Daily Method of Operation for Your Success!

daily method operation

Your Daily Method Operation

So how is it? How is your daily method operation working for you?

Are you being productive every day?  Or are you somebody who moves papers around their desk claiming you have been busy all day and really nothing has been achieved.

Everyone is different and we all take action on things at different times. But the keyword here is “action.”   So here are a bunch of tips you can add to your daily method operation.

Set goals or tasks 

And I don’t mean your big juicy ones but just little goals that you want to accomplish for the day, or by the end of the week. Perhaps even a task list and checking off things as you complete.  I love nothing more than seeing things checked off – but it also irks me when they are not.

daily method operationSo get your list of tasks and start doing them.  And of course these smaller goals and tasks are leading you to your bigger ones!

Use a Stopwatch or a Timer

You are writing a blog post. Set that timer, turn everything else off and get it done in the allocated time. I think the key here is to turn off phones, shut down social media and just focus on the task at hand.  Stop multi-tasking.  Especially with blog writing.  This really needs your undivided attention and checking Facebook messages or the News Feed will not help your case!  Focus on one thing at a time and finish it.

Your e-mails

These can be a big distraction and you really must set a time aside for your email opening. I know myself I have opened emails, next thing I am clicking on links in the emails and find myself lost on You tube somewhere!  So again allocate time for emails – get them read, sorted, prioritised and then get out!

60-90 Minute Working Blocks

At maximum spend 90 minutes working your as part of your daily method operation. Be focused on your business – then have a break for 10-15 minutes getting up and moving, going outside for fresh air.  You can only absorb so much for so long and retain it so this is critical really to your learning and to productivity.

I know hours can pass for me. But I do love what I do with my business and Wealthy Affiliate – you can check out my Review right here.  Sometimes working many hours is a good thing as I have really achieved alot however ideally I like to break, make a cup of tea, get up off my chair and walk around.  So definitely take breaks!

Avoid Social Media

Like your emails being a distraction, you must also avoid social media and Skype if you want to get things done. I get it, your Skype button lights up or their are a bunch of notifications on Facebook to read but they can wait!  Stay focused on your task – it’s important for your business to be moving forward and avoiding these distractions.

Create Routines and Habits

Definitely create routines and habits for all your business tasks and make sure you are spending a good amount of time on the ‘Money Making’ activities. My goal is to be getting up earlier – as in 5.30 am.  I am fresher minded in the morning, plus once I have done about 90 minutes work, I can then go off and do my exercise for that “break” in between.

This way I am really producing good content, I have exercised for my own well being and it isn’t even 8 am yet!  Definitely so much better to get these types of things done early  As we all know, life can get in the way and at least I have produced and been active in the earlier part of my day…. Check!

Personal Development

Working on yourself and your mindset should also be incorporated into your daily method operation. Either early morning study, or listening to audio throughout the day or perhaps even 10-15 mins reading a self improvement book. Having gratitude often and a good positive mindset is key for your business and life!

When things are not going well for me, I really just stop and think how lucky I am.  Hey, I have running water, a beautiful healthy family, clothes on my back and a roof over my head.  So stop beating yourself up thinking you have not got it all.  I fall in this trap some times and then quickly change that thinking and realise, just how lucky I and grateful for what I have and where I am.

Healthy Life

Be eating and drinking well, and including exercise into your daily routines.  My weight suffers big time and I eat and drink too much if I am not incorporating exercise into my daily method operation.  Exercise and good food alone will have you feeling great – hence have you working productively.

Family/Work/Life Balance

And don’t forget who you are doing this all for!  Make sure there is time spent with your family. Get that balance right. It is true that when you are starting your online business, it takes away a lot of time from family but rising earlier and working when they are in bed can help here. Plus reward them also for the sacrifices. You are working for them but they are missing you so finding a balance with family is really imperative.


I do hope you found some ideas to include into your Daily Method Operation.  It can be hard sometimes to find that balance however planning and having it on paper will see definitely keep you on track. I am more old school and like my “daily to dos” on paper in front of me. However there is this cool  free tool called  Trello where you can organise your day and life online!

Do share a tip of your own below that I may have missed.

Now go get productive!
Make it a great day,




P.S  If you are looking for a Business in a Box then check out my Review on my No 1 pick for an online business!





Mass Planner Review – My Honest Review

mass planner review

Mass Planner Review

Name: Mass Planner
Website: MASS PLANNER free trial
Price: $9.95 per mth/6mths $44.95/Annual  $89
Owners: Socialworks SRL
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100


Mass Planner Product Overview

Mass Planner is an application that you download to your computer.  Once you have set it up with your Social media Profiles, it automates your posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and more.  In my Mass Planner Review I have included a quick 1 minute video to give you an overview of how this application operates.



