solo build it reviews

FAIR Solo Build It Reviews 2018

Company:   Solo Build It or SBI
(Was formerly known as Sitesell and Site Build it)

Overall Ranking:  7/10

Price:  $29/mth or $299/year

Owners:  Ken Evoy



I wanted to give a fair Solo Build It Review for you to check out, before you decide whether to start with them or not. Solo Build it is a website building platform where they help you step by step to create your own website and blog posts.

And I am not here to slam Solo Build It at all.   (Please read my Disclosure here)

I must say, other reviews definitely do this!  I just wanted to share my experience, the differences with this and the platform I am now a part of, which is similar to Sitesell.  (And what I call healthy competition), Solo Build it vs Wealthy Affiliate.  This review will give you an idea of its price points, the tools you get to use and the support that is given.

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When I was first introduce to and found this platform it was called Sitesell.  And I have seen it as SBI and Site Build It also.

Solo Build It – I can assure you – is NOT a scam!

I thought Sitesell (now named Solo Build It) was quite a good concept.  You break down each section of your post to intros and paragraphs, and keyword input etc, and you placed your content you have written on these templates.

Then after applying text to each of the parts of the template, you publish it on your blog.  I guess this concept would be good for building your blog postssomebody who needs to learn the method of writing blog posts.

I like to create and write a post quickly, with good researched information, just as I have been taught with the program I am part of.  You can check out the Wealthy Affiliate University review here.  This is the simple platform I used to put together this very blog post and website you are now on.

As I said earlier, I am not here to bag Solo Build it or put down any company for that matter. However I am here to give some detailed information, where some is from my own experience. You will leave here knowing you have the knowledge to make your own informed decision.


They have the Solo Build It! (SBI) Action Guide.  Everyone who begins this program is suggested to follow the Action Guide.  Actually, this part is vital as this will take you step by step in setting up your website.

So What’s in the Action Guide?

INTRO – This explains the first 10 days you spend in your Sitesell site and gives you insight to the C-T-P-M business building process which stands for Content – Traffic – PREsell – Monetize.

Day 1 – Master the all important basics.  This is where you start forming the foundation of your online business.  You will learn about the C-T-P-M process and why it works.

Day 2 – Develop your best site concept. This is pretty much realising what your niche is and how to find a profitable one.  They get you to find 3 good ideas for potential sites.

Day 3 – Brainstorm more profitable page topics. Here you will learn why search with intent is so important.  Create a list of keywords and you now have a lot of ideas to write about.

Day 4 – Investigate and plan moneitzation options.  Get an idea of who your visitor is depending of course on your chosen niche. You will figure out ways of monetizing and make sure there is enough monetization potential in the future.

Day 5 – Refine your site concept and register your domain name.  Here you will learn about your VPP which is your Valuable PREselling proposition.  It is all part of building your brand.  Choose your domain name and set up social media profiles all reflecting your domain name.

Day 6 – Build a site that gets clicks.  You start to create your site’s design.  Build your home page and learn about the different tiers involved.  Tier 2 being category pages and tier 3 being topics and where your posts will reside.

You will also submit your sitemap and verify site ownership with search engines Google and Bing.

Day 7 – Build free traffic from a variety of sources.  You will get to understand here why it is important to receive traffic from many sources, not just posting blogs to google, but sharing on your social media profiles as well.  And also how to be mobile-friendly.

Day 8 – Build relationships.  You will learn here about how you PREsell. This includes learning about building a mailing list or sending out a newsletter to people who have subscribed to you.

Which means setting up Contact Forms and autoresponders.  Building social presence and adding socialize it buttons to your site.

Day 9 – Know your visitors.  You will learn about your traffic and how it gets to your site.  What click-through rates mean and how to calculate them.  Who is referring you these (as in your Social media)

Day 10 – Monetize, its time!  This is the last piece of the puzzle.  You will understand how to turn your traffic into income


site build it reviews


Here is an explanation of the CTPM Concept:  Content – Traffic – PREsell – Monetization

Content – When we get on the internet we search for information but more importantly solutions. We get suggestions to read, or use information – like recipes, and even be guided to buy something – the cookware to cook your recipes in.

So with your content, which is in the form of blog posts, images and even video content, you can give them the information they seek.

