building a website for free

Building A Website for FREE! Yes You Can!

Building A Website for Free

A little while ago I stumbled upon this platform that got me building a website for free.  It just blew me away!!!  They gave me 2 free websites with free hosting – I mean who does that these days – usually there is a cost involved, isn’t there?

Even though I can remain a free member, I can also make money for referring this program and free website building platform to others.

But first things first, check out the video below to see how simple it is to get started now for free.

In this video tutorial, Kyle Loudon (CEO and leader within the system I am part of), is here to show you how easy it is to get a website up. There are also other features that are available to you with this website building platform called SiteRubix system.

And if you are thinking “Well I can just go to WordPress and they give out sites for free”  Well yes they do.  The difference being (and I have experienced this), is you will just not get the guidance and support you need to get your website built and progressing forward like you will here.  So check out the video now to see how simple it is building a website for free!

building a website for free

Get INSTANT ACCESS Now and get Building your website for free – No credit card required!


What SiteRubix Gives You!

Below I have listed just some of the features you get to use when you create your website with this SiteRubix platform.  So go through them, check out the Lessons that also come with it, then GET STARTED!!!

Site Manager:
From SiteRubix area on this Wealthy Affiliate Website you can login to manage and build your website. The login will take you to your dashboard and back admin area of your blog.  Here you can access all the tools, settings, widgets, plugins plus additional features and where you will also add your pages and posts.

Site Comments:
Also within SiteRubix, there is a Site comments feature where you can visit other members posts they have written for their own blogs.  Here you leave good detailed comments and earn credits, which will then enable you to request comments from others for your site.  A website that has regular engagement on it is favored more by Google and the reason why this feature is available – and a very important one!

Site Feedback:
You can get feedback on your site to see how it is coming along. It is always good to have others critique and give you honest feedback on your website. It is the best way to improve your site, so your visitors have a better experience when visiting.

The support is fantastic amongst the community and it is where you can get most of your questions answered. The Live Chat feature is something I have never seen before as it runs 24 hours a day!  If you don’t get an answer there, (which is rare) then Company Support is just a support ticket, and your answer is a few hours to a day away.  So brilliant and everyone is so helpful.  It really keeps you progressing forward!

10 Lessons and Full Guidance to Help You

As you are setting up your free website, this platform also provides a full Course of 10 Lessons (for free members) and you get about 6 other Courses if you become a paid/premium member.  These free lessons you get cover topics like;

wealthy affiliate free lessons

Understanding how your Website can make money online

There are many ways you can make money online with your website.  As you write your posts you are providing solutions and links to places like Amazon, Clickbank products, Affiliated Niche sites which can be almost anything, and so many more places. Being an affiliate means you can make some really good commissions.

Learning how to choose a Niche

You will get detailed information on how to find a niche.  A niche should always be something you are very passionate about and enjoy writing about.  But the lessons here will assist you to find the best niche for you!  And there are thousands upon thousands of niches!

Setting up your website

Even though your website can be up in running in 30 seconds flat as Kyle demonstrated above in the video.  There is still quite a bit to do with setting up your website, however most of the initial set up are one off tasks. Like installing plugins and allowing comments on your site etc.  Just do these once, do them correctly with the guidance here and your website is good to go!

Getting your Website ready for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Adding the All in one SEO plugin will enable you to get your website in the best-optimized position and ready for the search engines.  This plugin will have your pages and posts optimized to the very best and increase your chances of being found by Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Finding content ideas from Keywords

A keyword can spark inspiration for a blog post.  If you have a niche you are very passionate about then you will be able to write content on many keywords. Whether they are short or longtail keywords, they will give you many angles and topics to write about.

Understanding Website Pages and creating them

Your website pages are your static pages. These are found on the menu bar of your website and you will learn how to write about 5 or 6 important pages that will be easily accessible to your reader as soon as they visit your site.

Creating quality content for your Website and a whole lot more!

Again, this is where your niche is so important.  You will learn how to create a ton of quality content that will give your targeted audience of like mind to you, good reading material. You will provide solutions to problems they may have, and direction via links to products that will benefit them in the end.

Start your FREE SiteRubix here!

So do watch the video above if you haven’t already and see just how easy it is to get building a website for free.  And take advantage of the 2 free websites and lessons that will have your website and blog in the best money making position should you choose to pursue this.

I do hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you on the inside!   GET STARTED HERE!
Make it a great day.










4 thoughts on “Building A Website for FREE! Yes You Can!”

  1. Hello Sharon
    Thanks for sharing how easy it is to build a website using siteRubix, not so long ago, building a website was reserved for the computer savvy.
    Thanks to siteRubix it`s now possible to create a website from nil experience and have it up and running in less than a minute.Having said that, creating a website seem to be the easy part compared to all you have to do for the website to rank high in search engines.
    Hosting, backups, SEO, content and the list seem endless and without help, I think it will be hard to get everything right and anyone who is serious about building a website will get all the tools and help they need from the Wealthy affiliate.
    Thanks for sharing,this is very informative and to the point.

    • Hi Roamy,

      Yes you are right, building websites would have only been for the savvy in the past. Having a profitable website does take time however you will reap the rewards if you stick at it. It is brilliant and the cool thing this platform Wealthy Affiliate can be for anyone – just bring a Passion!

      Thanks for your comments and stopping by.
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hello Sharon,
    I really appreciate your enthusiasm about Wealthy Affiliate, it really shows in this post. I think we all are a little bias when it comes to the awesome support we get here at Wealthy Affiliate. You emphasized may great features of the Wealthy Affiliate community, as well as the products and services they provide us. If I wasn’t a premium member already I would definitely check into it further.

    • Hi Angie

      thanks for your comments and yes we have awesome support don’t we!! Just the best place to be, If you run into trouble as you build your site, there is always someone to assist. Just so very cool.


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