how to improve my seo

How to Improve My SEO in 2017

How to Improve my SEO

So the big question is, how to improve my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be found on Google.  I had been part of a couple of platforms in the past that knew how important a Blog was for succeeding in your online business.  But, it wasn’t until I found my latest venture, that I realized I had been doing a lot of things wrong in regards to my blogging and my optimization of my blog posts.

I would write up a post, usually just over 300 words, throw in some keywords (I did know keywords were important but still wasn’t sure how to research them), grab any image off Google, (another big no-no) and make sure it looked pretty…. then hit PUBLISH.

It really was a recipe for disaster.  Or more, a recipe for my posts not being found.  And I didn’t want to be writing posts day in, day out for no result.

I am definitely no expert when it comes to writing blogs.  Yes I have been doing it for a little while, but being part of a program that teaches me the right way to be found on Google has me now placing on Google’s page 1.  But the best part I like to do is to be able to share my knowledge with others because I know it can be damn tough to get your business found online.  

Unless you have a healthy advertising $$$ budget to direct copious amounts of traffic to your website, or your services and products, then you had better buckle up and read on!

When you write posts online you definitely want to be found. And by “found” I mean, search engines have found your post and are ranking them – and hopefully on page 1.  At the end of the day guys, if you are not on Page 1 or 2 then really you may as well not be on there at all.

Here’s a question for ya:  Do you search past the first couple of pages when researching anything online?  You know, go to Page 3 or 5 or 10.  I know I don’t, and I bet you don’t either.  

So read on for some key factors for optimizing your blog post and having a better potential of being found!

Your Topic and Keyword Research

So you are about to start a blog post.  First up, you need to know what topic you are going to write about.  And for the purpose of this post. I am going to give the example of what this post is all about.

SEO or search engine optimization and how to improve it so I can be found.

So there is my topic.  What do I do now?

Well what I must not do is play a guessing game on what people are actually typing into Google.  First up I use this keyword tool called Jaaxy, to bring up various keyword terms so I know that people are indeed typing these terms into Google search.

And I need to also know that this keyword term is getting traffic, plus that they are low competition keywords. Which means not too many websites are using these specific keywords, which will give me a better chance of ranking in Google.  

how to improve my seo

I also then go to Google Instant search and type my keywords I am about to write about, so I do know people are actually typing these in.  Because when you start a keyword search, Google will show you the most searched terms in a drop down menu like I have in this image above.  It is so important to know that you are choosing keywords that people all over the world are using.

And as you can see other keyword terms and ideas come up as well.  So now I know, people are defintitely typing these in because Google returns the keywords that are typed in the most.  And what a bonus, a few more ideas to write about!  But make sure you have some sort of keyword tool that can analyze these keywords and show you these terms are worth writing about.  As in, they do get traffic.

Blog Content and “How Much do I write?”

how to improve your seoSo you have written your content and a question is sometimes raised, “How long should my article be?”  

I think this could be up for debate because I have ranked on page 1 and 2 of google for various length posts.  I know my longer posts of 1800 plus words are those that ranked on page 1.  

I had a 630-word post that was sitting on page 2.  But I do think the longer the post, the quality, and depth you write within the article is really important.

You must be giving lots of good information and write like you talk.  There is nothing worse than going to a blog and feeling like you are about to embark on a boring essay.  Just all blocks of text and no images to enjoy visually.  So be creative, be informative, and be yourself!

Finding Good Images

You must be putting images on your posts as well.  There is nothing worse than seeing a post that is just full of text…. Boring comes to mind!   A couple of pics throughout and also one in the set featured area (this image will show up if you share on social media) and also featured alongside your title and summary in your blog roll.

But make sure if you are finding your images online that you are using those that you are allowed to.  You cannot go onto Google and just grab any old image. I have detailed info here on Finding Free Images and it includes some free image sites you can check out as well.

Before I forget also, make sure in the admin area (where you are writing your post just before publishing) that you put your keywords in the alt tag area of your image.  Again, another way of being found because that image is linked back to your post and website.

Internal and External links

You must also be linking your new post to other posts on your blog. This tells google that you have other relevant information and quality content elsewhere on your site.  So look for a couple of words that are in your post, and that when linked will give additional information to expand on something.  

If you see the links here in this post – they lead you to more detailed information on a certain topic you may need to read up about.  Plus it is a good way for other posts on your site to be read.

An external link should be to an authority site. It is always good to have just the one for better optimization and keeping the 2 to 4 other links that you place on your post, internal and pointing to relevant posts on your site.  As you will see below there is an external link to an authority site below called Yoast that explains more about SEO.