Traffic – Is of course the visitors to your site.  They may have found your site on Google/Bing/Yahoo, which is always a good thing – free traffic.  Or, Social media like Facebook and Twiiter.

The key is to get lots of visitors to your site, and this number rising.

PREsell – You learn how to deliver content as you would say it, in your own voice.  You can give away great information, ebooks and basically get people to know – like and trust you.

Monetize – This is the stage that those people who do have that trust in what you offer, may go through a link, (and if they buy), you get a percentage.

But it all comes down to the content you create, traffic you generate and how much value and solutions you are providing your visitors as to whether the “Monetize” part of the equation will come into play.


  • Brainstorm It which assists in finding profitable topics and keywords and helps reduce time.
  • Alexa integration, website hosting and also Domain registration, with name park it.
  • Site Builder as the name suggests is the Site builder tool, with creative site design and block by block page building.
  • Mobilize it optimizing your site for “mobile users” traffic.
  • Search Engine reports and analysing traffic reports.
  • Ability to put all social mediums on your site.


  • Full Website building platform to create an online business in your niche.
  • Has a comprehensive keyword research tool.
  • Plenty of training and video tutorials.
  • 90 day money back guarantee.
  • Lots of support within the forums.
  • Domain name and hosting included.
    At $29 per month it is very affordable.
  • Site Security.



  • You get only one website with your membership fee and even though you get a 90 day money back guarantee, you don’t have the option to join free and sign up later.
  • Training videos are quite long.  Not really specific and to the point.
  • No live chat support or direct access to the owner.
  • There is the help in the forums however some information can be a bit outdated.
  • Alot of information once inside, (which in one sense is good – better having more than less) but could be quite overwhelming.



They say it is pretty much for anyone wanting to start an online business.

  • Stay at home moms and dads
  • Students
  • Retirees
  • Anyone wanting to give up their 9 to 5 job
  • Seasoned online marketers and also those who are new to it



Sitesell has support in forum format with lots of assistance from past and present members.  They have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week email support as well. No direct contact with the company owner however.


By no means is Solo Build It! a scam or platform to avoid like many reviews suggest.  They offer many features to get your online business up and running and support on hand.  And at $29 per month it is cheaper than the WA platform I use so it is at an affordable price.


(Please Note; this post may contain affiliate links – please read my Disclosure here)

Having tried both the Site Build It and Wealthy Affiliate platforms, I just found WA easier to navigate.  With all the necessary tools in one place, really easy step by step guidance, and the awesome LIVE CHAT support 24 hours a day had me sold.

The owners of Wealthy Affiliate are participating pretty much daily in the live chat feature, so having them so approachable and helpful as they assist us in building our online business and websites spoke volumes to me.

I would check out both and choose the one that suits your needs.  As they are both equipped with what you need to be successful.  Should you choose to check out the Wealthy Affiliate University then click here, put your credit card away and check it out for free for as long as you like.

I can go onto WA’s live chat feature and speak with people from all over the world.  That one feature right there is just brilliant giving you support and help RIGHT NOW!   And make good business friendships also!

Here is a Solo Build it vs Wealthy Affiliate table to give you an idea of what each offers.



(Please Note; this post may contain affiliate links – please read my Disclosure here)

I do hope I assisted you with my fair solo build it reviews, and hope you can leave here making the best decision for you.  Again, either would be good to assist you in building your online business.  It will depend on your needs and whether you require more than one website.

Make it an awesome day!






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64 thoughts on “FAIR Solo Build It Reviews 2018”

    • Hi Jacqueline,
      You are very welcome and I do hope it assists you in making your mind up on what platform to use. I imagine there are many other website building platforms out there. It is just good to have one that has everything I need all in one place!

      With the Action Guide it is part of your step by step training and yes, it does have videos to follow etc. It isn’t something you can print out as it is part of what you pay for in your membership with Solo Build it.

      Hope that helps Jacqueline!

    • Hi Norman,
      Thanks for that. Yes, I do hope it helps somebody make an informed decision on Solo Build it. It is still a good platform to use, even though I still lean towards Wealthy Affiliate and what they have offered. Depends on one’s needs I guess.

