is saivian a scam

Is Saivian a Scam? Hell Yes – An Insiders Review!

Company Name:   Saivian
Overall Ranking: 0/100
Price: $125 US dollars – Monthly Membership
Owner & President: Eric J Dalius

INTRODUCTION to Saivian and is Saivian a Scam?


*** UPDATE !!! – 13th August 2017 ***

I received this message on Sunday from a reputable source that was one of the first Saivian distributors in the U.S.  It stated that as of July 31, 2017, they have CEASED OPERATIONS IN THE U.S.  It’s unclear if anyone will be paid their money owed, but hopefully people WORLDWIDE and especially Asia, will be smart enough not to join this, only to be scammed also.

Attention Saivian, LLC, Members and Affiliates in the United States of America

Effective July 31, 2017

In order to support other business enterprises and universally conform business practices to the demands of emerging markets in Asia, Saivian, LLC, is being discontinued in the USA upon the following terms.

  • Saivian, LLC, discontinued operations in the United States of America July 31, 2017.
  • All Member and Affiliate enrollments in the United States terminated and concluded and no further Members or Affiliates will be enrolled in the USA as of July 31, 2017.
  • All Saivian, LLC, Affiliate support and Membership services ceased as of July 31, 2017.
  • No resident of the United States is permitted to participate as a Member or Affiliate in any of the international programs, namely Saivian International, LTD.
  • Membership fees were paid on a recurring 28-day cycle for Membership benefits received, which benefits concluded July 31, 2017.
We respect our past association, and we wish you well in all your future endeavors.


Still Don’t Think it is a Scam?   Then read on….

I was introduced to Saivian in April of 2016 and am truly blown away that this Company still exists.  In a nutshell, you pay $125 for a membership every 28 days which equates to being billed 13 times a year totalling  $1625 US Dollars.

If you get 3 others to join and pay for the membership then the membership is free and you qualify for the Daily pay. And you get up to $250 US Dollars a month cash back on your (all types of shopping/travel) receipts.

The company claims they want the data on your receipts. This is so they can sell to 3rd party marketing partners, hence how members who bring others in can get daily pay from $5 to $3000 daily.  Yes – you heard right – daily – and yes, some of the big earners are on $750/$1,000 a day.

is saivian a scamSaivian claim they do a similar model to that of Facebook.

With Facebook, data is accumulated from likes and comments etc that you and I do on various pics, and when you signed up for a Facebook account, you may have ticked boxes of hobbies, pets or business stuff that you liked.

This is why Facebook can now sell very geo-targeted information to advertisers. You may have purchased ads yourself on Facebook utilizing this very data.

However that takes years to collect this type of information and there is no way Saivian have collected that amount of data in this short time through these receipts.

So there is no way they are even close to being able to sell geo-targeted data to these marketing partners.

It is a crock.

I was at the Elite level when I left Saivian and truly enjoyed the daily pay of $30 daily and the $250 cash back every month.  What I didn’t like, was learning that these marketing partners just did not exist.  That only about 8% of people were actually putting in their receipts.

So the daily pay is coming from new investors and the new memberships being paid. How could I ethically join others up when I knew a product didn’t even exist?  And the fact the membership gets paid in one end and that there is enough to fund the daily pay and the small percentage who actually do lodge their receipts.

God help Eric J. Dalius if eveyone lodged their shopping receipts – But they don’t.

Sounds a bit like a ponzi scheme to me – Definition here:


Over the past few months the Company has had some changes, and the $125 membership is now called the Global Savings Plan which is different to when I started.  We had a Shopping membership and a Global Travel membership so it looks like Saivian has now combined the two.

Included in the Membership is:
The Instant Savings Benefit (ISB) A Savings and discounts program from thousands of stores around the
globe which are additional savings to the cashback.
The Travel Portal and Cash Back Enhanced program.
You can pick your own stores and change them every 30 days.
Receive up to 20% cash back on your everyday shopping.
Member access to the ‘Free’ mobile app to scan your receipt purchases.