The Good & The Bad

The Good:

Very comprehensive and detailed video tutorials to get you set up.

Social media automation and spaced out times so with places like Facebook – you do not end up in Facebook jail for posting your content too close together.

Your posts are not labelled as to where they came from.  I see people posting from places like Hoot suite and you know that their content is automated.  This looks like you posted it yourself.

Fantastic how you can post to so many Social Media platforms once it is all set up.  This saves so much time as we all know posting to groups and other platforms can consume your time.

At $9.95 it is very inexpensive and the option of saving per mth if you pay annually.  Also comes with a free trial.

There are additional Modules you can buy which are an extra one off purchase however they give you the ability to comment and direct message people, bump your posts and a whole lot more features all within Mass Planner.  Some would consider these upsells however they are inexpensive and prices ranging at; $5, $10, $15, $25, $35, $70.  But like I said, these extras are a once off should you choose to use them.

The Bad:

Quite alot on the site that seems a little complex and not so easy to understand.  So it has alot of information and videos to go through.  All depends I guess if you want to use all of their features.

You have to have your computer or laptop running all day for Mass Planner to post.


Who is Mass Planner For?

Mass Planner is definitely for the person who wants to get their brand, business opportunity or product out to all Social Media platforms daily.  As we know posting can become tedious and Mass Planner takes away that once it is set up.  It saves you so much time and just paying the inexpensive $9.95 per month is worth every penny!


Mass Planner Tools & Trainingmass planner review

When you sign up with Mass Planner there is a Tutorial tab you click on and it takes you to a library of video tutorials.  There is 43 in total but you only need to go through the ones relevant to what you purchased.

If you buy additional Modules as I explained earlier then you would watch that specific video tutorial to show you how to use it.

The videos explain a lot and are really helpful in getting you set up.

mass planner review

Once your Social Profiles are added and you have learned how to use the site, it is relatively simple to navigate around, all tabs self explanatory and in each of the videos, they will explain what each tab is used for.

Mass Planner Support

From the Dashboard you can contact support directly.  They get back to you pretty quickly and get issues resolved very quick as well.  Very helpful if you are not understanding something but generally the videos cover most things.



Mass Planner Price

$9.95 per mth/6mths $44.95/Annual  $89

Additional Modules

All one time payments however you get discounts if your purchase more than one.
First Module is full price. Buy 2 get 10% off.  Buy 3 get 15% off.

Extended Multi Account Module +2       Price $5.00

Pinterest – Create Boards / Flickr & Pinterest Integration     Price $10.00

InstaChat / InstaCommnet / Account Actions / Bump / Contact Members /  Extended Multi Account Module +8  / Facebook Comments and Likes /  Friends Backup Module /  Friends Backup Module  / Post Unique Images –  Prices all $15.00  each.

Extended Multi Account Module +15    $25.00

Instagram Poster & Reposter                $35.00

Unlimited Multi Accounts                       $70.00

My Final Opinion of Mass Planner

My Mass Planner Review is here to help you make a decision to see if it is something that could benefit you and your business.  In my opinion it is worth every penny I pay for it. I will also be adding additional modules (will research them to see which will work best for my business).  It is such an inexpensive tool for the amount of time it saves me.  So happy with it!

Mass Planner at a Glance…

Name: Mass Planner

Website: Mass Planner free trial
Owners: Socialworks SRL
Price: $9.95 per mth/6mths $44.95/Annual  $89
Overall Scam Rank: Not a Scam



I do hope you enjoyed my Mass Planner Review.  Definitely check it out here!   Save heaps of time on your Social Media postings and spending it on other income producing activities for your online business.

Make it a great day!







Building Your Own Website Free

free building websites

Building Your Own Website Free

Have you ever thought you could be building your own website free?
No, neither did I until I discovered this wonderful platform and feature online.

I have now learned the absolute importance of building your own website.
And it is Yours and a place you can call home to your creative “stuff” when online.

Everything you do (as in blog posts) have the possibility of being found organically on Google or other search engines which means you are not paying for advertising. And the good thing is, these posts are out there online, being searched forever!   At NO COST to you.

With your website you can become an Affiliate Marketer and have links of products and services to send your audience to.  Check out how affiliate marketing works here.

You can become an Authority in your chosen niche.  The more you know and the more informative posts you put up, the more people are going to favour you for as the  “Go To” guy or gal for information and more importantly a solution.

Which brings me to your Passion.

