how can I work from home on my computer

How Can I Work From Home on My Computer?

So you are here to ask the question, “How can I work from home on my computer?”

There are really quite a lot of options you can do for work at home.  Some are simple, however would be very part time, and some ideas could set you up for life.

Below I give you some examples of work you can do at home on your computer.  I have also given you my favourite and highly recommended one, and the type of work I have done to be successful online.

Some Freelancing Ideas

You could put your secretarial, technical, financial, writing or design abilities to the test – and be paid accordingly.

There are a number of Freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork, that are looking for those with skills in these areas. So, if you are experienced in one area or many, this could open up many options.

Perhaps a Virtual Assistant using all your secretarial and administration knowledge, that you may have gained in your 9 to 5 job.

Content writing for bloggers or article writing for magazines may be right up your alley!  With hundreds of websites being created daily, there is always a demand for people with blogs wanting fresh content.

Designing services for websites like header banners, or banners for ads.  Perhaps your creativity could be put to work designing logos and flyers or posters etc.  Just so many ideas!

If you are a programmer or have SEO knowledge, you could offer this service for people’s websites.  If they are not doing well with their website then optimizing it is a necessity if they want to be found!

Do you buzz around social media?  Perhaps doing social media advertising for businesses could be another avenue to go down!

Look, there are really many ideas that could have you working at home on your computer.  I have compiled a comprehenisive 2017 Online Business Guide with many options, so get in and check that out as well!

However, there is one option that I think is the best.  It is the platform I use myself and highly recommend to others.  It is Wealthy Affiliate, a website building platform, that comes with training and support to assist you as you build your site.

3 Very Important Things for Online Success

There are 3 things you need to be successful online and quite simply put, they are;

    1.   Educationhow can I work from home on my computer
    2.   Websites
    3.   Help


And with Wealthy Affiliate, my No.1 recommended business, the great thing is, is they cover all 3 of these very important aspects of your business.


Learning new things is so important if we want to grow.  Having the right education for your online business is so important.  And even more vital, the education and training is always up to date.  There is no point joining a business that has training from 5 or 10 years ago.

It has to always evolve and change with the ever changing internet.  At Wealthy Affiliate, the training is very step by step, and updated with what is working now in the online space.  I cannot tell you how important this is for your long term success.


Yes, you can get websites online, however most let you build them, you have a bit of support – but then what?   How is this awesome new website supposed to be found?

Having the training and education that I previously spoke about with Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to structure your website pages and posts.  You will learn how to optimize them so they have better chances of ranking in the search engings. You also learn many paid options as well.

If you are doing any type of business these days, even local business, then it is so important to have a website.  And, to not have paid the earth for it either!   Some website developers can charge you an arm and a leg for a website that you could create yourself.


Help and support are things you will always require.  There is always someone who is a step ahead of you, knows more than you, and more successful than you.  So wouldn’t it be nice to have access to those that are walking the same path but they are ahead of you.  And have the ability to access them as you require help for your own business.

Plus support and quick support for that matter, from the company itself.  What I love now about Wealthy Affiliate is the company owners are easily accessible.  And support tickets to get any website technical hitches fixed, are promptly answered.

With online business it does take time to build and grow.  So, there is nothing worse than being stuck and not getting the help and support you require.


In Summary

There are so many options available online.  You have to do what is right for you, and a fit for you and your family.  Without a doubt however, a website is really important for long term success.  And the reason I highly recommend the platform I am part of.

I am where I am because of the education, step by step and up to date training.  For its easy to set up websites and the training to assist me to build it.  And the help and support I get, 24 hours a day, you can easily see why this in my No.1.

You can check out a full Wealthy Affiliate review right here, to get a full look in at what this platform has to offer.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how can I work from home on my computer.  Please leave your comments below and let me know a “type” of work from business that you may be doing.
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