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Is Income League A Scam? Or Can I Make Up to 1k a day?

So is Income League a Scam?  Or is it really possible to make up to 1K a day just posting little ads online as the Sale’s page states?

Can you really get ads up online, free and in front of highly targeted visitors without a website, pay per click or doing Facebook advertising?

Or does this sound like another hyped up program that is just going to waste more of your time and lots of your money?

Having been online for years myself I can give you the tip right here that making money online takes time.  Yes, you can make money and lots of it, however, it is about learning methods and patience.  If it was this easy, then why isn’t everybody jumping on these get rich quick schemes?

Here I will give you a thorough review of this new program and training that is involved with it.  You will be able to make your own educated decision to see if it is something you want to do.

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The following that is covered in this Income League Review

What is the Income League about?
How does Income League Work?
Is Income League a Scam or Legit?
A Highly Recommended way to Make Money Online!

Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE?




What is the Income League?

Product Name:  Income League

Owners:  Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis


Price:  $47 plus lots of Upsells you won’t see until you buy in

Overall Rating:  Low

Income League is about posting little ads online every day and making money from those ads.

The product owner Matthew, speaks about how he makes up to almost a thousand dollars every day.  All just from posting these “little ads” and The Secret to it…

The sale’s video is really quite short as he makes it sound so easy to do.  You want more money, watch your commissions go up.. . then just post more of these “little ads.”


Trust me when I say this, that making money online is NOT SIMPLE.  It is bloody hard work when you first start out, and the only reason it gets easier, is if you are willing to learn things, apply what you have learned and have a bit of patience!

But back to Income League as here in this image, allegedly is just some of the earnings he gets on a daily basis.

income league review commissions

Once you are in, you are shown step by step how to set the system up.  As soon as you turn it on, you get your ads up and it is automated for you.

And all you have to do is keep putting ads up.

He claims also he works only one to two hours a day and sometimes in the evening if he wants to make more money.

What you and I have to realize as online marketers, (and if you are new to this) is, these guys already have lists of people to work with.

To sell to, to get “little ads” in front of.

** How do we know for sure that these sales made into his Clickbank account aren’t from existing other methods he has going?

** How do we know it is his for sure anyway.  I don’t see his name on it – do you?

** Always take these into consideration when looking at any Product that has big income claims.


How Does Income League Work?

So you login to your own account within Income League, and after Matthew does an initial intro showing you again his income earnings… (if you haven’t seen them already).   Then it’s onto the steps of setting up how you will get paid, joining Clickbank and adding autoresponders to build your list.

From what I recall in the Sale’s video and the simple methods he spoke about, he said nothing about having to purchase an autoresponder.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad thing to have an autoresponder, or build a list.  But if you are a newbie to this then that is another system to tackle and learn.  You came here because it was going to be simple… right?

You will then be shown how to set up squeeze pages to attach your autoresponders to. Then it’s learning the instant traffic methods.

One being from which you are able to then broadcast messages to people’s computers.  However, you have to invite them first. So essentially, it is people you invite who are in your network.  Which on it’s own can be a tough thing to do.

Another of the methods is The Drip Stream which is a traffic rotator and these guys charge you $34.95/mth for their service.

And then there is Adhitz Network which they claim to have extremely cheap advertising.  Again more costs associated with these little ads you were placing easily online.

There is a lot of additional training in the back office of Income League.

What this isn’t doing is putting ads on Facebook, learning SEO for your website or blogging.

Which I believe is a shame as website building and blogging is the best and most legitimate way I have made money online to this day!

Income League is all about just posting these “little ads” all over the internet, which your interested traffic goes through an affiliate link to buy a product – and you get the commission.

Just like Affiliate marketing really.  But not the way I have successfully learned!

All I can say is I hope you don’t waste a lot of money on the tools you may need, just to get these “little ads” out there!


Is Income League a SCAM or Legit?

It is not a scam as such and you could probably make some earnings with the various methods and ad networks that you become a member of and use.

However, it is more costly than first meets the eye.  It was a measly $47 startup membership fee which is great!  However, you have all these additional payments to fork out, that are never mentioned until you are deep in the product.

There is steps that take you through the initial set up to get you making money online.  And lots of training on the various ad network platforms that will drive traffic, some for free and some additional cost to you.

One PRO is it does come with a 60 day money back guarantee.  So you will get your money back.

Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE?




A Highly Recommended Way to Make Money Online!

So stop wasting your hard earned money and time on products or MLMs that are just not making you an income.

The things I have learned from the platform I am part of and want to share with you, is it has taught me how to build a business online, how to be an authority in my niche, how to build trust with my visitors and so much more.

I have learned SEO and how to rank my blog posts on the search engines.  After all, you found me, didn’t you?  That didn’t cost me a penny!  I know how to get in front of the right audience and I have people joining me, not me chasing them!

Check it out here in more detail then create your own free starter account to see if it is something you would like to do.

And no, you won’t be slugged with upsells, downsells or anything of that nature!

You definitely will have to put in some real work as this is not a get rich quick scheme.  But the reward for doing the work is so worth it!

You came online to find the ultimate home business, to work around your family and for it to be long lasting, and earning a passive income for years to come.

This business opportunity gives you just that.  Learn more here with my detailed information.

Thanks for checking out my Income League Review today.
Cheers, Sharon






6 thoughts on “Is Income League A Scam? Or Can I Make Up to 1k a day?”

  1. Nothing about a dream that these scammers are selling. We Know that if making money was this easy then everyone would be taking advantage of this system. Thanks so much for exposing this scam so persons would avoid this pitfall.

    • Hi there Norman,
      Yeah, it sounds a bit over the top and seems too easy to make the money they say. But again, once you are in the member’s area, then there are additional costs that you are not aware of in the sale’s video which does suck. I like products and mlms to be transparent so you know exactly what you are paying for.

      Thanks for finding this and giving me your opinion today Norman
      Cheers. Sharon

    • Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for that comment and I will. I like to research and give my audience the best and honest information.
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon,

    This is a great review you have written about Income League. As you say, it’s not a scam as such. Well, certainly not to the experienced affiliate marketer. But, to the uninitiated I see it as a scam. Remembering my early days of looking for a way to earn online, I could so easily have been greatly tempted by the bright and shiny attractions the owners of this program put in front of all who arrive on the landing page. Thank goodness I didn’t see this one, particularly with those additional costs.

    We live and learn as we advance our knowledge, whatever the field. I sincerely hope that newbies to affiliate marketing have the benefit of reading your review before they arrive on the website of Income League.

    • Hi there Valerie,
      Thanks for checking out my Income League Review. Yes, you are right. When you are more experienced online you know what to look for and have a better idea of whether things are legit or not. In my early days, I always fell for the upsells and most of the additional products and costs were just a waste of money.

      I am so glad now because I know better and do better online. A good 10 years ago there weren’t as many Reviews so we didn’t have much to research as we have now. Again, thanks for stopping by and checking out my post today.
      Cheers, Sharon


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