You will no doubt have a passion for one or many things. Well get sharing that with others. You know heaps about it, You love “it” and others will enjoy your shares and see your Passion shine through!

You can direct people to your website to provide value and service, solve problems and possibly send them to affiliate links of related products to your niche that will result in you making money.


Below is a platform called Site Rubix where you can try it out for yourself Free!

With this you can create either a website for yourself, for your own niche or for a local business or even a client.  Never before has it been simpler to create your own website.  The guidance within  Wealthy Affiliate has made it “user friendly” and easy to make a website with Site Rubix.

So if you are looking to build a site, and with Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate then read on…


building your free websiteWith Site Rubix – when you fill in your Name for a free website, you will be taken to the Wealthy Affiliate platform where you can be guided step by step on how to set your website up for free.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you 2 websites as a free member but more importantly they give you the training and support to get your website up and running and this is especially important for someone who really, has no idea.  I know when I first started blogging and building my own website I welcomed all the help I could get!

Once you are in the site, there is an area that basically says “Get Started Here” and from there you can follow the easy laid out steps.

There is a paid option with Wealthy Affiliate which is under $50 (which means up to 50 websites and access to extra training) but for now and for free, you can enjoy so much that this platform has to offer. Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Review here


With signing in here you will become a Starter member – YES it is FREE – and have access to the following:

    •   Certificate 1 and our Affiliate Bootcamp course – All lessons in Level 1 and the bootcamp are training and step by step guidance to get your website up and running.
    •   The Activity Dashboard – you can read all posts and read members blogs and comment threads.
    •   Jaaxy a premium Keyword tool – Get 30 searches free to find keywords for your niche
    •   You can also promote WA as an affiliate, and earn commissions as a free starter member.
    •   So Get started here!


So seriously, what are you waiting for?  Enter a name for your Free website and get started today!
My only regret with this platform is I didn’t start it sooner.

See you on the other side!




















Small Home Business Ideas

small home business ideas

Successful Small Home Business Ideas

For successful small home business ideas I am always on the lookout to better my blog for my business, but when I discover what Leaders in the internet marketing world are truly doing, it is definitely not what I thought. So I have put forth a list of important things you may want to consider in your home business everyday.

Be grateful

Wow, that was definitely not what I was looking for but now I know how important this daily expression of just being grateful for what I have and what I will have. When things just are not going so good and “the sky is falling” and “nothing is working” you have to just stop and remember what you have and be very grateful. So important and probably why it’s on top of the list.

Be Super Organisedsmall home business ideas

I think “Super” applies to the online business owner who still has a j.o.b. You probably have a family to attend to and work to go to – I know this for myself as I am still self employed so being super organised is key for me to get my business practices done, my home to run smoothly, my kids organised and to school on time, personal development studies and fitness addressed…. PHEW!  The list goes on.

But knowing what and when I am doing these things is imperative if I want to succeed!  So definitely add this to your “daily must dos” for your small home business ideas.  I have written an article on your Daily Method of Operation that you can check out here!

How are you Representing Your Business?

As part of small home business ideas I have included this one. You should be passionate about what you are representing. Not just for the compensation plan but because you genuinely love what you have and do. I definitely love what I do everyday and you can read my Review about Wealthy Affiliate here if you like.  So be really passionate about your business and it will truly shine through to the interested people you are putting it in front of.

Know Your Vision

Seriously, what is it that you truly wanting out of life?  What are you wanting out of life and for the rest of your life?  What is going to get you so pumped that at 5-6am, 6 days a week (I know, this is what I do!) that getting up is suddenly a normality to work towards your dream business and to fire your boss. Knowing your Why? is incredibly important as well. This alone will fuel you and get you out of bed when at times you really don’t want to.

Are Your Goals Written Down?

You have goals don’t you? Stop focusing on what isn’t working and start focusing on what is and what will be. Get your Goals written down on a card. Refer to them often.  When you are getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning and you suddenly don’t want to be, then reading those goals you have written down will without a doubt remind and motivate you on why you are doing this in the first place.

Be Yourself

So the last of my small home business ideas and this one especially applies to online marketers is – Be Yourself.  At the end of the day People join People not businesses so BE YOU!  I want to partner with people like me, who want to have fun, are genuine, want to travel and enjoy the good things in life with their families as I do, so I am not going to make out I am something I am not!  So be You!


I hope you enjoyed some of my tips for and these small home business ideas.  I have realised that is is not about finding the next best shiny object out there and I hope you realise that too. If you enjoyed this blog then feel free to check out the Wealthy Affiliate platform I use.  It may just help you in building a successful home business!

