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Az Sniper Review – FAKE Testimonials Claim $1,500 Days!

I am very glad you have stopped by to check out my Az Sniper Review.

Good for you on doing your own due diligence!  You have decided to do your own research before committing to this system that can apparently make you a lot of money!

When I started out online well over 10 years ago, I did not have the luxury like so many people do these days, of finding reviews on products.  There just weren’t any.  Or if there were, they were reviews of physical products from the ‘Big Stores’ like Apple or KMart.

There are so many digital, downloadable products these days it is mind-boggling.  And now a system that will get you making lots of money from Amazon products.

So is Az Sniper a Scam?  Or will you really be able to make that half a million within a year as stated on the sales page?

Here I give you a thorough review of this new Az Sniper system so you can determine if it is really cracked up to what they say it to be.

The following will be covered in my Az Sniper Review

What is the Az Sniper System?
How come they are using FAKE Testimonials?
So Is Az Sniper a Scam or Legit?
A Proven way to Make Money from Amazon!

Want to see how you can make money from Amazon the right way?



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What is the Az Sniper System?

Product Name:   Az Sniper

Owners:    Stephen Ford?


Price:     $37 downsells to $27 if you click away
Plus upsells $197 and $177

Ranking:  Really low

The Az Sniper System will allegedly make you up to $1,500 a day and the possibility of $500,000 a year if you plug into this new system that is currently selling on ClickBank.

“Stephen Ford” the spokesperson of this system, (and apparently the creator), claims just 2 years ago he had no job and was failing miserably online.

But now, after working out how he can earn money from selling products from Amazon, wants to share the system with others, so we too can make lots of money like he did.

And truth be told, Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers.  So making money from them is definitely a big possibility.

az sniper money claims

However, there are too many red flags that can be seen throughout the sales video and also within the system.

Like working 10 minutes a day once set up.

The BIG money claims after a couple of months.

I thought this system was brand spanking new? But as it claims in the image, ordinary people just like me and you have been making half a million dollars!

The Az Sniper Joining Process

After joining at $37 (which downsells to $27 if you click away…. so click away!)  follows offers and Upsells of $197 and $147.

One apparently helps you set up your store and the other teaches methods of driving traffic to your store.

Introduction:   In the back office you have an Introduction and if you aren’t an Amazon Affiliate already, then now is the time to sign up.

Intro Step 1:  You are then instructed to get your “free commission website”, however, the only thing that is free here is your domain name and free set up.  You still have to select the hosting option otherwise your website will not be live.  The minimum for that is $5.95/mth.

If you want your website daily backed up, domain privacy, website security or shared to search engines, then this is additional costs as well.

Intro Step 2:  Sign up for a VIP members workshop where you will learn more about how to create your first commissions… tonight.  That workshop is held by John Crestani.

After the initial instructions, you will then have access to a number of PDF’s which are downloadable.

Az Sniper Main Guide – this is an Amazon Affiliate Beginners Guide and goes over picking a niche, keyword selection, setting up your site and content writing.

 Az Sniper X – this shows you how to Install WordPress, pick a theme, customize it and also how to add your Amazon products and reviews to your site.

HOLD UP!!!    I recalled in the sales video that I didn’t need any tech experience as the system takes care of everything for you…

az sniper technical

Az Sniper Plus & Az Sniper Secret Method – Which shows you some SEO and social media strategies.

PROS & CONS of Az Sniper System

The only good thing about this program is it is a low cost and you can get your money back within a 60 day period.

From what I saw, the training is really low quality and just dated pdfs by the looks of it.

Affiliate marketing and working on blogs and websites is ever changing.

And the reason you have to have ongoing update training and full on support.

And that is from people who are succeeding and continually sharing how they do it.

Not some system like this that gives you vague information on setting up a website/store, and ebooks to educate you.

mmm, that potential $500,000 a year isn’t looking too good now is it?

Which leads me to the following section …


How Come they are using FAKE Testimonials?

What absolute gets me is why they use such FAKE Testimonials with these products.

1st up, the income these people in this video state that they are earning, and not having to do much is just so ridiculous it is funny.

And as you can see from the image, “Rob” who is a professional company spokesperson was hired from the platform  He claims in the sales video that he was unemployed for 8 months and discovered this profit system.

az sniper fake testimonials

And now he earns $1,500 every day.

Gee, don’t you think he would be able to give up his Fiverr gig if this was the case – but oh no!  Check out his real Fiverr profile here.

I uncovered a similar Fake testimonial in a fairly new product called EZ Bay Payday.

So why the need for hiring these spokespeople off Fiverr if this was so damn good!


Is Az Sniper a SCAM or Legit?

You can definitely make money off Amazon.  Without a shadow of a doubt.  So “Stephen Ford” is not wrong here when he says you can make money from Amazon.  And if you get good at making sales, then you can make a lot of money.

However, the % is very small, like 4 to 5 percent on average.  Yes, this varies on different types of products and the % can be more on others.  However, it takes a lot of product selling or selling big priced items before you are making a good income from them.

And that takes time.  Not 10 minutes set up and away you go!

Not 10 minutes work a day and the system does the work for you!

