23 HOT Topic Blog Writing Ideas for Your Website

blog writing ideas

Want Blog Writing Ideas for Your Website?

Sometimes it is tough to come up with new content for your website.  You get writer’s block.  Or maybe you have just started a website and you ask “What do I do now?”

One HUGE tip right off the bat, is to be building your website around something you love. Creating a website and business around your niche, will keep you interested and motivated to continue when things aren’t going your way.

But more importantly, you know the subject, you are the expert and you are the one who is going to provide your returning audience with a ton of value.

And don’t think just because a topic has been covered there is nothing more to say about it. There will be people online that relate to you and your writing style, so you will captivate an audience of like-mind to you.

Below I have compiled a list of 23 ideas that you can get blog writing about.

Not sure how to write your posts?  I have how to structure your blog posts covered for you here!

Now onto the list…

No.1   Dig Deep in Your Niche

Research your niche and you will have a ton of content to write about.  Perhaps you are in the health industry and have chosen to go down the path of let’s say, Yoga.

As you know there is so much you can talk and write about. The poses, which could include video to explain correct techniques, (and that video is now more content because it is on Youtube), or appropriate clothing you must wear.  I have no idea about Yoga, but you could include explain about many variations of exercises all in separate posts.

No.2   Creative Eye Catching Titles

Words such as; Best, Powerful, List of 23…, Guide to, Review, How to…, Scam, the current year and also numbers.  These words included in your title are more likely to be clicked on.

Really think about what catches your eye as you are skimming posts you have Googled.  Why did you click on it?

Your creative title is your window of opportunity to get someone clicking on your post, instead of the 9 others on that search engine page.

No.3   Product or Company Reviews

Writing detailed company and product reviews will keep your visitors engaged, but more importantly fully educated once they have read your review.

And they may just join you in your venture, or buy from you, because they were in the decision making process.  These are definitely the winners on my website.

No.4   Quotes In a Post or Photos with Quotes

Whether you niche is sport, health or business related, there is definitely not a shortage of insightful quotes. You don’t have to be in the personal development industry to share a post full of inspiration!

No.4   Video Tutorials

What is brilliant about video, is not only can you have it in your post and write detailed information on it.  But you now have a video that could be found on You tube.

That video is another piece of content, as well as your post, that can be found in the search engines.  It is a win-win with video embedded in your posts.  And the more you use video the better for you.

how to get traffic from youtubeNo.5   You Tube Videos in Your Content

You can write a blog post on video content you found on You tube.  If the video has share or embed functions under it, then you can use it on your blog.

You may get found for your post, but the video is still credited to the owner which can be a win for both of you.

No.6   How to….  Posts

“How to” posts are great.  People go online for a need.  They want something.  If you are providing “How to” posts and giving your reader a solution to their problem, then they will probably be back!  Or, they will consider the solution, (aka – a link to your affiliate product). So consider being solution oriented in many posts in your niche.

No.7   Share Your Travel Experiences

If you are in the travelling niche, then you no doubt will have your own travel experiences, (I hope you take photos!) to share to your audience. People love seeing places and what other’s get up to – I know I do!

No.8   Write up a Guide

A comprehensive guide is a brilliant way to show your reader that you know what you are talking about. There will always be someone that has less experience in any given field, so your knowledge and skills will definitely assist them.  Include resources from within your site plus from other reputable sites in your niche that may help them out.

No.9   Be Inspired by Similar Posts

Being inspired by other people who are in a similar niche to you can help your blog writing ideas.  What is important here however, is to be inspired and to write your own interpretation of it.  Never ever copy anybody else’s work.

No.10   Tutorials

People want to learn things and always seek learning material online.  You could have video tutorials, or step by step information with images to get your teachings across.

I provide a simple tutorial here on how to find free images online.  And as you can see, not only is it a blog post, but the video is on You tube gaining views and even visitors back to my website.

No.11   Publish Posts about Your Success… and Failures

One thing I love to see is how successful people are online.  And images of stats about their site or income to back it up.  I also like to hear their failure to success as well.  There is no such thing as someone being uber successful without the struggles behind it and it is nice to see blogs written also about struggles to get where they are now.

Something we can relate to and being real!

No.12   Write Lists

Just like I am writing here, put together lists of things for people to find.  10 Powerful Marketing Tools.   The 21 Best Social Media Platforms. Or anything related to your niche.  And as you can see, using the eye catching words as well.

No.13   Learn then Teach Others

Have you ever taken notes at a conference or when participating in a company training for your business. Well these notes could serve others.  From what you have learned, you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be someone that hasn’t been taught that lesson.  Your notes are a great resource for more blog writing ideas.

No.13   Write up a Case Study

Make up a full case study of something you have achieved.  How you did it, results good and bad along the way but how you succeeded in the end.  The full process.  I love looking at case studies.  Demonstrates to me what is possible if I am going down the same path.

No.14   Testimonials of Success

If you are part of a business online and have success stories, then make a post of testimonials that lead back to your opportunity.  There is nothing like seeing real people with real results and you are part of that like-minded successful community.

No.15   Write up about Podcasts

People go online these days to watch video, read written material and also to listen to audio as well. If you go to itunes and type in something relevant to your topic, I am sure you will find something that can inspire you to write about.  Linking to the podcast will give the author credit for their work too.

No.16   Social Mediawhat types of social media are there

Social Media being on many platforms will provide you with a plethora of things to talk about.  With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to name a few, there is some strategy you may do that could assist others.

The ideas are truly unlimited here and could have you writing many blog posts for your website.

No.17   Events Worldwide

Just recently Black Friday occurred in America and I saw “Sales” everywhere online. You could write posts about events that happen whether they are monthly or annually.

What is great is the event comes round again, just like Black Friday does.  So there is no reason why you cannot write about them.  For the following year, just go in and update your post!

No.18   Charts and Graphs

Images are always great on sites and pie and bar charts are always interesting to see. If people are skimming your posts they get the data visually and easily.  Chartgo is a great site to create these types of charts.

No.19   How To Create a Website

If you are blogging you will have some knowledge on how to build out a website.  I am part of a platform that teaches me just that!  So writing posts about building websites and directing people to the platform I use is a huge help to them.  Especially when they see they can create a website for free!

Create your starter account here if you want to check my awesome deal out!

No.20   Other Blogs

We get inspiration from other popular and reputable bloggers so writing up a post that contains material you were inspired about from one of them is another idea.

No.21   A FAQ Post or Page

You may get alot of questions related to your niche and what better way to answer them but all in a post – or on a static page on your website.

You can obtain these type of queries from forums or social media groups.  Another really good idea that will give answers to others in your niche.

No.22   A Series of Videos and Posts

Make up a series of, “How to” videos and posts.  I am doing this for WordPress tutorials.  There is quite alot to learn in the back office of a wordpress site so quick videos of how to use various parts of the admin area will be helpful to those who are just starting out.  Each video will become a post and also a video now displayed on You tube… #winwin

No.23   Blogging or Marketing Secrets

People love secrets and especially if they feel they have stumbled across something no one else is doing.  Blog about how you got your posts to Google’s page 1.  Share strategies you have learned for marketing. Each strategy could be in it’s own post.

