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Starting a business from scratch can be tough. On top of all the hard work it takes to get up and running, there’s always the possibility that it just might not work out in the end. That’s why some entrepreneurs opt to buy online businesses instead of building them from square one.

By buying an already established business, you can be sure the business model and operations are a success. It doesn’t mean less work, but it does mean a softer landing for many. Let’s look at some considerations and the best marketplaces to browse if you’re looking to buy an existing online business. 

Pros and cons of buying an online business

As with every business option, there are considerations to weigh. Let’s look at some pros and cons: 

Pros of buying online businesses

  • Established business model, revenue stream, and cash flow
  • Established customer and user base, so you don’t have to build one from scratch
  • Proven business model with established infrastructure, tools, processes, operations, and digital assets
  • Access to valuable performance data through tools like Google Analytics
  • Potential for rapid growth and scalability

Cons of buying online businesses

  • Significant upfront investment compared to building many types of businesses
  • Risk of fraud in the unfortunate event that the seller is dishonest
  • Risk of unforeseen issues or circumstances that weren’t apparent when you made the purchase
  • Possible dependency on the seller’s insights, skills, and relationships
  • No guarantee that your average net profit will be the same as the previous owner’s

10 best marketplaces for buying an online business

Here are some of the top marketplaces to find established businesses to purchase.

1. Empire Flippers

With mentions in publications such as The New York Times, Inc., Forbes, and HuffPost, Empire Flippers has overseen the purchase and sale of more than $450 million worth of internet businesses. You can choose from a wide range of monetizations, like dropshipping, ecommerce, Amazon FBA, display advertising, service, subscription box, and more. 

Empire Flippers analyzes criteria like traffic data, revenue data, business expenses, customer information, and the overall legitimacy of the company. It also confirms that the business has a steady net profit of at least $2,000 per month over the past year.

2. Motion Invest

Motion Invest

Motion Invest offers the sale of legitimate businesses in the form of content sites in various industries, including travel, auto, fashion, and tech. These sites monetize through channels like AdSense, Amazon, MediaVine, Share-A-Sale, and Ezoic. 

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Motion Invest stands out from many competitors because it offers “starter sites.” These sites haven’t made any profit so far, but they’re already set up and ready to run. This option could be ideal for those with a low budget, as some of these starter sites are priced at less than $1,000 to purchase.

3. Flippa


Flippa is a top marketplace for buying established businesses like Shopify stores, domains, SaaS companies, apps, digital services, Amazon FBA stores, blogs, affiliate sites, and more. The company has been around since 2009, and has built a trusted reputation for itself over the years.

Under the “Reduced Price” section of the Flippa site, you can even bid on online companies with a starting price of as little as $1. This can be a great opportunity for those who don’t have the capital to invest in a highly profitable business.

4. FE International

FE international

FE International refers to itself as a technology advisory for M&As (mergers and acquisitions). Founded in 2010, the company has facilitated more than 1,500 successful business exits and over $50 billion in lifetime acquisitions, with an impressive 94% success rate.

The top three categories listed on the site include ecommerce businesses, content businesses, and SaaS (software as a service) companies, as well as several other types. FE International vets companies extensively, looking at things like business operations, opportunities for growth, website traffic, financial metrics, obligations, and market trends to ensure it’s a sound opportunity.

5. Business Exits

business exits

Business Exits specializes in brokering the sale of companies valued anywhere from $2 to $60 million. In 2022 alone, the company hit a $315 million total transaction volume. On the site, you can search listings in categories including ecommerce, construction, manufacturing, marketing and consulting, retail, service, SaaS and software, and wholesale and distribution.

Business Exits puts a lot of work into its meticulous screening and vetting, giving you comprehensive insights on any prospective purchases you’re looking to make. You can engage with them for price negotiations and terms of the sale, and they’ll help transfer ownership once an agreement is reached.

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6. BuySellEmpire


BuySellEmpire boasts a network of more than 10,000 buyers and sellers. The company helps to connect the right people and companies. It has an impressive portfolio, including ecommerce stores, various types of Amazon businesses, affiliate sites, content blogs, Chrome extensions, lead generation, marketplaces, and more.

The team supports buyers through every step of the process, including due diligence and help with post-sale training. Migrations and transfers typically take one to two weeks to complete the sale.

7. Latona’s

latona's marketplace

Latona’s is a trusted brokerage firm for mergers and acquisitions. The company was founded in 2008, but before that the owners were domain name brokers. The site has comprehensive filtering options. This makes it easy to run a search on whatever particular type of entity interests you, as well as browse the catalog.

Search based on price, revenue, visitors, profit, location of the business, and more. You’ll find listings with a wide range of revenue streams, including affiliate, content, domain portfolios, membership, ecommerce, and SaaS.

8. Niche Investor

niche investor

Niche Investor lists profitable websites and blogs that are available for sale. You can view a site’s listing to get background information about the business, as well as the monetization method and monthly revenue it generates.

Niche Investor also has filters in place to make finding the right online business easier. You can search by niche, category, minimum and maximum price, and earnings per month. Additionally, the platform lets you sort listings by newest, oldest, highest price, just listed, and featured.

9. Acquire.com


Acquire.com is the go-to platform if you’re looking to buy a business in the startup and SaaS sectors. The platform allows you to track startup metrics and assess future potential, enabling you to make an informed decision. It also provides free escrow services, legal documentation, and expert assistance when purchasing an existing business.

Additionally, Acquire.com offers a brokerage service for those who prefer a hands-off approach. Plus, it features tools like co-browsing and text chat to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers

10. Side Projectors

Side Projects focuses on, well, side projects. These are businesses that entrepreneurs pursue alongside their 9-to-5 job or main business. From mobile apps to SaaS businesses and ecommerce brands, the marketplace has plenty of small projects that might pique your interest.

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You can filter projects by target market, project types, programming language and the tools used. Once you find a project you like, submit a proposal to initiate conversation with the seller.

How do you get a great deal on an online business? 

You want your investment to pay off, right? Here’s how to make sure you’re squeezing every bit of value from your dollars.

Search everywhere

Look all around to find businesses that might normally go unnoticed. Use different methods to check out and compare their prices, revenue, and important details.

Assess fast

Set up a quick list to score each business. Evaluate things like cash flow, growth potential, reasons for selling, reputation, and customer base. High scores usually mean higher prices, but they also indicate good revenue and growth prospects.

Investigate thoroughly

Examine the legal and tax details of the business and identify any issues before you start negotiating. For example, an online store registered in Europe will likely be subject to sales and value added tax (VAT). The more you know about the business, the stronger your position will be.


The listed price isn’t fixed. With your research and ratings in hand, you can negotiate with the seller to try and lower the price.

Take a different path to entrepreneurship

If you’re interested in making money online, or you’re looking for your next investment, buying an established business can be a great option. Once you begin your search, you’ll find that there are for-sale listings of all shapes and sizes across various industries and niches. Take a look through the marketplaces we’ve discussed above and see where your next opportunity lies.

Buying online business FAQ

Is buying an online business risky?

Buying an online business comes with its risks. To ensure you’re making a safe purchase, start by researching thoroughly. Look over the financial records and key documents. It’s also a good idea to talk with a lawyer who can help with the paperwork and guide you through the process.

What is the best marketplace to buy and sell online businesses?

Entrepreneurs buy and sell online businesses through:

  • Empire Flippers
  • Motion Invest
  • Flippa
  • FE International
  • Business Exits
  • BuySellEmpire
  • Latona’s
  • Niche Investors
  • Acquire.com
  • Side Projectors

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