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My website is an information site containing;

  • Company reviews
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  • “Best Of” ideas in ways to build your blog and website
  • Various methods of marketing strategies and ideas
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This website is my opinion, from my perspective and in no way does it reflect the opinions of the company I am affiliated with, their opinions – or other companies for that matter.

The information provided on my blog is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge at the ‘time of date’ I published the post.  Yes, there may be omissions, errors or mistakes however I endeavour to give the most researched and accurate information possible.

It is also for informational, educational and entertainment purposes and should not be seen as the only advice you seek.  Relying on my information on my blog without further research is at your own risk.

Even though a number of posts may state claims of incomes earned, in no way am I saying you will earn this, may earn this or earn anything at all.  Any business requires work and generally income comes down to many variables, including initial investment and ongoing effort pertinent to the individual working it.

I am not a professional marketer nor do I hold a degree or certification in this field.  What I do have is over 10 years experience in the online spectrum, educating myself through many forms of online education, self-development, online marketing, and through my own trial and error.


And lastly, with respect to Company Reviews:

Every effort has gone into researching these companies, giving my accurate and honest opinion and in no way am I telling you to join or not join the respective online companies I review.  In regard to any comments or testimonials on the reviewed Company posts.  These are the opinion and perspective of the visitor to my site, not mine.

Before embarking on any endeavour, please do so with caution and seek the advice from your own professional advisors.

Joining or not joining the company is solely your choice.