There is so much to blogging and marketing and lots of free strategies.  Your audience will love the fact you took the time to write up an informative post to share with them.

In Summary

There are so many things you can blog about. This is really just the tip of the iceberg. It can depend also on your niche and what you are truly passionate about, that will inspire you with many ideas for content.

Make sure when writing from some of these ideas here, you include nice images and even video throughout your posts. As I said before those videos are their own piece of content and now you have more ways of being found on Youtube as well.

If you are looking to build a website and blog then definitely check out how I do it, step by step, with 24 hours a day community support then check out my full review on this platform here!

I do hope you liked my post and I have inspired you to take some of them with you. If you have any other blog writing ideas then please add them in the comments below!

Make it an awesome day!



Starting A Internet Business From Home

Are you looking at starting a Internet Business from home?

Then you have definitely come to the right place. In this post I am going to go through a few of the elements of this online system that can have you working your own business.

How to Start an Internet Business from Home

There are generally many parts to a business however these are the 3 components required for your success online in your own internet business.

Your own Website. Education/Training. Expert help and Support.

Following is a video of all the aspects of an internet business and Kyle, the CEO of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, goes through them and how you can get up and running quickly with your own website.

He shows you the entire system, where to go for the training and support, where to build your website and research keywords and how to tap into the wonderful community… and a whole lot more.

So check it out!

starting a internet business

Get started directly here on this program and get your Internet Business started today! 


The Benefits of Starting with the Wealthy Affiliate Program

What is great about this program is, (and as you would have seen demonstrated in the video), is that it literally takes you by the hand to set up your internet business.

For a free and unlimited time you have access to many areas of the Wealthy Affiliate back office.  You can build 2 websites (50 on the paid membership) but have access to classrooms that cover building your site, keyword research, seo, content writing and of course a whole lot more.

work from home based businessFor the first 7 days you will not only see the welcome and support you get from the CEO’s, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim.  But also, the 24 hours a day live chat support from the growing community.

As a free member the Live Chat feature will only be available for 7 days, however you have access to other means of support (like asking or writing up questions, and searching in the Search Bar your question) which will in return, get your queries answered.

The Certification Course which is 5 courses x 10 lessons – takes you through tutorials and tasks to assist you in building your website. For a free member it is the 1st course x 10 lessons free.

Which is pretty generous don’t you think!

That is enough to get the framework of your website built. You will learn how to find a niche that is right up your alley, find decent and well searched keywords, get familiar with seo and also how to create content for your site.

So as you can see the 3 main components as I stated above are well and truly covered here, even with the free membership!

Websites, Education and Support.

An Internet Business Without Investment

Businesses do cost money online. To join and to run. To purchase products and be part of their product’s associated commissions.

But how would you like an internet business without investment… initially?.

To sign up, without a credit card or any payment for that matter, and get in and check it out for free… for as long as you want, It is rarely seen in any business or program online.

Well let me tell you, Wealthy Affiliate gives you the ability to do just that.

So Click Here to learn even more about this program, or go here now because you want to get in and check it out for free.

I do hope you like the information I provided here to start a internet business from home, but more importantly, you get inside Wealthy Affiliate and do your due diligence.

It truly is a wonderful place to be!

Make sure you check us out and please comment below any queries you may have, or if you are an existing Wealthy Affiliate member, a comment on your own experience so far.

Make it an awesome day!









How Can I Work From Home on My Computer?

how can I work from home on my computer

So you are here to ask the question, “How can I work from home on my computer?”

There are really quite a lot of options you can do for work at home.  Some are simple, however would be very part time, and some ideas could set you up for life.

Below I give you some examples of work you can do at home on your computer.  I have also given you my favourite and highly recommended one, and the type of work I have done to be successful online.

Some Freelancing Ideas

You could put your secretarial, technical, financial, writing or design abilities to the test – and be paid accordingly.

There are a number of Freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork, that are looking for those with skills in these areas. So, if you are experienced in one area or many, this could open up many options.

Perhaps a Virtual Assistant using all your secretarial and administration knowledge, that you may have gained in your 9 to 5 job.

Content writing for bloggers or article writing for magazines may be right up your alley!  With hundreds of websites being created daily, there is always a demand for people with blogs wanting fresh content.

Designing services for websites like header banners, or banners for ads.  Perhaps your creativity could be put to work designing logos and flyers or posters etc.  Just so many ideas!

If you are a programmer or have SEO knowledge, you could offer this service for people’s websites.  If they are not doing well with their website then optimizing it is a necessity if they want to be found!

Do you buzz around social media?  Perhaps doing social media advertising for businesses could be another avenue to go down!

Look, there are really many ideas that could have you working at home on your computer.  I have compiled a comprehenisive 2017 Online Business Guide with many options, so get in and check that out as well!

However, there is one option that I think is the best.  It is the platform I use myself and highly recommend to others.  It is Wealthy Affiliate, a website building platform, that comes with training and support to assist you as you build your site.

3 Very Important Things for Online Success

There are 3 things you need to be successful online and quite simply put, they are;

    1.   Educationhow can I work from home on my computer
    2.   Websites
    3.   Help


And with Wealthy Affiliate, my No.1 recommended business, the great thing is, is they cover all 3 of these very important aspects of your business.


Learning new things is so important if we want to grow.  Having the right education for your online business is so important.  And even more vital, the education and training is always up to date.  There is no point joining a business that has training from 5 or 10 years ago.

It has to always evolve and change with the ever changing internet.  At Wealthy Affiliate, the training is very step by step, and updated with what is working now in the online space.  I cannot tell you how important this is for your long term success.


Yes, you can get websites online, however most let you build them, you have a bit of support – but then what?   How is this awesome new website supposed to be found?

Having the training and education that I previously spoke about with Wealthy Affiliate, you will learn how to structure your website pages and posts.  You will learn how to optimize them so they have better chances of ranking in the search engings. You also learn many paid options as well.

If you are doing any type of business these days, even local business, then it is so important to have a website.  And, to not have paid the earth for it either!   Some website developers can charge you an arm and a leg for a website that you could create yourself.


Help and support are things you will always require.  There is always someone who is a step ahead of you, knows more than you, and more successful than you.  So wouldn’t it be nice to have access to those that are walking the same path but they are ahead of you.  And have the ability to access them as you require help for your own business.

Plus support and quick support for that matter, from the company itself.  What I love now about Wealthy Affiliate is the company owners are easily accessible.  And support tickets to get any website technical hitches fixed, are promptly answered.

With online business it does take time to build and grow.  So, there is nothing worse than being stuck and not getting the help and support you require.


In Summary

There are so many options available online.  You have to do what is right for you, and a fit for you and your family.  Without a doubt however, a website is really important for long term success.  And the reason I highly recommend the platform I am part of.

I am where I am because of the education, step by step and up to date training.  For its easy to set up websites and the training to assist me to build it.  And the help and support I get, 24 hours a day, you can easily see why this in my No.1.

