is norwex scam or legit

Is Norwex a Scam or Legit?

So is Norwex a scam or legit?

It’s time to clean up the rumors and say straight up that Norwex is NOT a scam.  I am here to provide you with detailed information in my Norwex review and what it can offer you in a business opportunity.

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Information that will be covered in this detailed Norwex Review.

What is Norwex?
How does the Norwex Opportunity Work?
Is Norwex a Scam or Legit?
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What is NORWEX and What Do they Sell?

Company Name:  Norwex

Owners:   Bjorn Nicolaisen


Price:   $200 for your starter kit (or free if $2,000 product sold in 90 days)

Ranking:  75/100

One thing I can say and I find other reviews cannot, is I have tried the Norwex products.

No, I have not been part of the business opportunity but through my own diligence and research, as I said before, I will give you a full and honest overview.  You can make up your own mind about whether you want to use the products or if you want to become part of the Norwex business opportunity.

So what actually is Norwex what do they offer?

Norwex is an eco-friendly company selling cleaning products for around the home and also personal care products. Which makes them very passionate about awareness around chemicals used and the dangers of plastic in the environment.

The company started in Norway in 1994 by Bjorn Nicolaisen.

Besides Norway, they operate in Australia, Austria, Canada, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States.

They operate using a multi-level marketing business model.   To purchase the products you have to first become a consultant, which leads to discounted products.

Norwex is definitely a legitimate company and is not a scam.

However, joining this company will depend on whether you want to take the multi-level marketing route as it is part of this opportunity.  And if you are aware of multi-level marketing models, you will know that recruiting other consultants into the business may determine the results of what you may get paid.

Of course, selling the products is another area you have to get good at as well to earn money.

So what are the Norwex products?

There’s one thing I can say which is great about the Norwex products, and that is they are eco-friendly.  Which of course means fewer chemicals going into our streams and oceans – and that’s a good thing!

Plus to be able to use and re-use the cloths and many products they have, can justify the price (to a degree), how much it costs for them.

Their products consist of microfiber cloths that you can dust and clean your home with. They also have floor systems consisting of mop kits that include dusting wooden floors and also fibers for a wet mop as well.

They have things to use in the kitchen like dishwasher detergents and other products that will assist in cleaning bottles, pots and general cleaning around the kitchen.

Home Essential products include things like bath mats, pastes and also leather cleaners – their essential range is quite varied.

There are also personal care and bath and body care products for all the family.  So overall, quite a vast range!


Wasting your Time and Money promoting MLMs that aren’t all they seemed to be?
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This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.


How Does the NORWEX Opportunity Work?

To become a Norwex Consultant all you need to get started is your ‘starter kit’ which costs $200.  This is free if you sell $2000 worth of product in the first 90 days.

You have to have parties each week to demonstrate and sell the products.  An average, and going by company stats, your earning potential can possibly be the following:

1 Party per week = $176  /  $704 per month
2 Parties per week = $352   /    $1,408 per month
3 Parties per week = $526   /   $2,112 per month
4 Parties per week = $704   /   $2,816 per month
5 Parties per week = $880   /   $3,520 per monthnorwex compensation plan structure

A downfall of having to host parties is, you can run out of family and friends after a while – and they can get pretty annoyed too if you continue to hassle them.

The idea though is to get a couple of parties from guests at each party to grow your ongoing party’s for the future.

Otherwise, it would no doubt be down to local advertising in your area, which can become expensive.

You receive 32% Consultant discount and there are various ways of making money besides just selling at parties.

Team building and your team’s sales have you receive bonuses and/or gifts and awards.

There are definitely requirements to stay with the company.  And that is buying or much better for you, selling a minimum $250 worth of products and this has to be done over each 3 month period.

If you fail to do this then it probably means deactivation of your account.  $250 in 3 months is not a big ask so it is highly possible you will do this.  Again, it comes down to having parties or promotion online.

Click here to learn more about the compensation plan, what is required and how you can successfully build your Norwex business.



Norwex is definitely not a scam.  If a company has been around for over 23 years then they must be doing something right!

Perhaps it is because of the type of business this is, eco-friendly and good products for the environment is the reason it has outlasted many other networking companies.

Even though I am not a fan personally of the MLM structure, I must say it is highly commendable what the leadership at Norwex do in regards to the products and what their mission is – “Safe, Effective and Sustainable”.

I have seen a lot of network marketing companies in my time online and one thing I can say about these guys is they seem to care about what happens to our planet!  And the fact you are using really good products.

At the end of the day, however, you have to join a company, system or program that suits your needs.  Being in business for many years is a testament to a good company that is for sure!


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Thanks for checking out my latest post “Is Norwex a Scam or Legit.”
I do hope you enjoyed this Norwex review.
Cheers, Sharon






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22 thoughts on “Is Norwex a Scam or Legit?”

    • Hi Norman,
      You are very welcome. This is the reason I write them, so people can get some detailed information and make up their own minds! Thanks for stopping by to check it out.

  1. Thank you for your detailed review of Norwex. We need people like you to enlighten us on the legitimacy of various online programs before choosing the one that can help us achieve our goals as online marketers.

