Where Can I Start a Blog?

building your blog posts

Where Can I Start a Blog

So where can I start a blog?

I pondered over this question years ago.  I have tried other programs that had a blogging feature, however I always knew the best way to have a blog was with WordPress.  There are sites like Weebly, that have a blog component to it, and I imagine there are many others as well.

But ask any really successful blogger, and they will probably point you in the direction of WordPress.  So where can you start a blog?   In a nutshell.  Right here.


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WordPress Blogs are Brilliant!

WordPress seem to have all the features to create a visually nice looking, and very easy to navigate website.  With so many plugins you can use, like adding social media icons and contact forms, you can have a site that gives a good “user” experience.  And that is definitey what you need.  A happy visitor!

Within the Wealthy Affiliate program I am part of, we have the SiteRubix feature – which gives you WordPress themes to pick, before they build your site for you.  A quick video below here shows you how it is built in seconds!


As you just witnessed in the video, it took about 25 seconds from the time I hit the Build It button.  Just amazing if you ask me.  I have never seen a site get built so quick, and ready for me to add some of my own images, and content.

I have learned alot about WordPress over the years.  It is free to use for us all, has so many plugins and features, where you do not need experience in coding.   You can write pages or posts.  And the widgets that you add to your sidebars and footer, well they are pretty much click on  ‘Activate’ and you are good to go!

Plus, knowing the posts I write have the chance of being found on Google’s page 1 is pretty awesome too.  So ideally, this should be the preferred option for you if you are to create a website with a blog.

But Why Do I Need a Blog ?

Having a blog attached to your website seems to be the best way to run business online these days.  The thing is, if you just have a website with static pages – it means you don’t really change anything on them, they remain the same.   That is your 4 or 5 pages that you are hoping will be found on Google or some other search engine.

But having a blog (as well as a number of static pages), well now you can write content about your website’s topic. You can write everyday if you like.  And with this new content being published every day, or every other day on the internet, the chances of you and your website being found just vastly increased.

A blog is vital for your business success.  Yes, you can just have a 4 or 5 page website without a blog.  But you better have a healthy advertising budget to send lots of people to it.  Seriously, how else is it going to be found?

However, frequent blogging, and knowing how to structure posts, looking visually good with appropriate images, and doing SEO, (search engine optimiztion) now means promoting it is free.  Your posts/content are out there on the internet with the good possibility of being found.

Look here at just one of my posts that ranks well on Google.  I have people visiting my website daily because I took the time to write posts, add images, learn SEO, and publish them from my site.  And I continue to do so.

prosperity of life reviewed


And that is unpaid, free advertising.
And those posts are online…. forever!

I now get well over 100 visitors daily to my site, because I have posts ranking on Page 1 of Google, and possibly other search engines as well.  And that visitor count is rising daily.  And what that means is some of those people are signing up, and checking out the program I am part of – for free.

In Summary

What is awesome for the newbie and also for the seasoned marketer, is creating a website and blog online can be done so easily these days.  It can be literally up in minutes. You can also see a video tutorial on creating a website and how simple it is.

But I am not going to tell you that writing posts and building out your blog is easy, because it isn’t.  It takes time and effort.  What is lucky for us, is we have detailed and comprehensive training and lessons, and support to assist us every step of the way.

So make sure you check out my Wealthy Affiliate review on this program that shows you where you can start a blog and a profitable blog business.

I do hope you liked my post on where can I start a blog.
Make sure you go to the review and get your free starter account today.
I will see you on the inside!
Cheers, Sharon













13 Ideas of What to Write in a Blog Post

what to write in a blog

What to Write in a Blog

When people first start their websites and blogs the question is often raised of what to write in a blog post?  I probably asked the same thing too.  But if you find a niche that you are passionate about, or a hobby you absolutely love and you couple that with your blog, well you will have tons to write about.

If you know that your niche is a profitable one, and most are, then the more posts you write, the more you are likely to be found!

Some Factors to Consider First

What is really important is the niche you are considering is in a buyer’s market, meaning it is a profitable niche.  And affiliate networks  stock products (that are in your niche) and you earn a good commission.

Plus, people have a passion for it, or they may have a problem and your blog (and affiliate links) provide solutions.
And you have a platform where you can create your website, with continual up to date training so you know how to get your posts found in the search engines.

Digging Deep and Finding Your Niche

what is a niche websiteThis is so important that I wanted to mention it again.  Finding a good profitable niche is one thing, but what is imperative is you have to like what you have chosen and are going to be writing about.

Just imagine, in 10 or 20 posts time you suddenly have nothing to write about.  Or, you get bored with your topic.  This should not happen at all if you choose a niche you are really passionate about.

Your writing should capture that enthusiasm about the topic you have chosen to create a website around.

I know my website here at Online business opportunity is pure passion for me.  It has me blogging about sharing online marketing tips. I just love learning then sharing what I learn to others.  Your posts and website should reflect what you love too!

Get Creative with your Titles

Think about what catches your eye when you are reseraching and looking for something online.  Why did you click on that particular post when there was one above or below?  Well usually it is the title and the title that most appealed to you in those few seconds.  So that is what you have to do as well.

An example for you.  I was just going to call this post;

“What to Write in a Blog”  but I thought, for it to be more interesting and to give it some substance I added;

13 Ideas of What to Write in a Blog Post.

I know I would definitely click on the latter as that is telling me there is alot of ideas for writing a blog in this post.

So definitely get creative.  Ask a question,  perhaps a how to, or learn this…. or even be a bit controversial.  And always make sure you have your keywords in the title as well.

Be Solution Oriented in Your Posts

In some of your content, make sure you are providing your reader with value and solutions if that is what your niche calls for.  My niche is in the online business marketing and their are tons of marketer and new people to the online world who need help in many things.

I provide value to my visitors by giving them tutorials on things, or how to find free images for their sites.  You tube marketing ideas and assistance in blog writing.  So be solution oriented and your visitor will definitely be back for more!

Adding Images to Your Posts

Make sure after putting together your posts that you go to the effort of getting relevant images.  There is nothing worse than seeing a post and it is just all blocks of text…. BORING comes to mind and I am less inclined to read it.  Putting images within your text is way more appealing so make sure you do it.