You can check out a full Wealthy Affiliate review right here, to get a full look in at what this platform has to offer.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how can I work from home on my computer.  Please leave your comments below and let me know a “type” of work from business that you may be doing.
Make it a great day,














Want to Know How to Blog For a Living?

how to blog for a living

Want to know the best way on how to blog for a living?

Then read on as I share with you the tried and proven methods of how you can build your own website and blog.

And the reason why a blog is a great path to take to earn an income, is because content you write today, posts and pages you create tomorrow, or a week from now – will always be online and possibly found by your audience… forever!

Why are Blogging and Websites so Good?

If you learn the importance of keyword selection for your chosen niche (which is the topic your blog is about).  And learn how to find well searched keywords that are in your niche (and not too competitive), then you have the potential of having a well visited website and blog, and even better, making commissions and money from it.

The internet is thriving these days. With over 40% of the population online and almost 3.8 billion users, bottom line, if you are not doing business on the internet, then you are leaving possible income on the table.  Check out some live internet stats here.

Because don’t you think, out of all those people, there will be an audience that will be interested on what you have to share and sell?

So lets get back to learning to blog for money.

First up, you will need a website.  Yes there are many reptuable sites online like WordPress, Wix and Weebly, however, ideally you will want to get step by step guidance.  Support is a must and you will need people who have done it before – so you know you are building your blog and website the right way.

The No.1 program I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate

The best work at home based businessAnd no I am not bias – not at all.

I have been online for years to see alot of what does not work in a blog with the objective to make money.   You see anyone can go online and create a blog.  There are so many platforms as I suggested before.

However there are a number of reasons I want to share with you about this program so do check out the list below and why I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

  • They are very transparent, so you get to see all they have to offer for free.  And I can tell you, not too many programs allow you to do that these days.  There is normally a starting fee to get in that front door!
  • And, if you choose to remain a free member, even though not all the training is not accessible, you still get 2 free websites that are also hosted free via the SiteRubix platform.
  • There are no surprise upsells on the way in.
  • There is step by step training. You are taken by the hand, starting at scratch with your blog and website.  You are taught how to write pages and posts, and how to optimize those posts to get found on Google and other search engines.
  • You have a keywword tool to use, to find competitive keywords in your niche.  And you can save lists of keywords for later use.
  • There is a huge supportive community where you can get live help from the Live Chat section. Which means you ask a question now and you will get an answer right now!
  • Support also comes in blog format where you can put out to the community a question, and several people may answer it.
  • The company owners are around to help at times in the live chat section to answer your queries.  Which is generally unheard of in big businesses online.  Usually you have no access to the owners.
  • And if you require website technical support, then a support ticket is answered within 24-48 hours.
  • On top of the very comprehensive training, there is also a weekly Live webinar which covers all topics and important things related to your blog and website.

So you truly are not alone as your website evolves.

Do yourself a favor and check out a full review on Wealthy Affiliate which includes the minimal cost price point, and all things involved with this outstanding platform.

But you still may wonder how your write posts and learn SEO to be found in the search engines?

Well all of those questions and many more are answered within Wealthy Affiliate.  With its step by step guided training, right from creating your website in about 45 seconds to writing pages and posts, this platform will have your website growing and being found online in no time!

I know – because I did just that.  I joined and followed the step by step training and as you can see, my website is growing in leaps and bounds.

And more importantly I am being found on Google.  You found me didn’t you?

I invite you to check out this platform that will set you up with a website and blog and the potential of making money for a living.

And if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, then please share your thoughts below on what it has done for you and your business.  Make it an awesome day!









How Can I Make Money Fast Online?

how can I make money fast

Are you looking for for easy ways to make money fast?

In Facebook and on the Internet, I see many people who are looking for that easy and quick buck.  Straight up – I hate to share it with you – it really does not exist.  If you are NOT prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work on your own website and business online, then really, why should any money, rightfully be given to you?

Yes, there are ways to earn a little part time money here and there, and I have seen some websites listing posts that say you can earn money fast.

But do your really want to be going through repetitive surveys day in day out, that only pay you a few bucks?  So that means, in a day or two, you probably will have some dollars in your pocket, however, is that really the type of ongoing work-life-balance you want to have?

Or you could do some trading or betting for quick money back.  But be careful doing this, as huge risks are involved with this type of  “money maker”.  You could and probably will lose money very quickly if you don’t know what you are doing.

Perhaps doing a variety of mindless tasks, like data entry, web research or form filling for sites like Clickworker.   Yes you are rewarded with a bit of cash, so perhaps this is something you want to pursue.

But seriously.  After realising you want a different career now your kids have grown up, and no doubt you are over your boss. Is filling forms the stimulating and rewarding job or business you aspired to have?

I truly doubt it!

Changing Your Mindset about Money

make money fast quote


I think it is important to change your mindset on thoughts like “Can I get rich quick”.  And move to a more abundant mindset – get serious about what you want out of life.

Thinking with a scarcity mindset will often have you feeling there is no hope, and never enough to go around. Hence, ongoing negative thoughts about lack of money and things.

I like to really dream about what I want, and what I want to do.  I don’t know how I am going to get it, but I find if I get busy “taking action” then ideas pop into my head, and things present themselves. And, I start doing tasks that have me move closer to my goals.

So rather than looking on the internet for the best ways to make money fast, why don’t you think of ways that you can earn money residually, passively.

Making Passive Income

Just imagine, getting money for work you did 6 months ago, a year ago or even 5 years in the past.  How cool would that be?   You are at the beach on a family holiday, and you get emails of  “You have just made a commission.”  Well that will be my reality this coming summer of 2017, as it is already happening for me now.

I am consistently building my online business right now, so I will be paid whether I am sitting at my laptop or not.  I am going to be one of those people who checks their paypal account on payout day, and commissions will be in there.

And it is for work I did yesterday, or could be work I did 6 months ago.

Because that is what setting up and building your own website can give you.


But how do you do that?  You have no experience.  You have no idea how to build a website.

And what is really important is; you have to be part of something that is reputable, has been around for a long time, and stays updated with the ever changing online world.

Build Your Own Website

So get building your own business and website online.  But another question, how do you know this platform and program I am presenting you with today is reputable and not a scam?   Well….

For starters you get to check the whole program out for free.  So put away those few $$$ that you made!

And click here to check it out fully in your own time.

But first up, here is a bit of a break down of what is on offer, so you too can start building your own online website and potentially earn an ongoing income.

Included in This Website Building Platform

2 Free Websites or 50 on the Premium Account.

You then get taken by the hand and step by step with video tutorials to get your website set up. And then learn how to add content to it on a regular basis.

All of your websites and tools, the hosting of your site and security come as part of the very low priced package, so there is no going to third partites for other tools you may require.

Support comes in spades,  from the growing community and in a live chat forum 24 hours a day.  Which means you ask a question now, it will be answered now.  You also have the person you signed with ready to assist and technical support for your website is only a support ticket away.

I want to mention again, the training you get.  As you are taken step by step, you will find your website evolves.  So essentially it is not about racing throught the training.  But, building your website as you go.

In Summary

I do hope you liked this post on how I can make money fast.  Can it be done?  Maybe.
But ideally I hope you go down the path of a business that will pay you years to come for work you are doing on it right now.  There is nothing like building your own website, in a niche you enjoy, and being paid for doing so.

