learning how to write a blog

Learning How to Write A Blog

If you are learning how to write a blog post for your website and not sure of all the ins and outs of what to do, (and what not to do), overall it can be quite overwhelming.

What do I write about and how much?
What pictures should I use?
Should I use video?
Do I use links?

If you are new to blogging then rest assured.  You can have a ton of things to write about.  And the best way to know that, is to write about something you love, which can be a hobby, or your passion.

I bet you could sit and talk to a friend of family member for ages when it is a topic you know alot about, because you are passionate about it. I know I can and the reason I easily put blog posts together now.

But there are also many elements of a blog post. There is the title, all the written content, finding relevant images and even video. Not to mention knowing how to find keywords and where to place them!

First up – Your Topic and Keywords

So what do you write about?   I am assuming you already have your website set up in your niche. Which means if I was going to be blogging about weight loss, I would have narrowed it down to a smaller niche.

Something like – “50 and wanting to lose weight” or “Get Fit in Your 50’s.”   Because that is more my age group, I enjoy getting into shape, I have a lot life experience doing it and I enjoy talking about it.  And, there will be a good amount of men and women who are in this category, or, what we like to call a niche.

You cannot be too broad with you niche and your website. Once you are specific you ideally will have lots to write about. If you cannot think of anything, then that tells me you haven’t find anything interesting to you, or you just don’t have a passion for it.  Really important you get this part right!

So lets say I decide to write a post about, “Best carbs for women in their 50’s.”   Well first up, I need to check for keyword ideas and make sure women in there 50s are actually wanting to know about carbs. And as you can see in the image there isn’t really anyone typing in that term but there are definitely people searching for the best carbs for weight loss, which is what I will now do a bit more research on and perhaps write about.

keywrod tool for seo

So to research the new keyword term I have a tool that checks these keywords are not too competitive and have a decent amount of traffic going to them.  You can check out more info on the Jaaxy keyword tool – plus get yourself 30 free searches yourself!

A Catchy Title

This is the first thing anyone is going to see before they click through to see your post, so make it a good one!  It should definitely include your keyword and perhaps one of the following.
A question?   Gives your reader something to thing about, or;
Learn to…   How to…   Want to…   are always good responsive words to add to your title.
Just be creative to get clicks through to your website.

Small Paragraphs

There is nothing worse than going to a site and seeing big blocks of text. I like to read and see images throughout posts that are relevant to the information. It keeps me interested and I bet you prefer that too!

You probably can put about 2 to 3 sentences together before it starts looking like one big block of text. Keep in mind also, when people are reading your posts on their mobiles the amount of text in a block seems to get bigger! So be aware and make your posts more appealing to the eye.

Have Sub-headings

Another must is having sub headings throughout your posts. If you look back at my post here you can see I have done just that, and you may have scanned past a couple of paragraphs to get to something you want to read.

So ideas together, a few sentences for each paragraph and giving them a sub-title.

Black Text on White

I know some websites are colorful and it depends on what the niche is about that determines color. But ideally, having black words on a white background is the easiest way for someone to read a post. Too much color can be very distracting and colorful writing can be bad on your eyes!

Another tip also is do not use too many different color fonts. Again, very distracting and visually looks quite tacky. Unless your site calls for lots of color just stick to the black on white option.

Be Conversational and even Controversial

When writing, talk similar to how you speak. No body wants to read an essay – we have school for that!  So be conversational, write with intent asking your readers at the end of your post to do something. It may be commenting their view on what they just read or sharing your post to their friends on social media.

If you have an opinion on something within your topic, you may find that some of your readers wont like what you write. This can happen in reviews of businesses and products, where you didnt have a great experience, but they may have had a good one.  A little controversy does not hurt at all – just make sure you are speaking with integrity when sharing your views.

For example, you have tried the product, or you were part of an mlm business and you were not happy.  And you are just sharing your “true” views.  As opposed to reading someone else’s review and just writing about that.  So make sure you are definitely writing from experience.

learning how to write a blog

Images and Videos in Your Posts

In your admin area there is an area to add a “set featured image.”  This will be viewable in your blog roll, plus when sharing to social media, and it will show this image with a bit of linkable text, (back to your post.)