  1. Hey Sharon great review of Solo Build It! I really like how you do your research as you said.

    I’m glad I read this, I have been wondering what other platforms relate to Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been with WA for the last year and some, so naturally one starts to wonder.

    I have always wanted to build websites and make my living online, it sounds like Solo Build It is pretty good at helping you learn how to build a pretty good website, but if every post has to be typed out section by section, I would find that annoying. WA taught me to type my thoughts and elaborate on them, I couldn’t imagine having to switch to another section every time, with WA and WordPress, typing and editing posts are easy and fast enough for me!

    Finally, the fact you only get one website with your membership at Solo Build It is crazy, with WA you get way more websites to build with your membership!

    I’m convinced WA is the best place to build a website and then learn to monetize it!

    Great review, stick with WA!


    • Hi Kenny,

      Thanks heaps for your comments and checking out my post. I do believe a site should be well researched before you Review it, as I do. But having first hand experience and behind the curtain look at it also makes all the difference.

      I have always enjoyed building websites and blogs and have probably started too many to remember. They were always with either a pricey platform or the support didn’t back up what they say they were going to give you. With Wealthy Affiliate it is just wonderful you know you have all the tools, education and support in one place at such a ridiculously low price. Still blows me away how inexpensive this is. And it doesn’t take long before your income is way exceeding what you have to pay to use this program.

      I know, one website – how would we cope!!! Even though at this stage I am only building this website, atleast I know in the future when I begin another, I have the websites there to do it. And I have some ideas up my sleeve so definitely looking forward to that in the future.

      Thanks heaps Kenny for your comments and WA is the place for me and looks like for you also.
      Take care, Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I really like your fair review of SBI and appreciate that you did not feel the need to bash them, as you say. I have a good feeling about both programs, however, like you, I would prefer the WA platform. From your review, it sounds as if, WA has much more to offer for the amount of money charged. I also am impressed with the fact that the owners of WA are hands-on and available to the community. That is not something one would find in most programs, so it’s outstanding in comparison. Your review has helped me narrow my choice further.

    • Hi Riley,
      Glad you took the time to check it out. Both programs have great value and offerings. After trying both Wealthy Affiliate were the winners for me. But others enjoy Site Build it more so it truly is a personal preference.

  3. Hi Sharon, I love your absolutely honest review of solo build it. So many people are doing bashing reviews on their competition and all it does is make people not trust anything they say as it makes them to ‘selly’. I think your review fairly points out the pros and cons of Solo build it, and it’s obvious to me that Wealthy Affiliate is just the best of the two. The chat rooms for a start are something that have been highly instrumental in the success of my website as I’ve had access to and help from already very successful people. Wealthy Affiliate really is awesome and I can’t recommend it enough.

    • Hi Stefanie,

      Yes I have seen a lot of reviews bashing company’s and it is unfair.  I think it is good to just put the real facts on the table, the tools, the support you may or may not get, the price points and let people make up their own minds.

      I refer others to Wealthy Affiliate because I just know after using it for a year, it has given me more value than anything I have ever been part of. But also, I am achieving what it said I would if I just follow the step by step training, which is getting posts onto Google’s page 1 and getting referrals and people signing up with me. 

      Solo Build it is just a similar platform with training done differently.  At the end of the day if their style of training and support suits you, then go with them. 

      Glad you liked my review Stefanie and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Good job putting in the work and explaining the details of Solo Built it!

    I have only been pursuing business online for a little while, just a few months, but I have come across quite a few different communities like Solo Built It. Is there a lot of hands-on mentorship with SBI?

    Wealthy Affiliate sounds like the way to go. Especially because you get to test the waters for free before committing. That’s huge.

    • Hi Jordan

      You are very welcome.  With Solo build it I don’t think you get direct mentor ship. But there is a lot of training and tutorials to build your website.  

      Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic place and you can’t get any fairer than trying it out for free. And with their mentor ship from many things thanks to live chat and the blogging forums, you seriously cannot go wrong. 

      Thanks for stopping by to share your thoughts on site build it.  

      Cheers Sharon

  5. I do tons of research before I jump into things and found you gave a good comparison of these two offerings. I am with WA as well, and found it through a similar post to yours as I was comparing to another I had heard of. I think its wise to consider all these things when deciding to even venture into online business. Thanks for your insights!