From those two very beautiful words called Passive Income!

All the best on your online journey.
Put your credit card away and do check full a review on what I do here!
Cheers, Sharon














Want to Know How to Start an Online Business from Home?

how to start an online business from home

Have you often wondered how to start an online business from home?

You are over working for a boss, the long commute to work, and putting the kids into daycare.  You just want a change and you want it now!

But venturing online can be daunting.  There are so many get rich quick schemes, or push this button here and collect your cash there – I mean who on earth do you put your trust into these days?

From my experience online, I can tell you first hand, the best type of program to become part of is the one that is fully transparent.  You get to check it out for free, and it comes with no surprises like bigger product upsells on the way in, or later down the track.

If the business you become part of has a large product line, then don’t you think it only be fair, that you know about these “other products’, before you electronically sign on the dotted line?

Advice that is Given to a New Business Owner Online

I see many websites that give great advice on steps to starting an online business.  Some are quick to give you great pointers like the ones below, that essentially are necessary to succeed.

They say to find a need and fill it.
Make sure you write good copy that sells.
Design and build your own, very easy to use website.
Use the search engines like Yahoo and Google to drive traffic to your website.
In doing this you will establish an expert reputation for yourself.
Make sure you follow up your customers and subscribers with emails.
And increase your sales through back end sales and up selling higher ticket products.

They definitely are great tips and ideas to start your own business.

But… how do you find a need to fill?  Where on earth do I even start looking to discover this need?  So you have to write good copy.  How do you know what to write about, what topics, and who is going to show you?

Get a website.  Where do I get that?   And… how do I build it?

So even though this advice is what you need, and the components of a successful business foundation, it’s important you do it with a platform or a system that takes you through the necessary steps to build your online business.

And more importantly, the platform and company you use, are reputable, and have been around for a long time.  And they have the tools, support and the community to help you.

So where on earth do you find this type of help and support and tools for that matter?

Well let me introduce you to a platform that has all of what I mentioned above …  and then some!

This training system and website building portal is called Wealthy Affiliate and it teaches you right from having no website at all,  to building it step by step, gets you sharing a niche that you are passionate about, and driving traffic to it.

And shows you how to make that website profitable.

The 4 steps of this Online Business you can do From Home

what is affiliate marketing training


Step 1.  Choose an Interest

Do you have a hobby or a passion you absolutely love talking about?  Whenever you are with family or friends are you an expert on dogs or cats, and you just love sharing stories about them.  Well, you could build your own online business around that niche, talking and writing about it.

But how do I build a business?

Step 2.  Build a Website

You are taken by the hand to get your own website up and running.  Pages with content about you, about your passion and what your website is about.  Then you are taught how to write informative and quality content in blog posts for your visitors to enjoy.

But how do people find and visit me and my new website?

keyword search seo toolStep 3.  Attract Visitors

You may or may not have heard the term – SEO – which stands for search engine optimization.  As you are taken step by step on how to build your content, you are also shown how to optimize your website and each and every post.

With proven techniques and a vast amount of training that covers every aspect of website building and seo, your posts, filled with information containing your passion, will potentially be found on page 1 of Google.

Just as many of my posts (on my website), that I have displayed here in this image!  Posts from Position 1 to 10 which indicates they are on Google’s Page 1.

But that is all great, you have a website up and running and people visiting – but how do you make money?

Step 4.   Earn Revenue

Once you have an audience and regular visitors, then you will be taught how to insert affiliate links and banners to products or services that your visitor may want to buy.  If you don’t know much about affiliate marketing and how it works then learn more on my article right here.

Because essentially that is what you will be doing.  Affiliate marketing, in your own online business!


I do hope you enjoyed my post and how to start an online business from home.  If you want to check out alot of other alternatives in online business, I have put together a 2017 Guide that goes over alot of what is available online.

Do comment below and let me know some of the steps you endured as you started your own online business.  I would love to hear them!

And if you are looking for a very transparent, business in a box then click here to check out a full review on the platform I successfully use!













Best 2017 GUIDE to Online Home Business

best online home business

Finding the best online home business for you can be challenging and daunting all at the same time.  With so much on offer on the internet these days, you can truly be overwhelmed as to what is the best option for you.  

So I have put together this guide for you, from personal experience and researching what is out there on offer. I know exactly how you must be feeling if you are new to this. I was like that too.

My problem was (or perhaps to my advantage now), is I did try alot of things; MLMs, Direct selling, Trading, I was even part of a scam briefly. But doing all of those things led me to what I now do online, which is build my own website around my passion – and get rewarded residual income to do it.  

If you can bypass a lot of the crap that is so (unfortunately) readily available, then you will find your whole online home based business experience a much better one!

I will not necessarily be listing individual MLMs or companies, but I will give you some insight into the types of business you may/or may not become part of.  Like I said, this is from personal experience and my learned insights into these types of online business.

Food for Thought on Promotion

If you decide to travel down the MLM path, I suggest you find a better way to promote it than your upline may have planned and be teaching you.  Hassling family and friends is one way, or with the convenience of the Internet, going online and doing the same – is another.

With MLM products, shakes, lotions and potions, they are just not found in your brick and mortar stores.  And for good reason, they are usually overpriced, so your sales can reward you.

The not so good part of all of that is, if you are taught to promote in the form of home parties, is it is harder for your family and friends to say “No thanks, I do not want any of your product,” when they may be in your home, and part of the party you are hosting.  Obligation comes to mind.

In stores it is waaay easier, to say “No thank you” to the shop attendant.  Think about that right there.  How long is it going to take before you piss off the people around you.  Yes, you love the product, but it has a financial incentive for you to get it sold, and lots of it.

But your nearest and dearest will tire of you if you keep harping on about it and trying to sell them all the time.  

And if you are promoting to all of your social media accounts, day in day out, your amazing weight losing products, well  that ‘unfollow’ or ‘BLOCK’ button for them, is a just a click away!  

So be prepared to lose “Facebook friends” if you promote and are selling this way!

Promoting your business can be done alot easier, and the key is to finding a way that will have your online enterprise around for years to come.  Do read on…


Your Business Lasting the Test of Time!

online website buildersI want to share also in this guide a way of YOU and YOUR products being found and bought.  You may feel you have the best online business opportunity, however instead of hunting down people to buy from you, you become the authority in your niche and the hunted.  

Yes, you heard right… being found on this place called planet earth and people wanting to purchase from you!  

Which means you don’t have to trick Grandma or Aunt Betty into something they just do not want to be a part of. You can and will get your products or service in front of your target audience. And your social media presence and profile will stay intact without people feeling they need to unfollow you.  

So even though I will list many and varied options for an online business, I can probably say hand on heart, you truly need your own website – your own online ‘real estate’.  Whether its branding you, or you are selling from it, from all my experiences online over the years, I feel having your own site is hugely important for long term success.  

But first up, what is available in an online business for you?


