daily method operation

Daily Method of Operation for Your Success!

Your Daily Method Operation

So how is it? How is your daily method operation working for you?

Are you being productive every day?  Or are you somebody who moves papers around their desk claiming you have been busy all day and really nothing has been achieved.

Everyone is different and we all take action on things at different times. But the keyword here is “action.”   So here are a bunch of tips you can add to your daily method operation.

Set goals or tasks 

And I don’t mean your big juicy ones but just little goals that you want to accomplish for the day, or by the end of the week. Perhaps even a task list and checking off things as you complete.  I love nothing more than seeing things checked off – but it also irks me when they are not.

daily method operationSo get your list of tasks and start doing them.  And of course these smaller goals and tasks are leading you to your bigger ones!

Use a Stopwatch or a Timer

You are writing a blog post. Set that timer, turn everything else off and get it done in the allocated time. I think the key here is to turn off phones, shut down social media and just focus on the task at hand.  Stop multi-tasking.  Especially with blog writing.  This really needs your undivided attention and checking Facebook messages or the News Feed will not help your case!  Focus on one thing at a time and finish it.

Your e-mails

These can be a big distraction and you really must set a time aside for your email opening. I know myself I have opened emails, next thing I am clicking on links in the emails and find myself lost on You tube somewhere!  So again allocate time for emails – get them read, sorted, prioritised and then get out!

60-90 Minute Working Blocks

At maximum spend 90 minutes working your as part of your daily method operation. Be focused on your business – then have a break for 10-15 minutes getting up and moving, going outside for fresh air.  You can only absorb so much for so long and retain it so this is critical really to your learning and to productivity.

I know hours can pass for me. But I do love what I do with my business and Wealthy Affiliate – you can check out my Review right here.  Sometimes working many hours is a good thing as I have really achieved alot however ideally I like to break, make a cup of tea, get up off my chair and walk around.  So definitely take breaks!

Avoid Social Media

Like your emails being a distraction, you must also avoid social media and Skype if you want to get things done. I get it, your Skype button lights up or their are a bunch of notifications on Facebook to read but they can wait!  Stay focused on your task – it’s important for your business to be moving forward and avoiding these distractions.

Create Routines and Habits

Definitely create routines and habits for all your business tasks and make sure you are spending a good amount of time on the ‘Money Making’ activities. My goal is to be getting up earlier – as in 5.30 am.  I am fresher minded in the morning, plus once I have done about 90 minutes work, I can then go off and do my exercise for that “break” in between.

This way I am really producing good content, I have exercised for my own well being and it isn’t even 8 am yet!  Definitely so much better to get these types of things done early  As we all know, life can get in the way and at least I have produced and been active in the earlier part of my day…. Check!

Personal Development

Working on yourself and your mindset should also be incorporated into your daily method operation. Either early morning study, or listening to audio throughout the day or perhaps even 10-15 mins reading a self improvement book. Having gratitude often and a good positive mindset is key for your business and life!

When things are not going well for me, I really just stop and think how lucky I am.  Hey, I have running water, a beautiful healthy family, clothes on my back and a roof over my head.  So stop beating yourself up thinking you have not got it all.  I fall in this trap some times and then quickly change that thinking and realise, just how lucky I and grateful for what I have and where I am.

Healthy Life

Be eating and drinking well, and including exercise into your daily routines.  My weight suffers big time and I eat and drink too much if I am not incorporating exercise into my daily method operation.  Exercise and good food alone will have you feeling great – hence have you working productively.

Family/Work/Life Balance

And don’t forget who you are doing this all for!  Make sure there is time spent with your family. Get that balance right. It is true that when you are starting your online business, it takes away a lot of time from family but rising earlier and working when they are in bed can help here. Plus reward them also for the sacrifices. You are working for them but they are missing you so finding a balance with family is really imperative.


I do hope you found some ideas to include into your Daily Method Operation.  It can be hard sometimes to find that balance however planning and having it on paper will see definitely keep you on track. I am more old school and like my “daily to dos” on paper in front of me. However there is this cool  free tool called  Trello where you can organise your day and life online!

Do share a tip of your own below that I may have missed.

Now go get productive!
Make it a great day,




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