Do You Do Attraction Marketing?

attraction marketing formula review

So Do You Do Attraction Marketing?

Do you do attraction marketing or are you new to this concept?

In simple terms, attraction marketing is being attractive online.  And no, that doesn’t mean good hair and great makeup!  But being someone who is engaging; helpful, provides solutions to others, gives away free ideas and training’s and support.  A real “go to person” for getting your problem solved.

I recently learned a 5 Step Attraction Marketing Formula.  Following this you will not only have leads coming into your business daily – but increased engagement on Social Media platforms.  You’ll start growing a following and have people approaching you, asking to sign up in your business or happily buying your recommended products or services.

The 5 Step Attraction Marketing Formula

Give Value and Provide solutions

Get out there on Social Media platforms or even through paid methods and share training’s and solutions that will help others. See what questions people are asking and provide content that is a solution to assist them.

Don’t get out there and consistently share your business links.  Share value based content and your business occasionally.

Drive Traffic to your Blog

Through these social media platforms make sure you have a link that comes back to your blog where they see more about you and what you have to offer them. This can be a value based post that you have written. Or a link back to a pdf giveaway or again more tips and value from your blog. Either way, make sure it is of something valuable to the reader.

Build Your List

As people are visiting have an opt-in to gather their name, email and phone number to create a list that you can share content and value with on going. Learn more here about the platform I use to market and build my list with.

Build Relationships with your List

As your list grows in your autoresponder account whether that be Aweber or GetResponse or something else, if you

do attraction marketing

Do you do Attraction Marketing?

have 10 or 10,000 subscribers – continue to send emails to your list and again provide value and solutions.

So you got a phone number in the opt-in?  Great!  Now give them a call!  They want to know you are real and genuinely interested in helping them. Remember, they opted into something you offered so they want something that you have. So it is so important to connect, and give, hence building a relationship.


Continue to send value and stories and solutions and also present offers to your list. Having built relationships over time with the people on your list, they will without a doubt consider (and purchase) your recommendations.


I do hope you enjoyed this post. Definitely check out my video marketing review and all about video and how that may assist with the attraction marketing formula. With Video your following and list will grow exponentially!!!

Because people will see you and get to know, like and trust you!

I do hope you enjoyed this post and how to do Attraction Marketing.
Definitely leave you thoughts on attraction marketing below.

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