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Is The CB Cash Code a Scam? Or is 20K possible?

Welcome to my CB Cash Code review.  (ClickBank Cash Code).  Following is all the information I have researched and gathered so you can make up your mind and ask yourself – is the CB Cash Code a Scam or can you make 20K plus per month as allegedy all their members have done?  In their first week!

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The following will be covered in my CB Cash Code Review

What is the CB Cash Code?
How does CB Cash Code Work?
Is CB Cash Code a Scam or Legit?
A Legitimate way to Make Money Online!


Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with UNREALISTIC PROMISES?
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Product Name:   The CB Cash Code
Owners:  George Patterson?
Website:  www.thecbcashcode.com
Price:  $37 PLUS upsells
Recommend:  Gosh NO!


The CB cash Code is a product that claims ordinary people are making money, quickly and easily, each and every day.  Start today in under 5 minutes and 14 clicks…  Really is it that easy?

Apparently, you only need, an internet connection and 10 minutes each day and of course a desire to become extremely wealthy.  And the sale’s video claims that EVERY single one of their existing members has made more than $20,000 in their first week – I mean, come on!


clickbank cash code review


The CB cash code uses Clickbank products to generate income and yes, Clickbank is a legitimate site that has good and not so good products to promote and sell.

The presenter continues to show many of his Clickbank payment accounts and allegedly has 3 that are paying him hundreds every day.

Testimonials coming in thick and fast – one claiming she makes 80K in a month and she only ever used her laptop for Facebook and email.  You can see that FAKE testimonial below!

2 upsells are offered to you after you join at $37.

A $197 upsell which seems to be lessons on how to drive more traffic to your Clickbank products.

The other is a $147 upsell which again will no doubt be additional training that you probably don’t need!



Your initial $37 membership gives you access to a back office which takes you through steps which end up being e-books or downloadable PDFs.

The CB Cash Code Main Guide

This first guide goes over what Affiliate Marketing is about and what it is.

ClickBank Cash Pro

This explains about Clickbank itself.  It covers the basics of getting traffic sources, learning things like SEO, Pay per click, email marketing, and other advertising methods.  Learning also about keyword strategies and landing pages etc are included also.

One thing I know for sure is that you cannot learn most of those methods in a short 48-page pdf/e-book.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to SEO/search engine optimization.  Or email marketing.

The reason I do know this is the program I am part of has training that goes into so much detail and only concentrates on one method at a time.  Yes, it takes time, however, you fully learn one method properly.  Then move onto another.

I am not sure what an experienced marketer could learn in such limited teachings?  I betcha it wouldn’t be 20k in the first week that is for sure!

ClickBank BookPlus

This book goes over Facebook advertising.  Creating Reviews and how to structure your Facebook pages.

Learning how to get your products and links in front of friends.  Nothing really stands out or is nothing new to learn for Facebook Marketing.

ClickBank Cash Code Secret Method

This is just general information about the system and the CB Cash code secret method.

The books covered appear to be a waste of your $37 and what I must say, is it allegedly is like many others.  You pay your $37, learn a lot of what you no doubt, probably already know, then are slammed with these additional upsells.  Because apparently the best information is no doubt in there… or is it?

Finding this lady below on Fiverr that is featured in the CB Cash Code Review sale’s video speaks volumes.  You make up your own mind on what to believe!


FAKE TESTIMONIALS – How can we believe anything now in the Sales Video if the seller is using a spokesperson from Fiverr.com?

cb cash code scam




It is a bit shady.  Big income earning claims and the fact ALL his members made no less than 20k as the image states below and up to as much as 80 thousand dollars sounds WAY over the top!

Plus spending 10 minutes on your business a day is just so unrealistic and really unfair to have believe this is possible.

If anyone knows anything about working online, they know it takes time.  It takes time to build a website if you take that path.

It takes time to learn Affiliate marketing (which essentially what this CB Cash Code) is teaching you.

There are marketing techniques to learn and if you do the paid advertising methods – you better know what you are doing as this can be a truly costly exercise.

The Only PRO of this whole CB Cash Code system

One thing that is positive is, that you can get your $37 back if after 60 days you are not satisfied.  What I can say to that, is at least you will break even!


What I do not like to do is straight up say CB Cash Code is a SCAM.  I just want to give you everything I have researched and educated myself on, which now allows you to make up your own mind.


Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with UNREALISTIC PROMISES?
Want to see how my Website gets Found and How I Make Money?




This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.




Many of these types of products are purely just a waste of your time and money.  They are truly unrealistic and you will find you never make money from them.  Unfortunately too new fall for the fake testimonials and sale’s pitches and throw money away.

Seriously, stop wasting your hard earned money and time on products that have proven lies throughout their sales video as the income testimonial picture I shared above.

You came to the internet to find the ultimate online business, to work around your family and for it to be legitimate and last the test of time, unlike many of these products that promise the earth but really give nothing.

