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How Can I Make Money Fast Online?

Are you looking for for easy ways to make money fast?

In Facebook and on the Internet, I see many people who are looking for that easy and quick buck.  Straight up – I hate to share it with you – it really does not exist.  If you are NOT prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work on your own website and business online, then really, why should any money, rightfully be given to you?

Yes, there are ways to earn a little part time money here and there, and I have seen some websites listing posts that say you can earn money fast.

But do your really want to be going through repetitive surveys day in day out, that only pay you a few bucks?  So that means, in a day or two, you probably will have some dollars in your pocket, however, is that really the type of ongoing work-life-balance you want to have?

Or you could do some trading or betting for quick money back.  But be careful doing this, as huge risks are involved with this type of  “money maker”.  You could and probably will lose money very quickly if you don’t know what you are doing.

Perhaps doing a variety of mindless tasks, like data entry, web research or form filling for sites like Clickworker.   Yes you are rewarded with a bit of cash, so perhaps this is something you want to pursue.

But seriously.  After realising you want a different career now your kids have grown up, and no doubt you are over your boss. Is filling forms the stimulating and rewarding job or business you aspired to have?

I truly doubt it!

Changing Your Mindset about Money

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I think it is important to change your mindset on thoughts like “Can I get rich quick”.  And move to a more abundant mindset – get serious about what you want out of life.

Thinking with a scarcity mindset will often have you feeling there is no hope, and never enough to go around. Hence, ongoing negative thoughts about lack of money and things.

I like to really dream about what I want, and what I want to do.  I don’t know how I am going to get it, but I find if I get busy “taking action” then ideas pop into my head, and things present themselves. And, I start doing tasks that have me move closer to my goals.

So rather than looking on the internet for the best ways to make money fast, why don’t you think of ways that you can earn money residually, passively.

Making Passive Income

Just imagine, getting money for work you did 6 months ago, a year ago or even 5 years in the past.  How cool would that be?   You are at the beach on a family holiday, and you get emails of  “You have just made a commission.”  Well that will be my reality this coming summer of 2017, as it is already happening for me now.

I am consistently building my online business right now, so I will be paid whether I am sitting at my laptop or not.  I am going to be one of those people who checks their paypal account on payout day, and commissions will be in there.

And it is for work I did yesterday, or could be work I did 6 months ago.

Because that is what setting up and building your own website can give you.


But how do you do that?  You have no experience.  You have no idea how to build a website.

And what is really important is; you have to be part of something that is reputable, has been around for a long time, and stays updated with the ever changing online world.

Build Your Own Website

So get building your own business and website online.  But another question, how do you know this platform and program I am presenting you with today is reputable and not a scam?   Well….

For starters you get to check the whole program out for free.  So put away those few $$$ that you made!

And click here to check it out fully in your own time.

But first up, here is a bit of a break down of what is on offer, so you too can start building your own online website and potentially earn an ongoing income.

Included in This Website Building Platform

2 Free Websites or 50 on the Premium Account.

You then get taken by the hand and step by step with video tutorials to get your website set up. And then learn how to add content to it on a regular basis.

All of your websites and tools, the hosting of your site and security come as part of the very low priced package, so there is no going to third partites for other tools you may require.

Support comes in spades,  from the growing community and in a live chat forum 24 hours a day.  Which means you ask a question now, it will be answered now.  You also have the person you signed with ready to assist and technical support for your website is only a support ticket away.

I want to mention again, the training you get.  As you are taken step by step, you will find your website evolves.  So essentially it is not about racing throught the training.  But, building your website as you go.

In Summary

I do hope you liked this post on how I can make money fast.  Can it be done?  Maybe.
But ideally I hope you go down the path of a business that will pay you years to come for work you are doing on it right now.  There is nothing like building your own website, in a niche you enjoy, and being paid for doing so.

From those two very beautiful words called Passive Income!

All the best on your online journey.
Put your credit card away and do check full a review on what I do here!
Cheers, Sharon














10 thoughts on “How Can I Make Money Fast Online?”

  1. When I was reading your report, it brought back the nightmares that I encountered as being a seventy-year-old newbie.

    You make it very obvious that there are many ways to ‘earn a few bucks’, boring and going nowhere.

    You also make the point that there is no golden carrot on the internet, a few clicks and you have made it, Hmmm. The only gain that you get is lining someone else’s bank account.

    Here I agree with you, that everything can be achieved, but, it will require much input, dedication, and determination, to gain success.

    I was quite fortuitous in how I started with WA. and now try to give that opportunity to others, as do you, in my posts and I also advertise WA.

    I enjoyed the read, thank you.

    • Hi Thomas,

      Yeah, there is really a lot of crap out there online that don’t offer much at all.  I would be buggered if I am going to sit there and do surveys day in and day out for peanuts.  Just not happening!   

      Wealthy Affiliate offers so much for us to be successful, the tools and training and support. We just have to bring the desire and hard work and success and money will, without a doubt be ours.

      Thanks for your comments and checking it out!

  2. I love that you mention mind set. It’s so important when it comes to making money. A negative mind set never got anyone anywhere. Passive income is the way forward as you can do it so easily with the right guidance, all while working full time, part time or no job at all.

    • Hi Marie,

      Yes mindset is key in achieving alot of things in life.  I know when my head is thinking right I do great things.  And you are right, passive income is the way forward.  I love getting it that is for sure for work I created 6 months ago. Thanks for your comment and stopping by!

  3. Hello,

    Ideally, there is no fast way to earn legit money online, however, you’re totally right about how cool it would be to earn money from past work done. My using the program you suggested, you won’t get the instant money that many delusional people are looking for, but you will set yourself up for success in the future. Isn’t that what matters most? A quick buck, or long term success?

    Thanks for the information, and I hope people clue in to what a great opportunity this is!


    • Hi Brooke,

      Most things are not get rich quick but people are still looking for that magic red button that produces money.  They need to get of their bums and do some work.  Thats what I do and those that succeed will guarantee that type of worth ethic will work every time!  Yes people must realise Wealthy Affiliate is a brilliant program and the way to go! 

      Thanks for your thoughts and checking my post out.

  4. Thanks for the information.

    Building a website is one thing. Getting Internet traffic to your own website is another. There’s so many tactics out there that will get you stuck in tactical hell. There needs to be a strategy that will get you to where you want to get to and website is only a means to an end. Managing risk is a big part of ensure that you maximise your effort and time in starting a side gig.

    • Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for your input on this. Getting traffic to your website is tough if you do not know what to do. I am so grateful for the program that I choose to participate in as they teach us how to get to page 1 of Google. Have all my posts gotten there? Of course not, but a number of important ones have!


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