how to get traffic from youtube

How to Get Traffic from Youtube

How to get traffic from Youtube

I want to share today how to get traffic from Youtube, and in general from your videos being found on Google.  And also to show you that putting good keywords in the right places on these videos is vital when you upload them to Youtube.

Video gets indexed well in Google rankings if you know what you are doing.  And people watch alot of video these days.  So if you not only blog, but also do videos for Youtube then you are a step ahead of alot of business owners online. Because now, you can make a blog post embedding the video you just created, which will vastly increase your chances of getting traffic to your website from Youtube and possibly found on Google.

I have added a video below for a good tutorial in keyword research for your videos. Plus the information will show you where to put your keywords and ultimately how to get traffic from Youtube.

I just want to add also, I am part of this fantastic Online Business program where I have training’s on everything about website creation and traffic generating strategies like you can get from Youtube.  And many other social media platforms.  It also teaches me; how to set the website up, how to get keywords, how to do SEO and everything else that will assist in getting my site found.

The video trainer below is Kyle Loudon, the CEO from this very program, and in this he shares fantastic video traffic strategies.  So buckle up, take notes and get your videos on Youtube and ranking on Google!

how to get traffic from youtube

Click here to get access to this Keyword research video and how you will get traffic from Youtube!

So to Recap on Keywords

Make sure you are doing a thorough keyword research for your keywords.  There is no point choosing keywords that look great because they have so much traffic but are really competitive.  I can give you the tip right now, there is no way you will rank well with them, or worse still, not get any traffic back to your website.  So be mindful of what keywords you use.  Here is a great keyword search tool that assists in getting low competition keywords – and your first 30 searches are free!

Making Videos and Uploading

There are many ways you can do video these days.  You can capture your screen with programs like Screencast-o-matic  or  Camstudio.  You could do a slide show presentation with free software like Powtoon or Animoto. Perhaps video marketing is right up your alley and you enjoy talking and being in front of the camera. These days you can easily video something on your smart phone, and upload it to Youtube.  

Gone are the days of really sophisticated and expensive equipment to do a video.  And if you are interested in video marketing, facing your fear of video and then check out my review here on awesome training that will have you, not only video marketing – but taking attraction marketing in your own videos to a whole new level!

Once you have uploaded to Youtube, make sure you are putting in your low competition keywords and more importantly in the right places.  In your title, and description and also adding relevant tags as well.  And always give a CTA – a Call to Action.  There is no point doing all this work, being found on Google and Youtube then not providing the next step (link to click) for your visitors to do.  Make sure you lead people to click on a link that takes them back to your website.

how to get traffic from youtubeYou can choose a thumbnail from selected still images that are from your video or design one yourself.  Here is one I designed that can be seen easily seen when people are scrolling through their Youtube feeds. Be clear and even add curiosity to your titles to get more clicks!

Also, check your advanced settings in Youtube and be certain you are selecting appropriate things for your videos like allowing comments and your recording date etc.



Making videos can become a quick and easy thing to do.  What this does for you is not only add another way for you to be found in Google, but you can now make another blog post and incorporate the video you have just created.  So you will have more quality content and the possibility of being found everywhere!


I do hope you like my post on how to get traffic from Youtube.
So what are you waiting for?
Go and get creative and maybe I will find one of your videos on Youtube or Google!
Have an awesome day and do share your comments below!
Cheers, Sharon



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  1. Hey, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative post on how to get traffic from Youtube. I am currently building a website myself. I actually though of maybe implementing some youtube videos. I think videos in general are a great medium which makes a visitors experience much better.

    • You are welcome and yes I know I enjoy videos on posts. Not too long but enough to get the message across. Thanks for your comments and stopping by!

  2. I like that image of traffic as background for YouTube video “How To Get Traffic From YouTube!” Eye-catching and you give good explanation on how.

    Videos make a website and brand more colorful, and your article covers the basics of how to get traffic from it clearly. Nothing that complex about it, after all.

    • Hi there,

      Thanks heaps for your comments and you are right, it isn’t too complex at all. Just have to do it!

  3. I agree Youtube videos have become a powerful source to drive traffic to your blogs. Its the evolution of technology I suppose, web 2.0 empowered users to change web and now videos are next leap forward. Can you suggest some ways to find royalty free images of products for the purpose of video? Enjoyed reading your article, great post, very helpful!

  4. Thanks Sharon, yeah i really need to start utilising YouTube more on my website, as just like you point out, i know it will get me so much more additional traffic. I have some issues with showing my face in loads of videos, so do you think maybe I should just start with audio uploads to YouTube till I build more confidence?

    I really appreciate any feedback you can give, and thanks again for writing this article, it really puts in perspective how much i need to get going with this!

    • Hi Marley,

      Thanks for you comments. Yes I reckon start with just screen recorded videos if you don’t want to get on camera yourself. But like anything, once you do your first video of yourself it just gets easier.

  5. I am about to be doing this very thing. I am glad I ran into your site. Very informative! This Wealthy Affiliate is something to check out too.

    • Hi there Alan,
      Yes youtube is just another avenue we can get traffic from so I am glad I could help out here. Yes definitely check out WA. Best place to be to learn online business!


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