If you have have any other successful small home business ideas do share below – I would love to hear them!
Make it a great day – to your success!





P.S  Do you know about the No.1 Keyword research tool that can help you find the best keyword for your blog posts?  Check it out FREE Here!











No Fear Video Marketing System Review

no fear video marketing system review

Name: No Fear Video Marketing System
Product Website: Marks Intro to Video System
Price: $197.00 or 3 installments of $117 (US Dollars)
Owner: Mark Harbert
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100


No Fear Video Marketing System Product Overview

The No Fear Video Marketing product is about producing videos of yourself and getting them out there on the Social Media platforms like You tube, Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh etc. In essence you are branding “You” as an authority and this course takes you through step by step the best why to structure your videos, the best places to put them and the tasked based study gets you applying what you learn straight away.  Hence, facing what may be a ‘Fear’ of being on video.

You will also learn other ways of doing video, like recording the screen whilst performing a training tutorial on your computer, or power point slides etc, turning them into video content.  But primarily the course is about getting yourself in front of camera and facing your fear of being on video.

The Good & the Bad

The Good:

1.)  This can be for the beginner marketer to the seasoned entrepreneur who has never used video. The step by step guide and lessons makes for easy learning and the short video tutorials make for easy finding of material should you choose to revisit lessons. The site is set out well and learning material can be found quickly and easily.

2.)   Each lesson builds on each other.  You start right from understanding “Why” video is good for marketing and branding yourself to the power of video and how, like blog posts, you can be found organically on Google and other search engines. Which means free and ongoing advertising for you.

3.)  The cost is affordable and you can pay off in instalments. Plus, it comes with bonuses of audio downloads, a library of recommended books that will assist in your marketing endeavours, and many other resources.

4.)  The support is fantastic.  Through Facebook you become part of a Support Group for any questions and shares.  You become part of a Syndication Group as well that assists in growing your engagement on your Videos.  Plus the No Fear Video Marketing System site where your product is housed comes with prompt and ongoing support as well.

4.)  The owner Mark Harbert is a trustworthy and honest bloke.  I do not work with Mark at all, but know he is an authority figure in the field of video and online business. You can check his You tube channel out here.

The Bad:

1.)  The price may deter some, however it truly is worth every penny and keep in mind, bonuses come with the course as well.  You will also get recommend resources on reading material and other tools and websites that will assist your video marketing journey.


Who is the No Fear Video Marketing System For?

This product can be for someone starting out online to someone who has been online for years. Really anyone who wants to take the big step into Video Marketing. It is also for the person who does not have a big advertising budget.

Because of Mark having you understand straight up the importance of Video Marketing it really suits anyone who wants to brand themselves, get known online quick, and sets you up so you can be doing Webinar presentations as well for your MLM opportunity or to your own products.

And with most of your video marketing, these videos can be added and turned into blog posts furthering your reach online.  Google having purchased Youtube love to favor these videos hence, after good SEO with your posts, has the potential to rank your vlog (video/blog) posts really well.

No Fear Video Marketing System Review Tools & Training

The system comes with 10 Training Modules and Bonus Audio and Resource Libraries.

The modules cover:

Understanding the power and impact of Video.
Learning who your target prospect is.
How and what type of content to create for your marketing.
Video tools that you need to use.
How to dominate You tube and Facebook and learning LIVE video.
Knowing where to share you videos and a whole lot more!


No Fear Video Marketing System Support

For support you can check out the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ and if your query cannot be answered there, you can create a ticket and they will be back in touch within 24-48 hours. You also have access to 2 Facebook groups.  One is for full on support and any questions can be asked amid the community of No Fear Video System users and the other group is a place to share your videos to assist with engagement.

Overall Support for this product is fantastic.


No Fear Video Marketing System Price

The price is at $197 and you can pay by installments of 3 x $117.

There are no upsells for this product however once you are in Mark Harbert’s system he does have other products you can purchase.  These range from Coaching, to List building to Masterminds and I imagine all vary in price but overall I dare say, would be great products.

Mark truly over delivers with what he offers with the No Fear Video Marketing System product.  Each training is very thorough, each has a video tutorial and backed up with tasks so you can apply what you are learning straight away.

I imagine any other product you purchase from him would be the same.


My Final Opinion of the No Fear Video Marketing System

I have been through about 3/4 of the program and thrilled with what my purchase gave me, what I have learned and Mark’s approach to getting you in front of the camera.  It covers everything from understanding the importance of video marketing as an online networker and how to structure and promote.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to go down the path of Video Marketing.

Mark Harbert after being online for well over 10 years, who has marketed will video for years now really knows his stuff!