Quotes and Images that Contain Quotes

Depending on your niche, you could be in the self help or personal development field, sharing insightful posts of quotes and images is another creative idea.  There is definitely not a shortage of entrepreneurs, philosophers, sports stars and even celcbrities who have shared many quotes.

Be Inspired by Similar Posts

Go and research your niche and then write something similar.  If that post you just read is on Page 1 of Google then chances are it has some really good and relevant content on there.  Make sure though you NEVER copy somebody else’s work.  Be inspired and write your interpretation of it.  Because there will always be someone online that will relate to you.

Product and Company Reviews

Share reviews on products or company’s you have been part of.  Give a detailed insight into a company you have been part of with the costs involved, the type of tools and training they have and support you got and just your overall experience.  Do you look for reviews online?  I know I do and the more detailed the better!


This could be in video content or with images throughout.  Perhaps tutorials that could have you doing a number of posts to get the full training across to your audience.  I am now doing tutorials on various things in my niche, like how to find free images online, so not only do I have a video to watch visually, I explain also in some written information.


Lists of anything are always good so get creating lists in your niche.  If I knew some good Facebook or Youtube marketing techniques I could share something like “13 New and Proven Social Media Strategies.”  It gives your reader many ideas and having internal links in your posts can send them off to more of your informative content.

What You Learn – Teach Others

If you are on a blogging platform like mine or part of a marketing platform, you will always be learning something new.  So what ever you learn, teach that to others.  In blog posts, tutorials, videos, images etc

Share Your Wins and Results

I really enjoy seeing peoples wins in online business and especially when they prove it with results in images.  These could be of google analytics and showing how much traffic they are getting on their site – and how it grows.

Or it could be monetary results and images of money made online from Amazon or Clickbank.  What that demonstrates to me is it is possible for you and I to do exactly the same.  A huge motivator and realisation that it is possible for us all to make money online doing what we love!

Use Bar or Pie Charts for Comparisons

Within your posts you can have charts to compare various things.  Visually this looks good and there are many varieties of charts that you can use.  Here is the link to chartgo to check this tool out.

In Summary

Really there is a ton of things you can write about.  It can also depend on your niche and what your passions are, but without a doubt, if you are creating a website around something you love, you will be just fine.

Overall you dont want the blog that is just all written text, so make sure you are adding some really good images throughout your posts.  Keep your reader interested with your writing and your pictures!

I do hope you liked my post.  If you have any other ideas of what to write in a blog please add them in the comments below!

Cheers, Sharon




Learning How to Write A Blog

learning how to write a blog

If you are learning how to write a blog post for your website and not sure of all the ins and outs of what to do, (and what not to do), overall it can be quite overwhelming.

What do I write about and how much?
What pictures should I use?
Should I use video?
Do I use links?

If you are new to blogging then rest assured.  You can have a ton of things to write about.  And the best way to know that, is to write about something you love, which can be a hobby, or your passion.

I bet you could sit and talk to a friend of family member for ages when it is a topic you know alot about, because you are passionate about it. I know I can and the reason I easily put blog posts together now.

But there are also many elements of a blog post. There is the title, all the written content, finding relevant images and even video. Not to mention knowing how to find keywords and where to place them!

First up – Your Topic and Keywords

So what do you write about?   I am assuming you already have your website set up in your niche. Which means if I was going to be blogging about weight loss, I would have narrowed it down to a smaller niche.

Something like – “50 and wanting to lose weight” or “Get Fit in Your 50’s.”   Because that is more my age group, I enjoy getting into shape, I have a lot life experience doing it and I enjoy talking about it.  And, there will be a good amount of men and women who are in this category, or, what we like to call a niche.

You cannot be too broad with you niche and your website. Once you are specific you ideally will have lots to write about. If you cannot think of anything, then that tells me you haven’t find anything interesting to you, or you just don’t have a passion for it.  Really important you get this part right!

So lets say I decide to write a post about, “Best carbs for women in their 50’s.”   Well first up, I need to check for keyword ideas and make sure women in there 50s are actually wanting to know about carbs. And as you can see in the image there isn’t really anyone typing in that term but there are definitely people searching for the best carbs for weight loss, which is what I will now do a bit more research on and perhaps write about.

keywrod tool for seo

So to research the new keyword term I have a tool that checks these keywords are not too competitive and have a decent amount of traffic going to them.  You can check out more info on the Jaaxy keyword tool – plus get yourself 30 free searches yourself!

A Catchy Title

This is the first thing anyone is going to see before they click through to see your post, so make it a good one!  It should definitely include your keyword and perhaps one of the following.
A question?   Gives your reader something to thing about, or;
Learn to…   How to…   Want to…   are always good responsive words to add to your title.
Just be creative to get clicks through to your website.

Small Paragraphs

There is nothing worse than going to a site and seeing big blocks of text. I like to read and see images throughout posts that are relevant to the information. It keeps me interested and I bet you prefer that too!

You probably can put about 2 to 3 sentences together before it starts looking like one big block of text. Keep in mind also, when people are reading your posts on their mobiles the amount of text in a block seems to get bigger! So be aware and make your posts more appealing to the eye.

Have Sub-headings

Another must is having sub headings throughout your posts. If you look back at my post here you can see I have done just that, and you may have scanned past a couple of paragraphs to get to something you want to read.

So ideas together, a few sentences for each paragraph and giving them a sub-title.

Black Text on White

I know some websites are colorful and it depends on what the niche is about that determines color. But ideally, having black words on a white background is the easiest way for someone to read a post. Too much color can be very distracting and colorful writing can be bad on your eyes!

Another tip also is do not use too many different color fonts. Again, very distracting and visually looks quite tacky. Unless your site calls for lots of color just stick to the black on white option.

Be Conversational and even Controversial

When writing, talk similar to how you speak. No body wants to read an essay – we have school for that!  So be conversational, write with intent asking your readers at the end of your post to do something. It may be commenting their view on what they just read or sharing your post to their friends on social media.

If you have an opinion on something within your topic, you may find that some of your readers wont like what you write. This can happen in reviews of businesses and products, where you didnt have a great experience, but they may have had a good one.  A little controversy does not hurt at all – just make sure you are speaking with integrity when sharing your views.

