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How to Build a Blog Website Easily

Have you ever wondered how to build a blog website easily?

Well today I wanted to share with you, what I believe to be the best blogging and website platform going that has your blog ready to use – in minutes!

Years ago, my understanding was you could only have a static website.  Meaning, that all the pages connected to it, like the main home page, the about me, or other info were just pages that you could not change.  And yes, some are like that.

If you have ever been part of an mlm or direct sales business you would have had a replicated website (with a bit of information about you).  But it was the same as everyone else’s and the only way to get traffic to it, was to pay for it.

Having a blog attached to a website gives you the ability to get your posts found in google, and in return people visiting you (for free), to see what your business and you are about.

So how would you love to be in a position like that?  Where people come to you organically – that’s right – you do not have to pay for them.  They check out what you have to offer, whether it be your product or get informed about your business.

Below is a really quick demonstration of how easy we do it here at Wealthy Affiliate, to get your website and blog up and running.  You will see it literally takes seconds!

Check out detailed information on this blogging platform here!


So What Do You Get With Wealthy Affiliate?

As well as getting up your blog on your website, the next step is really knowing how to use it!

With the Wealthy Affiliate University, they teach you step by step how to write your blog posts, structure them, where to put links to additional information, or to your product or service.

Like I said, you really have to go through steps, however I hear you saying, “Sharon, you said this was easy?”   Well it is.  But like anything, you learn the process to get it right, then it is basically rinse and repeat.  See…easy!

First up, you start off as above in the video, creating your website and blogging platform. Then it is onto adding a few pages, like your ‘About Me’ and a couple of other static pages.

You will then get lessons to go through that will have you writing and structuring your posts, and you will be building out your website in no time!

Other Features to Help You

There are lots of templates to choose from for you and all powered by WordPress.  And if you didn’t already know, wordpress sites rank well in the search engines, which is great for you and your business!

support in online business
Nothing like 24 hr support in an Online Business

We have support from the company if any technical issues arise. Huge support from the community and ongoing – 24 hours a day.  If you have a query then you can jump onto our Live Chat feature and there will be someone, somewhere that will be able to offer their help.

A writing platform within the Wealthy Affiliate site, to write and edit your posts, and add images as well.  One thing you should know about going online to find images, is you cannot just take anything.  Here we have thousands upon thousands of images that you can use for free.

An important factor about your blog and website if you host it with us, is it has Site SSL and SiteProtect.  It keeps your visitor’s data safe and you are also protected against spam that can clutter and slow your website down.  With daily back ups your blogging work is kept safe also.

Available also is a keyword tool that will help you find low competition keywords.  This is an essential tool before you start any post for your blog, and it will give you many keyword variations and ideas to use.

In Summary

There are truly many websites that incorporate blogs online.  But how do you use them and how do you continually build them?  Plus if you run into trouble, then do they come with support and help right away?

With the Wealthy Affiliate University, and their websites and blogging platform, you can rest assured you will have all the tools, training and support to build a profitable business.

I know, because it is exactly what I am doing, and I have had a number of blogging websites in the past that just did not compare to this.  The training lacked big time and support was slow!

I do hope you liked my post on how to build a blog website easily.  Please comment below to let me know the platform you use, or alternatively CLICK HERE to learn more about the Wealthy Affiliate University and the website and blog you can use too.

Make it a great day!






6 thoughts on “How to Build a Blog Website Easily”

  1. Hi Sharon
    Happy to read your article about how to build a blog-website easily, it has helped me to understand the how to.
    The video you share here is great, it’s a great idea to think about turning my passion into a business.
    It’s good to know there’s a place where you can find everything to work on building my own site as Wealthy Affiliate.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Alejandra,

      Blogging and building websites are made so much easier these days and with Wealthy Affiliate easier still because of the step by step instruction and just the great supportive community.  And definitely good for your passion!  Glad you enjoyed reading the article.

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. It truly is easy to build here at Wealthy Affiliate! I admit to being slow on the uptake since working for me is a new thing and self-accountability is something I have to find again, but this is the best platform.

    The step by step process of how to build a blog website is second to none and there are lots of people ready to help at a moments’ notice.

    Thanks for spreading the word,


    • Hi Michelle,

      Very happy you truly enjoy building your blog here at Wealthy Affiliate. Yes you must have self accountability and it is a good trait to have learned for your own online business.  Glad you are here with us at WA and all the best in your journey!

  3. Blogs are a great tool to use to drive traffic to a site. Rapid post creation can lead traffic towards your sales page. Just like a “funnel.” It’s like fishing. Blog post are like nets. Traffic are lake salmon. Your sales page is like you basket. You catch some, you lose some. The more nets you have (blog posts), the more traffic you will obtain. Good luck to you.


    • Hi Dan,

      What a great analogy!  But you are right. The more posts you have out there the more traffic you are likely to get.  So glad I am in the right place, with the right tools learning the correct methods on how to do this!  Thanks for your thoughts and insight.  I love it!

      Cheers, Sharon


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