No Fear Video Marketing System at a Glance…

Name: No Fear Video Marketing System

Website: Marks Intro to System
Owners: Mark Harbert
Price: $197 USD


I do hope with my review and detailed information you are able to make an informed decision on the No Fear Video Marketing System.  I have been more than happy with it and do believe Mark delivers more to his customers than you pay for.  Just a brilliant product from a fantastic video marketer who has walked his talk!  Definitely Check it out Here!

If you have experienced this No Fear Video Marketing System product before do leave your comments about it below or definitely leave a comment if you think Video Marketing would benefit you and your business.

Love to hear your thoughts!


























Start a Blog Business

start a blog business blogger

Are you wanting to Start a Blog Business ?

Blogging as part or your business is so important. Especially if your Multi Level Marketing or Direct Sales Company that you are part of is online too.

And most are these days!

Having a blog, you now have a home online, a place you can send people to share value with and give advice too.  And also a place you can share links to, your chosen business opportunity or a product that is in alignment with your niche.

It’s your Online home.start a blog business

And it’s the only thing you actually will “own” online besides your list – Your list of subscribers you create via your blog with free offers and with an autoresponder like Aweber or GetResponse.

Being part of a multi-level-marketing or direct sales company is awesome and a great part of how we can succeed big online.  And it is this company that you are passionate about, somewhere you can direct people after they have visited your blog.

You see with a blog, people can get to know you through the value you provide in posts and various things you share on Social Media platforms. (Or if you learn how to rank your post correctly like we do here, you will be found organically on Google)  Through this blog they will get to like what you share and like the solutions you provide for them.

And with that comes trust.


Blogging for your Business is Really Important

What say the MLM or Direct Sales Company you are part of – folded – came to an end – a screaming halt!

Where would that leave you?

And I have been in that position before.  Going from daily pay to nothing!

If you had a blog, then even though sadly, the MLM you loved so much has disappeared, your blog and your list you created from your blog, still exists.

And you can continue to create awesome content, email your loyal list of subscribers, provide value, service, and suggest digital products, affiliate products or e-courses that they can purchase from you.

Because you saw the importance of a Blog and were smart enough to Start a Blog Business.


start a blog busisnessMy Blog is associated with Wealthy Affiliate for the very reasons I will explain to you below. You can check it our for free Right Here!   They provide 2 free websites, but 50 websites if you go premium which is valued incredibly cheap for under $50. They have easy to follow step by step training to get your new blog/website up and running so you can get your posts ranked and people visiting.

You have a huge supportive community where you can get live help from the Live Chat section. Which means you ask a question now and you will get an answer right now!

The Site Rubix feature is where you follow a step by step guide and build your website. Once you know how to do one, you can then build many.

Full, detailed and very comprehensive training of what is working right now with advertising and what works best for your blog is included with the Certification Courses you go through.

Live Video Classes, which are held weekly, are always informative, and always with a question and answer segment at the end of the call.

Hosting of all your websites is covered in the very minimal cost.  There is a keyword tool to select the best keywords for your post and have them ranked faster.

You can check out my Full Wealthy Affiliate Review here where I go into alot of detail about this platform to see if it is a fit for you and your business.



So are you ready to Start a Blog Business ?

Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing I have discovered in all my years online.  I have had blogs in the past but they were never structured correctly, I was never taught how to find keywords efficiently and how to rank my posts correctly so I am thrilled with what I use now for business.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out –  Get it here!

To you and your successful blog!
Sharon  xx



















How to Make Money as a Blogger

how to make money as a blogger

There are probably many ways on how to make money as a blogger however today I wanted to share with you what I have discovered and what I am doing specifically so you too can consider blogging to make money!

Recently I discovered a very advanced platform for entrepreneurs who wanted to learn how to share their passions, and do so via a blog.

Making money online is definitely not the easiest thing to do. But if you are equipped with all the right tools and all in one place then this journey becomes alot easier than you think.


Some Tips to Help How to Make Money as a Blogger

You must definitely find your passion.

To begin with your blog can take time to take shape and receive consistent traffic, so writing about your passion will feel like more a labor of love than an arduous, monotonous event!

Writing what you love and what you know will keep yourself interested and you have to really consider “Who is my Visitor?”

They came to your blog, because they typed in specific keywords.  They want relevant, good honest information and someone (that’s you) who knows what they “need” from their visit. You give the goods, the “solution” and you not only have a happy reader, you will no doubt have a loyal follower and them coming back.

So if you want to really know how to make money as a blogger – then picking a niche that your are passionate about is a fantastic start!