I have finally found something that gives so much value for money.  And the best part is you get to check it out without parting with $37 or be upsold on the way in.  You get to check it out for free!

With this business opportunity that I am part of – You won’t have to promote or pay for advertising to get people in front of what you have to offer.

After all, you found me, didn’t you?

How much did that cost me?  A bit of writing and a blog post!

Come and learn more here with my detailed information.

Thanks for checking out my “Is CB Cash Code a scam”  today.
Cheers, Sharon





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14 thoughts on “Is The CB Cash Code a Scam? Or is 20K possible?”

  1. Hello and thanks so much for sharing. It is just so amazing how people are being sold nothing but dreams. It is also good to know what you are doing with your website to help people understand how this business really works.

    • Hi Norman,
      You are very welcome Norman, and I don’t like saying anything is an out right scam. But if you are using FAKE testimonials to sell people and really unrealistic at that, then that is a bit unfair. You would think these sellers would be smarter and use less outrageous income claims.

      I just wanted to give some full information so others can be wary and not waste money. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    That was an insightful and honest review. You’ve given me hints on what to look for when making decisions about systems of this type. Thanks for the great guide and I’m grateful for it. I hope people searching for opportunities too will find your article useful and do their diligent checks.

    • Hi Derrick,
      Thanks for checking it out. Glad I could help you with deciding on whether this is right for you or not. And yes, I do hope this will help others!
      Cheers, Sharon

  3. I would definitely say that it is a scam because of the misleading video. I also hate the fake testimonials. I wonder how people sleep at night knowing that they have been helping a scammer make money from unsuspecting and innocent people.

    • Hi Reyhana,
      Well if that is what you think and you have researched it then that is definitely your opinion. I hate to think people are scamming others if they are doing it in ways like this. The fact here though, is they do offer your money back so I hope that is legitimate if people decide to take this path.

      I just don’t like all the hidden one time offers once you are in. As they usually come with a spiel that you need this product and that one for things to really work. That is where not being transparent and the real hidden costs lie!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting today Reyhana

  4. I have a friend who just made the mistake of signing up for CB Cash Code, and I am sending him your site now! The up-sells are ridiculous, and the fact that they hire actors to do their “testimonials” is just sad. I hope more people see this article as it shows the shady nature of the owner/creator of the site. I do like you are able to get your $37 back – I will tell my friend to go get it back now and not waste his time! Thank you for bringing this scam to light!

    • Yes send it to him.  The fake testimonials are so ridiculous.  Things like this always get found out.  Glad you saw the light and hopefully your friend gets his money back!  Thanks for checking my article out today.


  5. Imagine a world where we could all make 80k a month by only working 10 minutes a day…..the world would be filled with millionaires!! I guess a lot of people don’t realize that when they’re considering believing these scams.  I love that you posted the profile of CB’s success stories LOL I see that a lot of different scammy type sites are hiring the same people off of Fiverr haha.  But great review and hopefully this exposure will help save some people from falling victim to this big waste of time and money!

    • Yes you are so right!  We would all be millionaires Nicki!  And I only expose what I find and research online Nicki.  It is not made up – well it is on there part and that is why you have to really think about joining things like these.  Thanks for checking my CB Cash Code Review and sharing your comments today

  6. Informative, I have never heard of CB cash code scam before reading this, though I heard of “Click Bank”, but didn’t even know what that was really…  Actually I thought click bank was like adsense… So, thank you for providing this review, it really helped make some things clearer.  I’d be interested to find if they legitly give back their start up fee at the end, because if they do? I don’t think it would hurt to try them out… though the money amounts do seem exaggerated… have you tried them out personally? or were you just simply turned off by their crazy financial claims??  

    • Hi Blakey,

      Clickbank is a marketplace for digital products, some are okay and some not.  Who knows if they give money back?  and no I have not tried them.  Seeing the outrageous money claims and fake testimonials put me off the CB Cash Code system as I believe it would most people.  Luckily you stumbled across my post today, save yourself some money and time!

  7. Hey Sharon,

    That sounds pretty outlandish for someone to believe they can make $20,000 with no real grunt work but ten minutes! What are you selling a brick of cocaine? What is even more crazy is that the testimonials are paid for which is a huge RED FLAG! 

    I wonder why don’t they just advertise the program for what it is a help book to get you going in the direction as an affiliate marketer? What happens if someone needs more than just a downloadable PDF? Is there anyone to get in contact with if you need help? I Know you won’t outright call it a scam so I will if it quacks like a duck and  walks like a duck! Guess what? It’s a duck?

    Thanks for sharing,

    Shannon Kamal

    • Hi Shannon,

      I know, these big money claims unfortunately are what people fall for. Of course we would all love to make that type of money – but we have to stop and think realisticly.  They don’t make it easy with the Fake testimonials however!

      Yeah they should just state it is basics for starting out as Affiliate Marketing maybe?  And I doubt the support would be readily available like I know I can get on my platform 24 hours a day!  Thanks for taking the time to comment Shannon.



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