Want to Know How to Find Keywords for a Website?

How to find keywords for a website

So you are finally building a website.  You are adding posts and writing compelling and engaging content for your reader.  But the question is, are you putting in the right keywords so your content can be found?

Well in more recent times after building a number of websites that just got me no where, I now am building a website that is being found on Google’s Page 1.  Finally, I am writing very engaging content, getting visitors commenting and I really believe it is because I took the time to learn, how to structure a blog post for my website, and also how to find keywords for a website.

Here are 3 Effective Ways to Find Keywords

how to find keywords for your websiteFirst up I want to show you how I would find keywords that are in my niche, and people are typing in and looking for information on this topic and in the end, a solution.

And for this example, my keywords or topic I am researching is to do with Golf. And more specific – or what is known as a niche –

Golf Irons.

I know nothing about golf. I have no interest in golf, but I want to show you how easily these methods work no matter what keywords you are looking for.

1 – The Alphabet Soup Technique

So go to Google and start typing in one of your keywords.  And as you see from the results, Google will show you what is searched the most when anyone “worldwide” puts in the term golf irons.

Google generally elaborates on what you put in to get you the most popular and searched items relating to – in my example – Golf irons.

Which is fantastic for you and I, as we are given keywords and ideas to use for posts on our websites.  The 2nd picture is again of the Alphabet soup technique, but with a very advanced tool called Jaaxy, you can Review it here.

It returns results of words that you type in.   So,  if people were to search for golf irons, then Jaaxy will return word combinations that are regularly searched, with words preceding the keyword “golf irons” and additional words after.

The absolute beauty of this keyword tool is it returns data of hundreds of alternative keywords, (I could not fit them all in the screen shot) as opposed to Google giving you just 4.

And what that means, is I now have a ton of options to choose to write about.  So it’s not just about golf irons, I can be more specific and target an audience.

2 – Questions that are Asked on Yahoo

There is a great feature when you login to Yahoo and it is called Answers.  Which means, you can ask anything about anything and you will get several replies with Yahoo selecting the best response at the top.  This is brilliant for website builders like you and I.  Now we can see what popular questions that people are asking and, we have an idea to write a post and provide an answer (solution).

In this example below I have put my keywords, “golf irons” in the section where I want “Answers.” And look at the questions about golf irons that have been asked.  The key here is to now go to Google, and see if there are others that are asking these questions. But more importantly,  if it looks like a problem that is regularly being asked.

And you will know if it is, as other keyword options will come up in the search. So once I know it is being searched I could now turn around, use those keywords to write and provide a solution. Because I know people are definitely searching these terms.

Why?  Because people are asking on Yahoo to get Answers.

And Google is showing me that there are many people typing in these very keywords. Plus as you can see, Google is also giving me other searched keywords that are similar to my main keyword.  So this is just another proven method on how to find keywords for a website.

how to find keywords for a website


3 – Advanced Keyword Search Tool

If you are looking for free methods then the alphabet soup technique and looking for answers on Yahoo will definitely work.  However, if you are really serious about finding hundreds of keyword combinations and knowing how your site ranks with those keywords, and many more features, then Jaaxy may just be the keyword search tool for you.

I have been using Jaaxy for a couple of months now.  Being a serious blogger and knowing my website is competing with thousands of others online,  I want to have the knowledge of knowing I am choosing keywords that are;

Definitely being searched in Google, Yahoo or Bing.
They have good traffic (that will visit my website), if my post ranks high on Page 1 or 2.
They have low competition – there are not too many blogs using the same keywords.

jaaxy seo keyword search tool resultsPlus as you can see,  I have posts that now Rank at Google page 1 and 2 and many on page 3, and happy to report they are rising!

It is brillant and something I have never attained before because I did not have a clue how to find good keywords – it was guess work.  And I was too broad with my keyword selection.

The only way I could find these really good keywords was with this Jaaxy Keyword tool.  You can check out a thorough Review on it here.

What is fantastic about this search tool is you can try it out for free!  You have 30 keyword searches to check out how it really operates and also experience all the features it offers.


Get Instant Access Now – 30 Searches FREE!jaaxy keyword search tool free trial

I do hope you got some really good tips on how to find keywords for a website.  Do get instant access now and check this Jaaxy keyword search tool out for free.  If you are truly serious about building a website and blogging to create income, then this is a must for your tool box.

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18 thoughts on “Want to Know How to Find Keywords for a Website?”

  1. I’m so fortunate to land on your website. I’m new to making money online and need a good place to start. Your article on keywords has helped me launch my first website today. Big first step. I saved you to my favorites. Can’t wait for more of your tips.



