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Best Online Home Business for 2019 & Beyond – Just LOOK at these TESTIMONIALS!

So you are looking for the best online home business for 2019 and beyond?

I was doing that a couple of years ago too.  I had enough of being part of MLM type opportunities that I really did not enjoy. Having to ring lots of people daily and then follow up, get 3-way calls organized and everything else in between just wasn’t what I wanted to do!

I can see you now, online researching around, looking for online business or work from home opportunites, or something to that effect.  And seriously, it can get a bit overwhelming with the amount of noise out there on the Internet.  You can visit some of the hits and misses of opportunities in my Review tab if you want.

However, I am truly happy to share the best online home business I believe to be going today.

Can’t wait – GET IN and check it out now – No credit card or payment required!

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Seriously I get how tough it is going online to find the best opportunity.  I really do.

So you ask… What would Sharon know?  What could I possibly have that could be the best online home business for you?

Well, I have been online for a number of years now.  And a lot of those years were not successful.  And I have been part of a number of MLM’s and direct sale businesses which you can review as I said earlier.

So finally finding something that had everything I needed to build a website online and the best online home business, had me very excited!

Unlike many reviews I have written that included FAKE testimonials provided by spokespeople on, this program has so many success stories.  Here are a few happy customers and I have added a couple further down in this post.

Wealthy Affiliate Real testimonials


What I have discovered about this Online Home Business is;

My success doesn’t come from building a downline of people and then worrying about them.

It doesn’t require meeting sales targets to qualify for bonuses.

It definitely doesn’t upsell me the moment I get “in” – like some of these $47 products I have reviewed lately, that end up costing hundreds if you are not careful!

I am not out of pocket hundreds of dollars because I needed this tool or had to buy that extra product to make my business work better!

And bottom line it doesn’t have me go into massive debt because;   “If you don’t go the next conference or, if you don’t purchase our high ticket products – then YOU just won’t be successful.”

How many times have you experienced or been part of that ‘carry on’ within your opportunity?  Or maybe you are just downright lucky and haven’t had any of those bad experiences before!

Seriously,  lucky you!

When people start anything they want some assurance.  I get it, I did too.  They want to know when they put their money into something that has good leadership, up to date training, is legitimate and will be around for years to come, and has ongoing support.

One of the best stats a Business can have is HOW LONG they have been in Business!

best online home business stats

Longevity and a good reputation are really key for a business to have, and before you put your trust into them!   When I first joined this platform, they were 11 years strong so that was good enough for me!

And the fact they are present in so many countries, with over a million members is also noteworthy as well.

So have you wondered why YOU haven’t had Success?

Have you ever wondered why you haven’t been successful thus far?   Is it the fear of trying a new business because you were scammed before?

If you have been exposed to scam after scam online, then that really does suck!

But today I am going to hopefully turn that around for you and show you there is a better way, there are ethical programs online.
Did you know, whenever someone does achieve success on the internet, you can probably narrow it down to a few things?

And I can guarantee you Grace and Jerry (who are part of this platform) – built their respective businesses having access to these very things.

More Success Stories



Building a Business Online Requires these 3 Things…

1.)  A Good Solid Community to be part of and Company/Community Support

I get so frustrated when I am stuck.  It may be when I am busy writing content for my site, or adding a plugin to make something work.  And if I had no one to turn to in these times, I just wouldn’t move ahead.

So really, there is only one thing that is worse than being stuck.   Not having anyone to get help you get unstuck!

However, it’s not about others doing the work for you.  But more about being guided to the right tools and training that will help you moving forward.

And there is nothing better if that help is instantaneous too.  Community and Company support is a must in business and fortunately, we have that right at our fingertips and it is available 24 hours a day.

And when I mean 24 hours, I mean LIVE support. Yes, there is a live news feed with people that can assist and answer your questions from all over the world!

2.)  Having Your Own Website

You really need your own website online.  But don’t think that is a tough task as these days, you can have a website up in less than a minute.  And I wholeheartedly mean that.  (Wait till you see the first step of building your website it is brilliant!) … and if you don’t believe me – check out this short video here.

Because, if you have been in the internet marketing world, you will know anyone who is successful has their own website.

Another question that may be asked is, “Aren’t they expensive to set up?”

Yeah, they can be, if you hire a Website developer – it can cost you thousands!

But, we have all that is needed with website building covered.  Hosting, site protection, content creating, keyword research, the list goes on.

3.)  Learning BUT  taking Action on What you Learn

We have the comprehensive training to get your website up and running and step by step lessons that are ongoing.

However, your success will be determined by the action you take of what you have learned.  And, the actions you keep on taking.

You work daily at your job.  Working online is no different.

In this online business, and the Wealthy Affiliate program, we teach and you apply – every step of the way!

So What makes this so Special?

To begin with, you can create a starter account and check it out fully without parting a cent.  Put your credit card away and check this out for as long as you want!

