A Four Percent Review – An Honest Insiders Look!

Four percent group reviews

Four Percent Group Review

Company Name:  Four Percent Group
Overall Ranking:   3/10
Starting Price:    $7 Lite  –   $49 PRO   –  $5,000 Elite

PLUS Extras which are listed under ‘Prices’ and in more detail below

Owners:  Vick Strizheus
Website:   www.FourPercentGroup.com


INTRODUCTION and My Insiders look

This Fourpercent review today is about who is behind this opportunity and also what it is about.  Also known as the four percent group and 4% group, it is owned by Vick Strizheus, a well known online marketer (for good and bad reasons).

Four percent claims they will help struggling online marketers make thousands of dollars.  Just follow the training, buy all the affiliated products which include, Aweber, Get Response, Udimi, Clickfunnels, Click Magick.  There is also affiliation with Chris Reason’s Tecademics.

And those that you refer to the business, will in turn buy these products (it is a must to make this work), and you get commissions from each of them.  Depending where you start in the business, $49 or $5,000, I imagine these come with a commission too.  (When I first joined 4%, the starting options were a bit different).





So Who is Vick Strizheus?

I stumbled upon one of Vick’s sale’s funnels and was quite enthusiastic about what he had to offer.  That I could make $5000 within the week.  I promptly joined, as I do enjoy following steps to learn better marketing techniques and he seemed to have the goods for just that.

After lots of research on Vick, I soon discovered he is quite well known for creating other programs like Big Idea Mastermind and High Traffic Academy (which I do believe don’t exist anymore).

Vick does teach you alot of tried and tested methods in marketing so his knowledge there is quite good to learn from.

Pros and Cons


  • Seems to be alot of training that does work if applied.
  • Step by step guides to assist you.
  • Earn commissions from referrals and many other products and tools.



  • There is alot of training which if not organised properly, can be very overwhelming.
  • Will this have longevity if his other programs have ceased?


Who is it For and How Does it Work?

I would say this program is for the more intermediate to advanced marketer.

When you start you are taken through 7 Steps that consist of the Following:

STEP 1:   The plan details and strategy for winning

STEP 2:   Payment Account setup

STEP 3:    Funnels set up  (This is where you WILL have to purchase the Clickfunnel at $97)

STEP 4:   Activating mulitple streams of income (This is where you will have to purchase other tools, even Tecamdemics high ticket product if you want to promote it)

NOTE ALSO:  Step 3 and 4 are where you insert your Affiliate links.

STEP 5:   Activate your power base, get results fast

STEP 6:  Get connected

STEP 7:   Start Operation $100K Training

Moving forward with operation $100K, this is where he teaches you how to build landing pages and get people to these through paid methods like Google Adwords, Solo Ads, Bing, Facebook Ads and other methods.

What I have struggled with in the past with not only Four Percent but also with other programs, is they do not teach you how to build a base or foundation for your internet business.

I now have a website built that is my “hub” or my “home” online.  It’s a place I can continually build, share value from and promote the program I am successfully now a part of.  And for one very minimal cost!   You can check out a Review on it here.

Training / Tools Overview

  • Training guides and steps to results.
  • Access to Facebook group for live communications.
  • Webinars trainings for all types of internet marketing and list building strategies.
  • Additional Masterclasses and income building ideas.



Support initially for me was not great.  But again, it may have changed.  When businesses are new they do take time to iron out different aspects so this was probably the case here. The Facebook page had a good community feel, but most of these things do anyway.



$7 Lite Membership per month:   For those who want to just test it out

$49 per month: For more serious entrepreneurs and with most of the trainings included

$5,000 annually:  Includes everthing and more exclusive training/masterminds

Tools to get your Affiliate ID’s and Prices You pay Monthly

The prices listed here, will have to be monthly.  Some of these you can just be an affiliate for.  Some are a must like the Clickfunnels at $97 and Click Magick at $33.  You will need atleast 1 autoresponder and Tecademics is optional however if you want the $5,000 week, then you will have to invest in the Tecademic products.

Aweber:   $19 for the Autoresponder to use for your list or you can promote it free

Get Response:   $19 for a different Autoresponder (if you don’t use Aweber) you can promote either for free

Click Magick:   $12 starter plan but normal plan is $33.  A tool that tracks everything so you can determine which landing pages are performing best.

Click Funnels:   $97 for this landing page builder.  Even though it comes with an initial landing page built you will have the ability to build others.

Tecademics:  $12,000 plus other products and various prices.  If you want to make the big $4,800 commissions then you have to have first bought into Tecademic’s high ticket products, otherwise you will be passing up sales.

So in essence, if you cannot afford to purchase these, then promoting the Four Percent Group and its system is your other option.

Final Opinion / Verdict

There seems to be quite a lot of tools to pay for to make this program work.  I do guess, if you get others into the program then you are making commissions because they have to purchase them too.

The four percent group is definitely not a scam, just a new venture for Vick.

(Please read my Disclaimer here on product reviews from this website).

A Program that is Totally Transparent

I don’t think the four percent group was totally transparent before I joined which I think is important.

If you want to check out something that is totally transparent, has all the tools you need, support 24 hours a day and it teaches you how to build a strong foundation.  Plus it is one minimal cost with NO Upsells and surprises along the way… then CLICK HERE and check out my review and get started with no credit card requrired.



I do hope you liked my thorough Four Percent review, and make the best decision for you!  And don’t forget to check out what I do, free of charge and get building your online business today!