tools to build a website

All the Tools to Build a Website!

Required Tools to Build a Website

There is nothing better than being part of a program that has all the tools to build a website.  No going to site A to get a domain or url for my website, then over to Site B to purchase hosting so my website can become live.

With the Wealthy Affiliate program you have all the tools, training, lessons and support in one place so you have everything at hand to produce a profitable website.

So, if you have the dirve and desire then we truly have everything else you need to succeed!

In this video I briefly show you the main elements of the program. I go into a bit more detail about the tools section, so you can see what you have to assist you as you create your own website.

(Please Note:  This is part 6 in a 6 part Video series.  See bottom of post for all links to these informative videos or alternatively Go Back to the Online Business Opportunity Home page for all video listings)

Websites and Hosting

So as you saw in the video, the main tools are your website and hosting. You can create your website in minutes.  And SiteRubix has many wordpress themes installed that you can choose from.  So depending on your needs, there will be a theme that suits your niche.

What is fantastic, is the hosting is part of the package here at Weatlhy Affiliate also. Hosting generally, is not over the top expensive, however no more having to find a host and pay elsewhere.  This tool and the siterubix website creator are included in the minimal cost!

Keyword Tool

The keyword tool is brilliant.  You can search for many combinations of keywords.  You will get results of short and longtail keywords in your niche, with this awesome and very accurate tool.

It will give you the monthly searches and traffic numbers, and also the competition to see if it is worth writing with  particular keywords.  The Digg feature allows you to go even further and find more!  Plus any really good keywords you find, you can create lists to save them to so you can come back to them at a later date.

You will never run out of ideas on what to write your content about!

tools to build a website


Rapid Writer and Link Tracking

The rapid writer is for writing articles however I find either Google docs or, accessing my blog and writing there is just as convenient and easy.  Plus with the new Site content feature in the SiteRubix area (seen in video 3), this is an improved tool to use for your article writing.  However, it is nice to know we have options.

The Link tracker is designed for tracking your affiliate links and knowing what has been clicked on and from where. An important aspect to know when doing affiliate marketing!

Keyword Lists

These were put together by the company owner and they are a number of lists with a lot of low competition keywords, or low hanging fruit.  So essentially, they give you a headstart in some topics to write about.


If you want to know more about the Wealthy Affilaite program, from a full overview of everything involved, to how we create websites, our training courses and live support, then check out the video series below.  Here you will be fully informed on the best online business opportunity!



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I do hope you enjoyed this video and all the others in the series.  Getting an inside look into a reputable company is something you generally cannot do.  Joining with no cost upfront is definitely unheard of.  I am so grateful that Wealthy Affilaite gives us this chance to see behind the scenes without paying.  And with all it had to offer for such minimal cost – I was sold!

Get started here to check us out!

No credit card or personal information is required.  Come and see what this program has to offer you!
I will see you on the inside.

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