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Daily Cash Siphon Review – Or is $395 Daily Possible?

I am glad you made it to my Daily Cash Siphon Review to get fully informed on this new product with Clickbank.

So is Daily Cash Siphon a Scam?  Or can you really earn up to $395 siphoning ‘a system’, using their seemingly “weird trick” as they state on the Sale’s page?

Or is this just another one of those hyped up programs and a pure waste of your time?

Here I give you a thorough review of this new software program that is Daily Cash Siphon and information about the video training that is involved with it.

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The following will be covered in my Daily Cash Siphon Review

What is Daily Cash Siphon?
How does Daily Cash Siphon Work?
Is it a Scam or Legitimate?
A Proven & Honest way to Make Money Online!

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What is Daily Cash Siphon?

Product Name:   Daily Cash Siphon

Owner:  Chris Parker but a ‘William Fairbrother’ is the spokesperson in the sale’s video

Website:  https://dailycashsiphon.net

Price:   $37 but Upsells of $97 – $197 – $297

Ranking:  Med – Low

The Daily Cash Siphon is a site where you get video training modules on how to set up a WordPress blog, how to blog and monetize the content that you create.

Which is really different to how they present it in the Sale’s video, where they allegedly show you how to use a weird trick to siphon money legally.

daily cash syphon weird trick

And there are a couple of rules that you have to follow

RULE # 1:  This system is legal but controversial – whatever that means?

RULE # 2:  It is only available to certain countries. Basically, if you are able to watch the sale’s video, then it is available in your country.

Read on, for how this system works…


How Does Daily Cash Siphon Work?

The system works by exploiting Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate Marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry and Clickbank is one of the leaders in Affiliate Marketing and it pays out millions each year to it Affiliates.

You sell the product – then collect a nice commission.  Daily Cash Siphon shows you how to find the products which could make you the most money as an affiliate.  And they allege, they find them in minutes.

BUT, and this is a big BUT.  Once you find these products that have huge profit potential to make you lots of cash, now how do you market them?  And that is where the following comes into play…

The Daily Cash Siphon is actually split up into 4 products as it contains 3 up-sells, that vary in prices respectively – $97 – $197 and $297.

The Main Daily Cash Siphon Product

This product is the main one you have bought into.  It is over the shoulder video training that teaches you how to set up a blog, keyword research, guest bloggers, affiliate marketing, writing content, social media and quite a lot more.

What that has to do with siphoning cash daily as the video suggests, is baffling to me.

If you know anything about building a website/blog, you know it takes time to add content, be found by your targeted traffic and to make money.

daily cash siphon only 30 minutes a day

I can give you a HUGE TIP right here.  Blogging – writing content and being found in your niche takes a lot more than 30 minutes a day.  Which then has you question their “Simple Steps.”

And the sale’s video doesn’t really match up with what you have access and learning in the system.

Then there’s the Upsells – Always be wary of upsells in programs like these.  They always tell you that the real value and how you are going to make money quicker is if you get someone to set up your site – hence paying for the upsell, because you apparently need it!

The 1st Upsell has them set up your very own Daily Cash website.  This a website and blog that is already made with content on it that will supposedly make you commissions.  Anybody can have a blog.  The real work comes from learning how to write your content and get it ranking.  This means learning good keyword research and SEO.

Yes, it seems that the basics are covered in this training to get traffic, however, it takes time for targeted traffic to visit your site.  Don’t get me wrong, once the traffic starts rolling, and you keep creating content it can have a snowball effect.  But again, it takes time.

Not in 7 minutes and 19 clicks!  And not copying their simple steps!

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The 2nd Upsell seems to be similar to the first however another blog in a different niche.  Again, there are still things to learn in blogging and just because you have a pretty website in a specific niche doesn’t mean you will “Siphon Cash Daily” !

The 3rd Upsell has basic and advanced traffic strategies.  Will they work, who knows?  To me, it seems like you would be wasting your money, as you are apparently learning traffic strategies in the main course anyway.

Or perhaps you could spend money on these advance traffic strategies, then no doubt be spending additional money on paid advertising as well.


Is Daily Cash Siphon a SCAM or Legit?

Daily Cash Siphon is definitely NOT what it says in the Sale’s video.  Didn’t it say you were able to start in 7 minutes and 19 clicks?

And be earning 3 figures by about the 3rd day and over 1k in a week?  I truly think this will not happen.

When you are in the back office of the Daily Cash Siphon, it is all about setting up a website/blog to write content on.  And through my own experience (and if you have created a blog you will know), it takes time, alot of time to build it.

And the training presented is good basics of starting this blogging process.  But you didn’t sign up to this to go through all these steps.  They didn’t say it came with all of this.  You wanted to be making money on the 3rd or 4th day and that is just not going to happen.

