3 Examples Of Discrimination Even When You Work Remotely

Working remotely can be as stressful as working in an office. It is assumed that when you work remotely, you aren’t going to face discrimination or harassment as you would if you were in the office. Ironically, the opposite is actually true.

You are more likely to feel discrimination since people will often hide behind the veil of the internet to act inappropriately. This means that many ask what is religious discrimination if you are working remotely when the answer is the same as if you were working in person.

To understand if you have been discriminated against even when working from home, you need to understand what discrimination looks like. In this article, we will go over several examples of discrimination when you work remotely.

Wrongful termination

One clear sign that you likely have been wrongly terminated is if you are part of a protected class of workers and are fired for the reason that there are layoffs happening. When layoffs happen, there are usually large numbers of people, and it is seemingly random. Being fired for your status usually follows only a few other firings, which is the surest sign that something isn’t right.

If you were fired because of budget constraints, then many others would be let go too. Remote workers are not immune from this kind of discrimination so keep an eye out for irregular firings and then be ready if it happens to you too.

In fact, it happened quite a bit during the pandemic when women were routinely let go of their positions. Since there was a quarantine going on and schools were not open, it fell upon the mothers to take care of the homebound children while they also worked remotely. This is entirely illegal even though the managers may have felt justified in the name of productivity.

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Hostile atmosphere

When people don’t have to worry about how they look when face to face, they can be quite vile. This can create a very hostile workplace even when you work remotely. When you feel like you are being singled out and feel like there is a mark on you, then this is likely some form of discrimination.

Think about why a manager would have it out for you when you were getting on fine earlier. There is more evidence exposed when you are discriminated against online since there is usually digital communication. Emails, texts, and chatroom archives can all be used to prove discrimination.

Being passed over

When promotions and raises are being handed out and you are not receiving one then you may be discriminated against. If you are in a protected class, then this may be a reason for it. When you are not getting any poor performance reviews, and have a good work record, then you should qualify for a promotion. Make sure to keep any records that show that you are valuable to the company, such as commendations or good performance reviews.


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