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Hi it’s Sharon here – how are you doing today?!

I have always worked in not so satisfying jobs. I guess that was a choice at the end of the day, however dropping out of school, I kind of didn’t have the qualifications to go onto anything special.

I have been a factory worker, sewing, worked in chicken and dairy factories – definitely have created some wonderful friendships from those jobs but it wasn’t really what I had in mind for a lifelong career!

I did a Business Computing course and that opened a few doors for me – but the idea of working for a boss was seriously not fun.  At 29 years of age I became a mother to my gorgeous girl and later had twins.  I loved being a stay at home mum and always there for their needs – there is nothing better in this world.

But they grow up – well they are teenagers now, and you have to find something that interests yourself.  Your kids are busy enjoying their hobbies so it becomes that time to spend a little bit more time on your self.

I am now self-employed doing domestic cleaning, however my love, my real passion is doing online marketing and a student always of personal development.

I love nothing more than sharing what I have learned through my own online experiences and all marketing strategies and methods learned also. So definitely check out the rest of my site!

Do you have something you love to do – a passion – and want to create a Business your passion being part of it? – Then check out this site and my Review on it – this enables me to do what I love!

I wish you every success in whatever path you take.

From a dedicated mum working around her kids!
Very nice to meet you – make it an awesome day.
Do leave any comments or questions below.
Sharon xx

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6 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Sharon, it’s great that you’re putting time into getting an online business going. I definitely know what it’s like to have had unsatisfying jobs in the past!   l also know how hard it is to juggle everything with 3 kids as I’ve got 12-year-old triplets so I’m wishing you the best of luck on your new journey 🙂

    • Hi Del,

      Thanks for your comments and wishing me luck on my journey.  Wow, you have triplets – now that would be fun!  Twins were a lot of work however, I loved every minute of it!

      I really enjoy working my business around my children, as it is also teaching them if they want anything in life that they can go for it too.  It doesn’t just stop at working for someone else, but that they can create their own business as well.

      Cheers, Sharon

  2. Well it’s great to meet you Sharon, and it’s great to find a site that is this dedicated to helping people earn online. I’ve tried myself a few times but unfortunately I’ve fallen for the false promises of a scam or to – they are set up so well aren’t they?
    Gonna have a look around your site and find out more about this wealthy affiliate offer…

    • Hi Chris,

      And nice to meet you too!   Yes, it is a great to be a source of help for people and glad you enjoyed my site.  Scams are definitely rife, it is such a shame, as it gives online marketing a bad name when it is clearly not.

      Definitely, have a good look at Wealthy Affiliate , I am sure you will like what you see!

  3. Hi Sharon, it’s great that you found something that you like to do. I think finding a passion in life helps you to achieve joy and freedom. I agree with some of things you said, like the idea of a boss is not fun and almost makes you feel like you are trapped. Not really the life someone would want to live. I’m on a similar mission now for myself. Good luck with your endeavors and here’s to enjoying life!

    • Hi Jeremy,

      Thanks for stopping by my website and checking it out.  Yes, it is great to do what you love and I am pleased you are on a similar mission too. I wish you all the best as well.  Cheers, Sharon


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