Up to 20% cash back is great and a maximum of $250 every 28 days.
It had a multi level marketing side to it using the binary model (building 2 and 3 downlines).
Daily pay was also very good if you had 3 or more paid members in your downline.
There is no contract so you can leave Saivian at any time.
Phone app is now available for receipts to be scanned and appears easy to use.


For your first Cashback you have to wait 90 days.  You start, then it is 30 days of collecting receipts.  You scan them onto your app on your phone, then it takes them another 30 days for them to (apparently) check that data.  You get your (up to $250) cash back another 30 days later. Which you now have to turn around and generate a pass to get your money.

By then you are nearly up to paying for a 4th month of membership fees.  $125 US dollars x 4 – You do the math. And this is before your very first Cashback.  Then it flows monthly from that point.

No information on the Company Owners
There is no information on the promotional site about the Company owners however if you want to learn more about who is running this show then Google E.J Dalius or Eric J Dalius. He was a quiet partner from the start. I am not here to bad mouth him or anyone for that matter.  There is plenty out there that have good reason of their own though, so Google him and knock yourself out.

is saivian a scamPeople not getting Cashback or daily pay on Convenience Cards – they have to sell Passes:
To get your cashback or money earned they use these passes calling it the “Pass Economy”.

When I started with Saivian 20% Cashback I had to purchase a pass which had a letter and about 10 numbers on it.  So when I signed up with my name and email I had to put in that pass to activate my membership.

Then when I got cashback and my daily pay, again I had to generate a “Pass” and sell it to a new member or someone else in Saivian.  It was really confusing and still is by the sound of it. Alot of countries still have no way of getting their money out from an ATM, paypal or something similar.

Many times (in the short 6 months I was there), we were being promised a Circa Black/Mastercard – but did not happen.  Every time they said we were getting a card there was always a problem.  So why is that?  I have never heard of being part of an MLM and not being able to be paid, and I have never seen anything like these passes. And it looks like they are bringing bitcoin into the equation now as well.

So the company is 1 Year and 5 months old today and most of the Saivian members do not have instant – direct access to their cash back and daily pay and still HAVE TO SELL PASSES !!!

Again it is ridiculous!  And has you asking yourself is Saivian a scam?  mmmm….

Support was absolutely terrible – almost like they didn’t want to be contacted.  It may have improved, it definitely needed to and could not get any worse.

Corporate fell like flies.  When I started there were 5 people heading the company.  They all were very reputable business men in their own respective fields.  And EJ Dalius seemed to be a quiet partner,  mmmm….  Not one of those 5 men that headed Saivian when it started on November 1st 2015, are still there today…. Yip, they are all gone. So again you are left wondering, is Saivian a scam?

Marketing Partners is A Crock.  Saivian claim the (point of sales purchases) POS data is subsidized by third part marketing partners and how you get the Cashback on your receipts.  These “marketing partners” just do not exist!


Saivian can be for any shopper.  To get the full benefit of the $250 cashback every 28 days you have to spend the maximum of around $1200 per 4 week cycle.

If you have not referred 3 people who are paying members, then you come away with $125 in your pocket each 4 weeks because the other $125 has to pay your monthly membership.  So ideally your best bet is to get 3 people and earn a daily pay of $5.


They have company calls but these didn’t give you much.  Was always hype and telling you how exciting and new things are coming.  I know for a fact that many countries including Australia and New Zealand still do not even have a card to go to an ATM and get their earned money out. They have to do it with what they call the pass economy. (Refer to my Cons section for the explanation on Passes to get paid)

They have finally developed an App where you can photograph your receipts and upload the data onto that which is more convenient than scanning them at the end of the month.  Again, god knows what they are doing with the receipt data.

They always threatened that if you didn’t do it correctly and in order of receipt dates etc, that your cash back redemption would be void. I must say I got paid on my 3 sets or 3 months of receipts I put in but they definitely were not all correct.  That made me laugh because did they really check them?


The daily pay was quite lucrative and they did pay into your back office every day if you qualified for it, depending on your level.  You could be at $5, $20, $30, $50, $100, $150, $200, $300, $500, $750, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 paid daily. Of course you need alot of members in your downlines to be getting the bigger paydays.