    • Hi there Hippie Tam,

      Yes research in online business or even product buying is a good thing.  And you don’t have to stop at one, there are always many to check out.  Online business is especially important and I do wish I had taken my own advice years ago and not made the mistakes I made.  Still, I find, I am assisting others to make a good decision so that is nice to know.

      Thanks for your comments and stopping by to check out my post.
      Cheers, Sharon

  6. Hi there! I have just finished going through your review of Solo Build It. I must say this has really got me very interested!

    I joined “Site” Build It a few years ago and I stuck with the membership for quite some time. In my opinion the membership was pretty poor at the time. I remember quite a bit of the training being very boring and quite slow paced.

    So it’s very interesting to see that they have updated the website and re-branded the training. I see that its now based around WordPress, just like Wealthy Affiliate.

    I like the way you have written this review and think that you have indeed offered a very “fair” review of the training. But after my previous experience and now being a member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I think I’ll stick with WA!

    • Hi Andrew,

      That is great you have checked it out.  Yes, as you say about the training it may have been a little slow paced. What I like about WA training is it is very to the point and just about the topic at hand so no time is wasted at all.

      Yes, company’s make updates and just try to make a better user experience for everyone.
      I am glad you like my fair review on Solo Build it.
      Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

  7. Hi Sharon, It was a pleasure to read a true account of your opposition without it being a “bashing” session. I have had a Site buildit account for years and really enjoyed the service. Your review is accurate and praiseworthy.
    I must note here that I found Wealthy Affiliates last year and as they offer 2 free sites with hosting and training, I signed up. I have since signed up for the premium membership as I found that getting 50 sites hosted at that price just made sense, not to mention the training, help and the Live chat for instant help.
    For the first time ever, I have started to make money online. A great experience after all the money spent on other systems without success.

    Thanks for a honest, well written review that gives the facts honestly.

    • Hi Bryan, 

      Thanks for that.  And it isn’t about bashing them as they offer a thorough service too.  It is great also to hear you are now making money online with your sites – good for you!

      All the best, Sharon

  8. Hey Sharon,
    Thanks for the insight and wonderful review you gave on Solo build It. A friend actually called me to know my views about Solo Build It, which l had little time to check, but when l came across your review, l quickly refer him to your website to read on. Though l did not hesitate to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to him because that is my best option and the best place to build a website and monetize it.
    Thanks again and Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for that.  Either are definitely an option as they both are website building platforms.  WA just gives you more sites to build and being a bit dearer the cost reflects this.

  9. Hi Sharon

    Thank you for sharing your honest and fair review of Solo Build It.

    It does sound like it’s quite a good platform and quite affordable at $29 a month.

    I have to admit though, I am always looking to find the best value for my money, and I’ve yet to find anything that beats Wealthy Affiliate.

    It’s not that other platforms are bad but more the fact that Wealthy Affiliate is that much better.

    Take for example, the fact that you only get one site with Solo Build It. That would put me off for starters.

    As a paying member at Wealthy Affiliate you can have a total of 50 websites! I mean that’s just insane value.

    Also if you pay for a year up front at Wealthy Affiliate you’ll also only pay $29 per month ($49 month to month) so for me there’s just no question about which platform is preferable.


    • Hi Mark,
      You are very welcome and like you say both platforms are fine. The fact you do get 50 websites is insane, you are right. I did the annual subscription, which as you say averages $29 per month so it now becomes the same cost of Solo Build It. So I think with all the value WA gives and the great training it was a no-brainer for me also!

      Thanks for you comments and checking it out.

  10. Thank you for a very thorough review. I have been looking into SBI for a little bit now, and after reading your review, I think I am going to check out Wealthy Affiliate first. They sound like they have what I am looking for way more than SBI!

    I think my favorite part already is that you can contact the actual owners, which must mean that they are active within the community!

    • Hi there Leah,

      Both definitely have good website building capabilities and training and support to go with it.  I think with WA however, the choice to build more than one website is really good.  And the fact you can speak with the owners is also fantastic as well.  Yes check it out for sure, I am so happy I did – and I haven’t looked back!

