Best Online Home Business for 2019 & Beyond – Just LOOK at these TESTIMONIALS!

best online home business 2019

So you are looking for the best online home business for 2019 and beyond?

I was doing that a couple of years ago too.  I had enough of being part of MLM type opportunities that I really did not enjoy. Having to ring lots of people daily and then follow up, get 3-way calls organized and everything else in between just wasn’t what I wanted to do!

I can see you now, online researching around, looking for online business or work from home opportunites, or something to that effect.  And seriously, it can get a bit overwhelming with the amount of noise out there on the Internet.  You can visit some of the hits and misses of opportunities in my Review tab if you want.

However, I am truly happy to share the best online home business I believe to be going today.

Can’t wait – GET IN and check it out now – No credit card or payment required!

Want to see how my Website gets found and How I Make Money?



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Seriously I get how tough it is going online to find the best opportunity.  I really do.

So you ask… What would Sharon know?  What could I possibly have that could be the best online home business for you?

Well, I have been online for a number of years now.  And a lot of those years were not successful.  And I have been part of a number of MLM’s and direct sale businesses which you can review as I said earlier.

So finally finding something that had everything I needed to build a website online and the best online home business, had me very excited!

Unlike many reviews I have written that included FAKE testimonials provided by spokespeople on, this program has so many success stories.  Here are a few happy customers and I have added a couple further down in this post.

Wealthy Affiliate Real testimonials


What I have discovered about this Online Home Business is;

My success doesn’t come from building a downline of people and then worrying about them.

It doesn’t require meeting sales targets to qualify for bonuses.

It definitely doesn’t upsell me the moment I get “in” – like some of these $47 products I have reviewed lately, that end up costing hundreds if you are not careful!

I am not out of pocket hundreds of dollars because I needed this tool or had to buy that extra product to make my business work better!

And bottom line it doesn’t have me go into massive debt because;   “If you don’t go the next conference or, if you don’t purchase our high ticket products – then YOU just won’t be successful.”

How many times have you experienced or been part of that ‘carry on’ within your opportunity?  Or maybe you are just downright lucky and haven’t had any of those bad experiences before!

Seriously,  lucky you!

When people start anything they want some assurance.  I get it, I did too.  They want to know when they put their money into something that has good leadership, up to date training, is legitimate and will be around for years to come, and has ongoing support.

One of the best stats a Business can have is HOW LONG they have been in Business!

best online home business stats

Longevity and a good reputation are really key for a business to have, and before you put your trust into them!   When I first joined this platform, they were 11 years strong so that was good enough for me!

And the fact they are present in so many countries, with over a million members is also noteworthy as well.

So have you wondered why YOU haven’t had Success?

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been successful thus far?   Is it the fear of trying a new business because you were scammed before?

If you have been exposed to scam after scam online, then that really does suck!

But today I am going to hopefully turn that around for you and show you there is a better way, there are ethical programs online.
Did you know, whenever someone does achieve success on the internet, you can probably narrow it down to a few things?

And I can guarantee you Grace and Jerry (who are part of this platform) – built their respective businesses having access to these very things.

More Success Stories



Building a Business Online Requires these 3 Things…

1.)  A Good Solid Community to be part of and Company/Community Support

I get so frustrated when I am stuck.  It may be when I am busy writing content for my site, or adding a plugin to make something work.  And if I had no one to turn to in these times, I just wouldn’t move ahead.

So really, there is only one thing that is worse than being stuck.   Not having anyone to get help you get unstuck!

However, it’s not about others doing the work for you.  But more about being guided to the right tools and training that will help you moving forward.

And there is nothing better if that help is instantaneous too.  Community and Company support is a must in business and fortunately, we have that right at our fingertips and it is available 24 hours a day.

And when I mean 24 hours, I mean LIVE support. Yes, there is a live news feed with people that can assist and answer your questions from all over the world!

2.)  Having Your Own Website

You really need your own website online.  But don’t think that is a tough task as these days, you can have a website up in less than a minute.  And I wholeheartedly mean that.  (Wait till you see the first step of building your website it is brilliant!) … and if you don’t believe me – check out this short video here.

Because, if you have been in the internet marketing world, you will know anyone who is successful has their own website.

Another question that may be asked is, “Aren’t they expensive to set up?”

Yeah, they can be, if you hire a Website developer – it can cost you thousands!

But, we have all that is needed with website building covered.  Hosting, site protection, content creating, keyword research, the list goes on.

3.)  Learning BUT  taking Action on What you Learn

We have the comprehensive training to get your website up and running and step by step lessons that are ongoing.

However, your success will be determined by the action you take of what you have learned.  And, the actions you keep on taking.

You work daily at your job.  Working online is no different.

In this online business, and the Wealthy Affiliate program, we teach and you apply – every step of the way!

So What makes this so Special?

To begin with, you can create a starter account and check it out fully without parting a cent.  Put your credit card away and check this out for as long as you want!

Another thing I love is there is no competitive nature within the community of thousands of people.  Many of the people I have connected within the live chat support feature are working in different niches to mine.

So unlike an MLM business, where you and the other distributors are all competing for signups.  You have to make sales on the same opportunity and products, with the same replicated website – well I can tell you right now, that here at Wealthy Affiliate, it is completely different.

It’s about you creating a website around your niche, the one thing you are passionate about and learning how to monetize that.

And here are the options of the cost of this program below:

That chart is what it is.  There are no surprise upsells on the way in.

I now thoroughly enjoy what I do every day.  Within this opportunity, I have the most reliable support system, 24 hours a day.  If I ask a question now, or later this afternoon, or tonight, it is answered within minutes.

The training is always updated and what is working right now online.  But more importantly, you are taught how to get your posts from your website in front of your niche – which means people buying your affiliated products from you.

This isn’t about throwing mud at the wall and hoping it will stick.  It is about getting what you have – what YOU  like – in front of your audience.  And this is what Wealthy Affiliate and this online business opportunity helps you do.

So come and check us out.  If you are looking for the best online home business for 2019 and beyond, then this could be for you.

Click here – put away your credit card, set up your account, and come and join us!  If you have any comments please share them below.

I will see you on the inside!

Take care
Sharon Whyte





P.S  If you want to check out other opportunities online I
have a Comprehensive 2017 Guide so do check it out to see
if there is something that interests you!


Best Make Money Online Site for 2018

best make money online site

The best make money online site that I have found to be honest, legitimate and standing the test of time is the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Now don’t let the word affiliate put you off.  When I heard of affiliate marketing years ago, I was led to believe you could only make very little income for being an Affiliate, from marketplaces like Amazon or Clickbank.

And that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Yes, some products you sell via the marketplaces can have low commissions.

But it all comes down to the price of the product in the first place, so the money you make can vary from a few dollars to many hundreds.

If you sell a lot of products and you can make a nice living out of it.  And that is exactly what this platform I share with you below can teach you to do.

There are Some Things You  JUST NEED  to Succeed Online.

make money online


If you think being educated stopped when you left school, you are sadly mistaken.  Well, it can stop, that is up to you. But if you want to always be improving and progressing in life, then educating yourself is a must.

Here we are guided in step by step lessons how to build a website, write content for it and optimize it so it ranks well in Google.  We are also taught all about how affiliate marketing works too.


Websites are a must for online business and for making money online. With this platform, we have fully customizable websites.  You are also to choose from over 3000 theme designs.

You have to think of your website as your storefront for your business and building it couldn’t be easier at Wealthy Affiliate.

Once your theme is chosen your website is built in less than 30 seconds. They look great, are mobile friendly and revenue ready as well.

Research Keywords with the Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Firstly you base your website around a niche.  Here on my website, it is about building websites, writing reviews about online products, best of posts related to online business and free tools.

Your website can be anything you like.  The key, however, is to have a website that is built around your passion. This way you will have so much to talk about on topics you know and love, hence giving you so much to write about.

Once you have established that, it is now onto writing content for it.  This is where researching and finding good keywords through the Jaaxy keyword tool, which is incorporated into the platform.

make money online now

Support and Expert Coaching

The support is phenomenal on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They have tens of thousands of members and many who are very active every single day in the system.

