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Is Affiliate Institute a Scam?

I am very glad you have stopped by to check out my Affiliate Institute Review and to determine whether Affiliate Institute is a scam.

Right off the bat. No it isn’t. But read on as I give you lots of detailed information on this company and also an alternative and affordable option to start your online business journey.

First up though, is well done you!  You have decided to do your own research before committing to this company. It is always wise to look around and check out online reviews.

When I was starting out online over 10 years ago, I did not have the luxury like so many people do now, of finding reviews of businesses online.  There just weren’t any.  Or if there were, they were just reviews of physical products from the ‘Big Stores’.

There are so many multi level marketing schemes, or direct selling businesses these days it isn’t funny, and less funny if you get caught up in one that rips you off!

So is Affiliate Institute a Scam?  Or can you really make an income as they state in their introduction or sales page?

Here I give you a thorough review of this Affiliate Institute business so you can determine that for yourself.

The following will be covered in my AFFILIATE INSTITUTE Review

What is the Affiliate Institute?
How does Affiliate Institute Work?
Is Affiliate Institute a Scam or Legit?
A Proven way to Make Money Online!
Final Opinion and Verdict

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What is Affiliate Institute?

Company Name: Affiliate Institute

Owners: Julius Sherman and Mathieu Jang


Price: $99/month

Ranking: Recommended

As you may know, Affiliate Institute is an affiliate marketing program/company that teaches interested parties on how to start, sustain, and earn with online marketing businesses.

The company is also involved in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), which is a distribution model that most companies use to indirectly get their products to consumers. These companies use sales representatives, (affiliates) to distribute and sell their products to the public.

As an affiliate, you aren’t considered as one of the company’s employees. Instead, you are your own business owner, and you can either buy inventory from the company to sell online or person to person, as you would in a home party setting.

The owner, or rather, the co-founder of Affiliate Institute, is called Julius Sherman. He’s a firm believer in people owning their lives (financially) and claims to have helped thousands escape from the shackles of a 9-5 job by training them to create online businesses.

Mathieu Jang is the other co-founder and is a leading affiliate marketing strategist and consultant. So, you can rest assured that you’ll be setting your hands on good and viable information here.

After purchasing the course, you get a free webinar with one of the co-founders – Julius Sherman. He explains how he went from dropping out of college and working as a broke trainer to the point of creating an Advertising business that makes seven figures worth of income.

How Does Affiliate Institute Work?

In a nutshell, Affiliate Institute teaches you how to create and start an affiliate marketing business with your niche of choice. And after joining their platform for free, you’ll be required to purchase your membership if you want to unlock their training materials.

Once you are a member, you’ll get access to their training interface, where you can learn affiliate and social media marketing, among other marketing forms.

With Affiliate Institute, you can start a business in any niche, meaning you can have multiple income streams from your different interests.

One of this program’s main points is to push you into becoming an affiliate for Enagic and their water purifiers called Kangen. The only members who qualify for high-ticket payouts are the ones who’ve bought the machine. This makes Affiliate Institute more of an MLM rather than a direct selling program. However, this doesn’t mean that Affiliate Institute is an all MLM program but rather a 50/50 split with direct selling.

Additionally, you can still earn up to 30% commission for every new referral you bring onboard. The good thing about the program is that it doesn’t promote a get-rich-quick mentality, and you can earn significantly so long as you follow the growth process.

Affiliate Institute would be best for people interested in scaling their existing business and earn high commissions with high-ticket programs.

It’s highly commendable if you are passionate about working hard and have enough money to invest in the program.

Is Affiliate Institute a SCAM or Legit?

Affiliate Institute isn’t a scam, and this is attestable to the company’s legitimate training materials, resources, and coaches, among other essentials.

The founders are well-known and reputable people in this industry. Therefore, you can have the confidence with this program knowing that the knowledge provided here is both legit and proven to work as well.

Wasting your Time and Money on useless Products with LITTLE or NO VALUE?
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This post contains Affiliate links and I may be paid. Visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.

There is A Better Affiliate Program – Check this Out!