Plus have relevant images throughout your post – 2 to 3 depending on how long your post is.  Always make sure you are allowed to use the image you find as it is a big no-no to just take them off the internet. I elaborate more here on finding Free Images Online so check it out.

In regards to video, this will definitely boost your post rankings.  Make sure your video is uploaded to youtube, with the right keywords and tags then embed in your post.  So not only do you have a favourable post with good images, keywords and content, you also have a video that can be found separately and linked back to your post.

And for visual purposes, an image and a video within your text will keep your reader interested and on your post for alot longer.

Internal and External Links

As you can see through this post I have internal links to other posts where you will get some additional information on a topic. This is a great way to keep your reader on your blog for longer, but Google does like seeing you have internal links to other quality posts on your site.

You should really refrain from putting too many affiliate links on your posts. Ideally, have a review of the product and the affiliate links within that post. Then when you do internal links you can direct your reader to find more about a product or service on that post.

An external link to an authority site is also a good idea for good SEO (search engine optimization). Learn more about it here on this Yoast site. See what I did there… linked to an authority site that is relevant to SEO to educate you more about it.

CTA – Call to Action

When you start writing posts, don’t just write to get posts on your blog, but write with intent. Whatever you are writing about have an intent that your readers are going to leave a comment or share, or go to a link you suggest.

Always be informative, give value and then suggest something else for them to do. You may even have a sign up form where your visitor can get a value based training to assist them. Or invite them to a review – like this Wealthy Affiliate Review right here to check out the platform I use to build websites.

In Summary

I think the most important part of your blog is your topic and keyword research. Finding these first and knowing they have good traffic and low competition is the key to being found. Follow that up with quality content and a well set out blog post and you will satisfy your reader giving them value, a solution and what they searched for.

I do hope this post helped you in learning how to write a blog post. Once you know how to do it properly, you can just rinse and repeat, but of course with another topic!

Let me know your thoughts on this post below and visit here to learn about the platform that taught me how to build websites and write posts. It’s easier than you think!

To success in your blogging.
Make it a great day











8 thoughts on “Learning How to Write A Blog”

  1. This sure is makes some order in my brain.
    I struggle a lot to rank high in Google and I didn’t have a real step-by-step method like that. I wasn’t aware of all these little things that matter, such as internal and external links and their vast importance.
    I will surely follow by your guide and I’m certain it will help me to rank better.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Jacob,

      Well I do hope this helps you out.  Just get into a habit of doing all these things and you will do fine!.  All the very best and I do hope you rank heaps better.

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. I really enjoy how you write in such a conversational way. We definitely need to write in small paragraphs ! When ever I go to a website and see a BIG paragraph believe me that I didn’t read it. Inter linking through articles is very important and also linking out to authority sites in our niche helps out as well.

    • Hi Yunier,

      Yes I am the same.  Too much text is very uninviting when it is in big blocks so people have to be aware of this and it scares their readers away!  Yes I link articles all the time as I know it is good for seo and for additional information. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  3. This is informative and educational. People have the misconception that writing blogs is all about creative writing. You don’t have to be a writer to write a blog. Whenever you are writing a blog, put yourself in the situation when you were writing an essay.

    Yes, internal and external links, video, and images are added advantage.

    Another piece of advice, don’t lose the flow of writing by focusing too much on keywords. Just write and everything will come into place.

    • Hi Emelou,

      Great comments and you are so right about it all.  Your writing should just flow that is for sure.  Thanks for pointing that out about the keywords as well. Will assist anyone reading it.

      Cheers, Sharon

  4. Learning how to write a blog website is not only informative but it clear up some things for me. when I was blogging I would write a article finding it difficult. After reading your article on I need to write as if I’m talking to a friend. It was rather long but I guess you need it to be long to get all the information in.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      I am glad it cleared up some things for you.  Yes, my posts may get long but I think it is important to make sure I do not leave anything out!  All the best in your blogging Cheryl.


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