You have a Niche to Assist Others – Now What?

how to make money as a bloggerNow it is time to start sharing your knowledge with others about your niche.  A platform I use is Wealthy Affiliate, you can check it out here.  This teaches you how to structure your blog and write it, the keywords to use etc – but ‘you’ have to come with the niche, the passion and your ideas to share with others.  And as my picture states you can see the detailed training, tools and support that is on offer with this platform.

Sharing links to Affiliate products is how to make money as a blogger. Of course these products will definitely need to be in alignment with what your niche is about.

You wouldn’t have a blog you have taken the time to write on say – weight loss and exercise tips – and send your visitor via a link to jewellery or something that is nothing about what your topics are about. Very important to stay congruent with what your are promoting.  Of course there are many blogs out there that have a variety of topics and this would be fine, but if yours is on a particular niche, then keep your content and affiliate links on the same page so to speak.

Get Social Media and Other Bloggers Commenting

Google loves sites that prove to have engagement and are popular so get sharing your value based content on Social Media – become part of groups that assist each other in blog comments.

How does this help you and how to make money as a blogger?  Well more engagement means your content will probably be found more often in organic searches, hence unique visitors checking out your posts and your offers.  So get social and engaging now!


Affiliate Marketing

That niche you are writing daily about. Well now it’s time to connect worthy Affiliate products that you can send your interested reader too.  There are many affiliate networks and places like Amazon and Click bank where you can find suitable products.

Wealthy Affiliate, the program I am associated with has pretty much “a blog business in a box” and covers everything in regards to having 50 websites to enable you to have a variety of niches, to all the tools and support you will need to make money as a blogger.  Check out my Review on this Wealthy Affiliate program now!

So in conclusion, I do hope this gave you a few tips on how to make money as a blogger. Blogs do take time to take shape however there is no better way than to get your personal passion, your creativity into your posts and sharing them with others.  Oh yeah, and perhaps being paid for all your efforts as well!   Don’t forget to leave your comments below – let me know what you Blog about.

So get blogging – Check out the Wealthy Affiliate Platform now!

Cheers, Sharon Whyte















11 Creative Blog Ideas

creative blog ideas

11 Creative Blog Ideas – Get Creative with Your Content!


Creative blog ideas and coming up with them can be quite challenging at times. What I think that is really important about blogging however, is to find a niche that you are passionate about and get creating content around that.


Here are 11 Creative Blog Ideas for Marketing


No. 1)  Find a Niche

This is really important.  If you want a good blog you have to be consistently adding to it. Focusing on a niche and something you are passionate about keeps you highly interested and your user will know for a fact if – a) you are passionate and sharing great topics because you know what you are talking about and – b) You will become the “go to guy or gal”  for that niche.  So make sure that your creative content is around something you really like and want to do.


No.2)  Be creative with your images

When you are scrolling through the news feed on Facebook or Instagram you generally move at a pace.creative-blog-ideas

Heh, we are all busy!

But if something catches your eye, an image, a profound statement, quote or a video, something just that little bit different we are more inclined to check it out. Action pics and videos often capture attention but always make sure it is relevant to your blog topic, so get visual and creative!


No.3)  Quotes – and Quotes with images

A good quote followed with your insight and thoughts preceding the quote are often a crowd favourite. If your blog is in the niche of personal development these types of posts can change your site up a bit.  And there is definitely not a shortage of quotes and quotes in images around. So definitely start sharing some inspiration with quotes.


No.4)  Be posting content regularly throughout the day and evening

A good measure is 5 to 7 updates a day of sharing good quality content. Of course that doesn’t mean 5 of those are of your business opportunity – actually they should never be!  But regular posting creative shares will have your audience engaged and looking for your content.  Add one of your creative blog ideas posts in one of the pieces of content your share daily.


No.5)  Creative titles

Get attention with your titles. Ask questions, perhaps be a little controversial, but always different.


No.6)  Host Webinars

I will be the first to put my hand up and say I haven’t done this yet but I definitely will in the future and I know the importance of sharing what I have to my audience. (Actually I used to host and do company back office walk thru webinars but that is a little different)

But offering solutions and stating how what you have, will better their business, also adding tips, testimonials, irresistible offers and all that good stuff. Plus webinars are a ‘fast track’ way of people really getting to know you, the value you provide and the support you will give them.