The compensation for getting 3 paid members and growing teams can be very enticing but at the end of the day, if there is no product, then how can you morally be promoting this to others.  Just so wrong.


It was horrendous. We had to go through the Australian founder to get answers and that could take days.  They did not have any reliable support for months, and pretty much the whole time I was there.  I think it is better now. Really not sure.

What I don’t see on the Saivian site that is used for promoting is, you do not see who runs this show and who owns Saivian.  Why is their no owner details?  Well you wouldn’t be putting EJ Dalius in any of the Company information for your new prospect to be looking at. Again, Google him and you will see why.  Is Saivian a scam?  Looking like it if you research this information up, don’t you think?


$125 US Dollars every 28 days.
Or get 3 paying members in your downline and it is free.


So is Saivian a scam?  It absolutely is and I know heaps of Australians and Americans who got the hell out of it because of the way the whole company and business was conducted.  I was so disappointed as I thought the concept of Cashback for receipts was awesome and that they were doing something similar to Facebook, but sharing the revenue gained from the advertising partners,(unlike Facebook who are worth billions and keep it to themselves!)

And the reason I know alot of this information is a number of us had meetings with people who were “in the know.” Many a zoom meeting was held with Saivian members in leadership roles from America. We would discuss the whole marketing partner issue, the inconsistency and lack of company support and why we knew nothing about Eric J Dalius from the start.

Again, like I said it was really disappointing for all of us involved, as the concept of the cashback was a great help for the average earning household.  But continuing to promote and join members up just was so wrong.

So is Saivian a Scam?  A big YES and the reason I went looking for something that had reputable leaders, cost a fraction of the price, had all the tools and community support I needed – we get legitamately paid throught Paypal and I got to check it out for free.

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And please do your due diligence before joining any business!
Cheers, Sharon Whyte













60 thoughts on “Is Saivian a Scam? Hell Yes – An Insiders Review!”

  1. Hey Sharon,

    I’m glad I found you before I took the plunge. The daily pay got me hooked there for a second and was mainly the reason I wanted to join.

    But if there are no actual products to sell and the information they give to the public is not what you get inside, then I don’t see the reason for spending my money on sucha a ponzi scheme.

    I’ve spent much of my time on them and gotten no results, and definitely wouldn’t want to cheat my friends into the system just for money. That is quite the price to pay to loose friends.

    • Hi Dave,

      Yes the daily pay was very cool going into your back office everyday but knowing there is no marketing partners is so wrong. I almost got friends into this and so glad I didnt. Really disappointing to say the least. Thanks for your comments and checking it out!

  2. Hey Sharon!

    Thanks for taking the time to review this scam. I appreciate when people who care, like yourself, take the time to actually put some hard work into these product reviews. It helps people like myself make the best decisions and to save time and MONEY with weeding out these bad products.


    • Hi there Cody,

      Yes I like other peoples reviews myself and I like to read a few of them if I am really keen on something to see if all the info rings true. Yes save your money from this one!

  3. Smell like a Ponzi scheme after reading the first few paragraphs. And not a cheap one either. I generally don’t trust anything that sounds too good to be true. Once bitten, twice shy but thankfully I don’t lose too much to Ponzi scheme. I’m curious of your opinion on revenue share programs?

    • Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for your thoughts and you are right, it does have the traits of a Ponzi scheme. You arent aware of this when you join though. I just knew a few people who were involved with the corporate side of things so I always knew what was going down! And it wasnt good!

      I am unable to help you there with Revenue Share programs as I have never done one before.

  4. Hello

    Many people are thankful for your article warning them of this scam, why are there so many greedy crooked people online ruining it for the honest people?

    How does someone figure out which of these are scams and which are on the up?

    with so many scams it is more difficult for people starting a new business to succeed I am sure, people are not sure if you are a scam or legit business until you are online for some time and build a good reputation

    • Yes very true. If a new person to online marketing ends up in a scam then it is such a shame as they then go away with the feeling everything is a scam. And it is just not the case. Yes I love doing honest reviews and finding them as well! Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  5. I still believe, though not as firmly as I once did that somewhere out there is an MLM that is actually a good business.

