pay for it. I will also be adding additional modules (will research them to see which will work best for my business).  It is such an inexpensive tool for the amount of time it saves me.  So happy with it!

Mass Planner at a Glance…

Name: Mass Planner

Website: Mass Planner free trial
Owners: Socialworks SRL
Price: $9.95 per mth/6mths $44.95/Annual  $89
Overall Scam Rank: Not a Scam



I do hope you enjoyed my Mass Planner Review.  Definitely check it out here!   Save heaps of time on your Social Media postings and spending it on other income producing activities for your online business.

Make it a great day!