For example, you have tried the product, or you were part of an mlm business and you were not happy.  And you are just sharing your “true” views.  As opposed to reading someone else’s review and just writing about that.  So make sure you are definitely writing from experience.

learning how to write a blog

Images and Videos in Your Posts

In your admin area there is an area to add a “set featured image.”  This will be viewable in your blog roll, plus when sharing to social media, and it will show this image with a bit of linkable text, (back to your post.)

Plus have relevant images throughout your post – 2 to 3 depending on how long your post is.  Always make sure you are allowed to use the image you find as it is a big no-no to just take them off the internet. I elaborate more here on finding Free Images Online so check it out.

In regards to video, this will definitely boost your post rankings.  Make sure your video is uploaded to youtube, with the right keywords and tags then embed in your post.  So not only do you have a favourable post with good images, keywords and content, you also have a video that can be found separately and linked back to your post.

And for visual purposes, an image and a video within your text will keep your reader interested and on your post for alot longer.

Internal and External Links

As you can see through this post I have internal links to other posts where you will get some additional information on a topic. This is a great way to keep your reader on your blog for longer, but Google does like seeing you have internal links to other quality posts on your site.

You should really refrain from putting too many affiliate links on your posts. Ideally, have a review of the product and the affiliate links within that post. Then when you do internal links you can direct your reader to find more about a product or service on that post.

An external link to an authority site is also a good idea for good SEO (search engine optimization). Learn more about it here on this Yoast site. See what I did there… linked to an authority site that is relevant to SEO to educate you more about it.

CTA – Call to Action

When you start writing posts, don’t just write to get posts on your blog, but write with intent. Whatever you are writing about have an intent that your readers are going to leave a comment or share, or go to a link you suggest.

Always be informative, give value and then suggest something else for them to do. You may even have a sign up form where your visitor can get a value based training to assist them. Or invite them to a review – like this Wealthy Affiliate Review right here to check out the platform I use to build websites.

In Summary

I think the most important part of your blog is your topic and keyword research. Finding these first and knowing they have good traffic and low competition is the key to being found. Follow that up with quality content and a well set out blog post and you will satisfy your reader giving them value, a solution and what they searched for.

I do hope this post helped you in learning how to write a blog post. Once you know how to do it properly, you can just rinse and repeat, but of course with another topic!

Let me know your thoughts on this post below and visit here to learn about the platform that taught me how to build websites and write posts. It’s easier than you think!

To success in your blogging.
Make it a great day











A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

a beginners guide to affiliate marketing

I wanted to share a beginners guide to affiliate marketing for those who wonder what that even means.  I know when I heard that term, I had no idea what it was.  But learning that I could be an affiliate (that I could make money) from other people’s products, I thought “Why not?  What a great idea!”

And what I soon discovered and what I thought was really great, was I did not have to do anything in regards to making the “affiliate marketing” product.  Yes, it was a good idea I bought the product myself.  But….

Not having to design or create a product.
Not having to purchase a ton of product myself, to then on-sell to others.
Not having to worry about shipping and postal methods.
Not having to worry about payments and possible refunds.

This affiliate marketing thing was starting to look really good!

But where do I find these so called products I can sell?
How do I promote these products to others?
And how am I going to be paid?

Well read on, as below I have listed the networks that have tens of thousands of products you could be an affiliate for, and also the way you can become profitable in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Networks and Programs

There are many affiliate networks online like such as Clickbank, Commission Junction and Amazon just to name a few.  These networks have been around for years and it is a matter of finding a worthwhile product that you can be an affiliate for.  Like I said there are thousands!

Plus you can also just go to Google and – let’s say I want to promote children’s clothing.

If I type in;   affiliate program + childrens clothing

As you can see in the image below, the potential to become an affiliate in one of these programs is widespread. And you will note these sites are not even related to the networks I mentioned above.  The options for making money off other people’s products are truly endless!


affiliate marketing program

Picking Your Niche (and your product)

I think the best thing to actually learn when it comes to affiliate marketing is to have a website with a profitable niche, but something you enjoy talking and writing about.

It is actually really important to have some knowledge about your niche and products you are about to share with others.  It is imperative you have a passion for it, if you are going to create a website and build content ongoing around it.  Online businesses take time to build, so you have to enjoy the process.

Being an Affiliate Marketer and creating an informative website is no different.  Yes there are affiliate marketers who direct traffic straight to links.  Those with a healthy budget which means lots of $$$.  But if you are looking for free methods of how to get eyes in front of your products, then a website and lots of time writing up posts are your best option.

Yes it good having an affiliate product to promote to get a commission from, but if you don’t have any traffic or lots of eyes in front of your affiliate products then it’s a total waste of time.  So as a beginners guide to affiliate marketing I think the first step is to know and share something you are passionate about, a specific niche, that you will enjoy writing about and to make a blog around that niche.

Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

Why are blogs so good for affiliate marketing?

With blogging you can write about many topics that can be directed to your affiliate products that you are promoting.

For an example;  Let’s say I am interested in eco cleaning products.  If I was to do a blog about these products, I could talk about how to clean with them, the quality of them, what benefits you could have for purchasing them and how to best use each and every product.

And if I google eco products  + affiliate programs, there are a ton I could be an affiliate for, and send my interested readers via a link to make a purchase.  My readers or audience came to me for a solution about cleaning, or visited to read an article on how to use a particular product.  Well, I gave them advice, tips and direction on where to get one of those products, (that I am an affiliate for).

What is important is keeping your blog congruent with what your titles, your content and the products you are promoting.

Using a Proven Platform for Affiliate Marketing

What I really want to do is send you to my review of Wealthy Affiliate.  This program shows you how to create a blog around your niche and with an offering of 50 sites, and free sign up to check the program out – what do you have to lose?

You can have various niches that you may write and promote about for your affiliate marketing. As a starter member you can have 2 free websites and as a paid member up to 50!

So keep in mind you can have any product and be an affiliate marketer with most affiliate programs or networks.   But, at the end of the day, if you are not getting traffic and an audience in front of that product then you may as well not be doing this at all.  With the wealthy affiliate program it gives you the best opportunity to get each and every post that you write on page 1 of Google, and in front of an interested audience.

With their guided lessons in the Wealthy Affiliate program, you will have a website up in minutes and building a site within days.  Check out just the first 10 lessons below – this is just the start there are much more!

wealthy affiliate free lessons

Click here and get INSTANT ACCESS to your free starter membership today!

