how to find free images online

How to Find Free Images Online

Have you ever wondered how to find free images online and especially from Google?  I hope that you know, that you cannot just go onto Google, or any other search engine for that matter, and copy an image to place on your blog or website.

A lot of images online are copyrighted to their respective owners, and to have access to these, can come with a fee. There are many sites online like; Shutterstock, Adobe Stock photos, Getty Images and Deposit photos to name a few that charge for their images, or a subscription to a certain amount of downloads.

But with a little research and a bit of filtering on Google, can have you download and receive lovely images for your website that are royalty and attribution free.

With these free sites, you can use their images but attribution may be required.  Simply put, attribution is the act of giving the original author of the content credit for their work. Which could mean a caption under the photo, crediting the author of the image, or even a link in the image back to the original source.

In this video, I briefly explain how simple it is to search Google and how to get free images online.

So as I explained in the video when searching for images, and how to find free images to use for your website, make sure that the websites you do get them from are royalty free. There generally is no limit to your downloads and from these images, you can perhaps modify a little, placing a quote, title or symbols.

Doing Your Image Search

And as stated in the video, going to Google and selecting Images followed by;

Tools > Usable rights > Labeled for reuse

In this picture below as you can see I Googled “dogs” and selected the Images.  Settings and Tools will not be visible until you click on one or the other and from there, more options are offered.  It is here you then click on the Labeled for reuse to get the free images to use.

how to find free images online


Free Sites to Check out

Here is a list of some free image websites.  As stated in the video, please read through the Terms and Conditions and FAQ’s to know exactly what you are allowed to use.  I have only included the sites that do not require attribution.  What does that mean you ask?  Simply put, it means you do not have to give credit to the original author of the content.


Pixabay has over 930,000 photos and videos that you can use anywhere. And because these images are released free of copyrights you can download, modify, distribute them for anything that you like!


Photos on Pexels are free to use for personal or commercial use.  And you can modify copy and distribute photos as well which is awesome as they have a good variety.


Picjumbo is an easy to navigate free image site with really high-resolution photos with no attribution required as well.  It has a great selection of food shots, so it your website is about nutrition, a restaurant or anything food based then this could be for you!


This free image site is full of photos by one photographer and some are weird, all are wonderful and really unique!All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions.

Having obtained these photos, you can now either use them as they are. Or do a bit of modifying. I like to add titles to some of my images to state clearly what my post is about. As you will have seen with my image at the very top of my post.

Your modifications can be done on the programs like Canvas, or PicMonkey.  I actually use the very basic program Paint on my computer. I label or title my images or put others symbols on relatively quick and easy.  I imagine an editing program comes with the Apple computers as well.

A Recap

So just to recap, make sure you are taking images from the internet that give you permission to do so.

Clearly credit the owner of the image (with a caption or a link) if attribution is required.  This can be done in the Advanced feature as you add your image.

Get busy finding awesome images for your website and blog posts!

I do hope you linked my post on how to find free images online.  And if you are looking to get building your own website then check out now the best website builder to use.

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10 thoughts on “How to Find Free Images Online”

  1. Hi there,
    Many thanks for posting this interesting and informative article. This is a big problem for a lot of people wondering where to get free images and photos for their websites. A lot of people also don’t know that some of these images are not free to use and have gotten in a little trouble for doing so.
    I paid a hefty subscription lately, but at least I know that I am safe to use these, without looking over my shoulder.
    I have bookmarked this post for further ref.
    You have also posted a great tutorial video, which explains where there are some more images for reuse and again without attribution or payment.
    Thanks again for posting this tutorial
    Best wishes……..Phil Browne

    • Hi Phil.

      yeah it is good also to have a subscription so you definitely know you can use them without any issues. Glad you liked the tutorial as well.
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Sharon
    Thank you for all these great image resources!
    I’ve struggled to find images that I can use on my site for free, and am always paranoid about if I use one that is copyrighted.
    You’ve almost provided too many resources lol. Now I have so much to look through and choose from.
    Very much appreciate your guide.

    • Hi Craig,

      I am glad I was able to provide some resources and these are really good ones. All the best with your site!
      Cheers, Sharon

  3. Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing, this is amazing!

    When I first started blogging I made the same mistake of just grabbing images from the main Google image search before reading some horror stories from fellow bloggers of how they were sued and had to pay huge fines!

    I’ve been considering places like ShutterStock but it’s a little expensive. You’ve given a great way to find free images, you have no idea how much this helps me! Thanks so much.

  4. These is a great list Sharon. I’m using Google images for all my photos since it’s quick and easy to use, but I found the pictures to not be that great. Not to mention plenty of wikipedia pics that are not that good to look at as well lol. I’ve also used pixabay in the past but never uses pexel and the others. These are great stuffs to add to my arsenal in case I need it in future. Thanks!

    • Hi Issac,

      Yes you are right, sometimes Googles aren’t so good! But it is great we have a few other options there. Pexels is quite good and has a good variety. Glad I could help out!

  5. That is awesome! I have personally been using Pixabay but I do get a little annoyed that I cannot be very specific in the search bar or else I will get nothing. But I did not know that Google had certain filters that could allow for free images. I was always scared to get anything from Google because of copyright issues and laws. But I will definitely check it out and possibly start getting more images from there. I will probably also check a few of the other ones out and see if they offer more

    • Hi Adriana,

      Yes I didn’t know I could do that on Google until I saw a training on it,so I am glad it is now assisting others to finding images. Yes you do have to be specific in Pixabay but it is great we are able to use their images. Thanks for your comments today!


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