And I can bet your bottom dollar, not $1,500 days in a few months!

I think the sales video is so misleading.  You have to be so wary of big income claims, fake testimonials and being able to earn so much in so little time.  It just doesn’t happen and it takes time to earn online.

If you are a newbie to the online world, always look up reviews for the products you are thinking of buying.

I like to think I am here to assist you in making an educated decision on all that is involved with the system.



Want to see how you can make money from Amazon the right way?



This post may contain Affiliate links. Please visit my Affiliate Disclosure for more info.

Definitely check below what I highly recommend.  This does take work – but is SO REWARDING !


A Proven Way to Make Money From Amazon

I hope you aren’t wasting your money on these programs that make it sound SO SIMPLE  to earn money online.

But that’s sales videos for you.  Filled with BIG promises!   And the incomes all those people shared were so over the top.  As you saw above, a fake testimonial from a guy on Fiverr!

When I discovered what I am part of now, the proper way to do Affiliate Marketing, I was able to get in, set up my account and check it out for free – for as long as I wanted to!

And everything that this Affiliate program had on their “sales page” rang true on everything they presented.

The 50 websites available – however, concentrate on one or two websites in your chosen niche and you can be promoting Amazon products in no time.

The community of tens of thousands of people and the amount that are active daily inside the platform is quite amazing.

The Live Chat which enables you to connect with people 24 hours a day, so support is always available.

The training that covers absolutely everything, from setting up websites, creating content, blog writing the right way, SEO, learning social media the list goes on!

And keep in mind, that content you create and rank, is now on the search engines forever.  So learning to get them on Page 1 is key, and that is learned here with the program.

wealthy affiliate join up page with sharon whyte

The help and support you get from the owners and your mentor is just unbelievable too.

I have learned SEO strategies and how to rank my blog posts on the search engines.  After all, YOU found me, didn’t you?

And that means targeted people are finding me, getting value from my content and buying from me.  In my case, it is joining me in this Affiliate program.

I have people coming to me, joining me, I am NOT chasing them!

Or, you can have people come to your website that has content on your passion.  You will then send them to Amazon via a link to appropriate products that align with your website – and what they are wanting to buy!

Check it out here a comprehensive Review of this program, then create your own free starter account to see if it is something you would like to pursue.

And don’t worry, absolutely no upsells, we don’t even try to sell you the program.  You get to see it for yourself, decide if you like it, and join in your own time!

Check it out for as long as you want!  LEARN MORE HERE!

And yes, it is a real business.  It is real work and please don’t think it is a get rich quick scheme like this Az Sniper comes across as being.

Also, I will be your personal guide and mentor within our system.  I will show you the way, just as my mentor did for me.  But with so much help available I won’t be the only one assisting you!

Get in, create your starter account now!
I will see you on the other side.

Thanks for checking out my Az Sniper Review today and share any comments you have below.
Cheers, Sharon




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6 thoughts on “Az Sniper Review – FAKE Testimonials Claim $1,500 Days!”

  1. Thanks for the heads up with Az Sniper review… having fake testimonials is a huge turn off for me… and I like how you pointed out that though we can definitely make money from Amazon, it’s highly unlikely that we will make the huge amounts of money that Az Sniper claims to make in just a short period of time… It sounds like a gimmick just to get *my* money… lol   Anyways… Thanks for the review! 

    • Hi Blakey,

      Yes the testimonials are ridiculous and just turn you off them.  What are you supposed to believe if the main thing about making money isn’t even true?  Another day, another   

  2. Thanks for sharing. It seems that the way they avoid being completely labeled a scam is that they talk about making money through Amazon, which, as you rightly point out, is true. The rest of what they propose is just obviously dubious, at best. Any outfit that uses fake testimonials can’t be that serious. I also agree with what you say regarding the limits of their training and support: online marketing is so vast and ever-evolving that I can’t see how a bunch of PDFs will provide the required support. 

    Excellent post, and thanks for raising all the red flags!

    • Hi Norman,

      They are very clever using Amazon aren’t they?  The testimonials are just unfair to the unsuspecting newbie to online marketing.  I hope they do their research like you and the others who have commented here.

      The internet is ever evolving and I am so thankful I am with my platform that is always up to date with training and always giving support when I need it.  Thanks for your comments and checking it out.


  3. Thanks for shedding some light on yet another fake system that promises whole lot, but offers very little in return. The best part of this, was that you were able to find Robs profile on fivirr lol. How come rob is not using this system instead of finding work on fiverr?

     The Click funnels landing pages is really getting out of hand and their techniques are getting abused. The shameful thing is , they are getting a commission for everyone that hosts a website with the hosting platform. However, they charge you for teaching you how to set it up. I hope people are not being fooled by this.  

    • Hi Wesley,

      Yeah that is so funny about the testimonial.  “Rob” should stick with this system and give up his fiverr gig.  Because he now makes $1,500 a day!   

      Well if you host your website with them, there is another subscription that they have earned.  And you have to to get your commission website running, if you don’t have hosting elsewhere. While it isn’t a big hosting fee, have hundreds even thousands doing the same thing and it soon adds up.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts today Wesley.


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