Another thing I love is there is no competitive nature within the community of thousands of people.  Many of the people I have connected within the live chat support feature are working in different niches to mine.

So unlike an MLM business, where you and the other distributors are all competing for signups.  You have to make sales on the same opportunity and products, with the same replicated website – well I can tell you right now, that here at Wealthy Affiliate, it is completely different.

It’s about you creating a website around your niche, the one thing you are passionate about and learning how to monetize that.

And here are the options of the cost of this program below:

That chart is what it is.  There are no surprise upsells on the way in.

I now thoroughly enjoy what I do every day.  Within this opportunity, I have the most reliable support system, 24 hours a day.  If I ask a question now, or later this afternoon, or tonight, it is answered within minutes.

The training is always updated and what is working right now online.  But more importantly, you are taught how to get your posts from your website in front of your niche – which means people buying your affiliated products from you.

This isn’t about throwing mud at the wall and hoping it will stick.  It is about getting what you have – what YOU  like – in front of your audience.  And this is what Wealthy Affiliate and this online business opportunity helps you do.

So come and check us out.  If you are looking for the best online home business for 2019 and beyond, then this could be for you.

Click here – put away your credit card, set up your account, and come and join us!  If you have any comments please share them below.

I will see you on the inside!

Take care
Sharon Whyte





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10 thoughts on “Best Online Home Business for 2019 & Beyond – Just LOOK at these TESTIMONIALS!”

  1. Hi Sharon, what you shared sound great! With 7 days to check it out free trial, we will know if it is real and helpful or not. The testimony you linked was very inspired, I am sure they have put a lots of effort. With the $49 monthly fee, does it include everything? Does it have any out of pocket expenses  to start up the website?

    • Hi Emily,

      The 7 day trial is really good isn’t it.  And the thing is you can still continue to be a free member, have 2 websites, it is just limited access.  The $49 covers everything, no extra upsells or anything like that.  No more out of pocket expenses, we are very lucky here!  Thanks for checking this post out Emily!

  2. Hi Sharon, I also was amazed at the free starter pack with absolutely no pressure to ‘part with my money’. However after joining WA, and having a good look around, decided to upgrade to premium. This is certainly a genuine business building marketing platform, superior to anything I have seen out there. The fact that you can get support literally within moments of asking and from real people within the community was a real seller for me.

    • Hi Cass,

      I agree with everything you say here,  Support is paramount when building a business and comes in spades here, it is fantastic. So glad you like all these things about Wealthy Affiliate.  Thanks for your comments today.

  3. About 5 years ago I screwed up.  I joined Wealthy Affiliate, stayed on about 6 months or so.  I quit because I wasn’t making money.  Guess what, I didn’t make money because I put in no effort and I blamed the system.  Well, things are different this time.  While Im still not making much money yet I am using the tools and I am watching all these great people in these testimonials.  A greatly written article.

    • Hi Dale,

      You have to work hard, and keep working harder even when the money doesn’t come in, because it will.  Then when your website starts getting momentum, you keep at it, but you will find 2 – 3 years down the track you wont have to work as much.  

      I know my mentor and many others have websites that are paying them 5-10k a month now, and they don’t do nearly as much work as when first started.  Just work hard and have patience is all I can say.  

  4. Really, I agree with you not 2019, but 2018 was also the best online business can be seen work with wealthy affiliate program. 3 million people joined with Wealthy Affiliate Network and their support, training, live supports are amazing. Actually, your post provides every details with attractive method to join new beginners those who are not aware about this Wealth affiliate program. That is good information, I think your in details information regarding the Wealthy affiliate is more enough to join new members. I also like to publish such post when I reading this post to recruit new members to WA program. thanks your complete information.

    • Hi there Samantha,

      Any year is a good year for this program.  It just gets better and better all the time, with their updates and ongoing training. Just a great place to be.  Thanks for stopping by and commenting today.

      Cheers, Sharon

  5. You make a very compelling case for joining Wealthy Affiliate, Sharon, and I totally agree with you. Unlike some other things I got involved in or checked out, I have absolutely no regrets about getting my Wealthy Affiliate premium membership and it just keeps getting better.

    I really enjoy designing my WordPress blog site and creating content and then getting comments through the WA SiteComments platform. I can’t say enough of how much I like the SiteComments platform and now I’m a certified commentor so another way to earn some descent cash with WA.

    The excellent training, mentor-ship and premium web hosting make WA very worth it all by themselves, but then you get so much more like SiteComments, great community support and way fast technical support for your websites.

    You should be real proud for making such a great recommendation for people struggling to make money online.

    • Hi Alexander,

      It sure does keep on getting better!  And I am like you, I love content creation and designing images every day.  All fun things as I build content on my website.  

      There is just so much WA offers it really is a business in a box.  But also why I believe it is the Best online home business for 2019 and beyond!


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