So I do hope you liked this brief look at affiliate marketing and a beginners guide to affiliate marketing.  Again your best shot is to have a website and a blog that is pretty specific to the niche that you are promoting and writing about. Getting that in front of a targeted audience will heighten your chances of being an authority in that niche.  And also the ‘go to” person for advice, tips and product purchase!

Definitely take advantage of the free starter membership now and I will see you on the other side!
Make it a great day,














How to Find Free Images Online

how to find free images online

Have you ever wondered how to find free images online and especially from Google?  I hope that you know, that you cannot just go onto Google, or any other search engine for that matter, and copy an image to place on your blog or website.

A lot of images online are copyrighted to their respective owners, and to have access to these, can come with a fee. There are many sites online like; Shutterstock, Adobe Stock photos, Getty Images and Deposit photos to name a few that charge for their images, or a subscription to a certain amount of downloads.

But with a little research and a bit of filtering on Google, can have you download and receive lovely images for your website that are royalty and attribution free.

With these free sites, you can use their images but attribution may be required.  Simply put, attribution is the act of giving the original author of the content credit for their work. Which could mean a caption under the photo, crediting the author of the image, or even a link in the image back to the original source.

In this video, I briefly explain how simple it is to search Google and how to get free images online.

So as I explained in the video when searching for images, and how to find free images to use for your website, make sure that the websites you do get them from are royalty free. There generally is no limit to your downloads and from these images, you can perhaps modify a little, placing a quote, title or symbols.

Doing Your Image Search

And as stated in the video, going to Google and selecting Images followed by;

Tools > Usable rights > Labeled for reuse

In this picture below as you can see I Googled “dogs” and selected the Images.  Settings and Tools will not be visible until you click on one or the other and from there, more options are offered.  It is here you then click on the Labeled for reuse to get the free images to use.

how to find free images online


Free Sites to Check out

Here is a list of some free image websites.  As stated in the video, please read through the Terms and Conditions and FAQ’s to know exactly what you are allowed to use.  I have only included the sites that do not require attribution.  What does that mean you ask?  Simply put, it means you do not have to give credit to the original author of the content.


Pixabay has over 930,000 photos and videos that you can use anywhere. And because these images are released free of copyrights you can download, modify, distribute them for anything that you like!


Photos on Pexels are free to use for personal or commercial use.  And you can modify copy and distribute photos as well which is awesome as they have a good variety.


Picjumbo is an easy to navigate free image site with really high-resolution photos with no attribution required as well.  It has a great selection of food shots, so it your website is about nutrition, a restaurant or anything food based then this could be for you!


This free image site is full of photos by one photographer and some are weird, all are wonderful and really unique!All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions.

Having obtained these photos, you can now either use them as they are. Or do a bit of modifying. I like to add titles to some of my images to state clearly what my post is about. As you will have seen with my image at the very top of my post.

Your modifications can be done on the programs like Canvas, or PicMonkey.  I actually use the very basic program Paint on my computer. I label or title my images or put others symbols on relatively quick and easy.  I imagine an editing program comes with the Apple computers as well.

A Recap

So just to recap, make sure you are taking images from the internet that give you permission to do so.

Clearly credit the owner of the image (with a caption or a link) if attribution is required.  This can be done in the Advanced feature as you add your image.

Get busy finding awesome images for your website and blog posts!

I do hope you linked my post on how to find free images online.  And if you are looking to get building your own website then check out now the best website builder to use.

Have an awesome day,









18 Top Online Business Opportunities & My No.1

top onine business opportunities

So you are looking at top online business opportunities?

Yes, I was too.  And I do believe I found what I was looking for.  But it took me a long time to get to this stage in my online marketing career.  I had to go through a bunch of obstacles and heartache really, before I found what I was looking for and my highly recommended No. 1 opportunity.

I really hope your learning curve in finding an online business isn’t too hard on you.  It can be a tough gig, online marketing and online business for that matter.  Honestly, I have never heard of anyone who came online independently and was successful within a few months.  It just doesn’t happen and you have to really understand it takes time to build.  But with that being said, if you have the desire and drive then that’s a big part of the successful equation, and you are moving in the right direction.

So first up, have a look at these following business opportunities that are available to you. Basically it is finding something that you truly love to do. Who wants to work at business they dislike? We usually go to work for a boss and do just that – dislike what we do everyday.  So why would we pursue an online business and repeat that same process?

A List of 18 Top Online Business Opportunities

top online business opportunityFreelance Writing and Resume/Cover letter Writing

Freelance writing or Resume and Cover letter writing may be an option.  People are always applying for a position in an offline job, or requiring articles or blog posts.

And quality is definitely needed in all of these instances. So if you are a writer and a good one at that, then this could be a business idea for you!

Affiliate Marketing

Become an affiliate marketer.  In this case you do not have to have your own products or services and you are promoting other peoples wares and in turn, you get a commission for your sales efforts.  The best way to do this however is through a website of your own – check out how to build websites here.

You can make alot of money affiliate marketing, however if you are using paid methods to send traffic to the products, that in itself can become a very costly exercise. I would recommend building your own site and getting your own content out there online. Your posts (with good SEO and other factors) have the chance to becoming ranked high.  You can them send your audience (your visitors whom are on your site) via links to products and services to possibly purchase.


Are you good at spotting errors in articles or blog writing? Then proofreading is another avenue of service you could offer to online publishers or bloggers. And of course at an agreed fee.

Web Design

There is an ever growing demand for web design as local brick and mortar businesses take to the internet and also aspiring entrepreneurs.  So there will always be work in this field.  An adventurous idea of putting your creative talents and programming knowledge to work.

Social Media Consultantsocial media advertising

Become the go-to person for social media advertising. Perhaps you have knowledge on the popular platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.  Having the know-how of sharing business posts and also the time to do it, then this gig could be for you.

Freelancing in Design

There is definitely no shortage for banner and logo designs or other creative ideas for your websites. You could become a freelancer designer with the very popular sites, like Upwork or Fiverr and command fees for your services.

Multi Level Marketing

There are so many multi level marketing businesses floating around the internet that there are so many to choose from. If you like to be part of teams, love products like skin care, make up, health and weight loss or personal development then this could be the avenue for you.

