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Is Insta Minator a Scam? Can you Make $334 Plus TODAY?

So is Insta Minator a Scam?  Or can you really make $334 as they state on the sales page?

Will traffic flow to you in just hours and is it possible to be making consistent 3 figure products from Day 1?

Or is this just another one of those hyped up programs and a pure waste of your time?

Here I give you a thorough review of this new software program and training that is involved with it.

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The following that will be covered on Insta Minator – feel free to jump ahead!

What is the Insta Minator?
How does Insta Minator Work?
Is Insta Minator a Scam or Legit?
There is A Better way to Make Money Online!

Wasting your Time and Money on Products that COST MORE than you bargained for?

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Product Name:  Insta Minator

Owners:   Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton


Price:   $12.95, however, time sensitive.  Price will increase

Upsells Galore:  One front end price of $12.95 and Five  OTO’s/One time offers. (These ARE NOT spoken about on the Sales Page and are listed below:

It appears the Insta Minator seems to be a software that will appeal to people with not much experience online.  It seems to be a basic system that uses a push notification plugin on a WordPress site.

insta minator push notifications

Then means you will not require a website.  Having a website means additional costs including hosting and domain fees.

It also means you don’t need the worry of learning SEO and backlinking, or learning how to rank content from your site.

And no writing content or having to fork out for an autoresponder.

Hands down, this seems to be an awesome opportunity for those who don’t have any experience with website building.


My only concern is WHY are they not transparent with the costs involved when you first sign up?

$12.95 to me seemed like a steal however on further looking into this software I uncovered the following ‘One-time Offers’ that you possibly do need, to get this making you the $333 plus days!

Other costs that are not on the Sale’s Page and are part of the Sales Funnel;

$37 – downsell to $17  – Insta Minator Campaigns that will be done for you.

$197 – NO downsell – Insta Minator money machines – the vendors will build for you, 20 upcoming offers basically getting in front of buyers and promoting  (using Insta Minator) first before others do.

$47 – downsell to $27 – Advanced Insta Minator tactics to scale your income hence get results faster.

$77 – downsell to $47 –  To set this up on Autopilot and learning how to outsource everything.

$97 –  downsell to $47 – License rights to have Insta Minator as your own product and keep 100% profit.

If you do get in on Launch week you are given additional bonuses that include a Facebook community and coaching.

While these are One-time offers, you always have the option to buy or not.  But generally, they are all the things you probably WILL require and obviously what the owners use to make this Insta Minator software a success.

So they really are a “have to” as opposed to “a maybe.”

Which suddenly has your Insta Minator product go from $12.95 to $347.95 in TOTAL  (if you pay the downsell prices)

I also found an Insta Minator Review of someone who highly recommends this product.  He put up a Review over 5 days ago.  So that means if he followed the system he would now be making up to $333 a day – right?

Yet there was no sign of any income proof of what he had made.  And by the looks of it, he had not made a dime yet.

Then I found another 7-day old Review that explained the whole “Crank out An EASY $333.54 per day.”

The Reviewer goes onto say that apparently, the owner Mosh lost his 30,000 email list (which would suck), so he used this Insta Minator push notification software to get in front of buyers (which has an awesome open rate V’s sending emails to your list).

However, this is what YOU as a newbie to online Marketing and ME get to see (and believe) that this could be possible…

Because this is on their SALES PAGE…


insta minator 333 per day


Just sayin’… as that’s what the Sale’s Page said YOU or I could possibly do.

Yes they do state that there is not only the make money online niche, but thousands of niches you can tap into. And that is so true.

One of the definite PROS of the system is they do give a 30-day money back guarantee.  So that is fair.



After buying the product and going through the One-time Offers pages you will have a back office that has video training developed by Jason and Mosh.

After an initial Welcome video, you will be taken through other video training modules.

This includes a case study from Mosh Bari where he goes over his email list he lost, and how he now uses this software to make money.

You will be taught how to use a system that uses push notifications right on your interested buyers desktop.  In essence, they are not opening an email, however, they will see a notification that says ‘Allow or Not Allow’.  (You have probably seen this sort of thing on your own desktop).

Now because the open rate of this type of method is higher than that of emails, is why the percentage of sales can be potentially higher and better.