The live chat feature is a feed similar to Facebook.  This is where you can chat and ask questions with fellow members of the platform.  And it runs 24 hours a day!

Plus support comes from the person who introduced you to the platform.  They are only a message away.

There is also a search feature that you can enter absolutely any question into.  You will get an answer in whatever you are needing help in.

If you are requiring technical support for your website, they are only a support ticket away. Your problem gets resolved pretty quickly, in less than 24 hours. This happens rarely and you are up and running in no time, without too much delay.

The expert coaching comes in the form of live webinars.  These are held weekly and keep you up to date with the most current information you need to build your blog and website.


Hosting is usually an additional cost for your website.  However, you can run your entire business from the fast and very secure and reliable hosting with Wealthy Affiliate.

Other features also include site speed which has your website loading quickly. You get free SSL which keeps your visitor’s data safe.  It also comes with Siteprotect Spam blocker which keeps your website from being cluttered with spam and possibly slow it down.


There are over 1 million people who have joined this platform so you will have access to hundreds even thousands of elite affiliate marketers.  Another reason to join this platform that I consider is the best way to make real money online.

Want to see how my Website gets found and How I Make Money?



This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.


Wealthy Affiliate Statistics

This platform has stood the test of time – 13 years strong with membership numbers growing every day.

The amount of countries it is in and people who have joined is a testament to how good this system is.

I had been online unsuccessful for many years.  And for all the programs, mlms and other affiliate type marketing that I tried, I never ever got ahead.

When I discovered what I am part of now, the proper way to do Affiliate Marketing, I was able to get in, set up my account and check it out for free – for as long as I wanted to!

And I am now ahead.  My return far outweighs my investment and it only gets better with each bit of content I publish to my site.

What I really love is learning SEO strategies and how to rank my blog posts on the search engines.

After all, YOU found me, didn’t you?

And that means targeted people are finding me, getting value from my content and buying from me.  In my case, it is joining me in this Affiliate program.

YES that’s right!  I have people coming to me, joining me, I am NOT chasing them!

Check it out here a comprehensive review of this Wealthy Affiliate program, then create your own free starter account to see if it is something you would like to pursue.

And don’t worry, absolutely no upsells, we don’t even try to sell you the program.  You get to see it for yourself, decide if you like it, and join in your own time!

Check it out for as long as you want!  LEARN MORE HERE!

And yes, it is a real business.  It is real work and please don’t think it is a get rich quick scheme.

I will be your personal guide and mentor within our system.  I will show you the way, just as my mentor did for me.  But with so much help available I won’t be the only one assisting you!

Get in, create your starter account now!
I will see you on the inside.

Thanks for checking out the best make money online site going!

Are you part of Wealthy Affiliate too?

Share your comments and opinions about it below!
Cheers, Sharon






30+ Ideas for Online Business in 2019

ideas for online business

Finding ideas for online business, and then joining the right one can be very challenging. With so much on the internet these days, total overwhelm comes to mind.  I know, I struggled for years to find the best option that suited me.

And I can tell you I tried a few lemons along the way!

The right type of business for you must come from thorough research and doing your due diligence through reviews, trialling the business (hopefully for free first) and then making a solid decision based on your budget.

Luckily these days, to work home online, can be done easier and not at a huge cost.  But that does not mean work isn’t involved. If you think researching online businessjust because you are going online to work that it will be easy, then I have news for you. It still takes consistent, dedicated work. However the reward for that hard work is truly worth it.

I will not necessarily be listing individual companies or multi level marketing businesses, however I will give you some insight into the types of business you may or may not become a part of.  This is from my personal experience and my learned insights into these types of legitimate work from home opportunities.

My problem was (but I feel it became my advantage), was that I did try a lot of things; MLMs, Direct selling, Surveys, Trading, I was even part of a scam briefly which was a huge eye-opener.

But doing all of those things led me to what I now do online, which is build my own website around my passion.  I now get residual/passive income because I learned how to build a business the right way.

Check out my full review here that now pays me every month (once you have finished reading this guide).

So sit back, relax and enjoy my comprehensive list of 30 plus ideas for online business.  But like I said, do your own research, form your own opinion and make your own decision.

QUICK LINKS – go to one of the following topics that will be discussed in this article.

About this Guide
The Best Website Builders
Work from Home for others
E-Commerce and Selling
Surveys and MLMs
The No.1 Online Business

About this Guide

Many types of business online means various starting price points. This could be free to start (which is the what I highly recommend), low cost entry with upsells of higher ticket items when you do get in, or just a set price.

I have listed prices I am sure of and also some price estimations they do vary and at times change.  One thing that you should know for certain is exactly the money that you have to outlay so there are no surprises along the way.

You should not start a business if they are not upfront and open about the costs involved. And let me tell you, there are many who do it so be very aware!

With some of the types of business I have listed in this Ideas for Online Business Guide, you will find I elaborate more on some than others. This is from first hand experience.  I want to give you some real insight as you read through, and hope it will assist you as you choose a business of your own to pursue.

The Best Website Builders

Used for Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Branding Yourself, Offline Business Branding.

Having an online or even offline business means a website is a must. And what is great about website building platforms, is some of them come for free, or with a free start up option to check them out.

All have pros and cons about them but at the end of the day, the best bet is to go with something that fits your needs.

If you are a beginner, then WordPress may be quite challenging to build a website.  But with the likes of Wealthy Affiliate, Wix and Weebly, they make it simple and have your site created in no time.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

I list this as the No.1 for many reasons.  Having used Weebly and Wix and also trying to do a blog with really gave me so many challenges.  The Wealthy Affiliate website and more importantly the platform you are a part of, has your website created in less than a minute, and all the training and support to assist you along the way.

online business opportunity

What is great also is you can start WA free.  You get to see the ins and outs of the program before you decide if you want to commit to the very low subscription cost of $19 for the first month, then $49 per month thereafter.

In business online, support is a must. And having company owners who communicate daily within the community through the live chat support feature is just unheard.  That is just one of the many reasons I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have an offline business, want to do affiliate marketing, blogging or branding yourself then this platform is for you. I may be a little bias about this program. But after experiencing so much online with other programs and MLMs, for once I am getting a great return on investment and ongoing passive income.  See for yourself why I am suggesting these guys.

Wix uses a drag and drop feature to build your website and is free to use –  however, will list Wix ads. The Premium plan starts at 7/mth or $30/mth for the e-commerce site which gives you more storage and bandwidth and removal of the ads.

I have used Wix in the past and found it okay to use.  Being new online, I needed the training and support which lacked and the reason I have gone down the Wealthy Affiliate website building path.

best website builders

Weebly is another drag and drop building website platform and again, another I have used this in the past.  They have a lot of templates you can use and many features to assist.

But again, even though support through tickets is great, you still need assistance via people who have built sites before and you just don’t get that here.

Most free sites will give you all the tools to get your website up and running.  But to build it and then be found by your audience are two completely different things. You can have the prettiest website on the internet.  But if no one is visiting then you have no business. Unless you have a healthy advertising budget, which most of us don’t, then this may become a struggle for you.

The prices for Weebly start at $10/mth or $20/mth for the e-commerce feature.

WordPress are the best websites going in my opinion.  And with the likes of Wealthy Affiliate (whom use WordPress within their platform) you can have your site built in less than a minute.

But if you go it alone on building a WordPress site, it can be quite challenging.  Yes, it is all free to use and set up and there are WordPress forums you can be part of.  But when there are so many easier platforms with training and support (that automatically set up your WordPress site), then why would you go it alone, online with WordPress.

It’s Really Important to Have Your Own Website

Later in the guide, I list MLM’s as an opportunity to work from home.  The real problem that comes with these, is that everyone has the same company website template as you.  So every website for that matter looks the same, with maybe your photo and signature at the bottom to differ from other distributors.

That is why I have put website building at the top of the list as I know how important it is for a business long term.  Websites are not just for blogging or affiliate marketing (where you are selling products and detailed information in a particular niche), but also for self-branding or to niche-brand as well.

