is smart money methods a scam

Is Smart Money Methods a Scam? My Review and FINDINGS!

So is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

Or can you make up to $30 thousand dollars in a month by working just 3o minutes a day in your spare time?

Well let’s see, shall we?

First up, I am very glad you have stopped by to check out my Smart Money Methods Review. Well done to you!  You have decided to do your own research before committing to this program.

When I was starting out online well over 10 years ago, I did not have the luxury like so many people do now. Finding Product or MLM reviews and being able to see what was in the system, or MLM before I bought in – and possibly wasted my money.

Wouldn’t you agree, there are so many digital, downloadable products these days it isn’t funny, and definitely NOT funny if you get caught up in one that rips you off!

So is Smart Money Methods a Scam?  Or can you really make all this money they say you can in such a short time?

Here I give you a thorough review of this Smart Money Methods system so you can determine that for yourself.

The following will be covered in my Smart Money Methods Review

What is Smart Money Methods?
How does Smart Money Methods Work?
Is Smart Money Methods a Scam or Legit?
There is A Honest way to Make Money Online!

Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE?



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What is Smart Money Methods?

Product Name:   Smart Money Methods
Owners:   “Mark Foster”
Price:   $37 Plus Upsell – $197 and $177
Ranking:     Low

What I find with a lot of these Clickbank products is they claim big incomes are made, you need little time to do it and they don’t really explain what you will be doing.

Within the sale’s video, they stress throughout they are going to show you how this money is made.  But never do.

Smart Money Methods is apparently a system that will help you make a weekly income of $7,500 like their existing members do.


smart money method 7500 a week
So that is 30k a month using their methods in 30 minutes a day.

With no skills required and the only requirements are a laptop, computer or smartphone, with no software to download.

You can get started in a few clicks to learn these Smart Money methods and be earning money pretty much straight away.

The funny thing is, it always states in the training that you are going to be learning “secret tricks” or methods that no one knows about.

And it could not be further from the truth.

At this stage into the product and in my opinion, this product is just another time waster.


How Does Smart Money Methods Work?

Again, it is just another Clickbank product that claims it has all the secrets to make you thousands every week.

And if you pay not only for the initial $37 product but also fork out for the upsells of $177 and $197, then you were probably just conned by the scarcity tactics they ALWAYS use.

smart money method scarcity tactic

They always tell you there are limited spots.  And when these spots go they will be taking the video down, shutting the doors!   Yeah right?!

The product itself is in 3 categories called Smart Money 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0.

Smart Money 1.0 module:

Here there are a couple of pdf’s that go through the basics of being an Amazon affiliate.  And just an overview on how to make money online.

Can you make money being an Amazon affiliate?  Of course you can, however, the right training is required. You must learn how to pick a niche, and build your website, create content etc.

Yes, you can send people directly to Amazon through your affiliate links.  But going online, onto social media platforms and asking people to buy through your links isn’t going to happen.

Which is why learning Affiliate marketing and how to be an Amazon affiliate, has learning curves to go through.

It won’t take a day to make money and I can guarantee you will be working for more than 30 minutes!

Smart Money 2.0 module:

This consists of introductions to Youtube and Instagram and some very basic training around that.

The limited video footage just isn’t enough to teach you about these platforms and no doubt is just an overview about stuff you probably already know.

Smart Money Pro 3.0 module:

This goes over again, more basic video footage, but of social media marketing strategies.

A Conclusion to the training and modules you are going through comes down to this.  Very basic and most of this could be found on Youtube if you did some research yourself.

If you were a complete newbie to online marketing then this may be a course that will cover the basics of Amazon and affiliate marketing.

But don’t get your hopes up that it is going to make you $7,500 easily and in 30 minutes a day.

And that is where the lies come into these sale’s videos. 

Look, this guy “Mark Foster” may be earning everything that he has said – and in 30 minutes a day.  But how long did it take for him to get to that point?  No doubt alot of Years!


Is Smart Money Methods a SCAM or Legit?

Look it may not be a scam as such, but it is definitely a crappy product.

