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Awesome Ideas for Goal Setting 2018

I wanted my first post for 2018 to be ideas for goal setting. I received a great goal setting guide and wanted to share some things that I was inspired by.

Too often, myself included has us dive into another new year with motivation, inspiration and heaps of drive to succeed.  But if we haven’t mapped out what we truly want to achieve for the year, then we can become wishy-washy in our efforts and this will soon reflect in our results.

I am a bit old school in regards to writing my goals down… literally.

I love nothing more than having boxes besides my goals big and small.  To tick off something I have achieved gives me great satisfaction.  You may like to have your goals on a template sheet on your computer.  There is no right or wrong way, just do a way that works for you!

You definitely have to be realistic in the goals you set for yourself, making sure you DON’T do any of the following I have listed here.

Set Way Too Many Goalsgoals for small home business ideas

Which ends up you being disheartened because you didn’t achieve all your goals you set for yourself.

Or they are Way Too BIG !

Try setting small goals and a few big ones.  If you are achieving smaller goals along the way, getting boxes ticked off on your goal sheet gives a great sense of accomplishment. Then you can move onto the bigger ones.

Not Specific Enough

You want to lose weight.  So how much do you want to lose?  And over what period of time?  Is it for health purposes, or just to look your best?  Get specific on what you want to do.

You Have Unrealistic Goals

Going back to losing weight.  You want to lose, lets say, 20 kg.  But you want to do it in a month.  This is just not going to happen, You probably didn’t put 20 kg on in one month, it happened over time, and losing it is going to take time as well.

If you aim for 1 kg a week and you happen to lose a bit more, then you have kept the goal realistic.  And can celebrate because you got even better results. So be realistic on the goals you set.

No Support to Achieve Them

You really need others to bounce ideas off, be inspired by, encouraged when in doubt and also the same support network to share your successes with as well.  Support and having people who have achieved what you want is really key.  So definitely get into a support group.

You Don’t Back the Talk with the Walk!

Saying you are going after a goal is one thing.  But taking the action to get it is another.  Yes, you will face obstacles and challenges along the way.

But if you are not taking action on a daily basis towards your goal then don’t worry, these obstacles wont come into play.  But neither will your goal either.


Reflect on Last Years Goals

Before you do start setting your new goals, you may want to reflect on last years goals and how you went in achieving them… or not!

So did you achieve any of your goals last year?

If so, then awesome.  Just either keep doing what is working, or make a bigger goal and apply the same principles to do even better this year.  For example, you may have lost all your 20 kg that you wanted to lose to get into shape.  Now this year, you may want to get leaner, fitter, stronger, maybe even join a sports team or a run a half marathon!

You see we don’t just stop after the initial goal is achieved.  We just keep expanding on it. And of course, doing better.

But going back to reflecting on your goals last year.

What did you not Achieve?

The best thing to do is look at the challenges and obstacles you faced.  What hurdle was so big, that you couldn’t successful fulfil your goal?

For myself, it was weight a loss goal that I did not get to.  My obstacles were myself really.  I know what I have to eat in my plan. I have the exercise worked out.  One obstacle I did face was getting plantar fasciitis which is a very sore heel condition.  But I must say I figured doing Pilates was going to work better for me than doing full on physical activity.  My problem was me, just being pure lazy!!!

So the key is, to know what to do differently this time around.  Being lazy did not work – go figure!

And finding out “why” and having a strong want to do it is also imperative.  I do really want this.  I want it for good health, to fit back into my wardrobe of clothes.  I am sick to death of fat clothes!  And I must pull from this want and why, when the challenges arise.

Setting New and Smart Goals – Click Here!

In this post I have on smart goal setting will have you set out your goals for 2018.  You are to be specific, realistic but definitely to dream big.  And please, don’t let anyone especially yourself, get in the way of achieving them.

I do hope you liked my ideas for goal setting for 2018.

Make it an awesome and goal-filled year!







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