Building a website and putting relevant information on it, will show Google you are serious about a particular niche. You may have the huge possibility of being the authority for the respective products you are trying to promote, which could mean top spots on Google’s page 1, and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo as well.

So truly consider this way of working at home. Realise the power that every post you publish on your website is another link back to you and your product. And another way of your customer finding you!

Work at Home for Others

Do you have skill sets like graphic design, writing, website developing or financial services you could offer?  Then working at home for a fee could be right up your ally.  I have listed some sites below my ideas so do check them out.

Freelancing Ideas

There is so much you could do here, from writing for people to designing images for websites. I remember once I needed a 1 minute intro for my YouTube channel.  For his brilliant work we agreed on a $50 fee.

If you get good at any type of skill then there is probably a site you could join (I have listed a bunch below), to make a living out of. Get good ratings for your work and you will no doubt get the jobs!

Virtual Assistant

From the comfort of your home office you could be a virtual assistant.  You could help clients out by providing general office administration, secretarial, email assistance (especially if a company receives large volumes of it), or technical and creative support.

Editorial Services

Writing blog content or article writing for magazines that need fresh and relevant content. Copywriting, ghostwriting, editing or proofreading and critiquing articles – just to name a few.

Design Services

You could do this for websites; header banners, relevant images for the site, or overall improvement of website design and layout.

Graphic Designing

Get creative with business cards, logos, flyer, posters or perhaps design smaller banners to be used for advertising purposes.being creative on computer

Social Media Consultant

If you are a whiz around Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then you can offer services on how to use them for your business.  With internet users growing and businesses going online everyday, the need for social media and how to use it will always be there.  And, new platforms to spend time on socially, (and even advertise on) are introduced regularly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

People build websites and blogs, however if they are not optimized properly, then chances are they are not being found in the search engines like Google and Yahoo. You can offer up your expertise in how to place keywords in meta titles/descriptions, correct keyword density in web pages, alt tags on images and so forth.

Freelance Programmer

When people build their websites, (and if they aren’t part of a training/helpful platform) they may require assistance for things like plugins or coding.  There may be something that just isn’t right and expertise in programming is needed. So if you are up to speed with coding and programming language, then this could be a great gig for you.

Resume and Cover letter writing

There is always someone looking for a job.  So if you have the skills to put a concise resume and good cover letter together, then this could be an option for you.

Financial Advising

If you are a Certified Financial Planner and have the credentials to prove it, then you can offer these services at an agreed fee.

Business Consulting

You can work with clients on problem solving and strategies in their respective business. Assist them to develop their own business skills required for their niche.

Cover things like marketing plans or what types of marketing techniques to use and how to use them to better their knowledge and online business experience.

Freelancing Sites you can Join

Here is the list of sites I mentioned earlier, that you can join, provide your services and ultimately command a fee.  Most are free to join however a percentage of your sales may go to the owners running the site as part of a fee for using their service.

Upwork (previously Odesk)






College Recruiter

Freelance Writing Gigs

E-Commerce and Selling

Perhaps you want an online store to sell goods?

With an e-commerce store there are many site building programs that can have you up and running your online store in no time!  Website programs will walk you through the the entire process of design, hosting, pricing and payment options, reports and even marketing tools.

Features should definitely include payment security, and do check you are able to provide enough payment and shipping options for your customers.  The better the experience for them, the better your reviews will be. Plus a happy customer may just be a returning customer as well!

Just go with a program that is easy to use and another important feature is that they provide good support.  Generally users of the system will happily share how good, (or not so good) support is in a review, so if the site has reviews – check them out!

ecommere websites

Some Top e-Commerce Sites

All of these sites vary in prices. The more you pay, the more bandwidth, support and amount of products you can list, amongst other elements the store has to offer.


You can start with a free trial –  Lowest price is 29.95/mth and prices go up from there.


A free site.  Then your basic plan is $4.50/mth.  E-commerce $16.50/mth and prices go up from there.


A free trial for 14 days.  Basic plan starts at $15/mth.  Then a $35 plan, $75 and $135 plan.


Is free but with limited options.  Prices start at $69/mth then up to $299 per month plan.


Free 14 day trial.  Basic plan $29/mth. Then a $79 plan and $299 per month plan.

3D Cart

Has a free trial for 15 days.  Basic plan starts at $29/mth. Then a $79 plan and $229 per month plan.

Shop Site

A free trial with limited options.   Basic plan is $5.99/mth. Then a $29.99 plan and $59.99 per month plan.

Shopping Cart Elite

Start your free trial for 14 days.  This site does not list prices however you can contact them for a quote.


online business opportunity

Sell Your own Photography

If you have a passion for photography, or you are a professional photographer, then you can make money from your pics on photo selling websites.


A popular site for selling and downloads.  This site heads the list for photographers who want to earn well. You can check out more about them here.


A place to showcase your best photography.  You can just display photos however the Pro or paid options gives you a storefront and e-commerce capabilities.  You can set the pricing on your own and earn up to 85% royalty rate. Digital downloads, prints and cards can also be sold.


The world’s leading photo platform dedicated to Tour companies!   For all your tours and activities, Tour Photos can share or sell (to the tourists) the photos taken during their excursion with them.  Many activities that are included are from cruise ships, scuba diving, rafting, amusement parks, camel riding, skydiving, and many more.

Istockphoto by Getty Images

If people download your photos you earn a royalty payment.

And here are a few others to research and check out!










Trading & Crypto Currency

There are so many types of trading.  Day trading, long term trading, I was even part of 60 second trade scheme that taught me how to place my money in when it was low and 60 seconds later it (hopefully) had increased.  But it was so unpredictable it wasn’t funny and became ridiculously scary!

Short term trading involves frequent buying and selling of stock, commodities – buying at a lower price and selling at a higher price within a relatively short period of time.

I never got too involved with trading as I do believe you have to know what you are doing when investing hard earned dollars.  Watching how markets rise and fall can be quite daunting if you really don’t know what you are supposed to be looking at. Education on this is imperative!

But people do enjoy it and if you know what you are doing, it can be really profitable, in a short period of time. And I have noticed alot of things around the internet these days involving Bitcoin and Crypto Currency training as well.  I really don’t know much about any of these and I really don’t want to either!

My best advice for you is if you want to go down this path then do your due diligence, research hard and get fully educated on it before you put any money forward.


Surveys are probably the least fun thing I like to do online. They are boring and you get very little reward for your work. But if you like to make a few extra dollars, or get rewards from gift cards or other methods then here are a couple of good sites I have sourced.

These websites within them, have a whole bunch of legitimate survey sites, and other useful information that will point you in the direction of the better paid surveys.  And I did not want to list every type of survey site, as I know some are just a pure waste of time.

Again, not my cup of tea however just another online business option if it interests you.

Australian – 20 Paid Survey Sites

21 Best Online Sites

List of US Survey Sites with The Survey Pro

International Survey Sites with the Survey Pro – select your country

MLM or Multi Level Marketing

With MLM’s, you can either like them or hate them.  Having been part of both MLMs and also Direct Selling business (which I cover below this) I am happy to say, I am now not part of any.

Simply put, MLM is where the distributor in a company not only gets compensated for the sales they generate, but they also get paid various amounts from the multiple levels of sales below them.  Which in theory sounds great doesn’t it? But does it happen for all? A big fat NO!

The key is to build a downline of other distributors below you, so you reap a percentage of what they sell.  This could be an actual physical product, or a digital educational product, or service.

And these MLMs can lure you in with smaller products and costs, to then have you pay for products in the thousands.  (Because apparently you need the dearer products to be successful).

My best advice to anybody wanting to take this path is DO YOUR RESEARCH.  There are always reviews on MLM based businesses, and do not stop at just one review – read many!


Direct Selling Business

Direct selling is more about marketing and selling products directly to customers.  Which means you have to find alot of them. Plus, you are also marketing the business model as well.

So basically, if I marketed my business and somebody joined and bought the products, I would get a good percentage of the sales, the owners get their percentage and unlike MLM, nothing is shared with any upline distributors.