    I think the best that could be said of any MLM is that you develop organizational and time management skills that will serve you well in future endeavors.

    But what an expensive way to learn those skills!

    • Yes there are definitely good mlms out there. But highlighting the ones that productless like Saivian are a good thing for unsuspecting people who are just wanting a good honest way to earn money online. Yes I have learned the expensive way with this one here called Prosperity of Life!

  6. Yeah i first saw this company over a year ago it just didnt make sense to me & it still doesnt – I have had many friends promote the snot out of it, however I havent heard much from them lately. Its just another hyper BS deal. If you want a proper business, dont jump into a hypey business, connect with someone, get on the phone with them, make sure they can help you get what you want

    • Good points Alex and also make sure it has a legitimate product! Thanks for all your comments and stopping by
      Cheers, Sharon

  7. Great service you are doing your readers by writing articles on scams on the internet, otherwise so many more people would be scammed by this scam you have written about today.

    Is there no way they can keep these scams offline, what happens if anything to these people who scam so many out of money?

    • Hi Jeffrey,

      Yes it it good to inform people of my perspective and what I know as well and I appreciate others reviews when I find them as well. I know, it is a shame these things cannot be kept offline and people lose money on them. With Saivian though, I must say they did pay – just no product – that is all. Which isn’t good either!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments,
      Cheers, Sharon

  8. Good Afternoon Sharon
    Another-One? In theory Saivian sounds like a pretty good platform. There are all kinds of good data you can get from a receipt. In practice, just another scam praying on people with not enough money to work hard for money. This is a very nice review and it is cool you have such good “data” on the way they do business.

    • Hi Ralph,

      Yes another one! Yes it did sound like a great platform. Facebook does the same thing however they use our comments and like data and sell to advertisers. This definitely had a great concept but if the marketing partners do not exist, then it is just money in >>> and money out. No product is not good!

      Thanks for your comments and taking the time to read
      Cheers, Sharon

  9. Sharon,
    I have heard of this Savian company before and wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. The company is an out and out fraud with the people responsible for creating it deserving of being thrown in jail.

    Everything about the company reeks of it being a complete scam; starting with the concept that if you can get people to join as referrals and without as much as a product then you are allowed to not pay the outrageous membership price that is being asked initially $125/month.

    Say for some reason a person IS able to sucker people into joining under him/her. Now as a free member exactly where does that same $125 being paid monthly by people recruited under that same individual go to? Probably people higher up on the food chain which makes this company’s entire business model as a very illegal pyramid scheme.

    It’s outrageous that programs like this still exist online. But then people still fall for get-rich-quick schemes as well by the hour all across the world.

    Your rating of 0 on a scale of 100 was exactly correct.


    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your comments and you are so right. How can people do this? What gets me is I know alot of people who are still raking the money but worse, recruiting others knowing full well it is productless. That is bad in my books. Anyway, one day it will crumble – I just know it and have people in the know that keep me updated. I feel sorry for the new members who have no clue!

  10. Hi Sharon!

    Loved your article! It offered a lot of insight into Saivian and how I will NOT be signing up for that site! The membership fees are outrageous but I think people join hoping that the payouts will be big!

    It truly is a wonder that they are still around – and not been prosecuted yet!

    How long do you think they will last?

    • Hi Dawn,
      I am told they are under investigation and it takes time to take these people down unfortunately. Someone told me about (I think it was Zeek Rewards and I stand corrected if I named them wrong) and how it took well over a year to shut them down. (I dont know much about Zeek Rewards – I was just told about them).

      It is just so wrong. I think it is worse if you are in the business and you have the knowledge that it is a scam – but you still recruit unsuspecting people. Hope they can sleep at nite!

  11. Thank you so much for this review. My DH was interested in salvian and I explained to him that it was most likely a scam, but your review is very thorough and convinced him.

    He is looking for something that is legitimate to work on the side. WA doesn’t work for him. He’s more of an envelope stuffing guy. Any ideas?