  11. Hi Sharon,

    That a quite thorough review of Solo Built. Reading from the article I would reckon Solo Build is another platform to build your website by providing template where you create your content.

    I noticed there is no personal coaching provided with the program and for newbies that will be challenging to get through.


    You can’t contact the owners? Then how you get support in case of need?

    For new comers one of the most important things they look at a program like this is the support system as they need a hand-holding at the beginning of the learning curve.

    All in all, it’s a great review.

    Keep it up the good work.


    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for checking it out and yes it is a website building platform.  I imagine they have just community support and the person you signed with may assist?  Not sure however I do know I help my guys out if they are asking for any type of help.

      I think we are just so lucky here with the owners support.  You just don’t get that with most systems, but that is why Wealthy Affiliate is so unique!    Have an awesome day Joe,


  12. Thanks for an interesting review of Solo Build It. It sounds like an interesting program and I know there’s a lot of “this one is best” out there on the web so it was good to read a clear and fair review. I like that you’ve provided a comparison grid with Wealthy Affiliate which gives an easy view of what you receive with each program.

    • Hi Margaret,

      I am glad you liked my clear and fair review on Solo Build it.  I think at times we get a bit bias when we are with a great program, and that is the reason I wanted to give SBI a fair review as I know they are a good website building platform as well.   

      Yes the comparison grid tells it’s own story of whats on offer from each.  Thanks for taking the time to check out my post Margaret.


  13. Good review, I have heard the name Solo Build It a few times before, but never really looked much into it. It does sound like a good platform to learn about building an internet business.

    I am also a member of WA and this sounds like it has a lot of the same features that WA has. What I really like about this one is that while it does not offer a free membership, $29 a month is a great price and having a 90 money back guarantee makes it even better!

    The one major thing that I think they could improve upon would have to be adding a live chat feature so members of that platform never feel stuck, especially if you mentioned that some stuff can be outdated.

    You mentioned that the videos can be quite long, my question is, how long would you say is the average video length there?

    Also, do you think this platform would benefit anyone that is currently a member of WA and is looking to learn more things about building an internet business?

    • Hi Arie,

      Yeah Solo build it is quite similar to Wealthy Affiliate, where it is training and support as you build your own website around your niche.  It is great to see you are a member of WA, you definitely know the value they offer.

      Solo Build Its price is quite good and truly affordable for all, but you are right about the live chat feature.  It is great to be able to get answers to queries right away.

      The videos vary in length from memory.  The difference I think I found was the training at WA is so specific and to the point – no time wasted.  I have found most other things I have been part of had a lot of time wasting in videos when really, you just want the meat and potatoes of the training.  When you are not doing this full time, time is precious.

      I do think both have similar trainings but ours at WA is just to the point.  At SBI they are great for a newbie as it does teach the structure fully of a blog and helps you understand the importance of intro, body and signatures etc.  So really at the end of the day, it comes down to what you want to learn and also your budget. If you are wanting more than 1 website then WA may be the path you choose to go down.  Either platform would be fine! 

      Thanks for checking out my post on Solo Build It, Arie and all the best!
      Cheers, Sharon

  14. I really liked the sound of this platform to start off my education, but the fact that they don’t have a free membership has slightly put me off…
    This WA that you mention – is that a trial period that they offer or is it a free membership for life?
    I don’t have much money to start off in online business so I’d like to find out which option is better for a starting point?

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes the solo build it platform is fine to use and will educate you on building a website in your chosen niche.  The (non) free membership may be something they need to consider in the future perhaps?  Yes, WA can be for life but you are limited to trainings and access to all members etc, after the first week trial which lets you try most things.  However you can still have 2 websites and again, there are many tutorials in the free membership you can do.  

      Regarding price, both are very fair and inexpensive so either would not hurt your wallet!   All the best in selecting what you want to join,

      Cheers, Sharon

  15. Hello Sharon,

    I’ve been looking for reviews like this, a well-written review of SBI, and I’m glad that I found your site. The reason for this is, I used to be a member SBI way back 2007 and I wonder how are they doing now. With your explanation, I got updated to how they’re doing things now.

    I am also aware that there was a recent dispute between SBI and WA, and that SBI founder Ken Envoy accused of WA sort of negative things, but then, after reading your explanation here, there’s no point for Ken to say those things because, it is obvious that WA delivers more value than what SBI is giving.