What is probably good about this model, is your success reflects your efforts and it is not about having to train heaps of downline distributors.  Or rely on them to get paid so you in turn get a percentage of their sales.

My No. 1 Pick for Online Business and for Good Reason

Like I said earlier, I have been online for years, and experienced many types of businesses good and bad.  So here are 10 reasons why I choose what I do ‘successfully’ now.

This business is secure, reputable and not going anywhere.

Support comes in spades.  From the company, owners to the person who enrolled you, plus 24 hours a day, community chat support.

It is free to try out for as long as you want, plus you get a full course of lessons to get you up and running.

Everything included in the cost of $49/mth with no hidden upsells on the way in, or anyone trying to sell you other  things. The cheapest business I have been part of, and have not had to buy additional tools to make it work.

Web hosting all included, and site security keeping your visitors data safe.

This platform has the best online business training going. Courses with step by step lessons in the form of video and text content.

Live webinar training keeping you up to date with what is trending now in marketing and also additional help for you as you build your website and create content.

Anybody can do this, with little or no experience because of the step by step training supplied.

Because of the Live chat feature and being 24 hours a day, you have access to industry experts and 6 and 7 figure income earners.

Not only can you get your site profitable in your niche, there is a referral program (for others to join the Wealthy Affiliate program) which leads to having the best residual income opportunity.  I now get paid a monthly residual income – which is brilliant.

I have full details on the Wealthy Affiliate University Review.  Bottom line, that is exactly how I describe it, like a university for affiliates online.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lot of of legitimate online business opportunities.

And there are alot of not so good ones as well, unfortunately.

Your best bet is to do your research before you join anything.  Read reviews, check out the company owners, and then do it all over again.  Some reviews can be very bias as it is in the writers interest to trash one company, to then suggest you to join theirs.

At the end of the day you have to do what interests you, what you think will become profitable, plus something you will daily enjoy.  And building something around your family, with more time freedom is the ultimate dream!

I do hope you enjoyed my guide and ideas for online business.  Do realise there are many options for business online. This is just to give you an overall idea, and some links to the more popular sites.

Hope it helps you out. Do leave your comments on your favourite type of business below.

Sincerely, Sharon








A Work from Home Based Business Opportunity

work from home based business opportunity

So you are looking for a work from home based business opportunity?

Yeah I was too!  I can see you now, researching around, googling online business opportunity or work from home or something to that effect.  And seriously, it can get a bit daunting with the amount of noise out there on the Internet.

Which is why I am happy to share with you an online business opportunity I have discovered after many many years of being unsuccessful online.  (After checking this post out head over to my Reviews tab as I have some mlms and products that I am happy to share my past experiences  –  good and bad with you!)

But I get it.  I really do.

So you ask… What would Sharon know?  You don’t know me and what could I possibly have that would make for the ultimate online business opportunity for you?

Well I have been online for years.  Sometimes too many I feel, or more to the point, too many in the unsuccessful stage.  And I have been part of a number of mlms and direct sale businesses which you can review as I said earlier.  So finally finding something that had everything I needed to build a website online had me very excited!

What I have discovered about this Opportunity is;

My success doesn’t come from building a downline or worrying about one.

It doesn’t require meeting sales targets to reach bonuses.

It definitely doesn’t up sell me the moment I get “in”

I am not out of pocket hundreds of dollars because I needed this tool and or that tool!

And bottom line it doesn’t have me go into massive debt because;   “If you don’t go the next conference or, if you don’t purchase our high ticket products – then YOU just wont be successful.”

How many times have you experienced or been part of that carry on within your online business opportunity?  Or perhaps you are just down right lucky and haven’t had any of those bad experiences before or yet!

Seriously,  lucky you!

When people start anything they want some assurance.  I get it, I did too.  They want to know when they put there money into something that it has good leadership, training, is legitimate and will be around for years to come, and has ongoing support.

So have you wondered why You haven’t had Success?

What do you think has prevented you from being successful thus far?   Is it the fear of trying new things?

Perhaps your lack of online success is purely because you have been exposed to scam after scam online, and if that is the case that really does suck!   But today I am going to completely turn you around and get you walking in the direction of ethical programs online.

Did you know, whenever someone does achieve success online, you can probably narrow it down to a few things.

Building a Business Online Requires these 3 Things…

1.)  You have to get Help and Company/Community Support

If you are anything like me, you get frustrated when you are stuck.  There is only one thing that is worse than being stuck.   Not having anyone to get help you get unstuck!

But it’s not about others doing the work for you.  But more about being guided to the right tools and training that will help you moving forward.  And there is nothing better if that help is instantaneous too.  Community and Company support is a must in business and fortunately we have that right at our fingertips, 24 hours a day.

2.)  Having Your Own Website

No website really means no success.  If you are trying to go into the online world without a website of your own, you are going to have short lived success.  And if you have been in the internet marketing world, you will know anyone who is successful has their own website.

So how do you get one of those?   Aren’t they expensive to set up?

Well, we have got both of these concerns covered.  What is good these days, is building a website can be done in less than a minute – and if you don’t believe me – check out this short video here.  And because we like people to check it out for free, you can also get 2 websites up and running.   Check out the program in a more detailed review here.

3.)  Learning and Application

We have comprehensive training to get your website up and running and step by step lessons that are ongoing.  But your success will be determined by the application you take of what you learned.  And, the actions you keep on taking.

In this online business, and the Wealthy Affiliate program, we teach and you apply – every step of the way!

So What makes this so Special?

For starters you can check it out fully without paying a cent.  Put your credit card away and come and check this out for as long as you want!  Another thing I love is there is no competition within the community.  Most people I have connected within the live chat support feature are all doing completely different websites to mine.

So unlike an MLM business, where you and the other distributors are all competing for signups and sales on the same opportunity and products – well here it feels it is the opposite.  It’s about you creating what you enjoy, which is your passions, in your niche, and it is usually vastly different from one person to the next.

Below is a table of what is included in your membership.


I now enjoy immensely what I do daily.  Within this opportunity, I have the most amazing support 24 hours a day.  If I ask a question now, in the morning or at night it is answered within minutes.  The training is everything that is working right now online, but more importantly you are taught how to get your posts from your website in front of your nichewhich means people buying your affiliated products from you.

This isn’t about throwing mud at the wall and hoping it will stick.  It is about getting what you have – what you like – in front of those who want it.  And this is what Wealthy Affiliate and this online business opportunity helps you do.

So come and check us out.  If you are looking for a work from home based business opportunity, then this could be for you.  Click here – put away your credit card, set up your account, and come and join us!  Or if you have any comments please share them below.

I will see you on the inside!

Take care
Sharon Whyte





P.S  If you want to check out other opportunities online I have a Comprehensive 2017 Guide so do check it out to see if there is something that interests you!







Work From Home in Australia in 2017

work from home in australia

Work From Home in Australia With this Awesome Opportunity

I have always wanted to work from home in Australia. I came to live in this awesome country over 20 years ago traveling from New Zealand.  And having settled down and had a family, an online home based business was the route I wanted to take.

When I didn’t have the ideal home based opportunity or unlimited income I desired.  When I couldn’t afford overseas holidays and travel back to New Zealand on a whim – well – things just had to change.

It’s amazing when you put it out to the universe that you are looking for change. That you want to change circumstances and find a way to make a better income. Suddenly ideas start flowing to you!  Ask and it shall be given comes to mind!

So here are 5 really good legitimate reasons why this real home based opportunity is such an ideal fit for me – and could be for you!

Wealthy Affiliate – Website Creation / Niche Blogging

1)  The Leadership

wealthy affiliateKyle Loudon and Carson Lim are the co-founders and the brilliant pair who established Wealthy Affiliate in 2005.

Kyle with a background in search engine optimization and Carson tackling more of the technical issues, between them both, they bring a wealth of experience.

They contribute and participate in the community on a regular basis, with advice, tips and support, and that right there is something that is rarely seen in an online business from the leaders in any company.  Usually, it is only at an event or on a training call as to when you have access to the CEO’s of the company.

