is mass income machines a scam

Is Mass Income Machines a SCAM – Or make $42,000 Easily?

I am so glad you have stopped by to check out my Mass Income Machines review.  Well done to you!  You have decided to do your own research before committing to this program.

So many people just jump into these programs and get burned every time.  They believe the hype these people say, believe the income claims they make and don’t realize it is tough to build an online business.

When I was starting out online over 10 years ago, I did not have the luxury like so many people do now, of finding reviews on products.  There just weren’t any.

So I hope you are thankful – and I bet you are – that you are doing your own research before buying in.

There are too many things these days that just rip you off!

So, my mission with the site and my reviews, are to fully inform you so you can make your own decision.

Here I give you a thorough review of this new Mass Income Machines system so you can determine that for yourself.

mass income machines 42k

So is Mass Income Machines a Scam?  Or can you make the $42,000 each and every month, working from home as they claim on the sales page?

The following will be covered in my Mass Income Machines Review

What is Mass Income Machines and how does it Work?
Is Mass Income Machines a Scam or Legit?
There is A Better Affiliate Program!

Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE?



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What is Mass Income Machines and how does it Work?

Product Name:  Mass Income Machines

Owners:    Jacob Allen and John Forbes


Price:    $37 + Upsells

Ranking:   Low

Before I do get started on what Mass Income Machines is, and how it works, I wanted to highlight the spokesperson behind this program…  the “pen name” or whatever they call themselves.

Why oh why can’t those who create these programs put a face to their product?


mass income machines not real creator

If they are so proud of it and can honestly, with hand on heart say it does what is presented in the sales page, then why the pen names and FAKE photos?

Right there is a HUGE RED FLAG and something to consider when looking at this program and programs similar to this.

Once in the System, there are modules of various training as follows:

Finding a Profitable Niche
How to set up a website
Create your own Product to sell
Copywriting tutorials
List building
Payment Integration
The Best Traffic Sources

These are in video tutorials and also text format.  They are quite comprehensive, and if you are new to online business can be quite informative.

So really, this program is just the usual to educate you about Affiliate Marketing an no doubt using Clickbank or Amazon to find suitable products.

It includes finding a profitable niche and setting up your website.

And all of the training modules seem legitimate about learning how to do this.

Another thing that baffled me a little, however, was the whole being part of a group setting.

It was actually a bit strange, to be honest with you.  The spokesperson Jacob claimed that when one person made a sale, you all benefited from it.

How that part works is beyond me as this just looks like the typical Affiliate Marketing model – that when learned the proper way can be very profitable.


Is Mass Income Machines a SCAM or Legit?

Even though the training can be quite informative to a newer person to the online world, it is the misleading information about income claims that bothers me and you should be bothered too.

Like the $42K a month you have the possibility of earning. 

That is a HUGE income claim and seriously, do you think this is possible just because you bought in and are now part of a group?

And this image below here bothers me also. It is an amazing income earned daily.  This system is new.  So is this money made from this Mass Income Machines system or a screenshot of something else?… (or somebody else’s?)

The reason I query it is because the YEAR is blanked out.   Look closely, you can see the dates but not the year… Why?

mass income machines money made



So again, another RED FLAG and just misleading income claims that you or I could fall for.

In Summary, I think the training may give you a good overview of an Affiliate marketing business, however when people can not front up and be the face of their product and they make huge income claims, I would be very wary of it.

At the end of the day, it is your decision and I do hope you make the right one for you.

And if you want to learn how to build an online business, roll up your sleeves and do it the right way with a legitimate program, then keep reading on below!

Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE?



This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.


There is A Better Affiliate Program – Check this Out!

I do hope you do your due diligence on any program you are considering joining.

There are just too many things online these days, too much hype, unrealistic earning potential, and people not putting their name or face to their product or program.

I am just so happy I found this platform that I want to share with you below.  I love the fact that the cost is FREE for as long as you want, or a low monthly fee.

And the best part.  When you get in, there are no surprises or upsells.

Can’t wait?  Create Your Starter Account Now!
Or – want to learn more about this system?

The tools are everything you or I need to build a successful business.  I don’t feel I am in competition with any of the other members, because they are all building different “niche” websites compared to mine.