Actually there is an mlm around alot of things these days.And these types of businesses usually come with their own training and duplicated websites (for promotion).  But do be aware, it is always good to do your due diligence and search the internet for Reviews.  I have a dedicated page of the good and the not so good that I have experienced – you can find those Reviews here.

eBay and Auction Selling

You could sell a bunch of stuff that you have lying around – and we all have “stuff” –  but this is also good for buying in wholesale bulk and reselling those goods and a Buy it Now price or in an Auction.

Online Stores

Online stores like Amazon and Shopify are great choices to start with to obtain products, or more links for products. And you can sell almost anything on your website, books, clothing, jewelry, shoes the list goes on.


You may like to blog about a niche that is of great interest to you.  Blogging is growing all the time and with the internet and people searching for information on just about any topic, then blogging may be the route to go.  Here is more information on what a niche website is about.  And it may be something that interests you.


Taking surveys is an option and there is alot of opportunity in this.  However, you definitely have to research this type of online business as it can be very time consuming for little reward.  But in saying that there is alot of offerings for surveys and companies will always provide them.

Forex Trading

I did a little bit of trading but it was too nerve racking for me, as you are watching your money fluctuate depending on what type of trading you embark on.  People can make a lot of money through trading but this is one online business you definitely want to do your research on.  And there are many systems and programs out there that do make it easier.

Business and General Coaching

You could try business coaching and a service to assist others with their sales and marketing or strategies for their website.  If you have proof of results in your own experiences then you could offer your expertise for a fee.

General Coaching could be offered to coach those who have their own respective mlm or blogging business, in social media strategies or methods you have gained knowledge in and succeeded. All again for a set hourly fee.

Membership Sites

Being an expert in your field is huge especially if you have gained alot of followers online.  You could capitlize by creating your own membership site.  Offering people a lot of value and information that will assist them moving forward in their respective businesses and will definitely result in them remain subscribed and a member on your site.

It will be especially important keeping your content on the site up to date.  A membership site can be very lucrative but more importantly, a residual monthly income for what will be little work in the end.  Yes, it would be hard work to get to this stage, but would be worth it if you were to create a membership site like this.

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is another online business that may be of interest to you.  Having had experience in general office work, accountancy, emails, customer service or the organising of online filing systems then a VA maybe something you could pursue.With the increase of local  businesses taking to the internet, as their businesses grow, so does the need for online help!  So again, an online option for consideration.

My No.1 Recommendation for Top Online Business Opportunities

Building a niche website.  But more than that, It is a blog, which means I get free traffic to my site every day and this steadily increases.  It is Affiliate Marketing as well so I now make commissions from those who go through my unique links.

And another great thing is I am part of a supportive community that are available to me 24 hours a day.  I have all the tools I need within the system and the company leaders are always approachable and offer great support.

If you want to check out what I do then visit my thorough Review so you can see the whole ins and outs of this awesome opportunity.  You can sign up with this program and check it out at your own pace for free.

message sharonOr message me directly on Facebook if you have any questions at all. I am here to assist always and it is something I just love to do – help others!  So I do hope you liked my 15 top online business opportunities.  Just make sure you do full research and due diligence on anything that interests you. And before you sign up to anythng!  Wishing you all the success in the world!

Wishing you all the success in the world!
Make it a great day,




P.S.   Looking for more options in a home business?  Do check out my 2017 Guide for ideas!









What is the Best Website Builder for Beginners?

what is the best website builder for beginners

So what is the best website builder for beginners?

When starting with an opportunity online, your new business will no doubt – require a website. It can be quite overwhelming to see the amount of website building sites online and what is available.  It will of course, depend on what your needs are.  You may need your website to have a blog?  Or perhaps it requires you to have e-commerce for your online store?

I have listed a number of websites with a good explanation of what they do and the website builder I use to build my online business successfully.

Should you Hire a Website Developer?

A really good custom website could see you out of pocket to the tune of $2,000 plus.  How they charge so much, really baffles me. Yes, there is the design and search engine optimizing of the site, however with a bit of time and creativity, you can have an awesome site set up for you (created by you) – for less than 5% of that cost!

And if you do have somebody else design your site,  what say problems arise?  This will then come with the additional cost $$$ for their time, and also the waiting periods as they eventually get back to you with the amendments. I can guarantee you, your site won’t be the only site they are working, on so waiting on it can become very frustrating.

So if you design and develop a site yourself, it will give you the flexibility to do what you want – at practically no cost to you at all!

Adding pages, changing your copy, uploading images or anything else that needs to be done, can be performed within minutes.  And, the brilliant positive to that is, if you learn how to do it once, you can confidently build another website.

So How do I Build a Website?

Well, the way I did it and what I think personally is the best way, was joining this platform called Wealthy Affiliate.  I followed step by step lessons and tasks and built out pages and posts – look around my website and you will see.  I have a blog roll which I add posts to 3 times weekly, to share content that assists others in their own businesses.

And I only had a little bit of knowledge on blogging, and none on building a website.  I am being taught also how to get my posts onto Googles page 1, which means I am being found by my audience. As you will see in the image below.

google page 1


Its great to have a website, but it is much better to learn the ins and outs of how to get those posts you write, ranked on Google’s Page 1.   And other search engines for that matter!

Other Website Builders Available to You

So here is a list of different website builders I found online.  I imagine each have their own pros and cons.  I think with a website these days, it is important to have a blog component attached.  This way you can regularly add content and have the potential of being found on Google organically (free traffic) from every post you add to your website.

If you just have a website with static pages, then the only way you are going to be found is through paid advertising or a whole lot of free social media advertising strategies.  Which can be a costly and timely process. And this is the reason why I opted for Wealthy Affiliate.  It had sufficient tools, training, company support and 24 hour community support.  And it helps me build my website for pennies really!what is the best website builder for beginners

Website Builders

Website tailor
Template site

And my No. 1 highly recommended site Wealthy Affiliate.

With all of the above, I know some are free and some have upsells.  If you want email or maybe hosting it will be additional $$.  Do they come with the training to get your site built, and will you have instant support and answers to your queries – right away?  Maybe. Maybe not.

And seriously the reason I chose Wealthy Affiliate was because it had:

In the Actual Back-end of Your Website (The Techy Stuff)

SiteSSL (https)  Over 256-bit encrypted connections;
– meaning it is favored by search engines because it keeps your visitor’s data safe.
SiteProtect (Spam Blocker)  With plugin spam blockers the spam still hits your site, it clutters it and slows it down. With SiteProtect, it blocks ALL automated spam before it even hits your site which is much better!
WordPress optimized servers and the most secure hosting anywhere.
Daily backups and 24/7 website monitoring.
Fully managed, email and forwards and full site health analyzing.

