Looking for Online Business? LOOK no Further!

looking for online business

So you are Looking for an Online Business?

One you can trust, is legitimate, has real owners and won’t leave you stranded when times are tough?

There is so much noise online these days, it is fair to say sometimes you have no idea what you are looking at.

The website you are on comes with many reviews of things to join good and bad that I have researched.

What I cannot believe about most of them, is their lack of being real. Most don’t have a face to the name that created it – so you don’t know who really owns the product you are about to buy.

Most come with FAKE testimonials that are of people hired from Fiverr.com saying they are earning thousands a week. Most say you only need to work 15 mins / 30 mins a day or just 10 clicks and you see cash rolling in.

It really is unbelievable.

And sad that so many people fall for these.

So today I just want to share with you an online business I have been part of for nearly 2 years now.

And as the image reveals there is A LOT to this business!

wealthy affiliate dashboard

First up, the 2 main things I want to point out are the active people within the community.  This can be seen in the Today’s Top 10 Posts and the live feed.

People are always sharing the success they are having here.  And not only that, but their trials and stumbling blocks also. No business succeeds without some big hurdles – so I am not making out it is all peaches and cream!

The Live feed is where people all over the world chat and ask questions 24 hours a day. It is instant feedback and something that is crucial to assist you moving forward if you have a query and want an answer now!

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So what is this Online Business About?

Well, it is about building your own website and blogging.

And finding a niche that is profitable and something you truly enjoy talking and writing about.

It could be anything from women’s clothing to a sports themed site.  Electronics or weightloss for women just to rattle off a few ideas.

However putting together any website comes with it’s own challenges.  And that is where we can assist as you will see from the “Dashboard” image below.

The Training

There are 2 comprehensive courses to go through – choosing one or the other.

Basically, one course takes you through steps to set up a niche blog… like ‘Basketball Equipment’ as an example.

The other is more affiliate bootcamp style to set up a ‘make money online’ type niche website.

Both have very similar guided steps.  It is all about watching tutorials then actioning the tasks to get your website built.


This is where you select your name for your site, a theme and then ‘build it’ in less than a minute.

It is quite amazing to see how quickly your website can be up and running.  And now ready for you to add content to it.

wealthy affiliate dashboardLive Events

We have live webinar training on all types of topics.  More importantly, it is about what is working now in the online space.

Online business is ever evolving so it is imperative to keep up with the changes.


This is a keyword tool that assists you in finding low competitive keywords for your niche.  It is a reliable tool and one of the best in the industry, read more about it here.

Live Chat

This can be opened up in a separate window, or as the large image displays above, it is to the right of the main home page – a live feed 24 hours a day!

There are so many people in this community, there is always someone to help out or just socially chat with!

Help Center

You can get direct help with the person who introduced you to this platform.  You can contact the owners or send in a support ticket for technical issues.

There is so much help available you will never feel stuck.

And what THIS PLATFORM is NOT About?

It’s not about building a downline of people and then worrying about them.

You don’t have to meet sales targets to qualify for bonuses.

It doesn’t upsell you on higher ticket items the moment you join.

You are not out of pocket hundreds of dollars because you needed additional tools to make it work!

And bottom line it doesn’t have me or you go into massive debt because;   “If you don’t go the next conference or, if you don’t purchase our high ticket products – then YOU just won’t be successful.”

How many times have you experienced something like that within your opportunity?

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This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.

When people start anything they want some assurance.  I get it, I did too.

They want to know when they join and buy into the online business, it comes with good leadership, has up to date training, and is legitimate.

It is reputable and will be around for years to come, and has instant and ongoing support.

And that is exactly what this has!

We are 13 years strong and growing every day!

best online home business stats


So do get in and check this out.  And like I said, you can do it for FREE.

Get in and look around, make up your own mind if it is something you would like to pursue.

I do hope you enjoyed my latest post Looking for Online Business – Look no further!

And if you are already a part of this system I would truly love your thoughts on it below.
Make it a great day,




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