A Guide to Different Types of Businesses

So there are many types of business you can do online.  I wanted to share them to you with price estimations, as entering most businesses are different, however sharing price points will give you a general idea.  It is good to know what sort of money you may require to get started, but also what sort of income you could potentially receive in return for hard work.

With some of the business types I speak about in this Guide, you will find I elaborate more on some than others.  This is purely from first hand experience with them.  I want to give you some real insight as you read through, and hope it will assist you as you choose a business to pursue.


Free Website Builders for Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

What is great these days is you can get your online business started for free.  There are a number of options for sites, and it all comes down to your needs and what you want to use your website for.

I have listed further down this guide, e-commerce sites which are designed around an online store.  The free website options listed here can be used for blogging and affiliate marketing purposes and I know the platfrom I am part of, comes with the best online business training as well.

So not only am I being taken through to set up a website, I am learning how to create a site that is around a niche, and a very profitable one at that!

Even though there are many options of platforms available, through experience and just google searching tells me WordPress sites seem to be the search engine favourites.

The Best Website Builders

These following website builders come with various features to get your own website built.  The difference between these free and paid options compared with the Wealthy Affiliate program is the help and support. But also with sites like Wix and Weebly, if you are going free, then you will always be carrying their logos on your site.  

With most sites being just a support ticket away if you do require help, with Wealthy Affiliate they pretty much take you by the hand and guide you every step of the way to get your website up and running, but more importantly help you understand how and why you do it.  

And no Wealthy Affiliate watermarked logo on your site – free or paid!


wealthy affiliateWealthyAffiliate.com

Is free to start and has a full course of lessons to get your (WordPress site through the SiteRubix platform) set up and profitable in any niche you choose.

 The support is brilliant as not only do the company owners assist where they can, there is a community 24 hours a day live chat support feature as well.  

I truly could go on and on about Wealthy Affiliate because of what it offers for free.  I could almost rate it the best online business school!  Not to mention also, its very low premium price of $49/mth and the training and tools that are offered with that.  

After experiencing so much on line in programs and MLMs, I can honestly, with hand on heart highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to do affiliate marketing. Or if you have a true passion in a niche, then this is for you.

But I am not bias, and this guide is about giving you many options… so do read on!


Wix is a platform to develop websites and mobile sites using drag and drop tools.  It can be used for free, however with the Premium plans starting at $7 per mth/$30 per mth for the e-commerce site, you will get more storage and bandwidth and remove Wix ads.

I used Wix years ago and it was an okay platform to use.  It just did not have the training and support with the platform I am associated with now.


Weebly is another drag and drop type website builder.  I used weebly for period of time, however with the blog feature, I still was not taught how to get my blog pages ranking on page 1 of Google and other search engines.  

Most of the free sites will give you all the tools and that is great.  But to build a website, and then for it to be found by your audience, are 2 completely different things.  Unless you have a huge budget for advertising, then the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the route to go.  

Prices for weebly start at $10 mth/$20 for e-commerce and add other features the higher your subscription.


WordPress hands down are the best websites.  What is great though, is these days you do not have to do the whole installation process yourself like you had to do in the past.  Because sites like Wealthy Affiliate use the wordpress platform and (SiteRubix does the building for you), which just made it a whole lot easier!

But there is a whole WordPress forum with help and support and you can do this all for free.  I just think it would be a tough route to go for the inexperienced person new to the online world when there are so many other awesome options available.


Working at Home for Others

Rather than join a direct selling or MLM type of business, you could offer up your skills and service to others.  There are many sites you can join which I will list below, where you can provide a profile with all the skills you have acquired over the years.  And charge a fee per hour or an agreed contracted amount.  

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant can help clients out by providing a lot of secretarial, general office administration, email assistance (especially if company receives large volumes of it), technical  and creative support.  All from the comfort of your home office.

Freelancing Options

This could involve writing for others or doing amazing designs for websites.  I even remember paying someone on Upwork to put together a 1 minute Youtube intro with my branding.  For his work we agreed on a $50 payment.  

So if you get good at this type of work and have a good rating within the site you have joined to get jobs, you can negotiate a fair fee and make a good living out of it.  Here are a ton of options that may interest you.

Editorial Services:

Providing blog content or article writing for magazines that need fresh and relevant content. Copywriting, ghostwriting, editing or proofreading and critiquing articles – to name a few.

Design Services:

For websites, like header banners, or overall improvement of website design and layout.

Graphic Designing:

On things like business cards, logos, flyer, posters or designing smaller banners to be used for advertising purposes.

Financial Advising:

If you are a Certified Financial Planner and have the credentials to prove it, then you can offer these services at a fee.

Business consulting:

Where you can work with clients on problem solving and strategy in their respective business and assist them to develop business skills.  You can cover things like marketing plans or what types of marketing techniques to use and how to use them to better their knowledge and online business experience.

Social Media Consultant:

If you are a whiz around Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then you can offer services on how to use them for your business.  With internet users growing and businesses going online everyday, the need for social media and how to use it will always be there.  And, new platforms to spend time on socially, (and even advertise on) are introduced regularly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services:

People build websites and blogs, however if they are not optimized properly, then chances are they are not being found in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. You can offer up your expertise in how to place keywords in meta titles/descriptions, correct keyword density in web pages, alt tags on images and so forth.

Freelance programmer:

Sometimes when building websites, help is occasionally required with plugins, or there may be something that just isn’t right and it may just be that some code is needed.  So if you are up to speed with coding and programming language, then this could be a gig to pursue.

Resume and Cover letter writing:

There is always someone looking for a job so if you have the skills to put a good resume together, then this could be an option for you.

Freelancing Sites you can Join

Here are some sites that you can join, provide your services and command a fee.  Most are generally free to join and a percentage of your sales will go to the owners running the site.

Upwork (previously Odesk)
College Recruiter
Freelance Writing Gigs


E-Commerce and Selling

For other online income ideas, perhaps you are interested in having your own online store?

With an e-commerce store there are many site building programs that can have you up and running your online store in no time!  The best sites will walk you through the the entire process of design, hosting, pricing and payment options, reports and also marketing tools.

Must have features should definitely include payment security, and do check you are able to provide enough payment and shipping options for your customers.  The better the experience for them, the better reviews or even them returning.

Just go with a program that is easy to use and an absolute must is the support they provide.  Generally users of the system will happily share how good, (or not so good) support is in a review, so if the site has reviews – check them out!

ecommere websites


Top E-Commerce Sites

These sites vary in prices. The more you pay, the more bandwidth, support and amount of product you can list.  Amid other elements the store has to offer.

Free trial –  Starting price 29.95/mth and prices go up from there.

Free site.  Basic plan $4.50/mth.  E-commerce $16.50/mth and prices go up.

Free trial for 14 days.  Basic plan $15/mth.  Then a $35 plan, $75 and $135

Free with limited options.  Prices start at $69/mth to $299 per month plan

Free 14 day trial.  Basic plan $29/mth.  Then a $79 plan and $299 per month plan

3D Cart
Free trial for 15 days.  Basic plan $29/mth.  Then a $79 plan and $229 per month plan

Shop Site
Free trial with limited options.   Basic plan $5.99/mth. Then a $29.99 plan and $59.99 per month plan.