What You Get on the Inside of Wealthy Affiliate

Lessons and tasks to build your website – just like I have done for this very site.
Support from the Company.  Replies to my queries are very quick if I have technical issues.
24 hours a day Live Chat support.  If I have a question, there was always someone to answer me within minutes!
Lots of free wordpress templates to choose from and build your website with.

And all of this to trial for FREE for a week and then limited (if you remain a free member) training ongoing, but still 2 free websites are yours and free.
But I did not stay a free member for long as I saw the benefit I had in my hands.  I am online to build a profitable and successful website and business, and I knew Wealthy Affiliate had all the tools and support I required to do so.

So again you ask, what is the best website builder for beginners?

Wealthy Affiliate by a country mile.  GET INSTANT ACCESS – with no credit card required.  Do checkout a full review  and sign up as a starter member to get access and fully informed for free!

I do hope you liked my post on this topic and hope you find the platform, community and support you need to create your website and make your dreams come true!

I know I defintely have!
Have a great day.






Building A Website for FREE! Yes You Can!

building a website for free

Building A Website for Free

A little while ago I stumbled upon this platform that got me building a website for free.  It just blew me away!!!  They gave me 2 free websites with free hosting – I mean who does that these days – usually there is a cost involved, isn’t there?

Even though I can remain a free member, I can also make money for referring this program and free website building platform to others.

But first things first, check out the video below to see how simple it is to get started now for free.

In this video tutorial, Kyle Loudon (CEO and leader within the system I am part of), is here to show you how easy it is to get a website up. There are also other features that are available to you with this website building platform called SiteRubix system.

And if you are thinking “Well I can just go to WordPress and they give out sites for free”  Well yes they do.  The difference being (and I have experienced this), is you will just not get the guidance and support you need to get your website built and progressing forward like you will here.  So check out the video now to see how simple it is building a website for free!

building a website for free

Get INSTANT ACCESS Now and get Building your website for free – No credit card required!


What SiteRubix Gives You!

Below I have listed just some of the features you get to use when you create your website with this SiteRubix platform.  So go through them, check out the Lessons that also come with it, then GET STARTED!!!

Site Manager:
From SiteRubix area on this Wealthy Affiliate Website you can login to manage and build your website. The login will take you to your dashboard and back admin area of your blog.  Here you can access all the tools, settings, widgets, plugins plus additional features and where you will also add your pages and posts.

Site Comments:
Also within SiteRubix, there is a Site comments feature where you can visit other members posts they have written for their own blogs.  Here you leave good detailed comments and earn credits, which will then enable you to request comments from others for your site.  A website that has regular engagement on it is favored more by Google and the reason why this feature is available – and a very important one!

Site Feedback:
You can get feedback on your site to see how it is coming along. It is always good to have others critique and give you honest feedback on your website. It is the best way to improve your site, so your visitors have a better experience when visiting.

The support is fantastic amongst the community and it is where you can get most of your questions answered. The Live Chat feature is something I have never seen before as it runs 24 hours a day!  If you don’t get an answer there, (which is rare) then Company Support is just a support ticket, and your answer is a few hours to a day away.  So brilliant and everyone is so helpful.  It really keeps you progressing forward!

10 Lessons and Full Guidance to Help You

As you are setting up your free website, this platform also provides a full Course of 10 Lessons (for free members) and you get about 6 other Courses if you become a paid/premium member.  These free lessons you get cover topics like;

wealthy affiliate free lessons

Understanding how your Website can make money online

There are many ways you can make money online with your website.  As you write your posts you are providing solutions and links to places like Amazon, Clickbank products, Affiliated Niche sites which can be almost anything, and so many more places. Being an affiliate means you can make some really good commissions.

Learning how to choose a Niche

You will get detailed information on how to find a niche.  A niche should always be something you are very passionate about and enjoy writing about.  But the lessons here will assist you to find the best niche for you!  And there are thousands upon thousands of niches!

Setting up your website

Even though your website can be up in running in 30 seconds flat as Kyle demonstrated above in the video.  There is still quite a bit to do with setting up your website, however most of the initial set up are one off tasks. Like installing plugins and allowing comments on your site etc.  Just do these once, do them correctly with the guidance here and your website is good to go!

Getting your Website ready for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Adding the All in one SEO plugin will enable you to get your website in the best-optimized position and ready for the search engines.  This plugin will have your pages and posts optimized to the very best and increase your chances of being found by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Finding content ideas from Keywords

A keyword can spark inspiration for a blog post.  If you have a niche you are very passionate about then you will be able to write content on many keywords. Whether they are short or longtail keywords, they will give you many angles and topics to write about.

Understanding Website Pages and creating them

Your website pages are your static pages. These are found on the menu bar of your website and you will learn how to write about 5 or 6 important pages that will be easily accessible to your reader as soon as they visit your site.

Creating quality content for your Website and a whole lot more!

Again, this is where your niche is so important.  You will learn how to create a ton of quality content that will give your targeted audience of like mind to you, good reading material. You will provide solutions to problems they may have, and direction via links to products that will benefit them in the end.

Start your FREE SiteRubix here!

So do watch the video above if you haven’t already and see just how easy it is to get building a website for free.  And take advantage of the 2 free websites and lessons that will have your website and blog in the best money making position should you choose to pursue this.

I do hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you on the inside!   GET STARTED HERE!
Make it a great day.










Want to Know How to Find Keywords for a Website?

How to find keywords for a website

So you are finally building a website.  You are adding posts and writing compelling and engaging content for your reader.  But the question is, are you putting in the right keywords so your content can be found?

Well in more recent times after building a number of websites that just got me no where, I now am building a website that is being found on Google’s Page 1.  Finally, I am writing very engaging content, getting visitors commenting and I really believe it is because I took the time to learn, how to structure a blog post for my website, and also how to find keywords for a website.

Here are 3 Effective Ways to Find Keywords

how to find keywords for your websiteFirst up I want to show you how I would find keywords that are in my niche, and people are typing in and looking for information on this topic and in the end, a solution.

