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The Best Online Income Opportunity by FAR !

Welcome to my blog and the best online income opportunity.

Seriously.  I am declaring this as probably the top business going round.  Such a bold statement isn’t it?  But why not?   If you are like me, you may have been part of many things online.  MLMs. Direct Selling businesses.  A bit of ebay selling.

However I feel nothing compares to a platform that has everything you need in one place to succeed.  The tools to build your website.  Unlimited and step by step training.  And support that is second to none.  And… daily participation from the company owners.

So keep reading and you will see why I feel this way, and why 800,000 plus others have embarked on the same fulfilling journey as me!

Creating an online business is no easy feat.  Of course you will stumble upon people and their websites that claim it is easy.  Well I am here to tell you otherwise.  But if you are prepared to roll up your sleeves and go to work then being successful online can definitely be attained.

A traditional bricks and mortar business takes some time to be profitable, even years and online business can be the same.  But the difference is, you can spend alot of money before you see results.  You have so many expenses to pay like rent, utility bills and insurances before you see a dime.

With online businesses you can be really successful with minimal cost. In some cases the main requirements are a computer, internet connection and a dream.  The real cost however, will be the time you spend on it.  This is why a lot of new business owners turn to our tested tried and proven platform, Wealthy Affiliate. It’s been around since 2005 so they must be doing something right!

So What Makes this Platform so Good?

Online businesses these days need a website.  Even traditional business have a website for local trade but if you want to be online, then a website is a must!  I have added this image below so you can get a bit of an isight into why this platform will get you on track to building a profitable website.


best online income opportunity


First up, it costs you absolutely nothing to join and check us out so make a point of doing that right here!

The Training and Tools:

You get to see how much training is available for you to build your website.  You get to see all the tools that are yours as part of this awesome deal.

Members Participation: 

Everyone has the ability to create and add posts right inside forums created for various trainings.  So not only do you get trainings from the company, you get it from those who are creating successful websites.

Live Chat:

The community is uses a Live Chat feature that is interactive 24 hours a day – Yes!  you heard right, all day and night.  The reason this is available to us is we can get support and more importantly answers to questions we may have, straight away!

What Type of Website Should I Have?

Basically, you are taught how to build a “niche” website.   If you have a hobby or something you are truly passionate about then you can build a website around that and monetize it.  Monetizing means sending your targeted audience, the peolple who like the same “niche” as you do, to products they can purchase.

And you are taught all of this as you go through the courses on the site. First up, you learn from a lesson, then you are given a task. So in essence, you are building a website as you are going through the lessons, hence your website evolving into a very informative and eventually profitable site.

Live Webinar Calls

We also participate in a weekly live webinar training which keeps us up to date with what is working right now in blogs and websites.  It can be to do with how to find the best keywords for your niche, or how best to optimize your posts and site so you can easily be found on Google. Or the trainings are about social media marketing like Facebook and Youtube.

Up to date training is such a necessity in an online business as things are always changing. So we are serioulsy blessed to have this weekly webinar to keep us in tune with everything.  And I know every time I watch one of these, I have something new to add to my website and blog, or an additional way of promoting it.

Other Tools Needed

Keywords are a must so you can write blogs for your post.  Learning this you will be able to post all types of content about your niche. We have a brilliant free keyword tool within the system that will have you find so many variations to write about in your chosen niche.

how to improve my seoFinding images is another part of the buisness you will learn. Finding images can be a bit daunting online as you cannot just grab anything.

But in lessons you are shown how there are many free sites and how you can get creative with images in your posts.

You see, once you know how to build your website and blog, your content is out on Google getting visitors back to your site for FREE!  You are not paying for advertising costs like you would have to do with traditional business.

Yes you can have a static website, which means it is built and pages on it remain the same – typically what most local businesses would do.

But here with Wealthy Affilaite you get to add content to it all the time, which means with good low competition keywords you have the chance of being found on Google by your audience for FREE…  And that means not spending money on advertising.  How cool is that?!

And as you see in my image I have added, I now do just that – with the knowledge I have learned in this platform.  I get found on Google’s page 1 and subsequently have awesome peeps visiting my site and joining through me in my business!  And I love nothing more that helping them do the same!

So check out this review on the best online income opportunity here. There will be a link in that post where you can enter your details with absolutely no personal or credit card information required.

What are you waiting for….

I will see you and assist you on the inside!
Make it a great day



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4 thoughts on “The Best Online Income Opportunity by FAR !”

  1. I have been looking to begin an at home business of my own and affiliate marketing seems to be the way to go.
    I just finished reading your article The Best Online Income Opportunity and I really think that the Wealthy Affiliate is something that could help me out a lot.
    I am not exactly a tech savvy guy, is this training system something that will help me learn to better use my computer and the internet, or do I need to take other classes first?

    • Hi Brendon,

      Yes, affiliate marketing is a great path to go down, so long as you get the right training which is exactly what we get here.  And no you do not need to take any other classes as you will have all the training you require here.  Just a willingness to learn and succeed is a must!  Definitely click on the Wealthy Affiliate banner above right on my blog and set up your free account today!

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. I have used Wealthy Affiliate for 3 months now and it is an amazing program! Within my first week of joining, I had my website up and was already learning to build content regularly.

    I have went through the Certification Courses as well as seeing some of the live webinars. Though I have not started the Affiliate Bootcamp phases, that is definitely on my list as well.

    The community and support is also top notch there. Whenever I would ask a question in the live chat or submit an issue for my site through the Site Support feature, I would often get a response back within 2 minutes!

    My question is, what would your advice be to anyone who is currently 3 months in (such as myself) or just starting out at WA as a free member?

    • Hi Arie,

      Good on you being here 3 months and yes you are right, it is an amazing program. I cannot speak enough about it.  It is so cool when you see your website come together and it is fantastic there are a couple of paths of training you can go down depending on the type of website you do.  And yes, the support is fantastic!

      My advice to someone new or 3 months in

      Just keep following the training.  Whatever they ask you to do just keep doing the tasks, (which means you do not skip aany of them), then move onto the next training in the module.  The key is to know how to get really good keywords and how to write quality content, and as long as you are doing these things regularly, you will have a very well visited website moving forward and possibly profitable. Keep doing that and it will only get better!  

      I wish you all the best in your journey here.
      Cheers, Sharon


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