a beginners guide to affiliate marketing

A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

I wanted to share a beginners guide to affiliate marketing for those who wonder what that even means.  I know when I heard that term, I had no idea what it was.  But learning that I could be an affiliate (that I could make money) from other people’s products, I thought “Why not?  What a great idea!”

And what I soon discovered and what I thought was really great, was I did not have to do anything in regards to making the “affiliate marketing” product.  Yes, it was a good idea I bought the product myself.  But….

Not having to design or create a product.
Not having to purchase a ton of product myself, to then on-sell to others.
Not having to worry about shipping and postal methods.
Not having to worry about payments and possible refunds.

This affiliate marketing thing was starting to look really good!

But where do I find these so called products I can sell?
How do I promote these products to others?
And how am I going to be paid?

Well read on, as below I have listed the networks that have tens of thousands of products you could be an affiliate for, and also the way you can become profitable in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Networks and Programs

There are many affiliate networks online like such as Clickbank, Commission Junction and Amazon just to name a few.  These networks have been around for years and it is a matter of finding a worthwhile product that you can be an affiliate for.  Like I said there are thousands!

Plus you can also just go to Google and – let’s say I want to promote children’s clothing.

If I type in;   affiliate program + childrens clothing

As you can see in the image below, the potential to become an affiliate in one of these programs is widespread. And you will note these sites are not even related to the networks I mentioned above.  The options for making money off other people’s products are truly endless!


affiliate marketing program

Picking Your Niche (and your product)

I think the best thing to actually learn when it comes to affiliate marketing is to have a website with a profitable niche, but something you enjoy talking and writing about.

It is actually really important to have some knowledge about your niche and products you are about to share with others.  It is imperative you have a passion for it, if you are going to create a website and build content ongoing around it.  Online businesses take time to build, so you have to enjoy the process.

Being an Affiliate Marketer and creating an informative website is no different.  Yes there are affiliate marketers who direct traffic straight to links.  Those with a healthy budget which means lots of $$$.  But if you are looking for free methods of how to get eyes in front of your products, then a website and lots of time writing up posts are your best option.

Yes it good having an affiliate product to promote to get a commission from, but if you don’t have any traffic or lots of eyes in front of your affiliate products then it’s a total waste of time.  So as a beginners guide to affiliate marketing I think the first step is to know and share something you are passionate about, a specific niche, that you will enjoy writing about and to make a blog around that niche.

Blogging for Affiliate Marketing

Why are blogs so good for affiliate marketing?

With blogging you can write about many topics that can be directed to your affiliate products that you are promoting.

For an example;  Let’s say I am interested in eco cleaning products.  If I was to do a blog about these products, I could talk about how to clean with them, the quality of them, what benefits you could have for purchasing them and how to best use each and every product.

And if I google eco products  + affiliate programs, there are a ton I could be an affiliate for, and send my interested readers via a link to make a purchase.  My readers or audience came to me for a solution about cleaning, or visited to read an article on how to use a particular product.  Well, I gave them advice, tips and direction on where to get one of those products, (that I am an affiliate for).

What is important is keeping your blog congruent with what your titles, your content and the products you are promoting.

Using a Proven Platform for Affiliate Marketing

What I really want to do is send you to my review of Wealthy Affiliate.  This program shows you how to create a blog around your niche and with an offering of 50 sites, and free sign up to check the program out – what do you have to lose?

You can have various niches that you may write and promote about for your affiliate marketing. As a starter member you can have 2 free websites and as a paid member up to 50!

So keep in mind you can have any product and be an affiliate marketer with most affiliate programs or networks.   But, at the end of the day, if you are not getting traffic and an audience in front of that product then you may as well not be doing this at all.  With the wealthy affiliate program it gives you the best opportunity to get each and every post that you write on page 1 of Google, and in front of an interested audience.

With their guided lessons in the Wealthy Affiliate program, you will have a website up in minutes and building a site within days.  Check out just the first 10 lessons below – this is just the start there are much more!

wealthy affiliate free lessons

Click here and get INSTANT ACCESS to your free starter membership today!

So I do hope you liked this brief look at affiliate marketing and a beginners guide to affiliate marketing.  Again your best shot is to have a website and a blog that is pretty specific to the niche that you are promoting and writing about. Getting that in front of a targeted audience will heighten your chances of being an authority in that niche.  And also the ‘go to” person for advice, tips and product purchase!

Definitely take advantage of the free starter membership now and I will see you on the other side!
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6 thoughts on “A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful place to start for beginner/intermediate online bloggers/marketers. I myself have the premium membership and I have had it for several months now. I have learned so much from WA it blows my mind and there is still a ton that I have not learned! I 110% recommend this program and you did a great job with communicating the material within this article! WA is an incredible opportunity and can open alot of doors for anyone if they are willing to put in the work

    • Hi Hunter,

      Yes I agree with everything you said and I totally agree with what you say in you last sentence. It is an incredible opportunity and open doors if you are willing to put in the work. That, my friend is the key and the difference of one person having success over the next. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

  2. Hey Sharon, thanks for breaking down on how to become an affiliate with different companies. You have also shown me on how to use some of the starter Bootcamp information and implenment that onto my blogs.

    I agree with you after doing many searches on affiliate marketing that WA has one of the best platforms for beginners/newbies.

    • Hi Robert,

      You are very welcome and glad you can use that for your blogs. Yes, WA is the best platform for beginners, that is for sure. Just somewhere, where you follow the lessons and apply what you learn! Thanks for your comments and stopping by.

  3. I am a blogger in health niche. This should help me start affiliate programs on my blog. The contents of this post are such that a reader can take an informed decision. keep up the good work.


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