Meta Title and Meta Description

how to improve my seo

If you have installed the plugin “All in 1 SEO” or Yoast then you have the option of putting in Meta titles and a Meta description.  When this plugin is installed it can be found in the Admin area when creating your post and located at the bottom.  Writing creative and catchy headlines and description can be the difference between someone clicking on your link before someone else.  

And if you are new to blogging and want to learn how to write a blog post properly, then check out my review here on the program that taught me everything you read about here!  


I do hope you got a lot from how to improve your SEO in blog posts.  Can you think of anything else that may assist as well for posts to get ranked better?  Do comment and share below!

Cheers, Sharon












18 thoughts on “How to Improve My SEO in 2017”

  1. Thank you Sharon,

    This post will definitely change my process of making my blog and I believe in bringing my post to the first pages. Now they almost cannot be found.

    Great yvon

    • Hi Yvon,
      Glad I could help you and yes, your posts sometimes take time to rank, but if you get in a habit of doing these things it will help immensely. All the best with your posts and blog!
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this Sharon.

    I just started blogging and I think understanding SEO is one of the hardest parts.

    I didn’t really understand how do you double check your position in Google with your own keywords and website. Did you use your Jaxxy account or other tool?

    I am very curious on that, I have asked myself how to double check that many times… do you need to insert both keywords and website? Or is there any tool that would also make the other way around and give you keywords in which you rank high?

    I will definitely check you back for answers and more info, please keep sharing!

    • Hi Luiz,

      Yes SEO is the toughest part but anything can be learned and applied!
      Yes I check in Jaaxy where I am ranking with my keywords, it is a brilliant tool!
      I guess there are other tools out there however Jaaxy has the goods and a free
      30 search trial as well!

      Yes do come back, I am always updating my blog
      Cheers, Sharon

  3. Hey there, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on SEO. I myself am very interested in this topic and have built my own website with SEO. I learned some new techniques to improve the SEO on my site here, so thanks again. But do you know if affiliate links count as external links?

    • Hi there Los,

      Glad you enjoyed the article. I would not be over doing your site with Affiliate links. Big no-no in Googles eyes. I tend not to put affiliate links now, and more to an article about the product or service and then affiliate links in that post. Google just doesn’t like you site and your posts selling people all the time.

      But have a few posts dedicated to that with great detailed information so your reader gets fully informed from you and will be more inclined to click through the affiliate link. External links should be to authority sites. Hope this helps out!

    • Hi Luiz,
      Yes it is a good way to share to social media. Go to and you can install it from there.
      They have other features as well however I just use the social media bar. Hope this helps out!

  4. Hi Sharon
    I’m just getting started and still have a lot to learn. Thanks for this post. I’ll come back and dig deeper.
    Writing enough seems like it can be a real challenge. Not only in terms of article length but content. You’re eventually going to run out of subject matter, and in some niches sooner than later!

    • Hi Mike,
      Yes definitely return and check out other posts. In regards to niches and content. The best thing to do is make sure you are writing about something you love. Its the only way you will not get bored and will always have content. Hope this helps out!

  5. Just left a comment. Good information, and well written.
    For me the technical stuff like creating a site is no problem. It’s the whole magic and mystery of SEO and blog content that I find rather intimidating. Good to find advice from people with experience.
    You have some interesting articles on marketing etc. I want to read. Site looks good.

    • Hi Mike,

      thanks for stopping by and your comments. Yes it is fun learning and applying SEO but even better seeing the results from it. I am glad you are enjoying my articles and definitely come back as I update often on this website.

      All the best, Sharon

  6. Am I the only weirdo that goes past page 2 when searching the web?! I think I tend to base my clicking decisions more on the url of the websites that come up. Some don’t look trustworthy and so I’ll find myself on page 4 out of nowhere.

    On another note, I haven’t been using the meta title and meta descriptions even though I have All in One SEO installed…fail!

    Thanks for the great SEO tips, I’ll definitely be updating my blog articles!

    • HI Ashley,

      Well if that is the case, you and others give more hope of being clicked on if we are not on Page 1 !!!
      Yes, I do too, I tend to look at URLs as well but usually only go to as far as Page 2.

      Make sure you are utilizing everything you can for your blog posts so they have the best chances of being ranked well. All the best with your blog Ashley!

  7. Dear Friend,

    Your website is great with lot of valuable information and also clear & easy to understand. I got new insights on SEO. Your article is well detailed and inspiring, Really helpful. Keep up the good work.


    • Hi there Paul,
      Glad you got some value from it and definitely come back for more posts as I update my site regularly.
      Thaks for you comments and have a really good day!
      Cheers, Sharon


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