To add to the leadership team, Jay Neil, who takes the weekly live webinar training, keeps us up to date on all things blogging and marketing.  What’s great about all of these guys, is they are building a website and business just like you or I and willing to share all things learned.

2)  The Training

The training is brilliant in my mind and nothing like I have seen before, to get a profitable business moving along.  You basically start at Course 1, Lesson 1 and follow through video tutorials and tasks. And what evolves is your profitable website and blog.

So why a blog you ask?  Well with a blog you can be found online for your posts you write and the best thing about this is, you are found for free.  Free advertising online, always.

The training covers how to build your website, keyword research, how to write blog posts, structuring them and adding relevant media – images and video.  How to optimize (SEO) for best ranking results.  Best ways to promote and how to engage in comments etc.

The training is top notch and always up to date.  And there are so many video pieces of training, so there is always a ton of learning material.  Plus the community contributes training as well so there is more than enough to learn and build your business from!

3)  24 hours a day Full on Support!

There is just so much support within the program.  You get it from the community 24 hours a day from a Live Chat feature that is in the system.  So an answer to a question is only minutes away as you are speaking with people from all over the world who are part of the program too.

The co-founders Kyle and Carson often participate in the live chat feature so they are always there to assist.  Also, if you do have technical difficulties with your blog and website then help is only a support ticket away from the Site support team.  So there is more than enough support to keep you moving forward in your business.

4)  The Tools We Get to Use

Basically, the tools you get supplied here with this opportunity are everything you need to be successful in your online business. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get the choice of having up to 50 websites.  Not that you will need that many however the choice to build as many as you like is there.

And these are all WordPress sites but hosted with the program which would normally be an additional cost.  You also get Site SSL (https) which is favored by Google and keeps your visitor data safe.  A keyword tool helps you search for keywords in your niche, with data that helps you find low competition keywords to use for your posts.

5)  How to make money

And isn’t this why we look for a home based opportunity?

There are 2 paths you could take to make money in this business.

Build a ‘Niche’ site, where you are writing about a hobby or a passion you know a lot about, and have affiliate links to products that your visitors can purchase from.

Build a ‘Make Money Online’ site, promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program and earn residual income each and every month when people join with you and decide to go from the starter, free option to the paid and premium option.

Or you can do both and build many websites.  As I said earlier, Wealthy Affiliate gives you 50 websites that you can potentially have many profitable niches on.  Win – win really!

If you want really detailed information on this program, I have a thorough review of all things involved and the minimal price points. Basically, it’s a starter (free) membership or a premium (paid) membership.  When you first start you have access to most things but to have access to everything then the premium membership is the way to go.  But like I said, check out the review to get yourself fully informed.

So if you are looking to work from home in Australia then perhaps this is for you.  I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate and am excited at what I am creating in a website and also in residual income!

Make it an awesome day!
Cheers, Sharon








How to Start an Online Business from Home

how to start an online business from home

How to Start an Online Business from Home at a Low Cost

So you are finally taking the plunge and looking for ways on how to start an online business from home.  You are sick of working for someone else.  Or over not spending enough time for with your kids. Perhaps your commute to work is a long one and the traffic is atrocious?  Every day.

Many people just like you and I are are looking online these days for alternatives to what we are currently doing. So that one day we can work from home and be there for our families.

I have listed a few things that I think are necessary for online business. I hope these help you in your quest to work from home.  Even though there are many types of businesses you can do from home, they do come with different variables. Listed below is what I know is perfect for a really low-cost business.

All Your Tools

Stating the obvious, but a desktop or laptop and a really good internet connection. And get on a big data plan too. These are not as expensive as they used to be and when you package them with a mobile plan and Foxtel for TV they are really good value for money. You will need the extra data to work online and your kids will love it too!

A Website

“Well where do I get one of those ?” you ask.  There are many places you can get websites these days, and free for that matter. Here is a website building post for beginners that goes into more detail.  Basically, you want something that is easy to set up – literally in minutes.  Like I use with SiteRubix platform. You can check it out here!


You must have a lot of help and support as you build your website when blogging, or when doing paid advertising to your site.  And it is really important that you have a support network of very capable individuals on hand.  Which leads me to also add, that building with free sites – like – you will have most components to get your site created.  What they will probably lack in, is the support department.  So be mindful on which website building path and platform that you choose.

Which leads me to also add, that building with free sites – like – you will have most components to get your site created.  What they will probably lack in, is the support department.  So be mindful on which website building path and platform that you choose.

A website really is a must if you want a successful online business.  And building your own website means that it is yours.  I built this website.  And I did this successfully with these guys, Wealthy Affiliate – my honest Review here. Because I have all the tools in place, the community to assist with quick queries, and company support if I am wanting something technical addressed.

Having your own website will also require you to have a good way to find keywords for your posts.  Within our system, we have this amazing keyword tool that helps you to do just that.  To have a really good website is one thing, but to have one that is being found organically on google’s page 1 is even better.  Yes, free traffic because you did your keyword research really well.

And with a good keyword tool, you can do just that. Find lots of low competition keywords to build your posts around. I have more information on another keyword tool I use as well.  You can check out some more detailed informaton on this seo keyword tool called Jaaxy right here.

Places to Create Images

create free images

Having a website and a blog means putting pages and posts on it.  And with that, you will need some color!  Finding images online can be fun, however, be careful as you cannot just go ahead and use anybody’s pictures.

So make sure you use the Google > Images > Tools > Labeled for reuse option.

Or you can go to free sites like Pixabay or Pexels as they have a lot of free images that you can source.  But don’t just take images from the internet.

You can also create you own in places like Canva or PicMonkey.  I also use ‘good ole paint’ on my desktop computer.  It is simple, easy and quick to use.

A List builder is a Good Option

If you are deciding to do an email list, and this is really something you should consider, then a good autoresponder system is a must.  Aweber and Get Response are two very reputable list building programs you may want to consider. They come with all the training involved within the system and they are quite simple to use.

Having a list means you can keep in contact with your visitors who have opted-in, continuing to send them value and updates of your website, and the occasional promotion too.

A Good Business Mindset

Please don’t think because you have decided to start an online business that it is going to be easy.  A brick and mortar business takes quite a while to build. I have heard that some don’t even turn a profit in their first 1, 2 even 3 years and your online business can be the same.

It depends on many factors, but working hard at it, for little reward first up is the big one!  I have been in this position myself.  Worked at a business but gave up before my work came to fruition.  Or maybe you have paid for a big level product in a multi level marketing business and thought that you would now reap the rewards because you “bought in” on the bigger product.

Well, it doesn’t work like that.  You have to keep at it – Until …

You have to remain coachable and be inspired by those who have built successful online businesses before you.  Learn from them but more importantly, take action on what you now know!

What’s wonderful about the program I am part of, is we have so much support from the community it keeps us motivated. We help each other out and share things that work, and things that don’t.  It is really important to be part of a good network of people who are striving for things in life similar to you.  And with my online business, I have that and you can too!

Some Legal Stuff

If you do operate your business from home and you are earning from your online business, you will want to learn about tax obligations and also what you can be eligible for as well.  So consulting with your accountant will have you on the right “legal” track to paying income tax if it is required or knowing what can be tax deductible as well.

Make sure you do this when it is required within your financial tax year. In Australia, ours runs from July 1st to June 30.  If you reside in another country your financial year may be on a different time line.  So do check it out.


I do hope you got some ideas from this post, and check out my very honest reviews.   I never recommend any product or business unless I have been part of it, used the product or currently using it now myself.

And if you are looking to create a website, want all the tools, support and a community of awesome entrepreneurs to assist you (and I will assist you too!)  then get INSTANT ACCESS now and fully informed on how to start an online business from home.

I will see you on the other side!
Do message me here on Facebook if you need any questions answered.
I get back to people quick smart if I am contacted there.
Make it a great day











18 Top Online Business Opportunities & My No.1

top onine business opportunities

So you are looking at top online business opportunities?

Yes, I was too.  And I do believe I found what I was looking for.  But it took me a long time to get to this stage in my online marketing career.  I had to go through a bunch of obstacles and heartache really, before I found what I was looking for and my highly recommended No. 1 opportunity.