    • Hi Jack,

      And that is what this blogging thing is all about right there! So glad I was able to help you out and get your website launched. So awesome. Yes definitely come back. I am always posting to my website. Thanks for stopping by!

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon,
    thanks for a great and informational article on how to find keywords! I have never heard about questions that are asked on Yahoo until reading your post, and what a fantastic way of getting ideas for articles and blog posts.

    I will definitely use this way of finding keywords when my inspiration is failing. I have used the alphabet soup and am using the keyword tool of Wealthy Affiliate regularly. It’s really a huge help to be able to see if you’re writing for a possible audience when putting in time and effort.

    Thanks again for sharing and keep up the good work spreading valuable information!

    • Hi Stina,

      Yes it is a good way to get ideas as people are asking questions. Forums would also be a good place to get keywords and ideas for posts for your site.

      Really glad you enjoyed it.
      Cheers, Sharon

  3. Hi, great post!
    I’m still trying to dial down how to exactly make the most of keyword tools and at the moment I’m using WA’s free keyword tool. If there is no competition for the exact keyword that I choose to use as the title of my blog post should that mean that I will rank first in google?? Or can other pages not titled that keyword still rank higher due to other factors?

    • Hi Matt,

      Not necessarily. You wont always get on Googles page 1. Other things come into play like engagement on your website, how regular you update and post. Do those things regularly and get comments and you will see your posts rank well. I know as this has happened to me! Hope this helps.

  4. oh cool! I’d never thought of the yahoo questions/answers option. that’s a great idea. i think this is one of the hardest parts of setting up a blog – finding the right keywords, and then writing about them exactly instead of rambling off naturally. it’s so important for SEO rankings to target the keywords and keep the content narrowly tailored toward them. thanks for the great suggestions and ideas.

    • Hi Penelope,

      Yes it is amazing how you can be inspired by different things and Yahoo is an interesting one to get ideas from. Forums in you niche also would be good. You could go and check topics people are talking about and see what problems they need solutions for. And in turn right posts about it. Really there is so much opportunity for content and ways to assist others.

  5. As a keyword research freak I cant stress to anyone reading this blog right now…this lady just laid some serious knowledge on you! This info is selling on the net for thousands and here you learned it free! Jaxxy is the best tool I’ve ever used and it is the most useful tool I have, no traffic no money, its a simple game learn how to pick from the low branches of the google tree! I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t even know thanks Sharon! I will definitely check in from time to time to see if you have any more I need to know!

    • Hi Scott,
      Thanks for your feedback and comments. Yes Jaaxy is a great tool and a necessity for a serious blogger and website owner. And you are right, it is all about getting traffic to your site. Thanks for stopping by!
      Cheers, Sharon

  6. Keywords are key (lol) when writing posts and pages. While I knew of some of the strategies that you mentioned, I never thought about using the questions that are asked on Yahoo. That is a great way to find topics and keywords to write posts about in your blog. Thanks for the tips, and I learned something new and valuable too!

  7. Thank you for posting this great information about finding keywords. I have used Jaaxy but you description of using the questions with yahoo is something I will try in the very near future.

    The thoroughness of you description of these techniques makes it easy to comprehend and use.

    I look forward to seeing more time saving and website improving ideas in the future.

    • Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your comments and yes, what a clever way to get keywords, I thought it was good to and glad I can help you there. Yes do come back, always updating and adding new content.

      Thanks, Sharon

  8. Hi Sharon

    Thankyou so much for the great information, im a real newbie to all of this so your article has been really helpful to me. I will definitetly be using this strategy from now on to help me with my key words.Im only a freebie to Jaxxy as well so I can now see the value its going to add. thanks again Joanne

    • You are very welcome Rob and glad it helped you. The ideas are really good and I learned them at WA however the Jaaxy is a must for your toolbox. All the very best on your journey here!


  9. I have been working on my website for about a month now and trying to focus on keywords.
    These are helpful tips for finding the most searched combinations.
    I try to use a good combination of keywords and then add more natural language in the post with lots of info as if talking directly to someone.
    I have not used the Jaaxy program, but it looks interesting. I think I will give it a try for the more indepth info it provides.
    You’ve been very helpful with this background on keywords. I appreciate the post! Stella 🙂

    • Hi Stella,

      Yes Jaaxy is the best “go to” for keyword selection and the check Site Ranks etc. So many options on it, it is brilliant and a must tool for any serious blogger! All the best with you site.


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