How to Start an Online Business from Home

how to start an online business from home

How to Start an Online Business from Home at a Low Cost

So you are finally taking the plunge and looking for ways on how to start an online business from home.  You are sick of working for someone else.  Or over not spending enough time for with your kids. Perhaps your commute to work is a long one and the traffic is atrocious?  Every day.

Many people just like you and I are are looking online these days for alternatives to what we are currently doing. So that one day we can work from home and be there for our families.

I have listed a few things that I think are necessary for online business. I hope these help you in your quest to work from home.  Even though there are many types of businesses you can do from home, they do come with different variables. Listed below is what I know is perfect for a really low-cost business.

All Your Tools

Stating the obvious, but a desktop or laptop and a really good internet connection. And get on a big data plan too. These are not as expensive as they used to be and when you package them with a mobile plan and Foxtel for TV they are really good value for money. You will need the extra data to work online and your kids will love it too!

A Website

“Well where do I get one of those ?” you ask.  There are many places you can get websites these days, and free for that matter. Here is a website building post for beginners that goes into more detail.  Basically, you want something that is easy to set up – literally in minutes.  Like I use with SiteRubix platform. You can check it out here!


You must have a lot of help and support as you build your website when blogging, or when doing paid advertising to your site.  And it is really important that you have a support network of very capable individuals on hand.  Which leads me to also add, that building with free sites – like – you will have most components to get your site created.  What they will probably lack in, is the support department.  So be mindful on which website building path and platform that you choose.

Which leads me to also add, that building with free sites – like – you will have most components to get your site created.  What they will probably lack in, is the support department.  So be mindful on which website building path and platform that you choose.

A website really is a must if you want a successful online business.  And building your own website means that it is yours.  I built this website.  And I did this successfully with these guys, Wealthy Affiliate – my honest Review here. Because I have all the tools in place, the community to assist with quick queries, and company support if I am wanting something technical addressed.

Having your own website will also require you to have a good way to find keywords for your posts.  Within our system, we have this amazing keyword tool that helps you to do just that.  To have a really good website is one thing, but to have one that is being found organically on google’s page 1 is even better.  Yes, free traffic because you did your keyword research really well.

And with a good keyword tool, you can do just that. Find lots of low competition keywords to build your posts around. I have more information on another keyword tool I use as well.  You can check out some more detailed informaton on this seo keyword tool called Jaaxy right here.

Places to Create Images

create free images

Having a website and a blog means putting pages and posts on it.  And with that, you will need some color!  Finding images online can be fun, however, be careful as you cannot just go ahead and use anybody’s pictures.

So make sure you use the Google > Images > Tools > Labeled for reuse option.

Or you can go to free sites like Pixabay or Pexels as they have a lot of free images that you can source.  But don’t just take images from the internet.

You can also create you own in places like Canva or PicMonkey.  I also use ‘good ole paint’ on my desktop computer.  It is simple, easy and quick to use.

A List builder is a Good Option

If you are deciding to do an email list, and this is really something you should consider, then a good autoresponder system is a must.  Aweber and Get Response are two very reputable list building programs you may want to consider. They come with all the training involved within the system and they are quite simple to use.

Having a list means you can keep in contact with your visitors who have opted-in, continuing to send them value and updates of your website, and the occasional promotion too.

A Good Business Mindset

Please don’t think because you have decided to start an online business that it is going to be easy.  A brick and mortar business takes quite a while to build. I have heard that some don’t even turn a profit in their first 1, 2 even 3 years and your online business can be the same.

It depends on many factors, but working hard at it, for little reward first up is the big one!  I have been in this position myself.  Worked at a business but gave up before my work came to fruition.  Or maybe you have paid for a big level product in a multi level marketing business and thought that you would now reap the rewards because you “bought in” on the bigger product.

Well, it doesn’t work like that.  You have to keep at it – Until …

You have to remain coachable and be inspired by those who have built successful online businesses before you.  Learn from them but more importantly, take action on what you now know!

What’s wonderful about the program I am part of, is we have so much support from the community it keeps us motivated. We help each other out and share things that work, and things that don’t.  It is really important to be part of a good network of people who are striving for things in life similar to you.  And with my online business, I have that and you can too!

Some Legal Stuff

If you do operate your business from home and you are earning from your online business, you will want to learn about tax obligations and also what you can be eligible for as well.  So consulting with your accountant will have you on the right “legal” track to paying income tax if it is required or knowing what can be tax deductible as well.

Make sure you do this when it is required within your financial tax year. In Australia, ours runs from July 1st to June 30.  If you reside in another country your financial year may be on a different time line.  So do check it out.


I do hope you got some ideas from this post, and check out my very honest reviews.   I never recommend any product or business unless I have been part of it, used the product or currently using it now myself.

And if you are looking to create a website, want all the tools, support and a community of awesome entrepreneurs to assist you (and I will assist you too!)  then get INSTANT ACCESS now and fully informed on how to start an online business from home.

I will see you on the other side!
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