So I am at medium recommendation with this system.  Yes, the training seems good for blogging basics and traffic.  But that is not what they were promoting as the Daily Cash Siphon.

So really, it is so misleading from what was presented on the Sale’s Video. 

And when a system isn’t transparent and doesn’t give you exactly what you paid for… then I would be getting my money back.

However, I must give the system a PRO and that is, at least they give you a 60-day money back guarantee.  I think if you get this product, you will probably waste your time but break even!  But that is just my opinion, I hope you can work out yours!

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This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.


A Proven & Honest Way to Make Money Online

Seriously, stop wasting your money on these systems that don’t even give you the right information in the first place.  They say one thing and you are delivered something completely different.

When I discovered what I am part of now, I was able to get in, set up my account and check it out for free for as long as I wanted to.

And everything they had on the “sale’s page” rang true inside when I looked.  Actually, it had all it said it did and so much more!

The help and support you get from the community is unbelievable.  And it is available 24 hours a day!

I have learned SEO and how to rank my blog posts on the search engines.  YOU found me, didn’t you?

Yes, you found me and it didn’t cost me a thing.  Learning how to research keywords, write quality content and then rank those posts on Google has me get in front of the right audience.

I have people coming to me, joining me, I am NOT chasing them!

Check it out here in more detail then create your own free starter account to see if it is something you would like to pursue.

And don’t worry, we don’t upsell, downsell or even try to sell you the system.  You get to see it for yourself and join in your own time!

Check it out for as long as you want!  LEARN MORE HERE!

And yes, it is a real business.  It is real work and not a get rich quick scheme. But the reward for doing the work is so worth it!

I will be your personal mentor within our system.  I will guide you the way, just as my mentor did for me.  But with so much help available I won’t be the only one assisting you!

Get in, create your starter account now!
I will see you on the other side.

Thanks for checking out my Daily Cash Siphon Review today and do comment your thoughts below.
Cheers, Sharon




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8 thoughts on “Daily Cash Siphon Review – Or is $395 Daily Possible?”

  1. This seems like a really shady program, I have fallen for scams before a few times and so I know what they smell like and this Daily Cash Siphon has my scam senses tingling. Honest and legit programs don’t use words like “secret trick” which we all know doesn’t really exist and it’s just used to create some sense of mystery, as if you’re paying for some untapped gold mine.

    Yeah I know they say they have a 60 days money back guarantee so I guess it’s risk free to try, but how confident are you that they will actually honor this guarantee? Does Clickbank make them refund the money if you ask?

    • Hi Kent,

      Yeah it does seem shady and lucky for you, (or unlucky for falling for them), but lucky you are able to spot these a mile away.  These copywriters still put up these titles to create mystery don’t they?  And for the unsuspecting newbie to online marketing, it is such a shame but they fall for these.

      With the 60 day money back guarantee, from my belief, Clickbank is pretty good at refunding.  The beef I has, is what a waste of time you will have when you go through this and realise it isn’t all it is cracked up to be!

      Thanks for your comments today and checking out my Review,
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Oh, these marketers and their silly tricks. I’ve seen the script they use in the Daily Cash Siphon video used over and over in so many other videos. The part with the countries is a dead giveaway and so unnecessary. Why wouldn’t they just come out in plain English and just say what people are getting?

    Even though you say the training is good for what they’re teaching, if they’re using these underhand techniques to sell you their course, then it’s not worth it in my opinion. The process you outline at the end seems like a much better way to go.

    Thanks for writing up this detailed review of Daily Cash Siphon. I’m not going to get into that at any time.

    • Hi Jay,

      I love what you say right up.  And I have seen similar scripts in similar programs as well, it is amazing these people make money at all.  But if you are new to online marketing, then the information they show about what they earn etc etc, gets you interested.  

      I just hope a newbie finds this Daily Cash Siphon first before wasting their time and money.

      I like to give credit where it is due, if a program does give good training then I like to mention it.  But again, it doesn’t align with what they sell in the sale’s video so that part goes against them.  Just not transparent!

      Thanks for checking out this Review Jay and your comments are appreciated.


  3. Hello and I appreciate your review of this site. It’s not a scam but it’s certainly not the number one choice I would go for to learn about making money online and affiliate marketing. There is indeed a far better value for money platform to use for this. Thanks again Kenny

  4. There are so many of these affiliate marketing programs floating around. It’s really upsetting how they try to lure you in with these promises of quick and easy money, and then try to up sell you more “secrets” every step of the way. I checked out the website you said taught you to build your website, and I really like how you get to try it free without even giving any credit card information! Definitely giving it a try!

    • Hi Bobby,

      There are heaps and it is such a shame they come with such shallow promises.  And I cannot stand upsells and secrets it just isnt right!  

      Glad you are checking out what I have to offer, a FREE trial on a business system that helps you build a website. What is great about our program is it is free to check out for as long as you want.  No upsells, no surprises!


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