    Thanks again!
    Rhonda Jean

    • Hi Rhonda,

      Saivian was great when it first came to Australia, The daily pay and cash back for receipts was so cool. But it really comes with a BS set up with the no marketing partners. Such a shame as I did like it!

      No I don’t really have any ideas as I think WA is the I have tried several MLMs all to spend too much money at all of them. And really there are alot of survey sites etc but that can be just boring tedious work. Sorry I cannot help Rhonda but I do hope he finds something!

      Cheers, Sharon

  12. Wow! This is incredible! I had no idea that ‘companies’ like this were still even able to exist. I just can’t believe it. I am glad that I read your post because that daily cash thing might have hooked me had I stumbled upon these guys.

    • Hi Nancy,
      Yes unfortunately they will keep coming! And the daily pay was awesome as was the cashback on your shopping. But overall it was a scam and something to steer clear from! Thanks for your comments and stopping by.
      Cheers, Sharon

  13. Appreciate your time for giving this detailed review of this scam. This is helpful in many ways to avoid wasting time and money on something that’s completely useless. There’s so many scam products out there and it’s good that you point out this one. There’s so many people that fall into the trap so easily. I’m glad that I was able to read your article and to make the appropriate decision. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Karlene,

      Yes I appreciate other peoples reviews as well. Saves you time and money if indeed it is a scam. Glad I could help you out here!

      Cheers, Sharon

  14. Yes, it’s a big time scam. They keep changing the rules and as a cashback only customer, they make sure you never get more than you paid in by changing how you get back, web been down for updates for months (or at least that’s what support tells you) and not allowing you to redeem and then your receipts mysteriously disappear. They currently owe me $875 just in cashbacks and now they are telling me the only way I can get my money is to sign up for yet another new card – savilux but that I have to have 3 active downlines before I’m eligible to sign up for it when I was told and they advertised via live video that cashback customers did not have to have downlines and would get their money via a card. They have continued to make me pay the monthly $125 fee to them, but have given me nothing since mid January and that was only because I caught the system in a particular phase one day and hurriedly submitted my redemption. They are all crooks, scam artists, and other names that I can’t say. They ought to be all thrown in prison and made to pay every dime back. Please save your time and money. It is a big major scam.

    • Wow Patricia. I was probably one of the lucky ones and got out ahead. So sorry they owe you so much. It is a joke isn’t it, the card. When I was in it, it was the card in the picture I have there. They are so full of promises and deliver nothing. I cannot get how many of our Australian people who know all this yet still stay with them. Unbelievable.

      Thanks for sharing and hope it assists others to make a really good informed decision!
      Cheers, Sharon

  15. I personally haven’t been scammed by Saivian and I’ve been a member since 10/28/2015. Yes, it used to take about 75-90 days to see your CASHBACK in your E-wallet but they fixed that. Now you don’t have to wait 30 days to submit your first batch of receipts. It can be done right after your first full week with Saivian which will get to your Ewallet within 30-45 days. They have never missed my Daily Pay on my residual income (rain or shine or holidays). They also introduced Rollover on your Cashback so if you submit more than the $300 weekly limit, the Cashback rolls over the the following month which is great for larger families. Support used to suck but now they reply on your back office within 2 days and there has been a 24/7 help desk available for members. The Circa commissions card was Discontinued because it sucked and they now released a New Card which allows BOTH commissions and Cashback redemptions to be withdrawn to it. The company is at about 2 Million members today which about 1.7 million are from East Asia so they must be doing something right.

    • Hi Ronald,
      Thanks for your comments on this business however you never mentioned the one thing about Saivian and that is the marketing partners that don’t exist. Which means all those receipts that they collect are not being collated for data.

      I got paid daily and also my cash back on my receipts. Just because that was the case doesn’t make it right when at the end of the day, the memberships pay you for this. Look up the definition of Ponzi scheme and you will understand what Saivian is. And I only know this information because I know the guy who started this with EJ (when the name was drawn up on a napkin) and also guys in the US who were “in the know” of how Saivian operated. It is a Ponzi scheme which makes it a scam.