It will give you the basics about Amazon, Youtube, Instagram, social media marketing but nothing that hasn’t been taught before.

If you are a newbie to online marketing and have never really delved into any of this type of training then some of it may help.

But don’t get your hopes up with that you will be making $7,500 in a weeks time with 30 minutes a day work.

It takes years to get to be making a profit like that, lots of learning, trial and error and TIME.

Visit the section below so I can show you how to do Affiliate marketing the correct and honest way.

Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE?
Want to see how my Website gets Found and How I Make Money?



    This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.


There is A Honest Way to Make Money Online

I hope you aren’t wasting your money on these programs that make it sound SO SIMPLE  to earn money online. But that’s how these people con you.  Give you BIG sob stories and BIGGER money promises!

And the income he shared was very impressive – if it was really true.  Highly unlikely is all I can say!

When I discovered what I am part of now, the proper way to do Affiliate Marketing, I was able to get in, set up my account and check it out for free – for as long as I wanted to!

Everything that this Affiliate program had on their “sales page” rang true on everything they presented.

You can have a website to build in your niche – all steps provided to help you do that.

There is a community of tens of thousands of people and the amount that are active daily inside the platform is quite amazing.

They have a Live Chat feature which enables you to connect with people 24 hours a day, so support is always available.

wealthy affiliate join up page with sharon whyte

Training that covers absolutely everything, from setting up websites, as I stated above, creating content, blog writing the right way, SEO, learning social media the list goes on!

The help and support you get from the owners and your mentor is really good too.  They don’t build your site for you, but direct you to the right training or tools that you need to progress quickly.

I have learned SEO strategies and how to rank my blog posts on the search engines.

After all, YOU found me, didn’t you? And that means my target audience is finding me, getting value from my content and buying from me.

In my case, it is joining me in this Affiliate program.

I have people coming to me, joining me, I am NOT chasing them!

Check it out here a comprehensive and very detailed Review of this program, then create your own free starter account to see if it is something you would like to do.

And don’t worry, absolutely no upsells, we don’t even try to sell you the program.  You get to see it for yourself, decide if you like it, and join in your own time!

Check it out for as long as you want!  LEARN MORE HERE!

And yes, it is a real business.  It is real work and please don’t think it is a get rich quick scheme.

Also, I will be your personal guide and mentor within our system.

I will show you the way, just as my mentor did for me.  But with so much help available I won’t be the only one assisting you!

Get in, create your starter account now!
I will see you on the inside.

So is Smart Money Methods a Scam?

Well maybe you get some basic training, but it is not what they claim it to be!
What do you think, please share any comments you have below.

Cheers, Sharon







4 thoughts on “Is Smart Money Methods a Scam? My Review and FINDINGS!”

  1. Hi Sharon – thanks for the article.  I have seen this one pop up on my ad feeds and wondered what it is all about.  I am a member of the wealthy affiliate program and even thought they rightlfully tell you that evrrything good comes with hard work if you see that $7500 a week flashing in front of you it is hard not to want to check it out.

    I guess that is the problem these days, so many people can make some good money by promising the world for very little and if you don’t know or understand the difference it can be very easy to get ripped off.  Thanks for the post and I think I will leave this site alone for now.


    • Hi Paul,

      You are very welcome.  Yes they can be very enticing sometimes, and coupled with the sob story they go on about in the sales video – unfortunately sometimes we can relate!   And the reason why we buy in because we had their pain at some stage and now they are offering a solution.  

      I am so glad I bring reviews to people these days as I am sick of the crap they offer, the big promised for doing so little, it is just ridiculous!   Thanks for your comments today Paul and for checking out my Smart Money Methods review.

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Once upon a time I might have fallen for this product, after all who doesn’t want money in only 30 minutes right? LOL However I am much wiser now and thanks to in depth reviews like yours hopefully it will educate more people to avoiding pitfalls and flashy sales letters.Thank you for your honest review.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Yeah I think we all fell for things like this in the past and it is great there are many review sites to check out to get educated on these (sometimes scams!)  Glad I could assist you and hope you make the right decision without wasting your time or money!

      Cheers, Sharon


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