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I want to welcome you to the best Online Business Opportunity and website building platform.

To be the best online business means you have to have an authority website that your audience visits.

No visitors and you don’t have a business.  Luckily with this website building platform, you can learn how to create your website and have all the in depth training you require to build your own authority website online.  And all the support you need to assist you every step of the way.

I created this website through pure passion and frustration.  My passion for the online internet world, working and networking worldwide with others.  My frustrations came from programs and MLM companies that did nothing but upsell, or end up not even having a product at all.

Building this website gives me great satisfaction knowing I now assist others in their online endeavours.  I also know that I can provide to you, an online business opportunity that is legitimate, inexpensive, has everything to be successful in one place, and provides you with full 24 hours a day support.

Below are detailed videos and information about the business I am proud to be part of and even happier to share with others.  If you have a passion or hobby and want to start your own online business and get assistance from myself and others in the business, then get started today!

So here are detailed, behind the scenes look at this Wealthy Affiliate website building platform and online business opportunity.

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how to start building a websitewaht are the steps for building a website







tools to build a websitesupport in online business







I do hope you enjoy these detailed videos and additional information.  Now you can see why I feel this is the best online business opportunity out there for anyone!  And if you are already part of this awesome program, then feel free to share below your own experiences of Wealthy Affiliate and what it has done for you and your online business!

To check out the 2 price points – Starter (Free) or the Premium membership then click here to get a detailed review.

Get Started right now!

I will be communicating and working alongside you so you are definitely not on your own.
PLUS get 3 awesome BONUSES from me after you get started.
See you on the inside!

Sincerely, Sharon













  1. This is an extremely extensive and solid review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s been really helpful looking through this and the sections are super informative with each one having a youtube video  I found it an excellent resource that I am going to come back to for sure. Thanks so much for covering all the areas, I took a lot of value from this and I’m sure others will too.

    1. Hi Chris,

      I am glad you like all the information around Wealthy Affiliate.  I think it gives someone a real insight into this awesome program that anyone can do.  Yes, do come back as I am always updating my website with new content a number of times a week. 

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. OH, MY!!  What an extensive review, Sharon!

    I don’t think I ever heard of someone using “passion and frustration” as a way to start an online business – or any business – but it seems to make sense that those two elements would be the fuel needed.

    When I came across a review for Wealthy Affiliate, I really didn’t do any more research; I figured how could I go wrong with a 7-day free membership! But, for those who want detailed information, yours is the perfect site, Sharon.

    I’m coming up to my 1st year with Wealthy Affiliate in September! To say it’s been amazing would not be adequate. All the best in continuing to share this amazing opportunity with others.

    1. Hi there Veronica,

      Yes, you have to have something that fuels you!  And that passion and frustration definitely do.  And it is great that Wealthy Affiliate do give you a good look at the system all free of charge. You just don’t get that elsewhere!

      So you are 1 year in.  Well done to you and a good testament to how good Wealthy Affiliate is.  All the best to you too Veronica!

  3. Looks like a pretty solid community to learn your trade with – can I ask how long you have been using their tutorials and tools for?
    Also, how hard would you say this type of education is – is it for all ages or do you need some sort of computer knowledge first?

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes, it is a great community of people and you seem to be speaking or getting advice from someone different every day which is fantastic!  I have been here for over 6 months now and learned more here than anywhere in any program.  The education is not hard as it pretty much takes you by the hand.  And you may need a little computer knowledge, but not a lot.  Just follow the lessons and do the tasks and you will have a profitable website in no time!

  4. Hello Sharon,
    I am impressed by your thorough presentation of WA review.

    The video compress the whole information and you cover really a lot within a short time buy yet provide the visitor with full insight of Wealthy Affiliate.

    Excellent review Sharon.

    1. Hi Benjamin,
      I am glad you like it and I wanted to cover the main awesome features that Wealthy Affiliate has. Thanks for your great comments and checking the video s and posts out.
      Cheers, Sharon

  5. Hi Sharon. Being a member myself of Wealthy Affiliate you presented a most thorough review, (done through the creation of highly relevant videos) of the company to help interested individuals come to the obvious decision that becoming a member would be most beneficial to them.

    Without question, Wealthy Affiliate provides the most comprehensive package when it comes to educational training, (to help a person learn how to build a business from the ground up including the various ways to do it), tools, (website creation) the fact that the company hosts all members’ websites, 24/7/365 support should something go wrong with a website, and the fantastic community of like-minded individuals who also seek to have success with each of their business affairs.

    Yes there is a free/starter membership option, (although there would be limitations in what a person at that level would receive). But even at that, what WA has to offer more than exceeds rival companies who want to deviously rip people off by charging high membership fees but offering nothing in return.

    Finally, I understand your frustration with past experiences involving MLM opportunities. I got burned myself after foolishly listening to what turned out to be much less than ideal offers, and failed at all of them.

    WA is in another stratosphere compared to those other programs, which turned out to be scams!


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your comments about WA and you often (unfortunately) have to go through some bad experiences and programs to get to the good ones!  I am so pleased I found Wealthy Affiliate and the fantastic community and support is just brilliant.

      It is great to have also, the free starter membership so you can basically try before you buy.  And you can stay a free member for as long as you like.  Now where else do you get an offer life that?!

      Once again, thanks for your awesome comments, I am glad you liked my videos and information in this post.
      Cheers, Sharon

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