Shopping Cart Elite
Free trial for 14 days.  Does not list prices however you can contact them for a quote.


Selling Your own Photography

If you have a passion for photography, or you are a professional photographer, then you can make money from your pics on photo selling websites.  


A popular site for selling and downloads.  And heads the list for photographers who want to earn well. You can check out more about them here.


A place to showcase your best work in photography.  You can just display photos however the Pro or paid options gives you a storefront and e-commerce capabilities.  You can set the pricing on your own and earn up to 85% royalty rate. Digital downloads, prints and cards can be sold.


The world’s leader photo platform dedicated to tour companies!   For all your tours and activities, Tour Photos can share or sell (to the tourists) the photos takes during their excursion with them.  Activities included are from cruise ships, scuba diving, rafting, amusement parks, camel riding, skydiving, and many more.

Istockphoto by Getty Images.

If people download your photos you earn a royalty payment.

And here are a few others to research and check out!



There are all types of trading.  Day trading, longer term trading, I was even part of 60 second trade scheme that taught me how to place my money in when it was low and 60 seconds later it (hopefully) had increased.  But it was so unpredictable it wasn’t funny and became too scary!  

So I got out of it before I lost anything.  And learned from that experience!

Short term trading involves frequent buying and selling of stock, commodities – buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price within a relatively short period of time.  

I never got too involved with trading as I do believe you have to know what you are doing when investing hard earned dollars.  Watching how markets rise and fall can be quite daunting if you really don’t know what you are supposed to be looking at.  Education on this is truly key here!

But people do enjoy it and if you know what you are doing, it can be really profitable, in a short period of time. And I have noticed alot of things around the internet these days involving Bitcoin as well.  

I suggest if you want to go down this path then do your due diligence, research hard and get truly educated on it before you put any money forward.


I am not a fan of surveys at all.  They are tedious and so damn boring and as far as I am concerned I get no satisfaction from it.  But if you like to make a little extra cash, or get rewards from gift cards or other methods then here are a couple of good sites I have sourced.

These websites within them have a whole bunch of legitimate survey sites in posts, which includes additional information and explanations about what each offers.  And I did not want to list every type of survey site, as I know some are just a pure waste of time.

Again, not my cup of tea however just another online business option if it interests you.

Australian – 20 Paid Survey Sites

21 Best Online Sites

List of US Survey Sites with The Survey Pro

International Survey Sites with the Survey Pro – select your country


MLM or Multi Level Marketing

With multi level marketing, you can either like it or hate it.  Having been part of both MLMs and also Direct Selling business (which I cover below this) I am happy to say, I am now not part of any.  

Simply put, MLM is where the distributor in a company not only gets compensated for the sales they generate, but they also get paid various amounts from the multiple levels of sales below them.  Which in theory sounds great doesn’t it?

So the key is to build a downline of other distributors below you, so you reap a percentage of what they sell as well.  And this could be an actual physical product, or a digital educational product, or service.

And these MLMs can lure you in with smaller products and costs, to then have you pay for products in the thousands.  (Because apparently you need the dearer products to be successful).

My best advice to anybody wanting to take this path is DO YOUR RESEARCH.  There are always reviews on MLM based businesses, and do not stop at just one review – read many!

My MLM Experience

I have been part of a few over the past years and like I said earlier, I am so glad I am out of this type of business.  Some cost me too much money and I wasn’t really over the moon with their products, which I should have been.  Plus, I failed big time in marketing it.

And my last venture turned out to be an all time scam, which was quite disappointing, because I loved what the company stood for.  The way they were making a stand and helping out families etc.

But when you discover the “product” just does not exist.  That your membership, turns around and pays the daily pay, then you have to rethink whether you want to be a part of something that is just not morally right. You can read my review on that here.

I think with anything you do in life, you have to have a passion for it.  So if you do pursue an MLM business.  Then you better be taking/using their product and know it inside and out.  

At the end of the day there is nothing better than someone asking, “What is it you do?” because they can see your success or, “What are you taking to look so good”  because the products work so well.  So much better to be approached than to be pushing your product or business down people’s throat.

Direct Selling Business

Direct selling is more about marketing and selling products directly to consumers.  Plus you are also marketing the business model as well.  So basically, if I marketed my business and somebody joined and bought the products, I would get a good percentage of the sales, the owners get their percentage and nothing is shared with any upline distributors.

What is probably a good thing about this, is your success reflects your efforts and it is not about having to train heaps of downline distributors – or rely on them to get paid.

My Direct Selling Experience

I think when a business is represented in this type of business model, they stress in their marketing and advertising that they are NOT MLM, because so many pyramids and failed businesses usually had the MLM business model.  

And the reason I know this strategy takes place in the direct selling model, is because I was part of one that did that exact thing when the placing of ads took place.  

Direct selling business can have various products and price points that you can enter then on. Some are low and some can be high ticket because of the compensation you can receive.

The one I was part of had its lowest products at $1497 with a commission paid of $1000 and its highest product which was an 8 day event that cost $12950, and $8,000 paid to you.  

Sounds great doesn’t it?  But trust me, it definitely is not an easy sell,  even an impossibility at that.   The amount of people or “numbers” you have to prospect is just unbelievable.  You can check out my detailed review on this business here.

My No. 1 Pick and for Good Reason

best online home business

Like I said earlier, I have been online for years, and experienced many types of businesses good and bad.  So here are 1o reasons why I choose what I do ‘successfully’ now.

  1.  This business is secure, reputable and not going anywhere.
  2.  Support comes in spades.  From the company, owners and 24 hours a day, community chat support.
  3.  Free to try out for as long as you want, plus you get a full course of lessons to get you up and running.
  4.  Everything included in the cost of $49/mth with no hidden upsells on the way in, or anyone trying to sell you other  things.  The cheapest business I have been part of, and have not had to buy additional tools to make it work.
  5.  Web hosting all included, and site security keeping your visitors data safe.
  6.  The best online business training going.  Courses with step by step lessons in the form of video and text content.
  7.  Live webinar training keeping you up to date with what is trending now in marketing.
  8.  Anybody can do this, with little or no experience because of the step by step training supplied.
  9.  Because of the Live chat feature and being 24 hours a day, you have access to industry experts and 6 and 7 figure income earners.
  10.  Not only can you get your site profitable in your niche, there is a referral program (for others to join the Wealthy Affiliate program) which leads to having the best residual income opportunity.  I now get paid a monthly residual income – which is brilliant.

I have full details on the Wealthy Affiliate University Review.  Bottom line, that is exactly how I describe it, like a university for affiliates online.

In Conclusion

There are alot of of legitimate online income opportunities.  

And there are alot of duds as well, unfortunately.

Your best bet is to do your research before you join anything.  Read reviews, check out the company owners, and then do it all over again.  Some reviews can be very bias as it is in the writers interest to trash one company, to then suggest you to join theirs.

At the end of the day you have to do what interests you, what you think will become profitable, plus something you will forever enjoy.  And building something around your family, with more time freedom is truly the ultimate key.


I do hope you enjoyed this Guide and realise there are many options for business online.  This is just to give you an overall idea, and some links to the more popular sites.

