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Best Keywords Tool & Brilliant Keyword Search Technique!

The Best Keywords Tool & Search Technique!

To be found on Google or any search engine for that matter, you must do a thorough research for your selected keyword.  Today I share the best keywords tool going, plus a brilliant technique that will have you get many ideas and keyword combinations for your website.

Having a website is great, but the real battle is being found online.  And if you can do this through learned techniques, and finding low competition keywords, then half that battle is won.

You can put posts on your site all day long.  However, without well searched keywords and good search engine optimization on your site, then those posts could have you wasting your time.

Plus, learning how to structure your posts, is truly important too.  So your posts have your low competition keywords, in all the right places.  And it looking visually good with nice images, so your audience or visitor really enjoys what you are sharing.

Here are two proven techniques I use, that have me featuring many posts on page 1 of Google. One is with one of the best keywords tool and the other is called the Alphabet Soup Technique, which is done in Google instant.

The Alphabet Soup Technique

So do watch the video to learn the Alphabet Soup Technique.  Under this video I will share with you my favourite and very trusted keyword search tool.

Best keywords tool search technique

With this technique, you are provided with so many options.  And you can see that if Google is populating with additional words, then you know that people are searching for these keyword terms.  And, they are the most popular.

Furthermore, to know how competitive they are, I now introduce to you the keyword search tool I use.  With this tool I get to check out the competition, and how many searches and traffic I may get using specific keywords.

Introducing Jaaxy – The Best Keywords Tool

The Jaaxy keyword tool is one of the most accurate and reputable tools going.  You can check out my thorough Review here on it.  Even though the Alphabet soup technique is a free way of finding popular keyword terms, to find hundreds of keyword combinations, then you need look no further than Jaaxy.

Features Jaaxy Provide:

Search – How many times the keyword has been searched online, worldwide.

Traffic – This is visits to your website if you achieve 1st page rankings in search engines.

QSR (Quoted Search Results) The number of competing websites that are ranked in Google for this exact keyword.

KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – The colour tells you if it is a great keyword to go after or to leave it alone. Green being great, yellow is good and red to pretty much leave alone, as the higher number means it is too competitive.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – A score based on traffic and competition, the higher the score is, the more likely you will rank  for this keyword on the first page.  1-100, 100 being the best!

Domains – The availability of domains related to the keyword.

Plus you can save lists of your keywords you have searched, analyse other blogs, become an affiliate to the Jaaxy program as well, and a whole lot more!

I have been using Jaaxy for a couple of months now.  Being a serious blogger and knowing my website is competing with thousands of others online,  I want to have the knowledge of knowing I am choosing keywords that are;

Without a doubt, being searched in Google, Yahoo or Bing.

They have good amounts of traffic (that will visit my website), if my post ranks high on Page 1 or 2.

They have low competition – there are not too many blogs using the same keywords as I am.

Plus as you can see in the image below,  I have posts that now rank at Google page 1 and others that are rising!

Google Page 1 Rankings

Google rankings page 1


It is great to see my posts on page 1.  It is something I have never attained before because I did not have a clue how to find good keywords – it was pure guess work!  And I was too broad with my keyword selection, which means they never ranked.

The only way I could find these really good keywords was with the alphabet soup technique, as shown above in the video, or the Jaaxy Keyword tool.  Check out a Jaaxy Review here!


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I do hope you try out one of the options provided here.  If you are truly serious about building a website and blogging to create income, then this is a must for your business.

Do you use a keyword search tool?
Please comment below and let me know how it has served your business.

Make it a productive day,







6 thoughts on “Best Keywords Tool & Brilliant Keyword Search Technique!”

  1. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you for the wonderful information.
    That Alphabet soup Technique is indeed so powerful. But I am curious about this Jaaxy keyword research tool? How much does it cost?
    I am a part-time blogger.And I don’t really have much time to focus on this passion of mine.
    I will be needing quality pages with high ranking keywords on my site.
    Such a powerful tool!
    Thank you for the review.


    • Hi there Rock,

      Yes the alphabet soup technique is pretty good isn’t it?  With the Jaaxy keyword tool, you can get 30 free searches then it is $49 per mth and also has another payment option.  $49 is worth every penny mind you, as there are so many features inside the platform on top of the search tool.  Go here to check it out and try 30 searches out.  You won’t be disappointed!  Thanks for your comments and checking my post out.

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon

    I have been a blogger for some time now and I use keywords when I write my blog content.
    Your Keywords tool and keyword search technique review will help me a lot to do better with my blog.
    I heard about Jaaxy but I haven’t try it yet, I will go and check it out,
    Thanks so much for your great information.

    • Hi Alejandra,

      thanks for your comments and checking my post out.  Jaaxy is a great tool so definitely check it out as it will assist you greatly.  The technique is fantastic too, You can get so many keyword combinations for your site.


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