I really hope your learning curve in finding an online business isn’t too hard on you.  It can be a tough gig, online marketing and online business for that matter.  Honestly, I have never heard of anyone who came online independently and was successful within a few months.  It just doesn’t happen and you have to really understand it takes time to build.  But with that being said, if you have the desire and drive then that’s a big part of the successful equation, and you are moving in the right direction.

So first up, have a look at these following business opportunities that are available to you. Basically it is finding something that you truly love to do. Who wants to work at business they dislike? We usually go to work for a boss and do just that – dislike what we do everyday.  So why would we pursue an online business and repeat that same process?

A List of 18 Top Online Business Opportunities

top online business opportunityFreelance Writing and Resume/Cover letter Writing

Freelance writing or Resume and Cover letter writing may be an option.  People are always applying for a position in an offline job, or requiring articles or blog posts.

And quality is definitely needed in all of these instances. So if you are a writer and a good one at that, then this could be a business idea for you!

Affiliate Marketing

Become an affiliate marketer.  In this case you do not have to have your own products or services and you are promoting other peoples wares and in turn, you get a commission for your sales efforts.  The best way to do this however is through a website of your own – check out how to build websites here.

You can make alot of money affiliate marketing, however if you are using paid methods to send traffic to the products, that in itself can become a very costly exercise. I would recommend building your own site and getting your own content out there online. Your posts (with good SEO and other factors) have the chance to becoming ranked high.  You can them send your audience (your visitors whom are on your site) via links to products and services to possibly purchase.


Are you good at spotting errors in articles or blog writing? Then proofreading is another avenue of service you could offer to online publishers or bloggers. And of course at an agreed fee.

Web Design

There is an ever growing demand for web design as local brick and mortar businesses take to the internet and also aspiring entrepreneurs.  So there will always be work in this field.  An adventurous idea of putting your creative talents and programming knowledge to work.

Social Media Consultantsocial media advertising

Become the go-to person for social media advertising. Perhaps you have knowledge on the popular platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.  Having the know-how of sharing business posts and also the time to do it, then this gig could be for you.

Freelancing in Design

There is definitely no shortage for banner and logo designs or other creative ideas for your websites. You could become a freelancer designer with the very popular sites, like Upwork or Fiverr and command fees for your services.

Multi Level Marketing

There are so many multi level marketing businesses floating around the internet that there are so many to choose from. If you like to be part of teams, love products like skin care, make up, health and weight loss or personal development then this could be the avenue for you.

Actually there is an mlm around alot of things these days.And these types of businesses usually come with their own training and duplicated websites (for promotion).  But do be aware, it is always good to do your due diligence and search the internet for Reviews.  I have a dedicated page of the good and the not so good that I have experienced – you can find those Reviews here.

eBay and Auction Selling

You could sell a bunch of stuff that you have lying around – and we all have “stuff” –  but this is also good for buying in wholesale bulk and reselling those goods and a Buy it Now price or in an Auction.

Online Stores

Online stores like Amazon and Shopify are great choices to start with to obtain products, or more links for products. And you can sell almost anything on your website, books, clothing, jewelry, shoes the list goes on.


You may like to blog about a niche that is of great interest to you.  Blogging is growing all the time and with the internet and people searching for information on just about any topic, then blogging may be the route to go.  Here is more information on what a niche website is about.  And it may be something that interests you.


Taking surveys is an option and there is alot of opportunity in this.  However, you definitely have to research this type of online business as it can be very time consuming for little reward.  But in saying that there is alot of offerings for surveys and companies will always provide them.

Forex Trading

I did a little bit of trading but it was too nerve racking for me, as you are watching your money fluctuate depending on what type of trading you embark on.  People can make a lot of money through trading but this is one online business you definitely want to do your research on.  And there are many systems and programs out there that do make it easier.

Business and General Coaching

You could try business coaching and a service to assist others with their sales and marketing or strategies for their website.  If you have proof of results in your own experiences then you could offer your expertise for a fee.

General Coaching could be offered to coach those who have their own respective mlm or blogging business, in social media strategies or methods you have gained knowledge in and succeeded. All again for a set hourly fee.

Membership Sites

Being an expert in your field is huge especially if you have gained alot of followers online.  You could capitlize by creating your own membership site.  Offering people a lot of value and information that will assist them moving forward in their respective businesses and will definitely result in them remain subscribed and a member on your site.

It will be especially important keeping your content on the site up to date.  A membership site can be very lucrative but more importantly, a residual monthly income for what will be little work in the end.  Yes, it would be hard work to get to this stage, but would be worth it if you were to create a membership site like this.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is another online business that may be of interest to you.  Having had experience in general office work, accountancy, emails, customer service or the organising of online filing systems then a VA maybe something you could pursue.With the increase of local  businesses taking to the internet, as their businesses grow, so does the need for online help!  So again, an online option for consideration.

My No.1 Recommendation for Top Online Business Opportunities

Building a niche website.  But more than that, It is a blog, which means I get free traffic to my site every day and this steadily increases.  It is Affiliate Marketing as well so I now make commissions from those who go through my unique links.

And another great thing is I am part of a supportive community that are available to me 24 hours a day.  I have all the tools I need within the system and the company leaders are always approachable and offer great support.

If you want to check out what I do then visit my thorough Review so you can see the whole ins and outs of this awesome opportunity.  You can sign up with this program and check it out at your own pace for free.

message sharonOr message me directly on Facebook if you have any questions at all. I am here to assist always and it is something I just love to do – help others!  So I do hope you liked my 15 top online business opportunities.  Just make sure you do full research and due diligence on anything that interests you. And before you sign up to anythng!  Wishing you all the success in the world!

Wishing you all the success in the world!
Make it a great day,




P.S.   Looking for more options in a home business?  Do check out my 2017 Guide for ideas!









Looking for Online Work at Home Opportunities?

online work at home opportunities

So, you are looking for online work at home opportunities?  Or are you just looking for something that is legitimate and you know if you put your heart and soul into it, it will reward you well?

That is all I was after too!

There are so many online work at home opportunities available to us all these days. And you can often be left wondering what on earth “can I do” to build an online business. Below I have listed many ideas, so do check them out!  I have also listed what I do online now, which comes highly recommended, in the last section of this post.

After 15 plus years of being online, I have seen and experienced many things.  What I do now, and what I think is the most important thing in my working life, is doing something I love. And you should too!  So check out the list and see what may resonate with you!


You could become a freelancer doing website design, writing for others, or creating banners and logos. Upwork and Fiverr have thousands of people who offer up their services for an agreed fee.

start a blog businessBlogging

Blogging could be something you may enjoy doing yourself.  Do you have a passion and just love talking about it?  Then creating a website around that passion is the way to go.

Generally, when you are writing about one subject in particular, this is called a niche.  Ideally, that is what your own blogging material would be about.  Learn more on niches here.

And, this is what I have done right here.  I have years of experience online.  I love writing about it. So I designed a blog/website to share my experiences and to assist others.  When I get a visitor here, I want them to read a post, and go away having learned something that they didn’t know, and hopefully implement into their own business.

Multi Level Marketing

Perhaps taking part in a multi-level-marketing business is right up your ally. Joining a Network Marketing business because you love the products, which could be skin care, health products or personal development to name a few.  And you would be promoting the products for resell, or promoting the opportunity to build your team.

Online Stores

Maybe an Online store is the path you want to go down.  Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are great choices to start your online store.  You could sell almost any product, clothing, jewelry, shoes, electronics, there is always someone online, looking for something to buy.  So this could be an option for you.

Business Coaching

Depending on your background and experience perhaps business coaching. If you have attained results and have the proof, you may be able to offer a service where you help others with sales and marketing, or website strategies etc.This is especially needed for the local brick and mortar business who decides to go online with no experience.  Your expertise in this area could be something that will assist them, and you would be rewarded for you services

This is especially needed for the local brick and mortar business who decides to go online with no experience.  Your expertise in this area could be something that will assist them, and you would be rewarded for you services

Coaching in General

You could offer coaching to others for a fee, assisting them with methods that have worked for you in your business.  Within my business and the platform I am part of, even though I am not charging a fee, I am more than happy to assist others with my knowledge I have gained over the past 15 years.  But, you could make a part-time income out of it if you wanted to!