Make your online journey a profitable and fun one!
Sincerely, Sharon







How to Use WordPress for a Website in 2017

how to use wordpress for your website

If you are wondering how to use wordpress for a website then you have come to the right place!  In this post I am going to show you how simple it is to initially create a website in literally seconds with wordpress and the SiteRubix platform.  And I am going to give you a detailed run through of the basics that are on your dashboard in the admin area of your new website.

There is nothing worse when you get a platform or product to use, and you really have no idea how to use it.  WordPress is relatively easy these days to get a website and blog functioning.  Gone are the days when you had to download files onto your computer, go through the installation process, and the need to know complex coding.

Not only is wordpress so much easy to use and navigate these days, so are many other website building platforms like Wix and Weebly.  But for this example, and because I use wordpress and love how my pages get ranked high in Google, I am going to go through WordPress to give you some insight and show you just how easy it can be.

Plus I will leave a link for you to create your own website using the SiteRubix platform. You will see how easy it is and you will also get guided lessons to get your website up and running, and learning how to use wordpress.

Set up your own free WordPress Website here!

The Important things to do First!

I do think the most important thing to address, is head straight down to Settings > General, Writing, Reading and go through the various options, like date and time formats, how your url slug is going to look, and many other things that should be in place prior to your first post.

When you first enter your wordpress website admin area, these are the basics of the dashboard, (as the image shows below).  However, when you start adding other plugins (that will enable other cool things on your site), then you will have additional options added at the left side and lower end of the dashboard.

But what is listed right now, is generally what a basic, back admin area and dashboard looks like in any WordPress site when it is first installed.

Dashboard – Home

This is just a summary of things on your blog.  Like the activity you have done, or drafts (writing down an idea for a future post).  As you start building out your site, you will have the summarised information of what you think is relevant to you. You can have these little windows of information open, or close them up via the arrow at top right of the box.  It is totally up to you.

how to use wordpress for a websiteUpdates

When there is a number here, that is the amount of updates you have for your website.  It is important to keep your blog and plugins that you have uploaded to your site up to date, so get this out of the way first.  Just click on the updates, and wait for it to load,  Select all to be updated and apply the action.  Simple as that.


This feature will be the most used area of your dashboard.  This is where you add you new posts and visit and edit older ones should you need too.  You can also make up categories here, and when writing your post select a suitable category for your post to be represented under.

Categories are a great way for your reader to find relevant posts for a topic.  It could be something like Website Images.  And all posts relating to information on (finding/creating/free images for websites, etc)  would be listed in this category.


You can upload all your images to view on your posts in the media area.  I usually do this as I write posts.  There are many free image websites you can use and I have a post dedicated to this.  Images can be edited once uploaded and you will see the many features you can use once you access this.


Similar to posts, as in writing a title and content, however your pages are static and accessible through a menu on your site.  You can have many pages and have posts connected to individual pages as well.


If there is a number here, then that will tell you that you have comments waiting for you to approve and reply to.  It is always good to keep these in moderation, meaning they have to be checked by you before you approve and make them live and visible on your website.

By default, WordPress will hold comments in a spam folder if they contain links.  This is usually people self promoting so I do think it is a great feature. You have the ability to approve or trash those comments.


There are a number of things that you can do under appearance.  You will go here to change your theme if you are not happy with your original one.

The Customize feature is great.  In this area you can try out different things for your site, a different theme, header, fonts etc and it will update it and give you a preview before you actual change and save for real.  I use this feature a bit to see things changed up, but without actually doing it – unless of course I like the changes.

Widgets are accessed through Appearance as well.  Here you can place these in the side bar or your footer of your page.  There are usually alot of widgets to choose from and it is how you get search bars, categories or sign in forms running down the right side of your blog (or whichever side your sidebar is on).

Menus is where you organise your pages into the order you want them to appear in the menu bar of your site.  You can also add pages or posts under the main pages.

The Editor is really something you do not touch, and only do so if you are confident with code.


There are so many plugins available for websites.  Like social media plugins, contact forms, SEO and analytics.  You probably do not want unnecessary plugins on your site as it could possibly slow it down when people are visiting and loading on their pc or mobile.


You will notice that your posts may have ‘admin’ as the author or when you reply to comments it is by the ‘admin’.  It is always good to go and edit your name.  You cannot remove admin, however you can add your own name, then choose it to ‘display publicly’.   I must add, it always looks better when there is a “real name and person” authoring the posts.


There are just some areas on platforms that you do not need to alter at all.  This is another area (like Editor) that you do not need to concern yourself too much with.

wordpress settingsSettings

Settings and all the options listed, like I said earlier, should be the first place you visit and edit.

In General Settings can change your site title and tagline.  Time zones and date formats should be selected too.

The Writing options can remain as they are.

In Reading settings you can choose whether you have a static page for your main page or your latest posts.  And also how many posts you would like listed on your front page.

Discussion allows you to choose if you want comments to go into moderation and various other things like getting notified via email when you receive comments.

In Media settings you can change the size of thumbnail, medium and large photos should you choose too.  WordPress already has default settings which are generally ideal sizes for your images.

In Permalinks you can choose how your url is going to display in posts.  You can add dates or numbers but ideally your website url, then your post name is the way to go.  For example,  website.com/post-name.

In Summary

So these are really the basics of the back admin area of a WordPress site.  If you want to set up your own site but have the guidance to help you do it then click here to get your free website and step by step help.

I do hope you enjoyed my post how to use wordpress for a website and get creating your own website in your passion or niche.  Get started now, and I will see you on the inside of this wordpress and website building platform.

Do let me know below if you use wordpress and what you think about this platform compared to others.  I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Cheers, Sharon
















How Do I Start My Own Business?

how do I start my own business

So How do I Start my Own Business?

If you are new to the online world and looking at opportunities you will, without a doubt, raise the question of how do I start my own business?  It is tough doing traditional brick and mortar business and going online can be a tough gig too.

The big difference from online to off is the amount of money you have to outlay.  Online business can be started up with very little investment, however it’s your time and effort you are willing to put forth that will make the difference as to whether you succeed or not.

Following is a quick overview of an online business that pretty much has all the tools, trainings and support you need to build a successful website and blog online.  And there are follow-ups to this with a series of 5 other videos that will get you fully informed on this online buisness opportunity.

(Please Note:  This is part 1 in a 6 part Video series.  See bottom of post for all links to these informative videos or alternatively Go Back to the Online Business Opportunity Home page for all video listings)

Click here to learn about the Wealthy Affiliate program in a detailed review.

The 4 Main Components

There are really a whole lot of components to the Wealthy Affiliate program however I am putting the main things into 4 areas or sections and I will share them in more detail below.

Training and Tools

This is a huge part of the Wealthy Affiliate program.  As soon as you enter your details in the sign up form, the “Get Started Here” is the website building coursesplace where your journey should begin.  The whole system and the way the program works will be shown to you in videos and lessons.  Step by step.

Get Started (green button) or the Affiliate Bootcamp (black button) are the choices you can take.  The first one is a course that gets your niche/hobby related website built.  The Affiliate bootcamp course is more about promoting Wealthy Affiliate and a money making website.  However, to get a profitable website you can take either course.  The key is to apply what you learn as you go through the courses.