No.7)  Add videos

These can be fun, family videos or a video where you are offering value or a solution to your niche. Either way videos command attention and if you are regularly doing these your audience will get to know you a whole lot quicker. If you are new to videos I have a fantastic video training here to get you set up and getting engagement, likes and leads from your videos! Here are the contents of the training here.creative blog ideas videos

Types of video you can produce
Why video intro consistency is important
Successful steps for YouTube submission
Why you should disable YouTube comments
Sharing and Embedding your Video
Can’t create? Finding a related video to post
Using Rich Snippets for your Video (for the SERPs)
Participants Questions Answered


No.8)  Be You

Let your personality shine.

Often you see people who having parked them self in front of a flash car (that is probably not theirs). Or claim they have had huge success in short time.  On video they may be dressed all formally, even to the degree of wearing a suit when they wouldn’t normally.

Don’t ever be the person who does these things!
Just go online and don’t be anyone other than yourself.
We will like the authentic “YOU”


No.9)  Copy other’s resources

And no, that doesn’t mean copy and paste their content onto your posts.  But be inspired by what others do, put your spin on it and share something similar that you have learned onto your audience. But stressing again here – never copy!


No.10)  Share personal experiences

Share personal experiences of Company or Product Reviews if that is what your site is about. Share what you do with your family. Share the fun you have with your home business. Share your wins. People love seeing others in family situations and achievements – so be proud – and share!


No.11)  Connect with your audience

Don’t just put your content up there and expect everyone to like and share it and you have not helped others with theirs. Get commenting and liking other people’s posts. Be engaging if you expect engagement on your content.  Connect with new friends and talk to them!  It’s an absolute must to be engaging with people on all the social media platforms!


I do hope you enjoyed these creative blog ideas for yourself to implement into your own blog and business.  Make sure you Bookmark this site now and come back to enjoy more posts – I add to this blog nearly every day!  And definitely check out the free video marketing training to assist you when making video for your content!

And if you are looking to turn your Passion into a thriving Online Business.  Then get sharing your creative blog ideas on this platform right HERE!


Do comment and let me know below something you blog about.
Make it a great day



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Internet Marketing for Newbies

Internet Marketing for Newbies

Internet marketing for newbies or more to the point, marketing and lead generation for your new online business has an art to it really.

Strategies have to be learned for different platforms, like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and even Instagram to get targeted leads back to your blog and website.  Hence, getting an audience in front of your products or services.

But that can be really quite hard when you are new to the internet world.

Where do you start?  What should you do?  Where should you advertise?  The list goes on.

One thing I know that is really important and that is you really cannot do this alone.  You must surround yourself with people that have successfully built an mlm or affiliate marketing business online and be inspired and open to learning from them.

And another very important point is there is sooooo many advertising methods and platforms that you can learn and do and total overwhelm comes to mind if you tackle too many things at once. I think the real key and best internet marketing for newbies tactic would be;

Just Focus on 1 Thing

Yip.  Just get one thing right, it wont take long to learn. Start getting leads from that method then move onto another to learn and apply. Sometimes people spread themselves too thin – and I have certainly done this myself – they are not getting enough traction on one platform because they put a bit of advertising here and a bit over there and it just doesn’t work out that way.

I have a really good video that covers an online marketing
start up guide.internet-marketing-for-newbies  You can access it HERE.  This goes through essential steps for online marketing success.

This Video Training Covers;

Preparing your marketing mindset.
Choosing a niche and finding keywords.
Setting up your domain and website.
Writing content that converts and tracking progress.
And a Q & A Session that you will benefit from …


Internet Marketing for Newbies – Platforms for you to Advertise on!

It takes time to learn marketing methods however they are truly endless.  You have video marketing, social media marketing, blogging, article writing, classified ads, job boards, forums, there are so many online and offline methods … the list really does goes on.

The question really does arise doesn’t it – “Where do I start?”

Like I said earlier, you must focus on one method and start getting a regular lead flow from that and then add another method to it. The key is to always be learning about other strategies while you are doing the first one and only adding to an existing method if that is working.

And of course that takes time, a lot of trial and error. I mean the first thing you try may not result in any lead generation.  The good thing about that though, is that you haven’t failed, you have just worked out a method that doesn’t work for you.  The important thing is to just keep on going and trialling other things.

I have to ask you this… who are you hanging out and surrounding yourself with?  And I am not referring to your friends and family but in regards to your online business venture. I hope you are aligning yourself with really positive and successful people.

If you want the success these internet marketers have then you better be listening, learning and applying more to the point. What is great about mixing with those that have succeeded before you, is they are more than happy to share what has worked for them. So listen up – and then take your own inspired action!

Patience is Key!

And keep in mind also, Rome wasn’t built in a day and your online business wont be either.  Don’t have the expectation of starting internet marketing and you will be rich in a month.  It doesn’t work like that, never has and never will.  But with focused ongoing action you will have a profitable online business.