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant may be a path you would like to go down.  If you have experience in general office work, answering emails, assisting with customer service, organizing online filing systems etc. Perhaps even doing social media strategies for the company, then this could be something you could pursue.

With the increase of local and national businesses taking to the online world, as their businesses grow, so does the need for online help!

Freelance Writing

Perhaps Freelance writing is something you would enjoy.  Even though I mentioned earlier, Freelancing – and writing was part of this. Well, writing for someone could be a business all on its own,as there are always people needing articles or blog posts for their own websites.  People want reliable and good quality content so there is definitely a market for writers.

the wealthy affiliate universityAffiliate Marketing

What about Affiliate marketing?  Learn more in depth here about how affiliate marketing works, but in a nutshell, it is the process of selling products or maybe a service for another website.  You don’t have to purchase the product yourself which means no stocking and inventory.

You are just someone who directs others to a product and website via a link or banner, that is unique to you.  Plus you can have one or many websites.  Definitely click on the image to learn what this Affiliate marketing is all about.  Simply put, earn money sharing other people’s products.


Creating Niche Websites & Affiliate Marketing – My No.1 Choice

So this is the business and path I have chosen to go down after all my years online.  After failing at so many things, I am now part of a program that gives me 50 websites as part of my membership to create my own niche websites.  And to also learn and do affiliate marketing.

You found this website today and this is my Online Business, (working from home – niche website).

And this is what we are taught to do. Create websites all around one topic. Provide lots of value and information via blog posts and pages. And provide links to affiliate products and services that are congruent with the niche.

To get an educated insight into this online business check out my Review.

This explains what we get as part of the membership, the tools, community and support and the very inexpensive price points.  But the best thing is, you can trial if for FREE!

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Is Saivian a Scam? Hell Yes – An Insiders Review!

is saivian a scam

Company Name:   Saivian
Overall Ranking: 0/100
Price: $125 US dollars – Monthly Membership
Owner & President: Eric J Dalius

INTRODUCTION to Saivian and is Saivian a Scam?


*** UPDATE !!! – 13th August 2017 ***

I received this message on Sunday from a reputable source that was one of the first Saivian distributors in the U.S.  It stated that as of July 31, 2017, they have CEASED OPERATIONS IN THE U.S.  It’s unclear if anyone will be paid their money owed, but hopefully people WORLDWIDE and especially Asia, will be smart enough not to join this, only to be scammed also.

Attention Saivian, LLC, Members and Affiliates in the United States of America

Effective July 31, 2017

In order to support other business enterprises and universally conform business practices to the demands of emerging markets in Asia, Saivian, LLC, is being discontinued in the USA upon the following terms.

  • Saivian, LLC, discontinued operations in the United States of America July 31, 2017.
  • All Member and Affiliate enrollments in the United States terminated and concluded and no further Members or Affiliates will be enrolled in the USA as of July 31, 2017.
  • All Saivian, LLC, Affiliate support and Membership services ceased as of July 31, 2017.
  • No resident of the United States is permitted to participate as a Member or Affiliate in any of the international programs, namely Saivian International, LTD.
  • Membership fees were paid on a recurring 28-day cycle for Membership benefits received, which benefits concluded July 31, 2017.
We respect our past association, and we wish you well in all your future endeavors.


Still Don’t Think it is a Scam?   Then read on….

I was introduced to Saivian in April of 2016 and am truly blown away that this Company still exists.  In a nutshell, you pay $125 for a membership every 28 days which equates to being billed 13 times a year totalling  $1625 US Dollars.

If you get 3 others to join and pay for the membership then the membership is free and you qualify for the Daily pay. And you get up to $250 US Dollars a month cash back on your (all types of shopping/travel) receipts.

The company claims they want the data on your receipts. This is so they can sell to 3rd party marketing partners, hence how members who bring others in can get daily pay from $5 to $3000 daily.  Yes – you heard right – daily – and yes, some of the big earners are on $750/$1,000 a day.

is saivian a scamSaivian claim they do a similar model to that of Facebook.

With Facebook, data is accumulated from likes and comments etc that you and I do on various pics, and when you signed up for a Facebook account, you may have ticked boxes of hobbies, pets or business stuff that you liked.

This is why Facebook can now sell very geo-targeted information to advertisers. You may have purchased ads yourself on Facebook utilizing this very data.

However that takes years to collect this type of information and there is no way Saivian have collected that amount of data in this short time through these receipts.

So there is no way they are even close to being able to sell geo-targeted data to these marketing partners.

It is a crock.

I was at the Elite level when I left Saivian and truly enjoyed the daily pay of $30 daily and the $250 cash back every month.  What I didn’t like, was learning that these marketing partners just did not exist.  That only about 8% of people were actually putting in their receipts.

So the daily pay is coming from new investors and the new memberships being paid. How could I ethically join others up when I knew a product didn’t even exist?  And the fact the membership gets paid in one end and that there is enough to fund the daily pay and the small percentage who actually do lodge their receipts.

God help Eric J. Dalius if eveyone lodged their shopping receipts – But they don’t.

Sounds a bit like a ponzi scheme to me – Definition here:


Over the past few months the Company has had some changes, and the $125 membership is now called the Global Savings Plan which is different to when I started.  We had a Shopping membership and a Global Travel membership so it looks like Saivian has now combined the two.

Included in the Membership is:
The Instant Savings Benefit (ISB) A Savings and discounts program from thousands of stores around the
globe which are additional savings to the cashback.
The Travel Portal and Cash Back Enhanced program.
You can pick your own stores and change them every 30 days.
Receive up to 20% cash back on your everyday shopping.
Member access to the ‘Free’ mobile app to scan your receipt purchases.




Up to 20% cash back is great and a maximum of $250 every 28 days.
It had a multi level marketing side to it using the binary model (building 2 and 3 downlines).
Daily pay was also very good if you had 3 or more paid members in your downline.
There is no contract so you can leave Saivian at any time.
Phone app is now available for receipts to be scanned and appears easy to use.


For your first Cashback you have to wait 90 days.  You start, then it is 30 days of collecting receipts.  You scan them onto your app on your phone, then it takes them another 30 days for them to (apparently) check that data.  You get your (up to $250) cash back another 30 days later. Which you now have to turn around and generate a pass to get your money.

By then you are nearly up to paying for a 4th month of membership fees.  $125 US dollars x 4 – You do the math. And this is before your very first Cashback.  Then it flows monthly from that point.

No information on the Company Owners
There is no information on the promotional site about the Company owners however if you want to learn more about who is running this show then Google E.J Dalius or Eric J Dalius. He was a quiet partner from the start. I am not here to bad mouth him or anyone for that matter.  There is plenty out there that have good reason of their own though, so Google him and knock yourself out.

is saivian a scamPeople not getting Cashback or daily pay on Convenience Cards – they have to sell Passes:
To get your cashback or money earned they use these passes calling it the “Pass Economy”.

When I started with Saivian 20% Cashback I had to purchase a pass which had a letter and about 10 numbers on it.  So when I signed up with my name and email I had to put in that pass to activate my membership.

Then when I got cashback and my daily pay, again I had to generate a “Pass” and sell it to a new member or someone else in Saivian.  It was really confusing and still is by the sound of it. Alot of countries still have no way of getting their money out from an ATM, paypal or something similar.

Many times (in the short 6 months I was there), we were being promised a Circa Black/Mastercard – but did not happen.  Every time they said we were getting a card there was always a problem.  So why is that?  I have never heard of being part of an MLM and not being able to be paid, and I have never seen anything like these passes. And it looks like they are bringing bitcoin into the equation now as well.

So the company is 1 Year and 5 months old today and most of the Saivian members do not have instant – direct access to their cash back and daily pay and still HAVE TO SELL PASSES !!!

Again it is ridiculous!  And has you asking yourself is Saivian a scam?  mmmm….