  16. There are partners actually, and they are called map stores. We bring lots of businesses on board, they get advertising platform, new and returning loyal clients, increasing revenue.
    And company sell accumulated data of the receipts. And soon they plan to offer $500 cashback.) It may be a pyramid scheme as all the businesses in the world, but it works. You don’t need to buy bulk product and to store it and try to resell it. You don’t need to meet monthly selling quota to be eligible for bonuses or percentage from your downline.

    • Hi there Zola,
      The big question is though, where do the receipts go and what do they do with them? That is what this post was all about. The receipts part is supposed to be the product side of it and this just does not exist. So these businesses coming in are doing exactly the same as individual marketers. Putting in receipts that are just going no where. So again like I said to an earlier visitor, the membership fees pay for the daily pay and cash back making it a ponzi scheme.

  17. I am a member since December 2016 (6 months ago) and was only doing the cashback. For me it is very frustrating because there is no way to get your cashback money. They introduced another card (saivilux) and said that it will take another months to come out due to integration issue. The cashback ($125) is not even enough to pay the monthly fee which is $130. Plus gathering all your receipts just so you can continue paying your membership fee is a piece of crap literally. I honestly believed that Saivian is a big fat “PONZI” scam. If they’ll say that it is not, let them do just the cashback and not the MLM and see what happens. I bet all of them will quit in a heartbeat. I’ll be out soon too.

    • Hi there D-Lan,
      Sorry to hear your frustrations with this business. Seriously, can you believe this Saivian scam is nearly 2 years on and most of the members still cannot get their money out and still have to sell passes. What a bloody joke. Yes get out of it. Hopefully EJ Dalius and his crooks will be caught up with sooner than later.

  18. what are you talking about, the app membership is the product and it does exist, all my team spend so much money on it im just doing affiliat program cause m not to point were my earnin would make a good amount of cashback but thats why ive been workin hard to help recruit…they gice you what they sell, if you cant make any money from it your bein lazy and doing it wrong…you can only scam yourself with this one….smh must be nice to get paid to bad mouth companies…pathetic…

    • You really didnt read what I wrote did you Angel? I am sharing from my experience and what I know to be true.
      And gettting paid to bad mouth companies? mmmmmm…. don’t think so. I recruited people just fine and got daily pay. But when you know the marketing partners do not exist and the receipts mean nothing then it is just a ponzi scheme. Memberships paying the daily pay and nothing more. There was no way I was bringing people into this knowing what I knew.

  19. This is a pure scam. They don’t want to pay any money to anyone. I think what they are doing is illegal, but someone has to come out and put a complaint. I was VIP founder, my friend 1 star. No one has seen any money. Suddenly they changed system and we lost most members without any reason. No questions answered. Always say Just be patient. Cheaters.

    • Hi there PG,
      When it first started here in Australia we had so many glitches too and looks like it has not gotten any better. Still an unethical business anyway and you should be pleased to get away from it.

  20. Sharon your account was shut down for cross recruiting and poaching into another business. Very unproffesional is what I and many can say..
    Because it didn’t work for you it doesn’t mean it does work for everyone else.
    I am still involved with saivian international and very much enjoy it. Things have changed for the better. Yes I have my savi lux master Card and I withdraw money from the atm as well as many others in my UK team. There is not a 90 day wait for cash back and you know very well who the marketing companies are.

    • Hi Janine,
      It makes me laugh when people come onto my blog, faceless and comment and they don’t read my post properly.

      I state here that I was being paid $30 daily and getting $250 cash back on my receipts. And yes, it did work for me, it worked well. But the whole point of this post is stating how their is no “product” – your receipts you hand in every month go NO WHERE!!! The marketing companies do no exist. The businesses that are associated are customers like you.

      And you say my account was shut down? mmmm… NO. I left because this Saivian scam is unethical and I wasnt bringing people into a PRODUCT-Less Company. But obviously some people don’t mind that part of it.

      And great – you are finally getting paid on a card. But, does everybody? Again, if it has no product, it is memberships paying for the daily pay and cash back, making it one big PONZI SCAM.

