how to start an online business from home

Want to Know How to Start an Online Business from Home?

Have you often wondered how to start an online business from home?

You are over working for a boss, the long commute to work, and putting the kids into daycare.  You just want a change and you want it now!

But venturing online can be daunting.  There are so many get rich quick schemes, or push this button here and collect your cash there – I mean who on earth do you put your trust into these days?

From my experience online, I can tell you first hand, the best type of program to become part of is the one that is fully transparent.  You get to check it out for free, and it comes with no surprises like bigger product upsells on the way in, or later down the track.

If the business you become part of has a large product line, then don’t you think it only be fair, that you know about these “other products’, before you electronically sign on the dotted line?

Advice that is Given to a New Business Owner Online

I see many websites that give great advice on steps to starting an online business.  Some are quick to give you great pointers like the ones below, that essentially are necessary to succeed.

They say to find a need and fill it.
Make sure you write good copy that sells.
Design and build your own, very easy to use website.
Use the search engines like Yahoo and Google to drive traffic to your website.
In doing this you will establish an expert reputation for yourself.
Make sure you follow up your customers and subscribers with emails.
And increase your sales through back end sales and up selling higher ticket products.

They definitely are great tips and ideas to start your own business.

But… how do you find a need to fill?  Where on earth do I even start looking to discover this need?  So you have to write good copy.  How do you know what to write about, what topics, and who is going to show you?

Get a website.  Where do I get that?   And… how do I build it?

So even though this advice is what you need, and the components of a successful business foundation, it’s important you do it with a platform or a system that takes you through the necessary steps to build your online business.

And more importantly, the platform and company you use, are reputable, and have been around for a long time.  And they have the tools, support and the community to help you.

So where on earth do you find this type of help and support and tools for that matter?

Well let me introduce you to a platform that has all of what I mentioned above …  and then some!

This training system and website building portal is called Wealthy Affiliate and it teaches you right from having no website at all,  to building it step by step, gets you sharing a niche that you are passionate about, and driving traffic to it.

And shows you how to make that website profitable.

The 4 steps of this Online Business you can do From Home

what is affiliate marketing training


Step 1.  Choose an Interest

Do you have a hobby or a passion you absolutely love talking about?  Whenever you are with family or friends are you an expert on dogs or cats, and you just love sharing stories about them.  Well, you could build your own online business around that niche, talking and writing about it.

But how do I build a business?

Step 2.  Build a Website

You are taken by the hand to get your own website up and running.  Pages with content about you, about your passion and what your website is about.  Then you are taught how to write informative and quality content in blog posts for your visitors to enjoy.

But how do people find and visit me and my new website?

keyword search seo toolStep 3.  Attract Visitors

You may or may not have heard the term – SEO – which stands for search engine optimization.  As you are taken step by step on how to build your content, you are also shown how to optimize your website and each and every post.

With proven techniques and a vast amount of training that covers every aspect of website building and seo, your posts, filled with information containing your passion, will potentially be found on page 1 of Google.

Just as many of my posts (on my website), that I have displayed here in this image!  Posts from Position 1 to 10 which indicates they are on Google’s Page 1.

But that is all great, you have a website up and running and people visiting – but how do you make money?

Step 4.   Earn Revenue

Once you have an audience and regular visitors, then you will be taught how to insert affiliate links and banners to products or services that your visitor may want to buy.  If you don’t know much about affiliate marketing and how it works then learn more on my article right here.

Because essentially that is what you will be doing.  Affiliate marketing, in your own online business!


I do hope you enjoyed my post and how to start an online business from home.  If you want to check out alot of other alternatives in online business, I have put together a 2017 Guide that goes over alot of what is available online.

Do comment below and let me know some of the steps you endured as you started your own online business.  I would love to hear them!

And if you are looking for a very transparent, business in a box then click here to check out a full review on the platform I successfully use!













8 thoughts on “Want to Know How to Start an Online Business from Home?”

  1. Thank you for your article. I am aware of the things you write as i am learning to work from home as well and I think i found my business.
    You bring up great and very valid points which serve well to think correctly about starting a business
    I find the most important ingredients patience and belief because the fact that it takes time to make money

    • Hi Orion,

      Thanks for your comments and stopping by to check it out.  Yes, patience and belief are needed too as you are right, it does take time.  It’s great with Wealthy Affiliate that we are on the right path to begin with.  All the best with your new online business.

  2. Hi, Sharon. In your article you bring up some outstanding points as to why a person who is considering the possibility of creating his/her first online business often runs into problems essentially right off the bat.

    With very little training, and while the person believes that he/she has a great product to promote, (and on a website) still there are so many other issues that need to be addressed before he/she can slowly begin to see positive results.

    As you stated just because a person might have found a niche that he/she is passionate about; unless that person is able to approach the right audience who DOES have to fulfill a need in their lives with that product, success will only be limited in the business.

    Wealthy Affiliate provides THE absolute best training of any other like-minded program on the Internet with regards to educating members on how to create effective content articles that would target the right audience.

    As illustrated in your article, WA has a 4-step building process with regards to creating an online business with step #3 being the most challenging – attracting/targeting the right visitors who would derive the most benefits of whatever product(s) being promoted.

    WA is the most transparent program online as far as teaching online business owners everything they would need to slowly achieve financial success.

    Great article, Sharon!


    • Hi Jeff,

      Yes, you definitely need the right training.  Online business is not an easy gig, and if you do not have the right steps, the right tools, training, and support you will go no where fast.

      Wealthy Affiliate provides all of that and then some.  It has so much training to assist and I am glad you have really highlighted how they do have the best training available.

      Thanks so much for your in depth comments and checking my post out.
      Cheers, Sharon

  3. Sharon,
    I have been looking for an online business opportunity but it has been very confusing so far. I see websites saying I can make a lot of money in a short time with their program.
    I’m not a dummy but it seems unrealistic.
    Your post seemed to lay it out in clear form. I do have a niche and its golf. But from what someone told me its too broad a topic.
    So my question for you is how can I take that passion of mine and build a site?
    I took a look at your link to wealthy affiliate and it seems to have a lot of information.
    Can that site help me to get more focused on my niche and build a site?
    Thanks for the great information and I will revisit to see if you can help.

    • Hi Doug,

      Be careful of sites that say you will make a bunch of money really quick. It just does not exist.  Maybe in trading?  But that is a huge gamble too!

      Golf is probably too broad, my best bet for you is what part of golf really interests you the most, or what you enjoy talking about.  It could be about types of Golf clubs and even more specific, brands or a particular type of club like the wood or iron.  Being more specific is being more targeted for your visitors and the information you provide, and where you send them from there is more likely to happen (as in a product you suggest – via an affiliate link – they buy and you get paid)

      Wealthy Affiliate will definitely get you on track, setting up your website in your chosen niche.  And the community is brilliant and always ready to help out.  I highly recommend them to anyone! 

      All the best with your golf site Doug,
      Cheers, Sharon

  4. Thank you for all the steps of making an online business. I have a friend who really wants to work from home, but they don’t know how. That is a good idea to try and build the business around that niche that they like. I think it would make it easier to make content for as well if they did that.

    • Hi Deb,
      Yes it is good to build it around a niche you like as it keeps you interested as you build it. And you can write about what you love into posts for others to enjoy!


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