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Detailed Training on How to Start Building a Website

How to Start Building a Website with SiteRubix

Want to know how to start building a website?  I certainly did. And I always wondered why it was so important to have your own website.  And now, after being part of network marketing companies (that supply the same splash page for everyone) and other programs I can see why building my own website, in my own niche is key.

You see, having your own website means you get to be the back-end administrator, and that means you are in charge of what gets put on your website and the blog content that gets published.

And with your own website as opposed to a company’s splash page, you have the liberty of building the website around what you want.  Your hobby, or passion, which can narrow down to your niche.  And, make it profitable by adding links to affiliated products or services.

In this video you will see briefly what is included in this website building Wealthy Affiliate program.  But the main information is about SiteRubix, its features and all the options that is included with it.

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First up in Site Builder – Create Your Website

As you saw in the video, the first thing you do in the SiteRubix area is create your website.  And its amazing how quickly it comes together.  Choosing a free domain to begin with of course has the ( extension but as you see you can choose a proper domain name when you are ready to name or brand your website, or add in a domain name you already own.

The theme you chose can also be changed if you want to go with something else.  Even if your site is quite established 6 months down the track. Changing themes is so easy to do and will only require a few tweaks which means moving the odd widget to another place or adjusting the size of an image.

Site Manager

The site manager is where you can access your website to start creating pages and posts.  But what is great is it has very detailed information about the health of your site.  It will let you know whether it has been indexed by Google. How many pages and posts you have published.  Plus your total comments.

how to start building a websiteAnd even further information like your percentage in publishing frequency and if you site is trusted by Google. Mine is at 60% but always rising which is fantastic.

Because once your website has that site trust at a high percentage, then your posts you publish will be more favored by Google, and that means good rankings… as high as page 1.

Of course other factors come into play like quality content, media and engagement and good SEO but its nice to know that your site is reaching authority status in your chosen niche.

Site Domains and Site Content

At site domains, your current domains you purchase for a minimal cost are listed and you can manage them from this area.

The site content feature allows you to write content in this area of Wealthy Affiliate without even going to your blog.  Within this feature you can set yourself goals of amounts of words to write – as writing good quality lengthy posts are always a good thing.  You can also set yourself a goal of how many times you want to publish in a week.  A great way to keep accountable and growing the content on your website.

Site Comments and Site Feedback

Another great part of this SiteRubix area is the comments and feedback options.  In this area, alot of other members have shared their published posts for you to either go and leave a quality comment on, or give feedback for their website.

What this does is give you credits where you can request (use credits) so others will (comment on your site) and be doing the same for you.  It is a fantastic way for engagement to get started on your website.  Google loves nothing more than websites to have good quality content, people visitng and leaving comments which results in lots of engagement.

I think this is a fantastic part of the SiteRubix platform and a must for a new site. We all have to start somewhere but this gets your website moving towards the higher scale of site trust quicker.

Site Support

If you come across any technichal difficulites then a quick ticket into support and your problem will be resolved in no time.  Usually most challenges you have with your website can be solved by asking in the Live Chat community support area, or asking a question in a post where anyone can comment on that post and get back to you with an answer.

There is definitely no waiting around long periods of time if you run into website challenges.  The siterubix team and the community within Wealthy Affiliate are always ready to help… in minutes!

I do hope you see the value just in this SiteRubix feature and the amount of tools to build a website.  What is fantasic also is you get up to 50 sites that you can build your passion on.  So if you have many ideas then this platform can definitely cater for all of them.

Do make sure you check out the other videos and information in this series as it will get you fully informed on what is “behind the scenes” here at Wealthy Affiliate.



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It definitely is a process but doing it the right way will be well worth your time, and you’ll be reaping reward for your efforts in no time!

I do hope you liked my post on how to start building a website.   Please visit the next video and post in the series and feel free to comment about this siterubix feature below.

See you on the inside.
Cheers, Sharon


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10 thoughts on “Detailed Training on How to Start Building a Website”

  1. Great article I can confirm that the best way to start online business is to join the wealthy affiliate program. Join the Wealthy Affiliate Community of over 800,000 Internet Entrepreneurs! They helped me to have success online.

    • Hi Jozef,
      Thanks for your comments and stopping by and yes you are right, they are fantastic! With so many in the community how can it not be a great place to be.

  2. Yes, I highly recommend Site Rubix! The themes and ease of functionality are so easy and aesthetically pleasing to use and apply. May I make one suggestions, that lovely image you have right at the top left hand side, well, that is begging to be linked up! Great post and I look forward to many more from you in the video! All the best Sharonwhyte.

    • Hi Philip,

      SiteRubix is fantastic and easy to use and has great themes.  The image you are referring to is a featured image which doesn’t have any linked feature attached.  What it is good for though, is that image will feature if I share my posts on social media platforms so it does serve a great purpose.  And on Social media thats when the image you are referring to will become linkable.  Hoped I helped you out there Philip!

  3. Good stuff here Sharonwhyte. I’ve been impressed with WA since I joined a week ago. It hasn’t led be to success YET. but it has shown me the way and I am closer than a week ago. Your site looks nice with quality information. I back your statement that WA is a great way to start.

    • Hi Mason,

      Wow just a week in. Yes you will be impressed, it is a great place to be!  Wish you much success with your website and your online journey.  Tan

  4. Thanks, Sharon Great information on getting started and found your video really informative. You made it accessible and easy to understand. I have Wealthy Affiliate and think they are fantastic.  They haven’t forgotten anything. It is really a complete set of resources in one place. Do you find it easy to develop your own training material for your site? Thanks again. Keith

    • Hi Keith,

      Yes WA is very complete and that is what I loved about it. It is the only tool and program I pay for and so inexpensive – I just love it! 

      No, it isn’t hard to make material and videos for my site. It is just everything I am learning myself here at Wealthy Affiliate and teaching it to others.  Simple!   Thanks for stopping by!

  5. First of all, thanks for the informative article.

    SiteRubix is the best and easiest website building tool. You’ve explained all the process in detail, Kudos to you 🙂 I’ve already built 3 sites with SiteRubix. Anyone can use it without any complications even if you’re a beginner. It’s fast, free and easy to use.

    That being said, I think some countries are restricted to access SiteRubix. Am I right?

    • Hi Sethu,

      Yes it is so easy to build a website as the video demonstrated.  Yes I do believe this system and program is not available to all countries for the free trial period.  They have to purchase it on sign up, but it is only a few countries.  Thanks for your contributions and stopping by.   Cheers, Sharon


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