Support was absolutely terrible – almost like they didn’t want to be contacted.  It may have improved, it definitely needed to and could not get any worse.

Corporate fell like flies.  When I started there were 5 people heading the company.  They all were very reputable business men in their own respective fields.  And EJ Dalius seemed to be a quiet partner,  mmmm….  Not one of those 5 men that headed Saivian when it started on November 1st 2015, are still there today…. Yip, they are all gone. So again you are left wondering, is Saivian a scam?

Marketing Partners is A Crock.  Saivian claim the (point of sales purchases) POS data is subsidized by third part marketing partners and how you get the Cashback on your receipts.  These “marketing partners” just do not exist!


Saivian can be for any shopper.  To get the full benefit of the $250 cashback every 28 days you have to spend the maximum of around $1200 per 4 week cycle.

If you have not referred 3 people who are paying members, then you come away with $125 in your pocket each 4 weeks because the other $125 has to pay your monthly membership.  So ideally your best bet is to get 3 people and earn a daily pay of $5.


They have company calls but these didn’t give you much.  Was always hype and telling you how exciting and new things are coming.  I know for a fact that many countries including Australia and New Zealand still do not even have a card to go to an ATM and get their earned money out. They have to do it with what they call the pass economy. (Refer to my Cons section for the explanation on Passes to get paid)

They have finally developed an App where you can photograph your receipts and upload the data onto that which is more convenient than scanning them at the end of the month.  Again, god knows what they are doing with the receipt data.

They always threatened that if you didn’t do it correctly and in order of receipt dates etc, that your cash back redemption would be void. I must say I got paid on my 3 sets or 3 months of receipts I put in but they definitely were not all correct.  That made me laugh because did they really check them?


The daily pay was quite lucrative and they did pay into your back office every day if you qualified for it, depending on your level.  You could be at $5, $20, $30, $50, $100, $150, $200, $300, $500, $750, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000 paid daily. Of course you need alot of members in your downlines to be getting the bigger paydays.

The compensation for getting 3 paid members and growing teams can be very enticing but at the end of the day, if there is no product, then how can you morally be promoting this to others.  Just so wrong.


It was horrendous. We had to go through the Australian founder to get answers and that could take days.  They did not have any reliable support for months, and pretty much the whole time I was there.  I think it is better now. Really not sure.

What I don’t see on the Saivian site that is used for promoting is, you do not see who runs this show and who owns Saivian.  Why is their no owner details?  Well you wouldn’t be putting EJ Dalius in any of the Company information for your new prospect to be looking at. Again, Google him and you will see why.  Is Saivian a scam?  Looking like it if you research this information up, don’t you think?


$125 US Dollars every 28 days.
Or get 3 paying members in your downline and it is free.


So is Saivian a scam?  It absolutely is and I know heaps of Australians and Americans who got the hell out of it because of the way the whole company and business was conducted.  I was so disappointed as I thought the concept of Cashback for receipts was awesome and that they were doing something similar to Facebook, but sharing the revenue gained from the advertising partners,(unlike Facebook who are worth billions and keep it to themselves!)

And the reason I know alot of this information is a number of us had meetings with people who were “in the know.” Many a zoom meeting was held with Saivian members in leadership roles from America. We would discuss the whole marketing partner issue, the inconsistency and lack of company support and why we knew nothing about Eric J Dalius from the start.

Again, like I said it was really disappointing for all of us involved, as the concept of the cashback was a great help for the average earning household.  But continuing to promote and join members up just was so wrong.

So is Saivian a Scam?  A big YES and the reason I went looking for something that had reputable leaders, cost a fraction of the price, had all the tools and community support I needed – we get legitamately paid throught Paypal and I got to check it out for free.

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This business has been around since 2005 with a reputable and honest Leadership team and teaches you how to turn your passion into a thriving online business. Check out a review here now and I will see you on the inside.

And please do your due diligence before joining any business!
Cheers, Sharon Whyte













The Best Work at Home Opportunity

The best work at home based business

So you are looking for the best work at home opportunity?

Well, I may just be able to help you there!

And the reason I feel it is the best work at home opportunity and why I feel I can help you, is because it is something I am successfully doing from home. I have tried a multitude of online businesses ranging from Multi Level Marketing to Direct Selling and a bit of Affiliate Marketing. Each with mixed success but not enough to write home about!

In more recent times I was part of another platform that catered for internet marketers, however the membership was quite high and even though it had a ton of training, it also had alot of tools I was paying for and would probably never use – and I didn’t.

I was also part of a network marketing company that was very new and exciting, but that turned out to be the biggest scam going.  A membership with no product.  The membership paid for the daily pay we were getting so it was just so immoral to bring anyone into it when there was no real product.  Disappointing to say the least.


Why Is This Work From Home Platform So Good?

Because it offers guided step by step training to get a profitable website up that potentially could be paying you residual income for years.

the best work at home opportunity

I found this awesome platform that includes teaching you how to structure a blog, and how to write about your passion.  Hence, providing a ton of value to your visitors, and the chance to make money from people going through links to products, or services on your site.

To get it to that point you have step by step guided training and task-based lessons to apply as you build out your website. It gives you the option of building out a niche based website or promoting the Wealthy Affiliate platform to others. Your niche would be something you are clearly passionate about and truly enjoy writing about it.  Check out this list of 100 Niches that will give you an idea of what your website could be about.

There is a Live Chat feature which is available 24 hours a day with help from all the community members (from all over the world), and the reason why answers to your questions are only a minute away!

Upon starting the training, you create your first website choosing a theme from thousands of designs. You begin to build out some static pages that are available to your visitors from the menu of your website.  Then you are taught how to put posts together and you continue to build your website, creating valuable content to read for your visitors. This is where you are taught to direct them to more information, or a solution (a link to a product) for their problem.

work from home based businessThe Live interactive weekly classes are held via webinar and give you insights into everything about your blog and ways to market it on the internet. There is something new covered every week, these are recorded and of course can be revisited again and again.

A keyword tool is provided within the platform to enable you to search up low competition keywords, so your chances of landing on Google page 1 and other search engines is significantly higher.  Rather than going in blind, with high competition and broad keywords – (you would just not beat the big guys!) this keyword tool helps you find your niche related keywords with a variety to choose from.

My preference is the Jaaxy keyword tool as it gives me more options for finding information on how my website is ranking – however the keyword tool within the platform is a great place to start.

And the best thing is and why I think it is the best work at home opportunity, is I can have up to 25 websites if I choose to. (At present I have one established site and will be adding more websites over time).  So you could have many websites in different niches, all with the potential of making you an income.

How cool is that?!

You really have everything at hand to get a profitable website built. No going to Go Daddy to get a domain name, or to other Companies to get hosting so your website is visible on the internet. No paying astronomical amounts for marketing training.  You have everything here and everything at hand to get a profitable website built.


Absolutely FREE – INSTANT ACCESS and No Obligation

You can check out this platform called Wealthy Affiliate for FREE – right here, right now!  You get Instant Access at no obligation to you. And no credit card is required! You have the liberty of going behind the curtains and seeing what this platform is all about before you even consider becoming a paid member.

The Free membership gives you a really good look at what Wealthy Affiliate offers. There are many phases to the training’s and the set up of your website and Wealthy Affiliate gives you the first training phase for free. (About 32 lessons/tasks!)  It also gives you 2 websites for free.

This is what I did and got to thoroughly check it out for free. (But I must say I was sold on the Value and signed up within the first week!)  Most platforms or online businesses will not offer this. You tend to only get to view a company video, get “wowed” by the testimonials and have to sign and pay on your way in.

There is always a starting fee to get a proper look at the business and usually up sells on the way in.  And the problem with that is, you could have shelled out hundreds before you realize it isn’t all it was cracked up to be.

With this platform here at Wealthy Affiliate, there aren’t any upsells.  Like I said, totally free to check out, and no surprises of additional products to buy, just the Premium membership should you choose to continue.

I do hope you enjoyed what I think is the best work at home opportunity. Stop wasting your time on things that don’t work and spend time enjoying a business that through your persistence and passion  – you will make it work!  And it will reward you for years to come.


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