You will learn how to use Facebook Chatbots which is automated once set up and a time saver, plus other traffic methods.

There are also many other modules but 5, in particular, that will also show you specific methods on how to get buyer’s traffic.  Getting targeted and ‘ready to buy’ audience in your chosen niche is imperative.



I don’t say anything is a Scam and as this is a new product it could be the next best thing since sliced bread.

The only thing that bothered me was the one-time Offers and most probably the tools you need to really make this thing work.

NOT just the $12.95 – front end membership fee.

And the fact they do say that you can make $333 as ‘early as tomorrow’ is just so far-fetched and an unfair statement for a newbie looking into this.

Transparency is key when looking into online business as you may be spending your hard earned dollars.  And when the promises are really quite unrealistic it makes you wonder about the rest of what they offer.

Although it obviously works for these guys and a strategy they use.  But like I said earlier, the strategies used are probably from knowing not only the training in the back office, but all the offers they present as well to begin with.


Wasting your Time and Money on Products that COST MORE than you bargained for?
Want to see how my Website gets Found and How I Make Money?





Insta Minator is a new software that may or may not live up to the hype that its Sale’s page suggests.  When something is new it does take time to prove itself and I do hope for the buyer’s sake (if this is you), that it works in your favor.

But I believe, just stop wasting your hard earned money and time on a product that promises you the world yet under delivers.

Maybe the software or program and it’s training does deliver, but don’t give me big income claims when you know that it is probably not going to happen… TOMORROW!

Look, you came online to find the ultimate home business, to work around your family and for it to be long lasting, and earning residually for years to come.

I really don’t know if this product will give you this.  What I do know is I am now building a business that is transparent, does not have all the hype, is one set cost (and free to check out for as long as you want) –  you can learn more about it here!

I do hope you leave here with all the right information to make a really educated decision.  That is what all these reviews are about and I do thank you for checking out my Insta Minator review today.

Cheers, Sharon





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6 thoughts on “Is Insta Minator a Scam? Can you Make $334 Plus TODAY?”

  1. Insta Minator… These names just keep getting flashier and flashier by the day!
    I like how you mentioned transparency, because it is very important to be as honest and upfront to people when they are making such a big choice in their life.
    When I first started out, I was dazzled by all the ” Make $10k a day” programs. It was more annoying than anything because I knew there had to be an honest way and I am so glad I found WA.
    Thanks for looking out for us and keeping our gaurds up. Anyone knows that if you want to start a successful business that is headed in the right direction WA is the way to go!


    • They sure do Timm!  

      And yes, transparency is key.  I like to know what I am getting myself into and the costs involved.  You cannot make an educated decision if the numbers of what it costs is not in front of you.  

      There are sooo many of these make money fast programs it is quite sickening.  People have to realise that it takes time, lessons have to be learned and there is no quick and easy fix.

      I am so glad you are enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and it is the way to make a fantastic income online, provided you put in the effort.  Thanks for your comments today Timm and stopping by!

  2. A must read for anyone interested in Insta Minator. The idea is appealing, but with your in-depth review, one would go into this business armed with great information.

    Thanks for your input!

    • Gidday Howard,
      The idea is appealing making all this money daily but it is nice to have all the information and costs out on the table to make the right decision to join or not. Thanks for checking out my Insta Minator review and hoped it has helped your decision making process.
      Cheers! Sharon

  3. This kind of advertisement really makes me angry and sad at the same time. There is no legit and fast way that will make you that amounts of money overnight. Otherwise, we would all be rich. And also, the creators of this programe would not be selling it for 12$.

    I want to thank for taking your time to write this amazing review and thank you for exposing this get-rich-quick scheme. You will help a lot of people that are searching for answers about online opportunites. Insta Minator is one of those fake offers and deals should be avoided at all cost.

    Thank you for this amazing review.


    • Hi there Strahinja,

      Yeah as I was researching it I was getting a little annoyed myself at all the income claims.  This is what people want and fall for.  When they have upsells like they do, you join at $12 and then before you know it, you have spent a couple of hundred dollars as the upsells are One time offers, aka you wont get it at this price again.  Very sneaky.

      You are very welcome Strahinja and I am glad you enjoyed my Insta Minator Review and hope it helps others to make an educated decision as whether to join or not.

      Cheers, Sharon


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