    If Ken really wants to win online with his company, then he should improve his to match WA’s.


    • Hi There Gomer,

      I am glad you like my well written review.  I am not doing this to put down SBI as they have a business to run and just the fact that it is similar to ours, I just think it is healthy competition… so long as people aren’t firing bad reviews, etc at each other.

      We have a few different things to Solo build it and that is okay.  It all comes down to the person buying in, as to what they want from an online business and website building platform. I am not swaying one way or another, I just know I give the people who join with me, all the help they need to start and I assist them ongoing. But again it is their choice!  

      Thanks for your comments and stopping by
      Cheers, Sharon

  16. Thank you for writing this I am new to internet marketing. I had not heard of this product before. In relation to their C-T-P-M model, I would describe myself at good at creating content, but I really need to get better at getting lots more free, organic traffic to come to my website.
    I also need to get better at monetizing all my website traffic.
    I noticed that you spoke about Alexa. Is this really the best search engine or would you recommend using something else?

    • You are very welcome.  It is always good for newbies to find articles and posts to assist them moving forward in whereever they are at in their online journey.  But never just settle for one website’s information.  There are a plethora of great websites out there.

      I would just keep posting content as you do get better with experience and you will notice your creative writing improves in spades along the way.

      Alexa is not so much a search engine but a site that analyses website traffic and data.  From this data it is able to rank websites all over the world.  

      Thanks for checking out my site and I do hope it helps you out.
      Cheers, Sharon

  17. Hey there,

    I am student learning science in college and wanted something like this to keep me going. I have seen that domain names here go for $29.

    I have been told by some online marketer friends that domain names should go for $10 to $18, on the maximum.

    Do you think solo build it have over priced their domain names? Waiting to hear your say on this. Thanks

    • Hi Dave,

      Good on you for doing something on the side.  A few years down the track and you will be glad you started your own website, as long as you are consistent with it – so good luck with that.

      Yes, domains should not be too overpriced and between $10-18 is fair enough for a new and quite basic name, but some do come with huge price tags.  I am honestly not sure of the $29 cost within Site Build it?  But I think that is probably too much considering you could go to Godaddy or Crazy Domains and get it for a whole lot less.

      Thanks for checking out my Review Dave and all the very best!

  18. Hi Sharon,
    Great post and review of FAIR Solo Build It. When I was first discovering affiliate marketing back in summer last year I did a lot of due diligence. There sure seemed to be a lot of resources out there and for someone with NO CLUE as to what he was doing, it can be very overwhelming. I have to say I don’t recall ever coming across a FAIR Solo Build it Review so I am glad I have found yours now.

    I, like you, discovered WA and thus far it has been quite good. I’ve learned so much.  From what I can tell of your review you feel as though FAIR Solo Build it is not bad but overall you think WA is a better resource.
    Have you found other affiliate marketing resources that you feel are on par with WA?
    Thanks in advance for your insight,
    Mat. A.

    • Hi Mat,

      Thanks for checking out my post on Solo Build it!  I definitely like to do a lot of research now on any given topic and thankful for reviews like mine that are out there.  I am glad you found my review to check out.

      Solo Build it is still a good platform.  It comes down really to an individuals choice and what they want out of training and community and tools etc.  I don’t think anything compares to WA in my opinion and just thrilled I have found them.  All the best with your journey online Mat.

      Cheers, Sharon

  19. Hi there,

    Thank you kindly for this solo build it review. I actually was searching and thinking to join this program due to the quality of the training but I did get put off by it a little bit – only one site! and did opt to go premium for wealthy affiliate due having the capacity to host more sites. I mean..what if I make a site get bored with the niche and no longer wish to continue? well on WA I can simply leave the site hanging there and still (potentially) collect commissions where as with SBI I’d have to delete the site or host it else where…

    • Hi Derek

      You are right, it is better to have a platform where you can have many sites.  I do have one on the back-burner here at WA, and I did not have to delete it as I continue with another, or many for that matter.  Thanks for taking the time out to check out my Review and glad you made the best decision for your business.