When I discovered what I am part of now, the proper way to do Affiliate Marketing, I was able to get in, set up my account and check it out for free – for as long as I wanted to!

We have step by step training that guides you through the process of a website set up and then structuring your content or blog posts.

Each lesson leaves you with a much better understanding of how the process of building a website, blogging and how those blogs rank in the search engines.

What it Takes to Succeed in Business

wealthy affiliate join up page with sharon whyte


The training that covers absolutely everything, from setting up websites, creating content, blog writing the right way, SEO, learning social media the list goes on!

I have learned SEO strategies and how to rank my blog posts on the search engines.  After all, YOU found me, didn’t you?


I did mention a lot about the websites above and the step by step training you have to set it up.

But I didn’t mention, that your website can be set up and ready to add content to, in less than a minute.  Just pick your theme and website name and the “Click here to build this site”

And, you have 50 websites that you can build… if you like.  All your own and all hosted in the same system at no extra cost.


There is a community of tens of thousands of people and the amount that are active daily inside the platform is quite amazing.

There is a Live Chat feature which enables you to connect with people 24 hours a day, so support is always available.

The help and support you get from the owners and your mentor is just unbelievable too.  They may be in the live chat which is instant support.  Or they are just a message away.

The company owners are always participating in group discussions and I was contacted personally to see how I was and how I was going with everything.

Again, so happy and so thrilled that I have found this platform, as I am not alone as I build it!

So don’t hesitate – come and Join us!
Turn your passion into a thriving online business
Learn affiliate marketing the right way!


And yes, it is a real business.  It is real work and please don’t think it is a get rich quick scheme.

I will be your personal guide and mentor within our system.  I will show you the way, just as my mentor did for me.  But with so much help available I won’t be the only one assisting you!

Get in, create your starter account now!
I will see you on the inside.

Thanks for checking out my Mass Income Machines Review today and share any comments you have below.
Cheers, Sharon




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8 thoughts on “Is Mass Income Machines a SCAM – Or make $42,000 Easily?”

  1. When someone is claiming you can make so much money a month is a huge red flag by itself. When you are advertising a product at least you should be honest from the first second on what you offer. WA on the other hand from the moment you sign in never promises so much money. It gives you the tools, it show you the way and if you work hard, with persistence and never give up eventually you will succeed as you would with any other business. Honesty is key and WA is one of the few websites that provide this from the get go.

    • Hi Stratos,

      Yes too much hype and false income claims never makes for a good product to purchase or look at.  Glad we don’t exaggerate anything at Wealthy Affiliate.  I am glad you enjoy the platform too.

  2. Thanks for your review on Mass Income Machine. You’re right, there are too many online scams out there. We have to be careful before joining any program.

    The system you mention in your program seems like a good system to learn online marketing. I would like to learn more about the system.

    • Hi Christine,

      You are very welcome and we do have to be very wary these days if we want to buy products.  Too much crap around.  Do check out my program, you can have a good look for free!

      Cheers, Sharon

  3. Red flags went up as seen as I noticed the ‘pen names’ section you’ve highlighted. Definitely looks like you should be wary of this if they can’t even put a real face to the product. To be fair, around $40 isn’t a huge amount so you’re not losing out on too much overall, but it’s still $40 you could have saved. What do you think would be a better way to invest that same amount into your business; 40 dollars?

    • Hi Danny,

      I know, why cant people put their faces to a name and the product if it is so good!  No $40 isn’t much, however I think it is the time you waste with these useless programs that would irk me.  

      $40, put it towards a keyword tool or even an autoresponder system!
      Thanks for your comments today Danny
      Cheers, Sharon

  4. Hello how are you, thanks for this review of Mass incomes machines, I personally do not believe in any product that promises to make large amounts of money with little or no effort, that is simply a lie. 

    What I did not like about this program either is that the creators do not even face it, how you can trust something that even their own owner does not want to show up? I will stay as far away from this program as possible. 

    Greetings, Pao.

    • Hi Paola,

      Alot of these have these big income claims and lies, it is just not right!  And if it is so legitimate you think the creator would proudly show their face.  Big RED FLAG!  

      Thanks for stopping by to check it out Paola.


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