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The Best Social Media Advertising Platforms

The Best Social Media Advertising Platforms

There are so many ways you can successfully do online business and get your best social media advertising seen.  Whether you are with a direct sales or part of an MLM, do affiliate marketing or working for a firm, there are so many ways you can get your opportunity, products and services in front of your audience.

Following is a list of social media sites that have begun over the past few years, or evolved over the years since Facebook was first introduced in 2004. Today social media sites get used for many different reasons.

Some cater mainly just for images, and others are primarily text based.  But either way, you can get your message – whether business or personal – out there FAST!

I personally like to Blog which is exactly where you are right now!

Being able to share my passions through blogging is just awesome, a place I can call my home on the internet.  And if you are interested in making money online sharing what you do then definitely Check out this Blogging Review here.  And learn why blogging could be a path for you, become an online business and a way to advertise for free.

Types of Online Marketing & Social Media Platforms

Following are platforms I use consistently now and also others I have heard of or read about (and I know there will be a whole lot more!)  So do check out the following sites which are no doubt, the best social media advertising platforms.

The Favorites & The Big Ones!best social media advertising


Without a doubt these are definitely the most popular. Following are some stats of active users per month.  Yes,these popular sites have alot of people signed up to them, however the most important statistic to know is how many people are actually ACTIVE on these sites.

Facebook has more than 1.86 billion monthly active users December 2016
Instagram has 600 million monthly active users, December 2016
Pinterest has 150 million monthly active users, October 2016
Twitter has 319 million monthly active users, December 2016

Social Bookmarking, News and Networking Site Ideas

Social bookmarking – basically these are accessible to anyone on the net.  We store bookmarks or files/pictures on our computers in folders.  Well this is pretty similar, however your bookmarks which are now tagged pages, can be accessed from any computer.

Some of these may be familiar to you and some may be sites you have never heard of before.

Google+,  CafeMom,  Snapchat, TumblrStumble Upon, Newsvine, Reddit, Diigo, Digg, Folkd, Freelink,
Linkagogo, Sitebar and Delicious… and of course there are many more!

youttube video advertisingVideo Sharing Site Ideas

Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, Vine, Metacafe,
Veoh, Dailymotion

Youtube is the most widely used video sharing platform and a must if you are doing any type of video marketing.  It is also good to consider many of the others to get your videos seen.


Ideas for Photo Sharing Sites of your favorite pics!


All though stated above as our favorites, Instagram and Pinterest are also great photo sharing sites. And the same goes for Flickr. Photobucket is also a place you can upload images. Writing quotes and text on images is also an idea to get your message and website out “there.”  Do check out my Free resources page to see tools you can utilize to do just that!

The Blogging Idea – Not Social Media but still great for Business Advertising!

What is great about blogging, is that your posts are out on the internet forever.  The key however, is to learn SEO – search engine optimization correctly and know how to get good low competitive keywords.  Your blog posts do not end up on Google’s Page 1 and in front of your audience out of pure luck. There are some back-end strategies involved.

3 no 1 keywordsAnd as you can see from my picture, landing on Google’s Page 1 took some creative keyword searching. For every blog post I write, I endeavor to do the same – get my content ranked high!

You can check out the keyword tool I use (and get 30 searches free!) to successfully get my posts landing almost exactly where I want them!

Even though a blog is not necessarily a social media platform. It is a platform that truly stands on its own and can get unlimited content and advertising in front of your audience pretty much forever.

Blogging is hands down my favorite!  You can check out a Review on the platform I am part of, where you can share your passion and make money blogging!

The lists above could probably go on and on.  However, the sites I have shared with you, are generally the most widely used for blog posts, video marketing or business rlated ads.  One thing is for certain.  You will never have a lack of platforms to share your content on whether it’s business or pleasure that is for sure!

I do hope you enjoyed this brief summary of some of the best social media advertising platforms.

Don’t forget to check out my Blogging system – Get INSTANT ACCESS, that is free to check out and get sharing your passions today… and possibly get paid for it!

Or perhaps you know of other Social Media platforms that can successfully be used for your business.  Feel free to add a comment and list them below.

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  1. Hi Sharon. All this while, I’ve only been focusing on Seo and search engine as my main traffic source. I think it’s time for me to venture into these social media. I mean, those over 1 billion Facebook users seems a great pool of traffic right lol!

    But is there are special way to market our content on Facebook? I really don’t want to spam my friends with my posts… Do you have any specific fb marketing strategy?

    • Hi Isaac,

      Yes you go where the people are active. I post in groups, and generally post helpful blogs to assist others so if they come back to your site, then they get to see other stuff

      Hope that helps,
      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hi there,
    This is a great way to advertise websites. So far I currently advertise through Facebook and google, but now I need to focus on twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. I currently do not have accounts for those last 3 so that is the first thing I need to do. Thank you for helping me out with this post.

    • Hi Yancey

      Yes you must get on Social media platforms. Everyone is on them these days. Glad I could help


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