      Cheers, Sharon

  20. This information is spot on. I used to be involved with Sitesell and they do in fact help step by step.
    The thing I have to say is I wasnt as motivated at the time but this article refreshes my memory and I will actually be joining again.
    It is not a scam and next to Wealthy Affiliate it is the second best.
    I will use both because they both have great training.

    • Hi Mark,

      You are right they do help step by step.  That’s great if you benefit from both because of the training.  Both platforms are really inexpensive anyway and the amount of training you do get from both is fantastic.

      All the best with your websites!
      Cheers, Sharon

  21. Hi Sharon,

    I really enjoyed reading your unbiased review of Solo Build It. You covered a lot of detail and I think it would be easy for someone to make an informed decision about which program to join.

    I used to be a member of SBI a few years back. I found their program to be good and I really liked their keyword research tool.

    In my experience with Wealthy Affiliate, I found the training to be simpler and more to the point as you mentioned in your article. As a result, it was easier for me to pick a niche, create a website and work on my business. I also like the fact that the owners are much more accessible at Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Tej,

      When you have first hand experience with these programs you can give a fair assessment of it which I have done and also you have too.  The keyword tool was pretty good with SBI and I know in Wealthy Affiliate we use the Jaaxy Keyword research tool which is also great for finding keywords too.

      The training as you mentioned is definitely simpler at WA.  I found it so much easier to establish a website with the video training – then do a task, which you completed straight away.

      I am glad you are enjoying WA like so many others.  Again, it is a personal preference in what your needs are for your business.  Thanks for stopping by and sharing your helpful comments for others.

      Cheers, Sharon

  22. Solo build it doesn’t seem like a scam but if I had to chose I would have to choose Wealthy affiliate since \you can take advantage of the amount of features it has. I tried solo build before and let me tell you it is good but not great. Wealthy Affiliate may cost more but it is free when you start which is something Solo build doesn’t have. Great review on the solo build it program.

    • No, Solo Build it definitely is not a scam.  Just a different way of setting up your website that is all.  I just found the training was quite long where as WA is quite too the point so no time wasting as you build your site out.

      The cost even though it is dearer at WA, well at least you get a good recurring commission on others who sign with you.  But more importantly, is the amount of tools, training and support you get.  It truly is fantastic.

      Thank you for your comments Brian and stopping by the check my post out!

  23. Solo Build It at first seemed to me to be a questionable platform. Not sure why I originally got that impression when I first came across them, but this is very informative and helpful in sharing an insiders point of view who has tried it personally.

    I agree that the aspect of having a live chat and 24/7 support system is vital in the platform to choose, and frankly that’s exactly why I personally decided to give WA a try and have loved it since.

    However, I think its a good idea to keep an open mind and see what helpful content and platforms are out there, and Solo Build It sounds more reputable to me than I originally thought. Having said that, I would still pay a few extra bucks for the added support and live training’s offered at WA, and the fact that you can try it out for free to see for yourself. Great input, thanks for your help!

    • Hi Cameron,

      Solo Build it is still a great platform and sometimes it just comes down to your needs at the end of the day.  In many of their testimonials they have alot of happy customers so either would be good.

      Paying the extra dollars, (which isn’t much) at Wealthy Affiliate is so worth the support and Live feature, I just found these guys so much better and the user experience around the WA platform is so much more ‘user friendly’>

      Thanks for taking the time out to check out my review and also your comments.
      Cheers, Sharon

  24. This is a very informative Review Thank You! I have never heard of Fair Solo Build It, but might check it out one day. I am a Wealthy Affiliate user as well, and agree that it is a very easy system to navigate. I am content where I am right now, but will certainly book mark this review and keep Solo in mind for the future.

    Great job. Thumbs up!

    • Hi Darcy,

      thanks for stopping by.  There are so many things online these days sometimes I can’t keep up.  Glad you really like Wealthy Affiliate, it truly is a great place to be.

  25. Hi there!

    I just finished reading your article about Solo Build It and thought I would just drop you a quick comment to offer my thoughts.

    First of all, I must say that I totally agree with you that Solo Build It is not a scam. However, I did join the website and there was a couple of things that really bothered me about the membership.