There is always a better and even cheaper way of doing business online and I am pleased to present you with what I have been part of for over fiveyears now.

I am just so happy I found this platform.  I love the fact that the cost is a low monthly fee and when you get in – there are no surprises or upsells.  The tools are everything I need to build a successful business and I don’t feel I am in competition with any of the community because they are all building different “niche” websites compared to mine. 

Plus the step by step training guides you through the process of website set up and then structuring different types of blog posts leaving you with a full understanding of how to put posts together yourself.

The company owners are always participating in group discussions and offering advice and feedback. I was contacted from the person with whom I joined with to see how I was and how I was going with everything.  Again, I am so happy and so thrilled that I have found this platform.

When I discovered what I am part of now, the proper way to do Affiliate Marketing, I was able to get in, set up my account and check it out for free – for as long as I wanted to!

One thing I know when you endeavour to be successful in anything is, you really cannot do it alone. You definitely need to turn up with the drive and the time to do it, but you also need support from others, and inspiration from those who have done it before you.

With this platform, we are gifted with a community of tens of thousands of people and the amount that are active daily inside the platform is quite amazing. And they are at your fingertips for help!

The amount of countries it is in now.  193.  Yip, you read that right!

But is really important is the longevity of this company.  It has now been operational for more than 15 years so that speaks volumes in the online world!

Final Opinion and My Verdict

I am just so happy I found this platform.

I love the fact that the cost is a low monthly fee once I decided to fully join.  Which means I am not going broke any time soon.  I don’t have to purchase product I don’t need and then resell it.

The company owners are always participating in group discussions and I was contacted personally to see how I was going with everything.

Again, I am so happy and thrilled that I have found this platform.

AND…. if you get started free and go PREMIUM within 7 days there are awesome BONUSES the owner will share with you.

I know the struggles online and how hard it can be to build a business, so I am willing to assist anybody who starts with me to get your website up and cranking too!


I will be your personal guide and mentor within our system.  I will show you the way, just as my mentor did for me.  But with so much help available I won’t be the only one assisting you!

Don’t hesitate, come and join us!
Turn your passion into a thriving online business.

I definitely have!

And yes, it is a real business.  It is real work – please don’t think it is a get rich quick scheme.

Do comment below and let me know your thoughts on this Affiliate Institute Review.

See you on the inside,


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5 thoughts on “Is Affiliate Institute a Scam?”

  1. Hello there! I am quite new to the affiliate marketing business. I have not heard of Affiliate Institute before but I have a better idea of it now, so thank for the detailed review.

    On the other hand, I have heard of wealthy affiliate before and that happens to be the first affiliate marketing platform I have been exploring. My experience with them has been great so far. Will continue to use this platform. Thanks for this informative post!

    • Hi Mike,

      Glad you stopped by to check it out and I could inform you through my Review.  It’s always good to research anything before you “buy into” it.

      All the best with the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You truly wont be disappointed and as you have said, your experience has been great with them so far.

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Thank you for this awesome review of Affiliate Institute!  This sounds like a legitimate and upfront opportunity for those who want to work and earn an income online.

    While you refer to this as an MLM opportunity (which would normally turn me off completely!), as I read on it seems like more of an affiliate marketing program than an MLM scheme.  Most companies now participate in an affiliate marketing program these days and, anyway, it would appear that this is not their main gig.  The training provided to start your own company would be worth the price all by itself.

    The company you have mentioned – Wealthy Affiliate –  is definitely a company I do have experience with and I would recommend them!

    • Hi there Cynthia,

      Thanks for checking out my Review and leaving your thoughts on this.  Yes it does look legitimate which is refreshing these days when there can be many scams out there.

      Glad you like and recommend Wealthy Affiliate.  I could not imagine being anywhere else myself!

  3. Ah, this is good. A friend directed me to this affiliate institute sometime ago and told me that it would be good for me because I want to be able to make money from the internet. I like the way that you have been able to share some good information, the price points and just generally about this affiliate institute, as it was what I was looking for.  Thanks for the insights into this program.


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