And for this example, my keywords or topic I am researching is to do with Golf. And more specific – or what is known as a niche –

Golf Irons.

I know nothing about golf. I have no interest in golf, but I want to show you how easily these methods work no matter what keywords you are looking for.

1 – The Alphabet Soup Technique

So go to Google and start typing in one of your keywords.  And as you see from the results, Google will show you what is searched the most when anyone “worldwide” puts in the term golf irons.

Google generally elaborates on what you put in to get you the most popular and searched items relating to – in my example – Golf irons.

Which is fantastic for you and I, as we are given keywords and ideas to use for posts on our websites.  The 2nd picture is again of the Alphabet soup technique, but with a very advanced tool called Jaaxy, you can Review it here.

It returns results of words that you type in.   So,  if people were to search for golf irons, then Jaaxy will return word combinations that are regularly searched, with words preceding the keyword “golf irons” and additional words after.

The absolute beauty of this keyword tool is it returns data of hundreds of alternative keywords, (I could not fit them all in the screen shot) as opposed to Google giving you just 4.

And what that means, is I now have a ton of options to choose to write about.  So it’s not just about golf irons, I can be more specific and target an audience.

2 – Questions that are Asked on Yahoo

There is a great feature when you login to Yahoo and it is called Answers.  Which means, you can ask anything about anything and you will get several replies with Yahoo selecting the best response at the top.  This is brilliant for website builders like you and I.  Now we can see what popular questions that people are asking and, we have an idea to write a post and provide an answer (solution).

In this example below I have put my keywords, “golf irons” in the section where I want “Answers.” And look at the questions about golf irons that have been asked.  The key here is to now go to Google, and see if there are others that are asking these questions. But more importantly,  if it looks like a problem that is regularly being asked.

And you will know if it is, as other keyword options will come up in the search. So once I know it is being searched I could now turn around, use those keywords to write and provide a solution. Because I know people are definitely searching these terms.

Why?  Because people are asking on Yahoo to get Answers.

And Google is showing me that there are many people typing in these very keywords. Plus as you can see, Google is also giving me other searched keywords that are similar to my main keyword.  So this is just another proven method on how to find keywords for a website.

how to find keywords for a website


3 – Advanced Keyword Search Tool

If you are looking for free methods then the alphabet soup technique and looking for answers on Yahoo will definitely work.  However, if you are really serious about finding hundreds of keyword combinations and knowing how your site ranks with those keywords, and many more features, then Jaaxy may just be the keyword search tool for you.

I have been using Jaaxy for a couple of months now.  Being a serious blogger and knowing my website is competing with thousands of others online,  I want to have the knowledge of knowing I am choosing keywords that are;

Definitely being searched in Google, Yahoo or Bing.
They have good traffic (that will visit my website), if my post ranks high on Page 1 or 2.
They have low competition – there are not too many blogs using the same keywords.

jaaxy seo keyword search tool resultsPlus as you can see,  I have posts that now Rank at Google page 1 and 2 and many on page 3, and happy to report they are rising!

It is brillant and something I have never attained before because I did not have a clue how to find good keywords – it was guess work.  And I was too broad with my keyword selection.

The only way I could find these really good keywords was with this Jaaxy Keyword tool.  You can check out a thorough Review on it here.

What is fantastic about this search tool is you can try it out for free!  You have 30 keyword searches to check out how it really operates and also experience all the features it offers.


Get Instant Access Now – 30 Searches FREE!jaaxy keyword search tool free trial

I do hope you got some really good tips on how to find keywords for a website.  Do get instant access now and check this Jaaxy keyword search tool out for free.  If you are truly serious about building a website and blogging to create income, then this is a must for your tool box.

Make it a great day








The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

the wealthy affiliate university review

Starter Price:  Instant Free Access for Unlimited time  $0  Join Here
Premium Price:  $49 per month with No Upsells!  Join Here
Owners:  Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim
Website:  www.WealthyAffiliate.com
Who Can Use This?   A newbie or an Expert!
Overall Ranking:  9/10


The Wealthy Affiliate University Review

Assists you to turn your passion into a thriving online business!


the wealthy Affiliate university review
The No.1 Online Opportunity – Wealthy Affiliate University

An Introduction to Wealthy Affiliate

Welcome to the Wealthy Affiliate University Review.

You have either stumbled across my website today (isn’t that great – this thing really works!!!), or you have discovered it online, somewhere, and you are doing your due diligence.

Good for you!  I did the same thing as I was not about to enter into another scam.

First up, I just want to say I was so excited to find this platform called Wealthy Affiliate and only a few short months in even more thrilled with what they had to offer. I cannot believe I had not discovered this online platform earlier.  I have been online for years working very unsuccessfully but now I just know I have got the right platform, tools, training, community and company support to do exactly what I want to do!

If you want a website or many websites to give you ongoing residual income, then this is for you. No more building teams in a network marketing business or unsupportive leadership.

So let me ask you this.

Do you have a Passion?

It could be a sport you have played, hobby you enjoy, business you partake in – anything really.  Well, Wealthy Affiliate could turn your passion into a successful online business. And if you are a little unsure of what you would like to write about in regards to your passion/niche, then you can share the Wealthy Affiliate program with others. Going through the Affiliate Bootcamp and learning to monetize your site with different affiliate networks will get you on the right path for this.

So go through the Wealthy Affiliate University Review I have put together. I will share my experience with it thus far, the pros and cons and also how I truly believe this business could be for YOU.


Site Owners / Leadership Background

Kyle and Carson are the co-founders and site owners establishing the Wealthy Affiliate University in 2005.  With the same owners leading a successful platform and Jay being here since 2007 (10 years) demonstrates its stability, pure leadership and overall a true, tried and proven system.

the wealthy affiliate universityKyle Loudon has a background in SEO and marketing and Carson is more on the technical side and manages the latest technology and site security that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Both are regular participants in the community, always offering up tips, help and are a huge support.  Never before have I seen co-owners be so helpful within the business.

And not to the members who have been around the longest, or the most successful, but everyone!

To add to the leadership, Jay Neil heads up the Live Webinars held weekly and keeps us up to date with all things working in marketing and of course all ideas to put better content on our blogs.  Again, someone who is so helpful with the training’s and in the community.