    Firstly, the training was pretty good but in my opinion there was far too much filler content that I felt was there just to bulk out the training. There was a lot of emphasis on taking things VERY slowly and in my opinion this was just to keep you as a member for as long as possible.

    Secondly, the website templates were pretty rubbish when I was a member, although I understand that they now use WordPress, which will certainly improve things.

    Lastly, I was surprised to discover that the creator of Solo Build It was involved in a negative review campaign against their top competitor, Wealthy Affiliate! That’s not good business in my opinion.

    I will personally stick with Wealthy Affiliate but I appreciate the honest review of Solo Build It.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Solo Build it is definitely not a scam, just another option of website building with training and support.  Its great you have had first hand experience yourself as you can see how the training really differs from Wealthy Affiliate who are on point with their training videos and tasks.

      Yeah I saw they have changed to WordPress sites.  The building by block segments was kind of annoying and took a long time to end up writing and putting together a post.

      I did see that campaign and you are right, it isn’t great when negativity is out about any business, especially if untrue.  I like to research companies and just give facts and comparisons, and let my audience make up their own mind!

      Thanks heaps for your insights and comment today, I truly appreciate it!
      Cheers, Sharon

  26. Hallo there,

    I have been considering the idea of joining the Solo Build It because it is fairly cheap and seems workable. However, I have started thinking twice after seeing they don’t give you the chance to test drive their services.

    Do you have any other similar programs in mind that let you try out their services first before committing your money?

    Please help me out. Thanks.

  27. As someone who spent a short stint at SBI, I do agree with you on a few points there like the long training videos and the out dated information. I actually find the forum very difficult to navigate and hope that they could improve on that in the future.

    I also remembered using their in-house keyword tool (don’t know if it’s still there) and found it to be quite complicated as well.

    True enough, SBI is not a scam but not long ago, I received a newsletter from the founder himself, bashing Wealthy Affiliate head-to-head and a fellow member who left a very sour comment on my own SBI review page. They surely didn’t think of it as healthy competition though.

    • Hi Cathy,

      Well you know the platform like I did then.  Comparing it to what we have here at Wealthy Affiliate it really is a lot more complex to use as you have stated.

      I remember the keyword tool vaguely but for sure know that  our Jaaxy keyword tool is alot simplier to use and understand.  Yes, SBI have some good features and again, it comes down to yourself as a user if you enjoy using it to build your website.

      Thanks for checking out my Review on them Cathy and leaving your thoughts.
      Cheers, Sharon


  28. I think Solo Build it has always offered a viable business model, and I’m sure it’s helped a lot of people earn a lot of money. It’s great that you don’t slam it because there are lots of people promoting Wealthy Affiliate who like to suggest that SBI is some sort of scam, when it isn’t. It doesn’t offer as much as Wealthy Affiliate, and I believe WA is better value for money, but SBI is a useful product and something anyone wanting to earn money online should check out.

    • Hi Jack,

      Yes it is a great business model and again, it is one of those platforms that if it suits your needs then use it. 

      SBI is definitely not a scam and I shudder when I see people saying so about not only Site Build it, but many other platforms and products.  I truly like to compare and offer Wealthy Affiliate as an alternative.  I have tried many things and just believe WA gives alot of bang for your buck…. ALOT!!!

      Thanks for checking out my Solo Build it Review and giving your honest comments.
      Cheers, Sharon

  29. It sounds like Solo Build It is a great program to get going fast, but I’m wondering if you can have enough traffic on a site to drive to it and convert within the first 10 days. That feels a bit like it might encourage spammy sites instead of deep sites that aim to help people (of course, any site is only as good as the content on it). One site for $29/mo is pretty pricey, though. Is it solely aimed at Affiliate Marketers?

    • Hi Bevin,

      Solo Build It isn’t a bad program at all.  Again, it is really up to the individual as to what you like about any given system.  Having tried both, I just found WA had soooo much support and was exactly what I wanted in an online business.  It is very affordable and so much training and tools.  

      Yeah, 1 site only.  That is what is great again about Wealthy Affiliate and the fact you can have 50 – not that you would have that many!  

      I think you could use Solo Build it for anything Bevin, and I don’t think it is aimed solely at Affiliate Marketers.  Thanks for checking it out today!

      Cheers, Sharon


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