Watch lessons, get given tasks… apply.  Its as simple as that.

Included also is a Classrooms section full of more specific trainings from;  getting to know wordpress and your blog, to social media marketing and also local marketing.  These trainings are not only provided from the program itself, but also from experienced members within the system.  They share their knowledge also so really, there is a ton of training you can learn from.

There are live video classes held weekly.  These provide you with up to date training and what is happening right now on social media.  Plus, how to find a good niche and ways to improve your blog.  These live calsses are also interactive so you can get your questions answered right away!

With your membership, comes the websites and hosting.  You can create your website with siteubix in minutes and it his hosted here for free, so no looking to host elsewhere.

A keyword tool is also available to find really good quality and low competition keywords.  You can save lists of similar keyword combinations for later use.  This feature is so helpful as you build posts on your website.


tools and training for your online business


Member Contributions

What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is everybody has a voice.  You can write up blog posts in question form and other members will be more than happy to help you out.  Or you can write up success posts, or trainings to help others.

There are so many people who start with this program every day, and you have the option to welcome some of them to the community.

And whenever you do write a post, it will be visible on your own profile. What is great about this feature, is those that have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a number of years, have got more experience and achieved great success.  You can check out their posts and apply things that they have done with their own websites.

The Live Chat Feature

I love the live chat part of this program.  I have never seen this before in an online business.  I have never had quick and instant contact with other members from all over the world!  The fact you can ask a question and get an answer almost immediately is just brilliant.

The only problem with this, is you can waste alot of time!  Good thing or bad thing?  I think it is great!  You are building some wonderful relationships with people from all corners of the globe who are on the same journey as you. How cool is that!

Profile and Personal Stats

You fill out our personal profile and add and an image, so members within the system can get to know you.  This area is also dedicated to your stats and shows you how many people you invite to the program to try out for themselves.

It also has all your banners and links that you can use on your website.  These have your own personal affiiiate id so if anybody goes through any of these when they are featured on your website, they are linked back to you giving you the credit.

In this area also you will see all the members you follow within the system, and who is following you.  Plus a place where you can create your own blogs to share within the system, type up questions, or send personal internal memos to other members in the Wealthy Affiliate system.

In Summary

There really is alot to cover in this program and this blog post does not do it justice.  The best thing for you to do is to get in and try it out for yourself.  With no credit card or personal details required, you can basically take this program for a test drive at no cost or obilgation.

Keep in mind this is the first video in this series and there are other videos that cover more specific areas of the program.  Do check them out below now!



Full Video and Blog Series

YOU ARE HERE  Video 1  (3 mins 42)  A quick overview of the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Video 2  (5 mins 20)  Explains the courses and lessons you can take

Video 3  (7 mins 54)  Covers SiteRubix and how to start creating your website

Video 4  (3 mins 39)  Shows you the extraordinary amount of training you have to learn from

Video 5  (  )  Additional tools available to use in this program

Video 6  (  )  Check out the LIVE Chat in action, this is 24 hour live community support



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I do hope you like my post on how do I start my own business?  As you can see the Wealthy Affiliate program is very comprehensive in its tools and training and truly has everything you requre to succeed.

The question is, do you have the drive?  Are you prepared to roll up your sleeves and go to work to build the online business of your dreams?

I know I am!

Grab your starter membership here and get started today.
I will see you on the inside










Support in Online Business – Do You Have it?

Do you Have Support in Your Online Business?

Support in online business is vital for your success if you are creating a website, or anything online.  I stress, it is so important.  The reason being is if you are very new, this internet world is filled with lots of people and some with hidden agendas.  Simply put, scam based businesses.

But there are also alot of really good people who are real, just wanting to build a business for themselves and their familes, and those who provide a legitimate business to be part of.

An online business and program should really let you in at no cost to see what it is all about.  So you can be fully informed without shelling out hundreds, even thousands to realise it isnt the route you want to take.

In your research for an online business you should check out the quality of the training and tools to build your business/website with.  And always make sure there is a ton of support for you.  It is a crucial part to your success.

Anybody who was ever successful in business, in sport, or anything for that matter had the drive to succeed, but more importantly, a ton of support surrounding them.  And in business online, you will need that too!

Watch the following video to see our Live Chat feature in action.  It is amazing how questions can be addressed straight away and it is available in this program 24 hours a day.  I will also show you other areas of support within this Wealthy Affiliate program.

(Please Note:  This is part 5 in a 6 part Video series.  See bottom of post for all links to these informative videos or alternatively Go Back to the Online Business Opportunity Home page for all video listings)




The Live Chat Feature is Awesome!

As you saw in the video the live chat part of this program is a great way to get instant support.  I asked a simple question and it was addressed within minutes.  No waiting till tomorrow, or days from now to get simple and even complex questions addressed.

What I think is fantastic also, is you never know who is going to be in there. You could be chatting with someone who has had years and years of experience online, that will not only answer your question, but perhaps give tips for you to take away to apply on your website.

support in online business


If you begin as a starter or free member which most of us do, this live chat feature is available to you for a week. Just to show you the support you have should you upgrade to the very low cost premium membership.  And of course the 10 lessons in course one are included to get you started!

Other Commumity Support

Everybody has a voice here at Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been in programs and mlm companies and you could never voice your opinion or ask questions and get support like you can here. Or, you could, but only to your upline.  As you saw the Activity dashboard is very active with many posts written daily of queries to be answered or success posts to inspire.

Site Support

I did cover the site support in the SiteRubix and creating websites information/video but I still wanted to mention the support you get from the compnay in regards to your website.  Not everything can be fixed from a front end point of view and on the rare occassion your website may have something technical go wrong with it, then there are technicians on hand to assist.

This is where you send in a site support ticket and they are onto it within hours but usually within a day.  They know the importance of your website being active and you being able to work on it and post blogs.

In Summary

Again I stress how important support is to you and your online business.  Without it, you wont get far.  Being part of a community like Wealthy Affiliate gives you people who have experienced the good and the bad, and are willing to share it with you.  And to hopefully teach you not to do the same mistakes they did!

Do check out the other video and blog information in this series to get more detail and fully informed on this Wealthy Affilaite program.  See the amount of value you get at such minimal cost, but the best thing is, you get to check it out without providing any credit card or personal details.



Full Video and Blog Series

Video 1  (3 mins 42)  A quick overview of the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Video 2  (5 mins 20)  Explains the courses and lessons you can take

Video 3  (7 mins 54)  Covers SiteRubix and how to start creating your website

Video 4  (3 mins 39)  Shows you the extraordinary amount of training you have to learn from

Video 5  (0)  Additional tools available to use in this program

YOU ARE HERE  Video 6  (0)  Check out the LIVE Chat in action.  This is 24 hour live community support



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I do hope you liked my post for support in online business and you do realise the importance of this aspect for you online ventures.  I love nothing more than sharing what I learn to my readers so I do hope you find these posts and videos helpful to you.

Click here to get started now, I will see you on the inside!
Cheers, Sharon