The Pros

If you have found the Wealthy Affiliate University review, chances are you are looking at it, or you are looking to create a successful business online. What is exciting about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, is that it makes it easy to do regardless of your background, your experiences online or the technical knowledge you may (or may not) have.

Here is My list of Pros and truly positive things I can say about Wealthy Affiliate.

First up and this is a big one.  0$ to check it out.
Getting Started Training – Step by step and tasks to apply straight away.  Learn and apply.
2 Websites on the Free option or 50 websites you can use for various niche’s on the Premium paid option.
Live Weekly Training Calls, a different topic each week is covered and always recorded.
Very helpful community.  Ask a Question.  Answered in minutes.
Video tutorials plus Classroom training and additional training contributed by the community.
Fast Hosting is part of the very low priced package.
Free SSL (https://) encrypted and protected keeping your visitors data safe.
Access to Industry experts and 7-figure earners within the community.
Completely FREE to get started!  PLUS ++ if you start with me I will be giving YOU a couple of Bonuses!
(Being online for years equates to alot of experience that can assist you)


My Cons – Yip Just 1 !

It comes with alot of training’s and for a new internet marketer this can be very overwhelming.  The key is to just follow the steps. Learn and apply, and to just repeat that.


So what exactly is this Wealthy Affiliate University and Who is it for?

The Wealthy Affiliate University is a place where you can turn your Passion into a thriving online business. But it is alot more than that.  It has a huge community base whom provide a wealth of service and knowledge to everyone.  If you are looking to earn money online, network with fellow entrepreneurs, get help and give help, and learn everything that is working now to progress your business then you are definitely in the right place.

Wealthy Affiliate caters for all levels of marketers.  From a newbie to a seasoned entrepreneur who wants to scale to a whole new level. With every tool you require to make a successful website and blog, then this platform is definitely for you.

So really anyone with a Drive to succeed and a Passion to share.  Any age, any country.  Just internet and Desire required!


Membership Ranking

membership rankingWhat’s wonderful with the program and community is they have a ranking system. I am 520 here and the best you can rank is No.1 .

Points are awarded to members for helping out others in the Live Chat area.  Or creating a blog post sharing thoughts or wins, again assisting and inspiring others.

You can also create mini training’s that can be video tutorials or step by step courses, again giving back to the community.

The Membership Ranking system is in place and acknowledges the help you give and your activity within the system. Your efforts definitely do not go unnoticed.  Very inspiring and motivating to say the least.


Training / Tools Overview

The training inside the Wealthy Affiliate University is very comprehensive. If you are a Newbie to online marketing and affiliate marketing, then you have everything you need on one platform.  Step by step instructions on setting your blog up and step by step guidance on how to structure posts.  You will also learn how to promote with the most current marketing strategies which are taught here as well.

The Training Consists of:

Classrooms with Specific Topics
Interactive Discussions
Video Training and Tutorial Training’s
Task based courses – you only move on if you have completed specific set out tasks

Live Weekly Webinars are run by Jay Neil which includes:

SEO and how to implement and also understand why you need to know it well
Content creating ideas for your blog – what to write about and how to find ideas
The power of Google web tools and learning analytics
Tips on how to promote the Wealthy Affiliate University
How to rank on You tube and also marketing strategies for Social media
He also from time to time critiques sites LIVE to improve your website/blog

The Tools and Services within Wealthy Affiliate enable you to accomplish all of your research, writing and website.  Included in this section of the site:

Keyword and Competition Research Tool
Wordpress Express – 3 click website builder that is very easy to set up
State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting for Premium members.
Access to over 2,400 website templates/themes to use for any of your 50 sites (Premium members)
Low Competition Keyword Lists

Once inside Wealthy Affiliate, you don’t have to worry about going elsewhere to get tools and services needed to run your business. EVERYTHING is included, it truly is the only “all inclusive” online business platform out there.


Wealthy Affiliate Support


I was blown away by the support.  There are 3 types mainly.

1.)  The community.  Just put up a question in Live Chat as the picture reveals and that question will be addressed by the community in minutes.  It is reassuring knowing how 24/7 there is always someone willing to assist and not having to wait for the person you joined with to get back to you, or wait on a support ticket.

2.)  Contacting Support if you require assistance for your website.  These guys are onto it pretty quickly and get back to you with solutions.

3.)  The owners, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim are always open to answering anything from the field and that alone is rare in any business online.

Check out some Wealthy Affiliate testimonials here!


Wealthy Affiliate University has two membership price points:

Starter Membership, $0    – Join HERE
Premium Membership, $49 per month or $359 per year (a $229 savings)  –Join HERE

The Starter Membership gives you a good “look in” at what is available with Wealthy Affiliate.  You have access to the community, live chats, over 500 training modules, keyword tool – you get 2 free websites the list goes on.

The Premium Membership gives you all of the above plus no fees to host, access to owners, no limits on training’s, live chats, member messaging etc.

Check out the 2 plans below to see what is covered in more detail.


Keep in mind…

That is it.  It is either $0 or $49 per month.
There are NO upsells and NO surprises once you get in.


Referral Program

The Wealthy Affiliate University has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue monthly simply referring others to the community!  Commissions are $8 for the first month $19 special offer, then $23.50 thereafter. Even Starter Members (the free membership) can earn $4 for special offer referrals, then $11.75 monthly and $87.50 yearly commissions.


Final Opinion and My Verdict + BONUSES

I am thrilled I found this program and now part of a very supportive community. I love the fact that the cost is a low monthly fee of the $49 and when you get in – there are no surprises or upsells.  The training and tools are everything I need to build a successful online business and I don’t feel I am in competition with any of the other members because they are all building different “niche” websites compared to mine.

Plus being guided step by step through the process of website set up and then structuring different types of blog posts leaves you with a full understanding of how to put posts together yourself.

The company owners are always participating in group discussions and I was contacted personally to see how I was going with everything.  Again, so happy that I have found this platform.

AND…. if you get started free and go PREMIUM within 7 days I will throw in some awesome BONUSES.  I know the struggles online and how hard it can be to build a business, so I am willing to assist anybody who starts with me to get your website up and cranking too!

So don’t hesitate – come and Join us!
Turn Your Passion into a Thriving Online Business.


Get in free and get your BONUSES today!
I will see you on the inside.

Do comment below and let me know your thoughts on the Wealthy Affiliate University Review.

Make it a great day!