how to structure a blog post

How to Structure a Blog Post

How to Structure a Blog Post

There are definitely things you want to consider when writing a blog post and knowing how to structure a blog post is vital for your google rankings.  From the title to the content, the images to the call to action – each element plays a different role.  Get your posts looking great!

Following is a list of really important steps and things to consider as your put you blog posts together.  Get in a habit of having a check list (when you are new to blogging) to make sure each element is covered.


A Catchy Headline

This is the first thing that your audience will see in google searches so a catchy headline with your keyword is vital.  And do your best to place the keyword/s first.  They play a major role in being found in Google so place your keywords wisely.


Small Paragraphs

Make sure you are writing in smallish paragraphs.  Your blog post has to be easy on the eye and an easy read so writing just 2 to 3 sentences per paragraph is ideal.  It looks more appealing to the reader and you don’t want people leaving your site before they have even read your posts because of unsightly big blocks of text.


Place Ideas Separately and Have Sub-headings

Make sure you have sub-headings throughout your posts.  Just as I have here in this post. Some people will just scan and if you have good sub-titles – even though your visitor may not read the whole post – they will skip to the more relevant tips within your post that interest them, and perhaps stay on your site a bit longer.


Black on White

Black words on a white background is probably the easiest way for someone to read a lengthy post and one of the best tips on how to structure a blog post.  Too much color can be distracting and hard to read and a simple text font is also a much better option.


Be Conversationalhow to structure a blog post

When writing, talk similar to how you speak.  Your reader isn’t visiting to read a boring essay!  So make sure you structure a blog post with your wit and personality shining through.



It is always good to add a featured image so if you are sharing your posts to social media platforms, it will pull up this image and become a clickable image to your post.

Having this featured image before the fold means it will be viewable to the reader as soon as they visit your blog post. Make sure the picture you have chosen is highly relevant to the topic and when adding the image in your blog platform media area, make sure you place your keyword in the “alt text.”   If somebody finds your image via Google images it will be linked to your blog.


Links Throughout Post

Your post should contain a few links however do not over do this.  It’s always good to link to another post within your blog, to some more relevant information to the post – hence, keeping the reader on your blog for longer.

You are reading and learning how to structure a blog post.
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Call to Action

Towards the end of your post you must tell your visitor “What to do”.

Do you want them to get on your list?  Then send them to your ‘sign up form’ for a free offer.

Do you want them to check out what you are doing online?  Then invite them to click on a link to check out a review or other information.
Look I do hope you take away some of these tips on how to structure a blog post.  Following these will have your posts looking visually good and a pleasing read for your visitors.
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  1. Thank you for the excellent tips on blogs. I think, at least for myself, I get excited and tend to forget the structure. You have a wonderful site here and very pleasing to the eye as well.

    • You are very welcome Merry. Yes you can forget however I think it is important to remember the things required. I want my blog to not only be easy to read for my visitor, I also want it to rank well in Google!

    • Thanks for stopping by Friedrich, Yes it has to be a bit structured otherwise like you say it can be all over the place. Must be easy for the ready to peruse!

  2. I love this post and the way you actually followed your own advice when writing it. It’s nicely laid out, has easy to read chunks with sub headings, the paragraphs aren’t too long, etc…

    Thanks for the tips…


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