  21. We have Just started it here Zealand I have so.much positive feedback and what they do with the info off the receipts is sell it back to the companies you buy from as to what sells and what is better products maybe you have not don’t your homework or actually been informed properly it is booming here and only just scratched the surface

    • Hi Steve,
      Actually perhaps you should do your homework. It has been in NZ since about June/July 2016 which is well over a year ago and the founder there is Shelley Cullen (if she is still doing it?) And they can tell you about the receipts, but it does not happen. Best of luck with it.

  22. Yes many have fallen off however Shelley Cullen still in there. It went quiet for a bit no one was making money then it all started up again when Shelley recruited a whole heap of new people. Yes always targeting the desperate and vulnerable.

    • Hi Kale,
      Thanks for your comments. I read in some previous comments people werent getting paid. I tell you what, I wouldnt stick around with that carry on!

  23. Hello,
    Thanks for this useful information. I am in China, the company has started working in China. I have been scammed with this company. It is working in China mainland. It opened door from Hong Kong.

    • Hi Tito,
      Yes it used to be American based but now it South Korea seems to be the main distributor base. I cannot believe it is still going to be honest with you. Sorry to hear you were scammed. Regards, Sharon

  24. Hi Sharon
    If you haven’t heard yet you might want to update –
    Saivian has pulled the plug in both China and USA. Completely abandoning their reps in those countries. Who ever in Australia or other countries is still in it, they need to abandon ship NOW. I am unsure if they pulled out due to being found as a scam or other issues, but whatever the reason the effect is devastating to those who either have owings or relied solely on Saivian as a business income.

    • Hi Debbrah,
      Thanks for the update and I am sure it will assist other readers who are researching Saivian and the scam that it is.

  25. Saivian is 100% scam!!! Me, family and friends are victims of this scam. I hope this ahole who started this scam go to jail, he will go to hell for sure.

    Is there a way me, friends and family get our mobey back? Can we file a law suit aginst saivian? All together we lost $3000, we were mislead by these saivian fraudsters. Someone please help.

    • Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for stopping by and your comments. That is a lot to lose and I am sorry for that. Such a shame! Yip, hopefully they get caught up with sooner than later. Just not fair on anyone new to online business.

  26. Hi Sharon, I was an Elite in SAIVIAN here in Canada. We still don’t know if the program is still working. As of today (August 19th) the system is still not working. I’m still waiting for my SAIVILUX after 6 months !!!

    As a substitude…I joined TRESMORE and it does work for me and my collegues so far. (Cashback direct deposit in my account, debit card received in 10 days, affiliates compensation PÄID)

    What do you know about TRESMORE ?
    Should I worry that it’s TOO Nice to be true?

    • Hi Frank,
      Yeah the good old card, That was hilarious, and I am not sure if Aussies have it yet either. I think Saivian is a waste of time. The other one, I honestly could not tell you, I have not looked into it. With Tresmore, it all depends what they are promoting. Is it a real product? Or is it similar to what Saivian is doing. Still if you are getting paid properly then perhaps it is legit. I may just look into it further. All the best with it Frank!

  27. I was one of the first in Saivain . I saved and made thousands . Then …Circa card was gone, couldn’t touch my money for 6 months other than passes. Applied April 4th for Saivilux , never got it.
    Company closed …they sent me a ck for all $8500 to had in my accounts . Company was perfect until E.J.
    And his pass system ruined this brilliant concept.
    Thank God I got my money .

    • Hi Don,
      Yes the passes were dodgy, having to selling them at $125 US to make your money, just so wrong! I am glad you got your money back and that is great they paid that amount. But other than the passes, it is still just paying a subscritpion – no product – and money being paid for daily pay. Still one big scam in my eyes. The people who go there just for the 20% cash back on their shopping and whom dont build the business side are the biggest losers in this.

  28. Biggest scam ever,yes the money went into the back office but you could never get it out,you have been warned,some of the high up people got cards but this I felt was to keep the foot soldiers down below paying so you thought your card would be here soon

    • Hi Tom,
      Well I am glad you realised it and I hope you did get out. Just cannot believe this business is still going! Yes, the cards were a pain in the behind, but you had to sell them to get any money! Ridiculous comes to mind.


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