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      You are very welcome. I am glad you enjoyed my Norwex Review and that others can make a well educated and informed decision as to whether they want to take the mlm path, affiliate marketing path or something else. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Thanks for sharing. Norwex was a program I wanted to try but I didn’t because I thought It was a scam. This article has really helped to clarify that it is legit but still an MLM that I am not keen on doing.

    • Hi George
      I am glad you have clarity around it now as that is what Reviews are about. Thanks for sharing your comments here today. All the best finding something you want.
      Cheers Sharon

  3. That’s a well analyzed post you’ve created. I’ve been into MLM business for years now, though it wasn’t an easy task because you have to undergo stress and related stuffs. From your review, for NORWEX being around for 23 years now shows they’re on top of their game and legit too.

    How many products does NORWEX have?

    • Hi Bibian,

      I do believe any online business you undertake is hard work.  Affiliate marketing is no different.  However, the big difference and what I like about Affiliate Marketing is, you don’t have to buy high ticket prices or be committed to spending so much each month or 3 months in Norwex’s case.

      The fact you can promote any type of product is brilliant and the fact that with Wealthy Affiliate, we learn how to build a website and be found for our product – at such little cost is just fantastic!

      Glad you enjoyed my post today.

  4. I didn’t know what business model they used, but suspected it was going to be MLM. In that case, it’s not for me, because I tried Avon and Primerica before, and although the system is great, the kind of work is just not for me. Thanks for this thorough review.

    • Hi Reyhana,
      Yes, companies products are generally good – well most are and I know Norwex operate with real integrity. It is just the business model and if you want to have parties thats all. Which is definitely not something that interests me!

      Thanks for stopping by today and sharing your comments.

  5. Hi Sharon that was a great review. I hope everybody that is you looking to use Norwex is getting the information they seek. I really enjoyed the information. I really believe this is a good legitimate company and you can make some real money from it or as you say generate money that you will receive later on down the line.
    Thank you.

    • Hi there Quinn,

      Glad you enjoyed the review on Norwex.  Yes, I do hope anyone who is researching this program goes away informed and able to make their own decision.  It definitely is a legitimate business and if this is the path one wants to take then that is great.  

      I must say I do admire what they stand for with Norwex, just not keen on the mlm part of it – but like I said, it depends on what people like to do in business!

  6. Prior to reading this article, I had been considering trying Norwex and to give it a shot. The $200 starter option is steep, but getting $2000 in sales in 3 months to cover it seemed doable to an extent. I didn’t relaze Norwex products were eco-friendly! After reading your review, I am not pursuing Norwex, as you broke down what happens with these “parties” when your friends and family run out. I don’t know how I would feel with hosting parties at other people’s places without knowing at least one person in the room.

    • What is good is atleast they are upfront about the fees as opposed to other businesses who surprise you with all sorts once you are sold and in.  

      I like the fact they are eco-friendly too which is always a good thing.  But like you, I am not keen on the whole party thing and the fact I probably would run out of people!

      Thanks for taking the time to let me know your comments.

  7. Sharon, thank you for such a comprehensive review of Norwex.  I was looking in to Norwex last year, before I found wealthy Affiliate.  I couldn’t really get past the initial $200, and the fact that the company wasn’t very well known caused a problem as well.  I like the eco friendly idea, but at the end of the day it was a tough sell.  

    I appreciate you sharing your knowledge with us.    Clay

    • Hi Clay,

      You are very welcome!  I like the eco-friendly part, they are making a great stand but like you, I don’t really like the business model and lean more towards Affiliate Marketing.  Still, if people want to go down this path then that is fine too!  Thanks for checking out my Norwex Review.

      Cheers, Sharon

  8. You are right that Norwex is not a scam.  My wife cleans homes for a living and she swears by the product.  Its the system that she isnt that fond of.  Like I said she cleans and doesnt sell.  Lets face it MLM isnt the easiest opportunity in the world.  There are a lot of people making great money with this and many other programs.  Thank you for this review,  Its important for people to know that not all products are scams.  I will be looking into your other opportunity as well.

    • Hi Dale,

      I have used this product in the past and it is similar to the eco-friendly product Enjo which is very good too.  Norwex I do believe is a little cheaper than Enjo however.  

      You are right, MLM’s are not the easiest things to build but if you are able to do it, then that is great if you like this type of business model.  And it definitely is not a scam. There are alot of network marketing and MLM companies out there.  Some of them I do like their products, it is the model that bothers me and why I went down the path of Affiliate Marketing.  

      Thanks for checking it out Dale and for your comments today.
      Cheers, Sharon

  9. Norwex seems like a very hard work because if you don’t sell in a specific time you are out. I do like that their products are safe, effective and sustainable, as you mentioned and you have tried before. It is an opportunity to get in a business, but is like members are not independent, it reminds me Amway. Have you heard about it? Your post is very informative about other options to go to business, thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Maria,

      Yeah it makes it tough when there are deadlines to meet and I guess that’s how some run their business model. There products are good and long lasting so worth the money you pay for them.  I have heard of Amway, they have been around for forever if I am right.  Probably one of the older companies going round.  

      I am glad you liked my post on Norwex Maria and thank you for sharing your comments.
      Cheers, Sharon


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