Patience and perseverance is truly key here!

So to assist anyone that reads this Internet marketing for newbies post, what was the first strategy that worked for your lead generation when you started your business online?

Do comment and share below, I would love to hear it!

Make it a productive day!



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7 Creative Blogging Topic Ideas

Below is a list of blogging topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Have you ever just come to a standstill and not known what to write about?  Or you are just starting out and baffled as to what to write on your blog.

I have often pondered this question.  I mean where on earth do you find things to write about?  Especially when you see so much online and wonder what more could be written.  You see health sites, or sport and exercise sites, animals and pet websites…. or whatever!  And each of them seem to have covered all the topics related to that particular niche.

So why would what I have to say, be what someone is looking for?  And what say the topic has already been covered numerous times before?

Well… there are always things to write about.  Don’t think because others have already written about a certain topic that you cannot write a post about it.  Everyone relates to different people and writing styles so you are sure to captivate an audience of like-mind to you.

I know I used to get stuck. However there are soooo many blogging topic ideas.  Think about everything you learned today, yesterday, last month or even last year in a niche that really interests you – well… you could right a post about it.

So here are 7 Blogging Topic Ideas for You

These are to assist you to get you started and to inspire you to think of some of your own. And check out my post on How to Structure a Blog Post, if you now have the idea but not sure how to execute it!

Okay, now onto my first idea…

No.1)  Write about tips from your Company’s calls

If you are part of an online mlm business you will most definitely have training calls or mindset calls that you will be learning from.  So, write down some things you learned and write a post about them.

Or if you are part of a community not necessarily in an mlm, but perhaps a blogging platform you are part of, or forums, Facebook Groups, then you can be guaranteed you will have something you got from participating in that group and can write about. So get listening and start writing in your own words.

Because there will always be something that you have heard, that somebody else hasn’t.

No.2)  A Post full of Quotes

How about a post with pictures and quotes?  Or, a celebrity or sports star who has quoted things over their careers. I admire many inspirational speakers online and they all have fantastic quotes to offer so that always works a treat.

Just Google, motivational quotes.  I am a Jim Rohn and Tony Robin’s fan so in the past I have searched “Tony Robin quotes” as an example.  And trust me, you have tons that come up that you can now add to a post.  Look here is a number of ideas for you.  What about a post of quotes per every person that inspires you.  How many post ideas would that be?

People love inspiration and a good quote!

blogging topic ideasNo.3)  Go to You tube

Search for anything in your niche and you will find heaps you can watch, take tips from and share. Plus you could insert the same video into your post – the one that inspired you to write from. This way you are sharing the video for the maker but have great content, written and visual.  There is no shortage of videos in any niche!

No.4)  Company Events/Seminars

I bet you have pages of notes from events. Your own company events or an Inspirational speaker you spent a weekend seeing. Most of those could translate to value and tip giving posts so go back and check your notepads from events you have attended.

I have heard in the past that your notes that you have written, are like un-cashed checks.  So dust off those old notebooks, I bet you will without a doubt, find plenty of content to write from.

No.5)  Podcasts

Everything is either videos, blog posts or podcasts these days so there will be tons of inspiration there! Just go to itunes and type something relevant to your niche.  I am sure you will find something to listen to and learn from and share!  And make sure you link back to the author so they are getting credit for their good work too!

No.6)  Company Reviews

If you are in network marketing there are plenty of  marketing companies online – how about checking out what they are about and reviewing your findings and views about the company. I have been part of a few network marketing companies and I know I could write up Reviews about each of them.

Here is a Company called Wealthy Affiliate and my Review on them. People who are researching these companies – if they find your post on line – whether it is good, bad or downright ugly, will be very grateful for it!

So get writing reviews and be found for your honest insight.

No.7)  Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.  The latest of “What’s hot and what’s not” trends quickly on your favourite social media sites so there’s another blogging option you can choose from.

And what is good about these platforms is they are so up to date that the information changes quickly.  So you can have the hottest information straight away and potentially be one of the first to write about it. So get on your favorite platform as there will always be something spicy to write about!

I do hope you found these helpful. Within each of these you will find a lot to blog about. My suggestion is, if you are truly inspired and you have ideas flowing – Draft your ideas, write a bit and come back to them. Being ahead in the blogging game is a good place to be!

I have also added a link here to a training. Once you have your blog ideas, here’s how to get the blog creation rolling.  Check out this Anatomy of Blog Creation training here!


So if you have any more blogging topic ideas – do comment and share below!

Looking to create a blog of your own – INSTANT ACCESS here!

Make it a great day.